Hokies Target Jaason Lewis Tried to Commit to UNC

These are tweets from Ocean Lakes 2015 wide receiver Jaason Lewis who apparently tried to commit to UNC last night.

It's not clear to me why UNC wouldn't accept his offer, it may be internal policy, they haven't figured out their numbers for next year yet, or something completely different. Either way, Jaason holds a Virginia Tech offer, and latest commit C.J. Reavis is doing a little recruiting of his own (https://twitter.com/C_Reavis11/status/326649876802846721).



sign him up! Let him be the University of Non Compliance's loss!

It's all about The VPISU
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I saw that too. And Lewis's Scout profile. Haven't been able to find film on him, but he's listed as a receiver. Dude's 6'3", 230 pounds. Maybe an H-back type a la Randall Dunn? I'm interested to see if the Hokie staff jumps on this.

Wonder if the 'breds will hold that grudge against UNC like they do Tech?

UVA: Jefferson's biggest mistake


go get em morehead!

"were not gonna back down from anybody" - shane beamer

UNC will soon regret this.

The grammar made me cringe a little bit...haha
I'm just going to assume it was because he was angry and typing fast....


Hokies target Jalyn Holmes:

Jayln Holmes just had a great visit to UNC, but it looks like he is not too thrilled with them now. Could be good news for us. I think it's a toss up between VT and FSU, but it sure seems like UNC took themselves out of the race.

EDIT: Haha, Joe posted the same picture like 5 seconds before me so I took mine down. I found this other one from talented DT Ricky Walker. Looks like UNC really did manage to anger some kids. They can probably repair the damage but I would imagine the coaching staff in VA will not be pleased.

They're ripe for the pickin'! Time to get our staff on the case and show everyone our #Beachflow

anyone know if he would be legitimately interested in us?

"were not gonna back down from anybody" - shane beamer


Looks like it. 24/7 has us as his #4 right now so after this debacle, unc should drop and put us at top 3 hopefully. Keep in mind he's a 2015 recruit though so he has a long time to make up his mind and a long time for unc to salvage the relationship

Here's the full story: http://www.timesdispatch.com/news/latest-news/top-va-recruit-tries-unsuc....

Tar Heels assistant coach Randy Jordan extended the offer several months ago, and on Monday, Lewis became one of the first players nationally to commit in the class of 2015.

Later in the evening, though, the Tar Heels informed Lewis they couldn't accept his commitment just yet, because they hadn't vetted his academics.

their vetting of academics must be a grueling process.

The Wheel of Grades is very heavy. They have to hire Pat Sajak to hit the high scores all the time, and he's got a very tight schedule.

Their method of changing grades must be a grueling process

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He is doing a lot of chatting with Reavis, so if they become good friends, I think this could play well in our favor.

2015 is too far out for most kids! He is still a SOPHOMORE in high school!!!