GT and UVA to leave ACC for B1G by Monday?

Here is a report (tweet) by Kevin Jones, a sports blogger and producer for WUSA9 TV (CBS, Washington DC) according to his Twitter profile.

His blog is here:

I have never heard of Kevin Jones before, so I don't know how credible his past reporting is. There was some smoke about GT making the move this morning, but he's the first person to definitively report this news. I'm taking it with a grain of salt.

However, two weeks ago I dismissed the news that Maryland was leaving after I saw a tweet from a non-national, team reporter.

So who knows, but I wanted to give everyone a heads up. Keep your ears open.



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Does B1G have lacrosse? #loluva



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is the antithesis of what the Big Ten wants in a program.

Quantify this statement please?

Cuz from what I've heard (re: rutgers, umd) all you have to do is be in that AAU smarty-pants club to get an invite.

"Somebody came on the field and painted a T beside the V"


Talked to a source in GT athletics - the move is probably going to happen. Unfortunately.


He spelled Georgia wrong.


I'm extremely skeptical, but at this point, anything can happen. I simply do not see what GT offers except the Atlanta market, and I think that is dominated by Georgia.

I'm sure that Mike Slive is already licking his chops to raid the ACC. So, count me as a #VT4SEC member.

I support Logan Thomas and make no apologies for it.

It's not the team...

It's the market that is attractive to the B1G. Not sure where ATL ranks in TV market size for US cities, but I bet it is in the top 15. That is a boatload of potential cable subscriptions for the Big10 network. Your team does not have to be good to have a lot of alumni and a lot of potential viewers demanding to have a cable package with the Big10 network. GaTech will follow UMD in a heartbeat I predict if they get an offer from the B1G. If this happens, "Katy bar the door" cuz the ACC is going to see a lot of defections very soon I predict. #VT4SEC

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It's pretty simple

Are you in the AAU old boys club? Check

Are you in a large market where we can bump up BTN subscriptions? Check

Welcome to the Big Ten GT and UVA.

So where would this leave the ACC?

Would UVA and GT bolting for B1G result in Klempsun, FSU, VT, UNC, NCState to look elsewhere? I guess I don't see how it really hurts the conference too much so there would be no point in panicking and disbanding the league. Maybe the ACC can join with the Big 12 and make the Enormous 24.


The race is on

if UVA and GT leave to make the B1G the first 16 team super-conference. The final 6 lottery spots (2 in SEC, 4 in Big-12) will be up for grabs for the remaining decent football teams in the ACC. The question is will the SEC and the Big-12 play the "keep up with Jones" game and join the B1G as additional 16 team super-conferences. Then there's the wild card, the Pac-12, which already covets teams in the Big-12. If VT does not end up in the SEC after UVA and GT bolt for the B1G, we are done as a nationally relevant program.

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Kevin Jones

just tweeted this: "I just keep stumbling into college football news...Virginia Tech will reportedly fire offensive coordinator Bryan Stinespring." I'll believe it when I see it.

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big, if true

I was going to just respond with this.

But then I looked at his Twitter, and yup.

Now I will respond with this.

Stinespring is going to be moved out of OC job

He will have the opportunity to stay in job similar to what Cav has. From what I have heard, o'Cain, Newsome and Cav are retiring. A new OC is coming in and will get to pick is assistants.

I will hold my glee for the moment

because I cannot handle the disappointment if this is wrong. This is exactly what I want to happen. Ralph Freidgen? Tony Franklin? This would be such amazing news if it wasn't in a tweet by someone I've never heard of.

It's a pretty good source

but things can change.

Please let this be true

This is the absolute best case scenario in my opinion. I don't know if I buy that Mike O'cain will retire though, he's not that old.

I was actually kind of upset when I heard the rumors that Stinespring was going to be fired. He is 4th on the list of coaches that need to go and I was worried that's all we would change just to quiet up some of the fans.

I'm much happier with this outcome. Lets hope its true.

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Also found out that UNC is the B1G discussion as well. Don't know the extent of it though


If this turns out to be true, the VT MUST go to the SEC or face a new dark age as has beens and alsorans

Doesn't the Big Ten have a rule that your school's state has to be adjacent to a current members state? Because if that's the case then GT can't leave.

