CJ Reavis, LOLUVa

This guy gets it already!

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Ahahahaha. I love it.

as the wise Reavis once said, "I'm a Hokie, nigga."

that just made my whole morning

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That was enjoyable. Anybody know of a LOLUVA forum we can post that to?

If you can't dazzle em' with intelligence just baffle em' with bullshit.

I talked to his high school coach yesterday. He said when C.J. visited LOLUVA, the new recruiting coordinator didn't even know who he was. This kid is a top 10 player in the state. C.J. said when he visited Blacksburg, every single coach knew his name and introduced themselves. Our coaches do their homework when it comes to recruiting, and it goes a long way when these kids come into town. Bravo Shane and company!

Are you just an Oedipean version of RiVAHokie?

RIP Stick It In

It's a shame that mike London still has grabbed some talented Va players.

It's all about The VPISU
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If I could downvote myself I would. Fail on my part for not clicking on the twitter link..... smh at myself.

downvote for redundancy.

upvote for admitting to it like a (VT)man.

Nope, just a down vote


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I could watch this on repeat all day.

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