SURPRISE! 2014 QB Chris Durkin Committed to Virginia Tech

Via our friend Andy Bitter, this is some interesting and unexpected news on a Monday night. 2014 quarterback Chris Durkin from Youngstown, Ohio committed to Virginia Tech.

According to, Durkin had committed to Michigan State on 3/28/2013. rates Durkin as a 3-star prospect, while 247Sports lists him as a 4-star recruit.

Watch Durkin's junior year highlights here.

Without knowing anything more about this situation, I found this quote curious.

With Logan Thomas departing, Loeffler is loading up on talent for the QB competition.

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Shit just got serious now.

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It certainly did.

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This is very interesting. I saw in the other thread that he's supposed to be a 'pro-style' QB but half of his highlights are him running it. Obviously this is a pretty small sample size but from what I can tell Ford seems to be able to spin it a little better but Durkin looks a lot bigger. Should be interesting to see what happens with this battle. I do like that Loeffler is working on getting solid QB recruits...that definitely makes me feel good about the direction that our offense is headed.

If a tree falls in Scott Stadium does it make a sound?

I like the fact that the new coaches are setting up a legit QB competition. The Tyrod signing worked out (where we promosed not to recruit any other QBs that year), but how many times have teams been hamstrung because they put all of their eggs in one QB basket and he didn't pan out? Think about Miami during the Kirby Freeman era.

May the best man win.

Its a lot like Jacory Harris and Robert Marve, albeit they were not in the same class, the two QB thing will work to at least give us the guy that needs to be the starter long term

Tyrod did it Mikey! Tyrod did it!!

I'd argue that Jacory Harris situation worked out great... for us!

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Okay, I'll start it - Durkin will make a heck of a TE!




he looks like a fullback.

Sam heard that.........

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I honestly believe Loeffler must think he has a strong potential to start, otherwise idk why he would have gone out of his way to get a kid who has been verbally committed for almost 8 months to a school who is going to the rose bowl. This is a big deal beyond his star rating nonsense

"Chris Durkin-He Gone"!

It is hilarious to read these Michigan State fans reactions to this....honestly, they don't seem very knowledgeable...
Here are some of the highlights:

-"I don't follow all the "good luck" from our residents. He f#cked us ... period. It's fricken late to go get someone else. If he decommitted in the fall ... I would also say "good luck" ... but he f#cked, pure and simple. Assuming he didn't tell the staff much earlier."

-"Wow, didn't see this one coming. I guess he thought the depth chart was too crowded. Cook, Oconnor, Terry, Cambell. So much can happen, but I can see how an 18 year old kid would want to go somewhere he is the undoubted #1"

Yeah right....he is certainly not the undoubted #1...what do these MSU fans think our cupboard is bare??

-"Honestly, I was hoping we would move this kid to TE or DE."

Sound familiar?? lol

-"how could you not want to play at a school that devolved a QB as good as s Logan Thomas" shot!

-"Because there's no chance he gets a legitimate opportunity to see the field in his first two years, maybe 3 at Michigan State. That's not the case at VT regardless of how many guys they have at that position."

These MSU fans must think we are some small FCS school....idiots. I am GLAD we stole this guy from them.

-"Virginia Tech has fans?"

Yup...better, smarter....stronger!

-"You can probably find a two-star preferred walk-on at this stage. I imagine that's the route Dantonio will take."

Good luck with that Spartans!


I know it was one of many comments and not surprising, but "Virginia Tech has fans?" Really?!?


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Michi St has a football team!? I thought they only did basketball.

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Wow this came from no where! But like everyone else I love what these new coaches are doing! Talk about stud recruiting!

The guy is a tank, he looks like Logan Jr. out there.

You meant Sam Rogers jr, right? :-)

Of course lol

I'm thinking that Loeffler was drawn to Durkin because he's big and could potentially run the IV pretty effectively (something that I'm not sure Ford could do since he doesn't look like a power running threat)

If a tree falls in Scott Stadium does it make a sound?

You can never have too many offensive backs on your roster. Welcome to the Hokie Nation, Chris Durkin!

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This guy has a really strong arm.

Don't expect Durkin until this fall. I read that he is planning to visit in January. No implication that he is enrolling early. Spring should be the Leal Motley Hodges Ford McMillian qb competition. My money is on Leal, allowing incoming qbs to redshirt. We will all be watching the qb comp this spring, but I think spring of 2015 is when it really gets interesting.