Rip his freaking head off!

Notre Dame

The Notre Dame thing messed this all up. They are not a good fit for the ACC. They think they are in a different league. They wont jump into the football conference and they wont share their money and they will screw everyone in the conference. They are like the mafia.
The deal they had in the BigEast was bullshit --robbed us of the Fiesta bowl against Oregon St. I dont blame Maryland and I wouldnt blame GT and UVA. Swofford shouldve never let Notre Dame in...its all about money and catering to Notre Dame-- not about the landscape of the ACC. I was so happy when we made the jump to the I think we need to leave too.

I doubt the Big 10 will take 2 without including ND. If they do, ND successfully dug its own grave.

B1G to 16

Would mean ND would join the ACC in football. Would actually force them to join a conference. Only thing that could/would save the ACC. I'd bet it was part of their deal to join in the first place. Everyone keeps says "for now". Will be interesting bro watch.

We put the K in Kwality


This is when Jim Weaver earns his paycheck. I hope that he is up to the task of negotiating our sporting future.

FYI, Weaver will have next to nothing to do with it.

When it comes to issues of conference affiliation, all decisions are made at a higher level than athletic director. This means the VT Board of Visitors, the university president, and the governor's office in Richmond. I'm sure Weaver's opinion will be considered, as will Beam er's. But they will have zero input into any actual negotiations with the ACC, the SEC, the Big 12, and/or the Big 10.

I have not heard that. I really doubt that UVA would leave.

I might be able to see GT leaving but I don't know too much about their administration.

I couldn't see the state of Virginia letting UVA leave without having a secure future for VT. So I wouldn't be surprised if we start talking to the SEC right now.

Rip his freaking head off!

I agree

but also don't believe that we have not been in some form of contact with them on a continual, discrete basis for some time now. Weaver-speak is very specific and can allow for a multitude of white lies.

Just keep in mind that the snippets of what we're getting ...

.. from the media and the internet are just a fraction of what's really going on. For instance, I think it's a pretty safe bet that nobody in the ACC was taken by surprise when Maryland announced that it was bolting for the Big 10.

Hasn't been talked about....

So why would they take uva over VT? Would we even go?

Because SEC

I hope...

Membership in the AAU

We are not in the Association of American Universities. UVA is. So is Georgia Tech. The only B1G school not in the AAU is Nebraska, and they were a member at time of acceptance into the B1G. Something I just learned recently is that the B1G is not just an athletic conference, they are also a 13 school research coalition (including the university of Chicago, who was a charter member of what became the B1G)

look at research numbers re: VT versus UVA .. It's not even comparable. VT will be in the AAU (likely) within 5 yrs. They are very close to being there. VT is just as good (if not a better) fit as UVA is for the B1G

UNC ... however ... is an ABSOLUTE no-brainer for the B1G

UNC wouldn't go anywhere without Duke

Doubt it would happen, since Duke essentially has no football program, but wouldn't THAT be a huge coup?

VT plans on being admitted into the AAU

Sparko- If you peruse the VT website (sorry I don't have the link in my phone), there is a medium size PDF file which broadly outlines the goals that the Administration has for the future of the university between 2012 and 2018 (a friend of mine wrote his undergrad exit thesis on the college ranking standards and he let me know about Tech and its standing in particular circles/ranking services). One of the expected goals is to gain admittance to the AAU by 2018. Both GT and UVA, recent and older members respectively, actually have less funding for undergraduate research in some categories (in the case of UVA, it's a majority if I remember correctly). Though I do not claim to have any greater knowledge than that form and some of the basic requirements posted on the AAU's website, it appears as though VT will definitely be a member by 2018 at the latest.

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would UNC/UVA/GT all vote to raise the exit fee to $50m if they were interested in leaving the ACC just a few months later?


those teams had no idea that the B1G was shopping for new markets. Delaney kept his plans close to the vest and surprised a lot of people with the UMD/Rutgers moves. The money that a failing program like UMD is going to earn has opened a lot of eyes and make AD's and execs start to think "what if?" and do some comparison shopping. I do think that UNC/Duke/WFU will stay in the ACC, but would not surprise me at all to see GTech and possibly UVA too take the B1G money if a spot is offered. NCSU would like go to the SEC I think since they do not have the "intellectual hubris" that membership in the AAU causes IMO.

