What do you want to see changed?

First off, I know that this dreadful season isnt over yet, we are awaiting a bowl game, but I cant help but start thinking about next season. We start off with bama, you may have heard of them, they are kinda of a big deal. I personally want to see throats being slit on the offensive side of the ball, I think O Cain and Stiney need to go on somewhere, along with our offensive line coaches as well. No unit of ours has been this subpar for this long. There have been times where Buds defense hasnt lived up to expectations, but they he has always gotten them to finish out stronger than they started the season in past seasons. I think that Foster takes pride in his job and he holds himself and his players accountable for their product on the field. The rest of the offense does not have this same mentatilty. They always come out and play mediocre and just say we didnt execute over and over again. This has to change if we want to compete with the SEC and let alone join them. The game of college football has changed and its time for us to change with it at least on the offensive side of the ball. Logan Thomas needs some work as well, very inconsistent this season and our special teams need work as well.

I just want to see us get back to VT football, back to maroon on maroon and taking pride in our team and playing like their is no tom. Also another thing that has been bothering me over the last few seasons, how come noboy else has trouble with stopping/scoring on GT?!!!! It seems its always a knock out drag out with us and them, but byu and other no names can score like crazy on them.

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Offensive Overhaul

I think you said it, and it's been said all over this site; O'Cainspring has got to go, along with Newsome. I'd also like to see Shane get moved to a defensive/special teams role, and even the WR coach gone. Honestly, if every coach for the offense was gone (and LittleBeamer moved) I'd be very happy. I don't hold out much of any hope for that all to happen, and would be ok with a new OL coach and Coordinator/play caller (as one person). Not sure that will happen either.

If O'cain and Newsome aren't fired, I see this program dwindling down for a while until Beamer retires.

I have high hopes for next year, but they will be shot dead if these two don't go.

Stinespring needs to be demoted as much as possible to where his role is as minimal as possible outside of recruiting.

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So Close

It just drives me crazy at how close we have come to winning the National Title and how close we have come to going back in recent seasons. I really dont think its a lack of talent, maybe a lack of depth, I think we can win it with non 5 star blue chip recruits, i mean maybe one or two on the roster, but we can play with anybody but it always comes down to a slack ass game plan offensively and lack luster effort sometimes, how can we the fans see this but the coaches cant?

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One Word

"It just drives me crazy at how close we have come to winning the National Title and how close we have come to going back in recent seasons."

One word comes to mind:


I want them to do something with the offensive staff

I don't know enough to know what's wrong, but I know that what they are trying isn't working. Frank doesn't have to blow everything up, but if he does nothing that makes me think he believes nothing is wrong and that's impossible for anyone rational to think.

I would like to see three things

1) Move Shane to Special Teams Coach/Recruiting Coordinator
2) Hire an Offensive Coordinator with an actual offensive system
3) Let said OC bring in new coaches that fit his system

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I've always thought that Stinespring has an actual offensive system. Run, run, incomplete pass, punt. It's a bad system, but it's still a system.

Rip his freaking head off!

By the way....

...the Western Michigan HC job is open. I wonder if Frank will have Weaver call up there to recommend Stinespring.

Laugh if you want, Stiney will be a better HC than coordinator. WMU could do worse than Stiney and Stiney could do worse than WMU.

Shane has been mentioned for the Ga. Southern job.

Mike O'cain is by far the first on the chopping block IMO. He is a terrible recruiter, his play calling is horrible, and he has royally screwed up Logan Thomas. I cannot think of a single reason they would want to keep him.

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Bring in a new OC, and let him choose the staff. If he wants to keep Sherman/Stiney/Shane on his staff, then let him do so.

I'd like a new special teams coach, but offensive coaching changes should be the priority. Bringing in someone other than Frank takes up a coaching spot (since NCAA only allows so many coaches). If the offense wants that additional coach, then they can have him. If not, then bring someone else in for special teams.

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I'll Bite...