Bucky Hodges is always open

McMillian is a January enrollee?

I've still got my money on Motley winning the job. Gives us a couple of years of consistencey post-Logan and a couple of years to develop the younger QBs.

Does this mean Bucky's moving to TE?

Do we see the problem a lot of top schools have had, the guy who does not get the starting job leaves soon after?

Wet stuff on the red stuff.

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the rivals analysts on twitter are saying hes better than Andrew ford. Hes a good runner and built like a LB, and is a good passer. Has strong arm

I think Ford has an advantage. Many HS QBs have to be taught to be patient and not just try to tuck it and run at the first read - doesn't work as well in D1 FB. I think he will be a great change of pace though (based on the way things are now). How they both develop remains to be seen. Either way, competition always makes players better. Iron sharpening iron.


Munich, Germany

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I just died laughing at this

Tyrod did it Mikey! Tyrod did it!!

That run at 1:00 made me giggle, the way he did a 360 with some goomba hanging off his shoulders like it was the damn ice capades. Kid is a hoss.

New coaches, new recruiting philosophy: 'Go and get kids that fit your system' versus 'get the best athletes from Virginia you can and improvise.'
This spring is going to be interesting.

Watching his highlights I still think Ford is the favorite. But having young QB depth is never ever a bad thing.

did you watch the hudl highlights or just the 2 min vid at the top of this page?

I watched the hudl highlights... He's a very good runner but Ford looks like a much more polished passer.

I'm no expert on film, but I watched both and I still thought Ford's throws had a better touch and looked more accurate. I thought it looked like Durkin was throwing too high a lot but again that could just be me seeing things. I could easily see how Durkin's physical size and running ability could give him an edge in Loeffler's eyes though.

Maybe Loeffler's trying to do an Oklahoma - one QB to get us into the Red Zone, and one to take it from there?

Situational QB, and a good one. Definitely a running threat first, Brandon Connette-style bruiser. Seems like a great replacement for Logan, and probably will be a more effective runner. I like to see RB's do most of the running, but this guy's highlights are making me rethink that.

If Loeffler runs the same style of offense he did this year (and I suspect he will) then Durkin is a better fit than Ford IMO. If Loeffler goes with Ford and a drop-back pro style (which will depend on the O-line getting better) then Mr. Durkin looks like an H-back that could play anywhere as well.

Welcome to Hokie Nation Mr. Durkin! Your skills and versatility will get you on the field your first year!

"When you're green, you're growing. When you're ripe, you rot." -Ray Kroc

I agree

I watched both hudl vids. To me, Ford spins it better but Durkin is stronger. He can make the quick outs across the field. He's also a much more physical runner. IMO Durkin looks like a faster version of LT3. He could potentially be more accurate. His screen passes looked solid. But Ford is the better Pocket passer if you ask me. I think the starter will be somewhat determined by how much Loeffler wants to run the Veer and IV.

If a tree falls in Scott Stadium does it make a sound?

Welcome to Hokie Nation, Chris! The wealth of incoming QB talent is like a breath of fresh air. It seems to me we're learning from the past and no longer putting all of our turkey legs in one smoker, so to speak. Having talent up and down the depth chart is a wonderful situation to be in.

I love this move. These recruits and their families know the situation of the different schools and depth charts at their positions. He most likely knows what we already have and who has committed, and is willing to take on the challenge. You can never have too much talent. Let the competition sort itself out and if transfers occur, it's part of the process. Competition is always a good thing, let's see who's fire it fuels to win!


I would have to say that Ford is more polished like the guy above said, but Durkin is definitely more versatile, and doesn't have a polished arm, but does have one with power. I like them both, but lets be real, against our own defense, Ford is the type of QB we salivate over (pocket passer who doesn't seem to have the legs to leave the pocket). Durkin has a really good upside, plus he is two dimensional with a heavy shoulder. I can see why Loeffler would like him. There is going to be good competition between these two. I would definitely like to see Ford get bigger and quicker.

Sam Rogers has 7 dimensions. All are heavy.


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its nuts being able to say that vt has a legit quarterback competition. i wonder where bucky will fall into all of this. i always thought he may be our next starter but with all the new competition coming in itll be good to see the competition unfold

tyrod did it mikey! tyrod did it!

Good question. I have no information on Bucky, but I have heard word from people I trust that the coaches are high on Motley. This ought to shake things up a bit. Lets see how it all plays out on the field come Spring and Fall practice.