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LOL! Do you seriously believe that?


Your point

is well taken. Maybe the ACC leadership knew about UMD preparing to leave the conference for quite a while. Maybe the AD's, BOV's, and assorted leaders of the ACC universities knew it as well.

I doubt that it was common knowledge though b/c the more people know about a big news story, the sooner the press latches onto it. How soon before the actual move did we find out about rumours circulating? 48 hours maybe? I think the inside circle of power brokers who knew about the UMD/Rutgers move beforehand was very small. We would have heard something from the media instantly if this move had been well known amongst the ACC leadership crowd.

Do I believe that AAU universities consider themselves a cut above the rest of the college crowd? ABSOLUTELY! The B1G will not even sniff at a non-AAU program, which is why VT will not get an invite. They have their little club and you don't get in without first having the creds.

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VT is likely 5 yrs from being an AAU member, is a large land-grant university with a major focus on research .. their academics are right in line with the bottom half of the b1g (iowa, michigan state, indiana, purdue, nebraska) at academic ranking of #72. maryland is at #58 (not much of a difference).

and btw, nebraska isn't in the aau

Nebraska was when they were invited

The AAU kicked them out of the club in 2011, pretty much as soon as they were officially in the B1G.

equal parts

serious and smart @$$ the remaining schools split the $50 million exit fee and how soon does it get disbursed? If you depart, do you forfeit any fee before payment is made?

If VT can wait out just a few weeks, they might have about $15 million coming their way...kinda like waiting to turn in your 2 weeks notice until you cash your bonus :)


It all rests on the result of the ACC v. Maryland case. Based on previous cases, it probably won't be near $50 million, because I doubt the ACC can prove that those are the damages of UMD leaving the conference.

For instance, the Big 12 exit fee was around $30 million. Texas A&M only ended up paying around $12 million.

For what its worth, Jeff Ermann (InsideMDSports, Twitter handle @insidemdsports), who was one of the first to break the Maryland to B1G news, tweeted that he "believes" Georgia Tech has applied for admission to the B1G and is simply awaiting to hear the result of the application. Though flimsy at best, it is the latest statement I've read on the topic. Other beat writers have begun tweeting similar information from "reliable sources" (apparently different sources than Kevin Jones, the infamous misspelling DC reporter). Though it was denied last night by the Georgia Tech AD, many of the same beat writers and other analysts have speculated that nothing else will be said until GT receives the B1G's decision (duh). If the ACC loses another long-time member such as GT then I would hope Weaver would begin to reconsider VT's future with the Conference. I would then assume the next domino to fall would either be UVA (probably not from what I understand), FSU, or Clemson followed by VT and NCSU.

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Again, Weaver has next to nothing to do with issues ...

... regarding conference affiliation.

This is a good, quick listen.

It seems like Georgia Tech, Virginia, and North Carolina are pre-approved as expansion candidates by the Big Ten presidents so I don't think GT would have to go throw an application process.

Another important thing is Maryland had to sign an NDA with the B1G. More than likely the denials from GT and UVA are just that, and those schools plan to stay the course with the ACC. However, if they are blatantly lying to folks, it's because they can't do anything else. A "no comment" would lead to speculation, and they can't talk about any impending move because they signed to keep mum.

UVA's president told the BOV there was no discussion w/the B1G

I doubt a president who the BOV tried to fire earlier in the year would give the board cause to fire her by lying to them.

I will believe GT is moving when Brett McMurphy says they are moving.

Very interesting listen

Thanks Joe- that "rant," as it was called, makes a lot of sense on all fronts. When UMD AD stated "no comment" concerning the UMD's move to the B1G, every media outlet blew up and wet themselves. That being said, I assume that you're right and these schools are "pre-approved" and that's what Kevin Jones' source is reporting to him.

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Yeah- I really doubt this is going to happen to be honest. I think the various sports outlets, beat writers, and of course the World Wide Leader would be blowing up with reports. I haven't seen anything new when I've checked so....yeah, doesn't seem likely to me- likely by tomorrow morning that is.

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Today Is The Day

Stiney was supposed to get canned and we were gonna be one step closer to the SEC.

Well at least UVA hasn't canned London yet......