Here is my supremely uninformed opinion:

Let go of Newsome, O'Cain, and Sherman. Hire a new OC/QB Coach and allow them to hire their own O-Line and Wide Receiver Coaches. Ask Stinespring to stay on as TE coach (and RB coach? see below), and recruiting coordinator. He is demoted from OC, but retains the 'coordinator' tag by picking up the recruiting position. Don't know how this jives with the new admin position created for Cav, but frankly, can't bring myself to care too much. I think it would be great to keep Stiney in the program for his recruiting prowess if we can, despite a demotion, but we just can't let him retain his current responsibilities. Move Shane to Special Teams coordinator - we have to keep him for recruiting, and I think it would be great to take some off of Frank's plate. This is something he has experience with, he can still work with his father closely, but let Frank slide into more of the 'CEO HC' role. The RB position can either be picked up by Stinespring along with TE, or by a new hire by the new OC. I know that's one too many coaches, but hear me out. I hate to do this so soon - I feel he hasn't fully gotten a shot - but Cornell coaches a single position (Whip, of the 22 O and D and countless other Special Teams positions) and hasn't made a splash recruiting, at least yet. I am not sold on this, and could be talked out of it, but if you only get 9 coaches, Cornell doesn't seem to be pulling his weight yet. I figure Foster can easily enough coach the Whips too, along with Mikes and Backers (as well as DC). I know that puts 3 Coaches on the D side, and 5 on the O - but honestly, those D coaches have things pretty locked down. We need help with the O. So, to recap:

Frank Beamer: HC and CEO
New Hire: OC and QB Coach
New Hire: WR Coach
New Hire: O-Line Coach
New Hire/Stiney: RB Coach
Bryan Stinespring: TE Coach / Recruiting Coordinator
Shane Beamer: Special Teams Coordinator
Bud Foster: DC and all Linebackers
Torrian Gray: DB Coach
Charley Wiles: D-Line Coach
Cornell Brown: Whip Coach (If Stiney is RB coach too)

Well, now that I summarize, I see that I messed up the math somehow... Cornell or Stiney have to go in my scenario. I swear in my head I had it so they could both stay, unless a new RB coach was hired. But I created a new position for Shane too, and left Frank with nothing other than HC. So... I'm dreaming anyway. Doubt the changes will be nearly this sweeping, but very interested to hear what you guys think! Should we keep Stiney at all? Is it even realistic with a demotion? Am I being too harsh too fast on Cornell? And of course, I'm not smart enough to suggest the new OC. Which is the real crux of the whole thing. Thanks as always, TKP, for the forum!

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i think demoting stiney would square well because he's already been demoted; he doesnt call plays. I guess he just chills and drinks diet coke during games. I feel like he could coach te's and oline.

I agree 100% about shane, special teams coach would work just fine. As far a cornell goes, idk whip aint exactly been stellar the last couple years but i dont think he's been given a fair shot yet.

I also agree that it's unlikely the changes will be all that sweeping. Frankly as the days go by and more and more schools start making moves while we dont, I wonder if any changes at all will be made.

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That last statement you just said really gave me a sinking feeling. Hopefully we are just waiting till the off season to announce anything. If we don't make any changes in the offensive coaching staff the program has given up.

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O'cain needs to flat out leave he is an awful QB coach and his play calling is so vanilla, it's not even funny. During the first half of the FSU game, I sat there in the stadium and called every play on one series for us before they happened. If a spectator knows what is coming, every defensive coordinator in college football will too.

Stinespring, in my opinion l, should be moved back to the offensive line l, where he had success before he was hired as OC, and Newsome needs to be fired. Stinespring is also a very good recruiter so that would be nice to have.

Also, I believe that the wide receivers coach, Tony Sherman, should be fired. Players like Marcus Davis and Dyrell Roberts have underachieved in the eyes of so many people this season, and I can see where they are coming from. There is more to receiving than just running routes and catching the football (something both of them already struggled with). Blocking is a pretty big part of being a wide receiver, and we all know about Marcus Davis' blocking. Dyrell Roberts' blocking has also been pretty bad this year, and he has had Sherman as his wide receiver coach every year he has been at Tech, along with Davis, so that falls on Sherman as much it does Davis and Roberts.

I love Virginia Tech, regardless of the outcome of every game.

I think Coach Brown has a bright future. He has more responsibility recruiting in the 757, is a Hokie at heart, and he brought a high energy level to every practice / scrimmage that I've seen. Since at least the 2000s the staff has always had a dedicated OLBs coach. Cav's responsibilities were OLBs and strong safeties. In addition to coaching the whips, Cornell is assistant DL coach. That doesn't make a lot of sense to me. Given that the defense has played more 4-4, I hope he works with the whips and rovers (DBs) next season.