Bucky, Motley, Ford, and now Durkin? Good Lord. Fatal 4 Way, anyone?

No, I *don't* want to go to the SEC. Why do you ask?

We don't love dem Hoos.

Bucky is going to tight end If he were a QB we would not have two coming in.

There are THREE coming in with McMillian.

Don't think McMillian will be a QB. Probably a wideout.

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This is an interesting pickup, especially because it is so far off the radar. And, while Durkin definitely has talent, this also raises a bunch of questions, some of which many of you have raised.

1) Durkin is a power house interior runner and is being used repeatedly on quarterback power leads and inverted veer that Loeffler utilized with Tim Tebow at Florida. At the same time, he has many of the bad habits you see in the mechanics of great athletes being used at the quarterback position, but the running ability, toughness, and arm strength make for a great first step.

Yet, this brings me back to a question I plan to address after the bowl game. How does Scot Loeffler see the future of his offense? Andrew Ford plays from a spread, but he is a pass first guy who will be doing much more handing the ball off (most likely in pistol formations) than running true options. Then, you have Durkin, who is clearly a true "fullback playing quarterback" who forces the defense to focus on both options.

It is almost like Ford is the pro-style "Tom Brady-Michigan" style QB that Loeffler tried to incorporate at Temple (where he had elite tailbacks) and Durkin is his "Tebow-Florida" style QB. Both offensive systems varied widely, so which one really is his preferred system? This question has major ramifications for the current QB's as well. Leal and Motley I think are more comfortable with the running back being the primary ball carrier while they attack via bootlegs. Hodges (I am not calling him a tight end until I see him playing tight end in the spring) would probably work better in the Urban Meyer single wing system.

2) The surprising additional offers means the coaching staff must expect some defections from the current roster besides the graduating class. Jarrett and Maddy have both asked to be reviewed by the draft board. Guys with injury histories that will have graduated like Wang and Benedict may decide it isn't worth the wear and tear. Upperclassmen that have been bypassed on the depth chart like Zach McCray and Kris Harley may decide to try and jump start their career elsewhere. There are positions where there are a surplus of players and limited available snaps (tailback, tight end.) And perhaps some of the 2014 commits will gray-shirt. But with offered players like Derrick Nnadi, Shai McKenzie, Raymond Minor, Melvin Keihn, and others still out there, there will be some attrition.

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If I'm not mistaken, McCray took part in Senior Day this year against Maryland, so I'm going to guess that he's not coming back.

McCray has a new baby (or baby on the way?) and said on twitter he's going to go get a job to support his family.

Other boards have eluded (alluded?) to 5-6 defections to be announced in January.


If a tree falls in Scott Stadium does it make a sound?

or when all else fails - *quaaluded.

Leonard. Duh.

I'm glad you mentioned Tebow because that is exactly what I saw watching that film. The only way I say he stays at QB is if Loeffler sticks with that style of offense. Otherwise, I'd say he will probably be a H-Back. He could help out with the scout team being a QB for option offenses.

H-back is a great option if QB doesn't work out - especially considering how much Loeffler suposedly likes to use that position.

Yep, one of my biggest concerns with Loeffler is that its not clear what he wants his offense to be when it grows up.

A lot of difference between Tom Brady and Tim Tebow.


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I'm kind of hoping Loeffler is secretly recruiting him as an H-back but en route to his true position he provides some competition for the guys already in the pipeline.

I agree, looks like a supersized Sam Rogers.

Plus, as Bitter points out in his blog today, Loeffler's offense is multiple, about taking advantage of matchups, and so personnel may be more important to him than scheme.

I was just thinking this as I was reading down the board. It's always exciting to get a new commitment but this concerns me. I was really excited about having a system where we don't run our QB 15-20 times a game, we've seen how well that works the past 2 years. I just don't know how many teams have won a Championship with a QB who runs a ton, outside of having an elite athlete like MV1 or Vince Young or Tebow. And maybe this Durkin kid is like that, who knows.

Please remind me of more teams who were successful so I can be as excited as the rest of you guys!

Auburn and Cam Newton, I would say A&M with Manziel but no titles for them. Possibly Aurburn this year with Marshal as well

Tyrod did it Mikey! Tyrod did it!!

watch this year's championship game and a guy at Auburn called Nick Marshall

Tommie Frazier at Nebraska won Championships in '94 and '95.

Tebow in 2008.

