they're wearing the helmets again. . .



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The helmets are whatever. I'm tired of trying to figure out what they are thinking.

Seriously, wtf is up with logan throwing the passes into the ground?

You don't know??

Didn't you hear? He was working with Donovan McNabb in the offseason.

Keys were invented for 3rd downs.

At least our special teams are on point thus far.

Worst season ever....

For UVA game????!!!

Play bad, look worse, who cares at this point

Helmet meltdown

I love the HokieBird as our mascot, but cartoon helmets? Really? Go back to the standard helmet and stop the madness.

We are VT! not UMD or Oregon or any on the other space cadet uniform schools. Please, stick with tradition and help grow our identity. Winning schools don't need to copy the annoying habits of the schools who are halfway run by their uniform suppliers. And the dang orange jerseys too! We are not Tennessee or UVA or Texas! Put on the MAROON dadgumit and play ball!!!!

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Those helmets need to go.

It's all about The VPISU
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Who wants to go helmet burning?

I'll fly to the East Coast for the party

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Thanks Frank!

i know im gonna catch hell for this but i like the Hokie Bird on the Helmet but id rather see an orange bird on a maroon helmet with the VT logo on the other side, or have an orange Helmet with the maroon bird and VT logo.


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You called it

That's the worst idea I ever heard.

If there is ever an orange helmet with a maroon hokiebird I will quit and take my full 2+ decades of hokie fandom with me. Who can we contact to get whoever is responsible for the current helmets fired? I'm serious.

Go Hokies, ugly ass unis aside.

No Orange Helmets EVER AGAIN!

That is UVA's thing. We must NEVER EVER appear to be copying the BooHoos. Maroon is our dominant color and looks best with some orange and white trim. College football is a sport that lives and breathes tradition. Stick with what works well and looks good. Let the fools without an identity go fumbling around in the dark looking for "style". We look GREAT in maroon. It's our best color, so make it our calling card. Great programs are recognized by their great uniforms, not by their fashion sense.

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i dont want to see it every game but i like a change up every now and then my favorite helmet is classic maroon VT


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