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So what's everyone's predictions for our bowl game? The ACC was really really bad this year so we're still in contention for the Chik-Fil-A bowl. If UCLA beats Stanford then I think, could be wrong here, but I think Clemson will get an at-large bid to a BCS game over Stanford, but that's a big if. If they don't go to a BCS game then they'll end up in the Chik-Fil-A bowl and that leaves us with probably two options: Sun Bowl and the Russell Athletic Bowl. I think it's a toss up between us and Georgia Tech honestly and I don't even know which one I would want to go to from a football standpoint. But as a fan I want to party in Orlando over El Paso. What's everyone else's thoughts?

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Not in contention for Chick-fil-a b/c Clemson lost yesterday. Even if Clemson did win, GT would probably get the peach bowl bid b/c their in Atlanta, thus would probably "travel" better than VT would.

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The only reason I think Clemson has a shot at a BCS game still is because about half of the top 14 is SEC schools and only 2 of those can make the BCS.

So I stand corrected, it would come down to Oklahoma and Clemson probably, but Oklahoma plays this week against TCU. So if they lose that then Clemson would have to be the next in line to get a BCS game.

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Clemson's out for an at-large.

10 spots, 6 committed. So, 4 at-large, no repeat conferences.

SEC gets 2 (UF is in)
B12 gets 2 (OU is in with OSU win)
P12 gets 2 (Oregon is in)
Notre Dame is in

Clemson not only needed to win, they probably needed Oklahoma to lose.

Kent State gets an automatic bid if they beat Northern Illinois and UCLA loses to Stanford.....although UCLA is pretty far ahead of KSU so they may not fall below even with Stanford loss. If Kent State gets in, Oklahoma gets bumped.

If Clemson had won...

I would have thought we would have gotten it. Being in Atlanta, GT wouldn't be bringing anybody in, it would just be the same people that live there. If we were there, we would be bringing a lot of people to Atlanta, which would generate a lot more revenue. That's how I would have looked at it.

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I just view any bowl as badly-needed practice and experience for our team going into next year.

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It looks like the Russell Athletic Bowl....

...gets to choose between NCSU and VT. They will likely pick VT because we draw better TV ratings and since NCSU fired the TOB, neither team will bring any fans to Orlando.

If the Russell Athletic Bowl Csar picks NCSU, the Sun will have to pick Georgia Tech, who can't fall more than that bowl. So the Music City would get us.

75% chance we play Louisville/Rutgers loser in Orlando
25% chance we play Vanderbilt in Music City

Hoping for Vandy

Vandy is actually good this year.

Reports saying that GT might not get the waiver

If that happens then it's likely either the Russell Athletic Bowl or the Sun Bowl for VT. I honestly rather play USC in the Sun Bowl because of higher profile opponent. Orlando vs. L'ville/Rutgers loser would be an easier trip w/ better destination and greater chance of success.

That's interesting....

...its a logical argument against GT, that there is some team like Central Michigan that would get a shot if GT doesn't.

The argument for GT is Miami and UNC's ineligibility. GT "earned" their bowl bid by winning 6 of their 12 games and would not "have" to play in the ACC-CG if UNC and Miami weren't cheaters. Its not GT's "fault" that they are going to go 6-7, they've got 6-6 in the bag right now!

So it will be interesting to see how that comes down. I would argue that the NCAA's summer prioritization of 6-6 teams did not consider the unique circumstance where GT was thrust into a division title game that they didn't effectively "earn."

Either way, win/win for us. If GT gets in, we get more bowl money to split up. If GT doesn't get in, we'll likely be in the Sun Bowl.

What if GT doesn't get in, OU loses and Clemson gets in the BCS? VT/NCSU/Duke need to split up the CFA/Russell/Sun I guess. Either way, keep us out of any bowl against a Big East team, please.

PAC 12

If UCLA beats Stanford they go to the Rose Bowl, Oregon would likely get a BCS bowl bid over stanford having 1 loss and Stanford having 3.

What if OU loses to TCU?

Does this make Clemson a possible BCS selection? If so, we may rise to the CFA in Atlanta.

Yes, it makes Clemson a likely BCS selection actually....

...assuming Kent State either doesn't win or doesn't jump UCLA to get to 16.

If Kent State isn't in.....and....
If Oklahoma loses to TCU.....then....

Clemson is a likely BCS team and VT is likely headed to Atlanta.

I really want to go to Atlanta to play one of those top 10 SEC teams. With how bad our season is that'd be a game that could at least make this a decent season. Plus, if we can get a win over a top 10 team in our bowl game then we're more likely to start the year ranked next year.

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we'll start the year ranked anyway ... if for no other reason -- than to inflate alabama's accolades in 2013

I only hope that we win our bowl game. I really don't want to end the season with a losing record.

When is the selection show? It's the sunday after the conference championships right? This weekend?

Hopefully not at the same time as The Walking Dead


Any Bowl as long as we win

A win is always the goal but more important this year. After the season we've had we need to carry over something positive into next year.

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Does it really matter

...where Virginia Tech go bowling? As long as fans follow the team, that's all that matters. It's all about about:

*Fans travel
*Attractiveness - which is why I am calling the ACCCG between FSU and GT as ugly as a mullet.

I am intrigued by the possibility of playing either USC-West or Vanderbilt. As for playing the Big Least team again, I'll pass on that. I think it's safe to say there's a Big East fatigue amongst Hokies Nation.

I support Logan Thomas and make no apologies for it.


LOL did you coin that phrase or did you hear it from somewhere? I never heard that one before

Well, it makes sense, what with South Carolina being USC East...

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Thanks Frank!

Sorry I wasn't trying to be mean, it is hard to tell a stranger's tone through writing.

I thought USC-West was clever and sense making. I applaud you. (I'm a Trojan fan too if that makes a difference)


Don't insult mullets that way!

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