No, I *don't* want to go to the SEC. Why do you ask?

We don't love dem Hoos.

I like Ford a lot. Being from PA I have seen some highlights of him and he has an arm that I think is ready for major college football. I think some people up here have likened him to Hackenberg (Not 100% but similar).
Durkin to me is a mix of Manziel and Tebow in the way that he can move and keep his eyes down field and find a receiver that followed the scramble. I think this will be good so that we can get the competition in that we need and not too mention they can help push eachother to be better. I like this move big time.

Tyrod did it Mikey! Tyrod did it!!

"Yet, this brings me back to a question I plan to address after the bowl game. How does Scot Loeffler see the future of his offense?"

My worry is that Loeffler doesn't know the answer to that question and he's getting whatever pieces he can find in the hopes he can graft together a functional offense.

I have heard Loeffler state that he tailors that offense around his QB the best he can. He will decide between all of his QBs, which one will give him the best opportunity to win, and after deciding that, build the offense around that guy.

I can see Mr. Durkin getting on the field next year in a Brandon Connette roll, and playing significant time.

I think Loeffler is more than happy to switch back and forth between a spread read-option and pro-style offenses like he did this year. Considering Leal and Ford are not power-running QBs, Mr. Durkin becomes the best veer runner we have (OK, I'm discounting Motley and Hodges, but Durkin is still probably a better runner).

The the biggest problem Loeffler's offense had last year was red-zone efficiency (and lack of a running game). Duke's biggest strength last year was red-zone efficiency with their multiple packages (the spread veer with Connette.) Duke didn't kick a field goal inside the 10 yd line last year until their last two games; the VT offense was stonewalled by LOLUVA six times inside the 5 yd line on their first drive.

Mr. Durkin, we need you to fix this.

"When you're green, you're growing. When you're ripe, you rot." -Ray Kroc

I would go with Ford. I think he has better pocket presence and a more accurate arm. I feel that in order to attract top-tier TEs, WRs, OLs, and maybe even RBs, its crucial that we can get a guy that can put the ball on the money (and take pressure off the RB, not take away carries.) Not that we haven't gotten great talent around Vick or Tyrod, but I think that recruits are more enthused to play for a great NFL pocket passer than a scrambler. However, I'm sure we'll find out who the front runner is for the spring game. Who knows, maybe one of them won't be redshirted.

Based on Durkin's comment about playing early, I can see this convo in my head.

"Chris Durkin, quarterback."
"Mark Leal. Starting quarterback."
"I know. That is why they recruited me."

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Mark Leal stands up to introduce himself to the team "Mark Leal, Quarterback, THE Quarterback, y'all"

Virginia Tech '12
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watch clip then read below

Mark Leal stands up " Mark Leal, Tight End, real Tight End not like the Logan Thomas Tight End"......

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I can't even tell what that guy is saying in the clip above....I have to say, I don't like that video being associated with Hokie seems more like a UVA video clip to me...


I'm shocked by the playing time comments. I don't see many scenarios where he doesn't redshirt. Even in 2015 if Bucky is a TE, you've got Ford, Motley and Durkin all competing.

Not to mention 9 running backs.

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The scenario is Leal getting beat out.

Just that plain and simple

I think he's more than likely talking about how he has a chance of playing much earlier than he would at MSU. Right now it's Leal's job to lose and he will only be around for 1 year leaving him a chance to play next season(if he's that good) or at the latest 2015 when Leal leaves after a probable Redshirt year. There's a lot of Redshirt Jrs coming back for the Spartans next year which could potentially push him to a 2 year wait.

If he's a situational QB his first year, then he will have a limited set of plays to run. He would be a good complement to Leal in the red zone, even as a true freshman.

If a red-zone spread package run by Durkin can turn 10 FG a season into TDs (these numbers are reasonable considering the red-zone performances of VT and Duke last year) then I don't see how they could redshirt him.

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Yes, Mike London, you actually can have quality AND quantity in recruiting classes.

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Right back at ya for this one

We have a wide open race at the position next year. The more quality players competing the tougher the competition and we all know competition breed excellence. QB is one of those positions you want the absolute best playing. As long as he knows what he's getting into, I love it.

I thought the whole story on Ford was the Lefty was waiting for the other two kids to decide where they were going and then Ford was the top pick. The other two kids chose other schools and the opportunity was there with Ford so we offered him with the idea that he was our #1 recruit. Does anyone else remember that?

ya. park went to GA and cornwall went to Bama. after that we went after ford

VT CEE Class of 2016/2017

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Yeah, Ford was the third pick. But I don't remember us promising not to recruit anyone else.

