Liberty vs. Brentsville game review (featuring Wyatt Teller)

I was pretty excited Friday when my buddy asked if I wanted to go to the Liberty vs. Brentsville game Friday night.  After knowing him for a number of years, it was my first time getting to see Wyatt Teller in action.  And trust me, he did not disappoint.
After arriving to the game about 15 minutes late (damn you Chick-fil-A for your delicious chicken), the first thing I wondered is who the massive kid wearing 19 was for Liberty.  Right away this monster makes a tackle and they called Wyatt's name, I guess he switched out of his normal #57 for this season.  Keep in mind these are division 3/4 teams in Virginia, but it's ridiculous how much bigger Wyatt was than anyone else out there.  He pretty much single-handedly influenced what Brentsville did on offense.
Wyatt switched back and forth between left and right end on defense and although he spent most of his snaps as a down lineman, they stood him up on a few 3rd and longs.  Depending on what side he lined up on, Brentsville would run their wishbone runs to the opposite side.  That didn't stop Wyatt as he had strong backside pursuit on a number of plays, pulling runners down from behind.  I was really surprised to see him drop back off the line into coverage a number of times and was happy to see his range covering receivers and tight ends, including a nice pass knockdown
As a pass rusher, Wyatt showed off a few of his moves against the outmatched tackles for Brentsville.  He showed a real nice bull rush and used his strength to wreak havoc in the backfield.  The push he got on the tackle always seemed to disrupt whatever it was Brentsville was trying to do on offense.  Wyatt also showed off a few real nice swim moves to get inside the tackle after pushing the edge hard.  I saw him make this move 3-4 times and was never stopped. He was getting to the quarterback pretty consistently on pass plays but I don't believe he had a sack in the game.  It was pretty apparent the QB wasn't interested in taking big hits so he would throw errant passes early in the play just to get rid of the ball.
On offense, Liberty would mix up their formations but tended to use the Wing T package.  Wyatt would play the wingback/h-back position when he was used.  He had a real nice catch running a quick out with tight coverage, and it took a whole lot for the defense to drag him down.  He was also used in the backfield for a hammer package they used on short yardage situations.  He looked really eager when he met defenders in the hole and cleared the path for a few short conversions.  Wyatt looked incredible as a blocker usually putting the defender on his back, but it must be noted how much smaller the Brentsville players were.  He still showed good footwork with his blocks and confirmed what recruiting sites have said about his motor, he looked relentless out there.
I don't imagine Wyatt will be playing much offense when he gets to Blacksburg, but it looks like he has the tools to line up all over each line, it really depends on how he continues to grow and put on size.  In the end, I left after 3 quarters because it was 42-0 and Wyatt was pulled from the game.  But I walked away really impressed and excited to see Wyatt Teller in maroon and orange next year.  Go Hokies!

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Wyatt's ability to block from an H back position while moving to go with his pure drive blocking ability.

At the same time, I can deal with a so-so offensive line if a Hand-Harley-Maddy-Teller DL wreaks SEC style havoc.

Five star get after it 100 percent Juice Key-Playing. MAN