Clemson Football Primer, Photo Edition

Hey y'all. How bout that game last week? 41 POINTS. That was pretty fancy. Then again, it was Duke (LUV YOU BLUE DEVILZ and #goacc). This week's challenge: Clemson. The Tigers are currently sitting at 5-1, with expectations of domination; there's a lot of excitement brewing for this one. 8-Ball even said that ESPN Gameday will be there!

There was a lot of offseason re-shuffling for a Clemson team that made it's first BCS game. Dabo was able to lure Oklahoma Defensive Coordinator Brent Venables away from the Sooners because HOLY CRAP DID YOU SEE THE ORANGE BOWL I THINK THE COUSINS JUST SCORED ANOTHER TOUCHDOWN.

Then All-ACC wide receiver Sammy Watkins had a brush with the law, forcing him to miss the season opener against Auburn.

Word on the streets is that Dabo had a backup plan in case he couldn't get his phenom playmaker on the field for an extended period of time.

Clemson is still in position for a possible BCS at-large bid, even with the lost to Florida State earlier in the season. Unfortunately, that will require the Tigers beating that other school from South Carolina for the first time since 2008. Think Dabo is worried about what the Ol' Ballcoach thinks of the rivalry? Prolly not, right? LET'S ASK.

As we all know, last year the Tigers put a whoopin' on us. TWICE. Time to repay the favor. But not for revenge, not for them taking the ACC crown away from us. The Hokies need this to keep their season afloat. Let's keep up the momentum from the second half of last week's game. Let's have the defense flying around the ball with bad intentions. Let's unleash that vertical passing game. Let's allow our speedster backs to run wild. Let's make a statement. Let's go Hokies!


We didn't have 41 second half points at dook; we were down 20-17 at half, but I know what you meant. And as far as I know, there are only 2 Death Valleys, LSU and Clemson. Florida is the Swamp.

Otherwise, I totally agree. I live in the great state of Sakerlina, as BeerControl would say, and don't want to come to work on Monday embarassed. If it's makes anyone happier, USC fans have our back as they hate Clemson more than we can imagine.

Go hokies, #BeatClem

rocks on rocks on rocks

Lesson of the Day

Don't believe anything 8-Ball says, ever.

haha the first picture is hilarious!

"Most of our guys have never been to Death Valley," Spurrier said. "That is the Death Valley, isn't it? Or is there another one? There's two of them. That's right there's two Death Valleys. Was LSU the first one or the second one? They were first? Oh, okay."