Yeah. I'm a bit confused by this commitment.

I really don't like his throwing motion. Could be the camera angle, but is he actually leaving his feet on a bunch of those throws??

He does bring another element to the table though. Powerful runner. And does appear to be faster than LT3.

But I can't help but wonder like French: Who are we losing?

It's impressive that he's huge and can still run a 4.68. In my opinion, speed is actually more important than power for a qb, because you don't want your qb taking many hits anyway. With both power and speed, he definitely has a lot of potential. Good work by Loeffler on flipping him to VT.

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Don't know if people saw this but "Andy Bitter @AndyBitterVT 5m
Durkin said talks with Virginia Tech started about 2 weeks ago. Biggest selling point was "chance to play early." #Hokies"

Looks like there will be some REAL QB competitions coming up in about 3 months. I couldn't be happier with the new staff and how up beat they are with recruiting. Honestly this might be the most active I have seen it in years and heck we are not even done with the season yet. Leffy and Grimes are getting us to be a well oil's machine!

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Gotta love competition! Welcome to Hokie Nation Chris!

In Sam Rogers we trust.

ahahaha That first highlight in the hudl video when he straight jumped over/through that safety. ohh lawdd that was a thing of beauty.

With the recent Red Zone issues I could definitely see Leffy adding a package similar to Blake Bell of Oklahoma or just putting in the Tebow plays for this kid. If he can get in early and learn the playbook it will help a lot. I honestly think he wouldn't mind being the Red Zone QB, he was quoted saying playing time was a big reason he choose VT. Maybe Leffy said hey come be my Tim Tebow, we blow in the Red Zone and I want you to be that guy.


"I'm high on Juice and ready to stick it in!" Whit Babcock

Saw this and thought "Hmm... Tebow to VT coaching staff"?

"It's always great to beat UVA, that makes us all smarter and better looking for a couple days".

It was more of Loeffler being there and Tebow pointing the ball.. tried to find one of him (Loeffler) pointing in VT gear but couldn't find one that was perfect

"I'm high on Juice and ready to stick it in!" Whit Babcock

All I got to say is this, Loeffler is working his ass off to improve this team and win. Great to see that level of desire.

🦃 🦃 🦃



I love this picture.

He really rivals Chuck Amato for being the biggest breast in college football.



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When I saw the committment, I was just perplexed. Then I realized that this kid's gonna be Blake Bell/Brandon Connette/Collin Klein/Tim Tebow 2.0. Loeffler spent so much of last year running the inverted veer that I imagine he'd like to keep that going, but he can't do that with Leal.

True multiple offense - find mismatches and exploit them. Adjust as necessary.


This kid has a noticeably thick lower body, and is very powerful and fast. Maybe Loeffler liked what Duke did with the Anthony Boone / Brandon Connette combination?

I could see this Chris Durkin kid being the red zone and short yardage QB.

Never a bad idea bringing in talented football players. Great pull, regardless if he pans out at QB. Getting guys to leave Ohio is never easy. Getting them to go from Big 10 committ to ACC committ is no small feat either.

The Dude Abides

Didn't we tell Travon McMillan we'd give him a shot at QB as well?

I'm all for getting the best player under center, but this does seem completely out of the blue.

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I've seen all the posts about Durkin being the redzone QB...I don't think he'd leave MSU for immediate playing time if his role was going to be that limited. I don't see anyone getting to the NFL without being a full-time QB at the college level, not just a red zone specialist.

Also...I don't think SL plans to use a QB the way Bell / Connette are used in the red zone. I would imagine if he plans to have that be part of his offense then we would have seen more of it this year - LT3 is certainly the right mold for those type of plays.

I think it's a great pickup and I hope the best man wins, but so far Ford looks better IMO.

Admittedly, if he was going to have a redzone QB, it'd be Thomas anyways. The thing is, Thomas was also our best non-redzone QB too. I think having a short yardage/redzone QB as a changeup would be just one way Lefty is trying to replace Thomas.

True, but what I'm saying is...with Thomas in the game in the red zone this year, SL rarely or never used the Tebow or Bell-style runs. Sometimes he ran the read option or IV and Logan would run up the middle, but that was just our regular offense.

Seems to me that if he wanted to run the Tebow and Bell-type of plays in the red zone he would have done so this year with LT3.

Well yeah, I don't think he ever used the QB power or anything, but the veer/IV and playaction off of that (thinking of Cline in the endzone against BC currently) was the type of role I'd anticipate Durkin having, if any, this year.

nah, he was committed to the other michigan school so he was duly underrated

How about we just run a bunch of trick passes out of the shotgun with Ford at QB, Sam Rogers at RB, and Durkin flexed as H-Back.

I'm here for the memes, I just stay for the football.

Carlos Parker, Joel Caleb and Travon McMillian at WR. #AllTheFormerQBs

VT '15

The wild turkey bourbon offense: All skill players on the field are potential passing threats.

We could even have the wild turducken. It's a wild chicken inside of a wild duck inside of a wild turkey.

Andrew Ford and the Motley Crew.


-What we do is, if we need that extra push, you know what we do? -Put it up to fully dipped? -Fully dipped. Exactly. It's dork magic.

Oh man, how did I miss that one.

Funniest part is, that lineup is actually not far from reality in terms of where we're shifting guys. haha

VT '15

Carlis Parker...not Carlos.


I think this new regime is on to something here. The last regime was all about switching TEs to OL, what if this new group wants to swtich QBs to every other offensive position? BRILLIANT!

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+1 for Guinness

21st century QBs Undefeated vs UVA:
MV7, MV5, LT3, Jerod Evans, Michael Brewer, Tyrod Taylor, Sean Glennon, and Grant Noel. That's right, UVA. You couldn't beat Grant Noel.

I've read that Ford is the most polished passer in terms of mechanics and such at the moment. I believe the true competition will be between Ford and Durkin. Leal may get the start this year to red-shirt the other guys. I don't believe motely and crew will remain at the QB position. Also saw a quote over at tsl about Foster saying that Leal looked good playing TE, when they had him playing that position on the scout team offense for UNC to replicate UNC's TE. Glad there is more legit competition coming in.

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Hodges was the one who played TE

Motley was looking like a legit college QB this past fall. Kid can really throw the ball and he's got some atheleticism to him. Definitely not a guy to sleep on.

Im not sure leal should start, Let the three youngs bucks fight it out and see who is our best of the three and roll with him. If we play leal this year then all that means is we will have to break in another brand new starter for the year of the battle of bristol, not sure i want a sophmore or redshirt freshman playing his first ever game in those conditions. But hey these are my two cents. Look forward to watching the youngsters play.

Bristol is 2016, so whoever would follow Leal in that scenario would redshirt in 2014, then be the starter for the 2015 season.

I understand your point about letting the young guys play, but we can't just write off next year as a rebuilding year. We need to win next year and our best shot is with a veteran such as Leal. The guy has been very loyal to our program and deserves a shot. (Or should I say he has been very Leal to our program??)

Remember, Leal was the 28th rated Dual threat QB in his class...he was a legit 3 star.
Of course, if Ford, Motley, or Durkin legitimately beats him out, then I fully support them also.

I just think a guy who has been with the program this long gives us the best shot to win right away...


There are too many unknowns/variables in college football. You have to play the players that will give you the best chance of winning right now.

"You play to win the game!" -Herm Edwards

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So right now we have:
Leal, Jessop, Motley, Hodges, Durkin, and Ford?

Anyone have a decent guess who will actually be the top three heading into Spring 2014?

I don't know if my guess qualifies as "decent" and I also don't know if I can narrow it down to three, but as I see it, the top four are definitely:

Leal - seniority gives him the right to compete for the starting job
Motley - coaches continually praise the fact that he exceeds expectations
Durkin and Ford - Loeffler's choices, and I believe that means something

The hope now is that they actually have a real competition, and haven't already decided on their favorite. Also...there is enough of a separation to name a front runner and do the reassignments before too late in August.


-What we do is, if we need that extra push, you know what we do? -Put it up to fully dipped? -Fully dipped. Exactly. It's dork magic.

I don't want the "tebow" offense. it has a short shelf life as we have seen the past few seasons. I have no problem with a multiple offense but running the power read (really QB Keep as we run it) as many times as we did this year is not my idea of offensive progress.

There's a reason we recruited an entire offensive starting lineup and a good chunk of a two-deep this year. Offensive progress will likely be coming over the next two years, while the offense this year was mostly just trying to bridge the gap between last year's staff/system and the current one while still trying to win.