Logan Thomas is an Animal Champion

"Animal Champion" is the highest compliment I can give any football player. Logan's earned it with every hit he's taken and delivered over the last 3 years.

His status for the second half is up in the air.


I know one thing, if he does play in the second half, UCLA better be ready because they just made him mad.

In Sam Rogers we trust.

Scary moment after that hit. He deserves one last win

It's always a great day to be a Hokie

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The hit Logan doled out to Miles Jack, not the one on Logan.

So that was Miles Jack that got knocked down on initial contact, right? Its pretty impressive how quickly he bounces back up and is in on the tackle at the end. Great effort all around on that play.

when you're carrying half the defense on your back for an extra ten yards it's not hard to see how Miles Jack can get absolutely demolished, roll, get back up and then still get in on the tackle.

I sure hope he's okay, win or lose. Logan plays with fire, good or bad, and I respect him for that.


I'm gonna name this Logan's Run, a la a play we all remember like 3rd and 31 or It Was A Catch

Logan makes those UCLA defenders look like bowling pins.

I'm here for the memes, I just stay for the football.

Can I just say that Leal holds on to the ball way too long and doesn't run?

i hate his career ended like that after one of his most epic runs

tyrod did it mikey! tyrod did it!

True this. Logan's Run is going down in history to me as the best example of a firework I've seen. Climbed high for a long time, exploded at the top, then was suddenly gone, making you wish you could see it again.

EDIT: I guess the firework analogy would be better applied to Logan's career as opposed to Logan's Run. I originally intended it that way.

20yds after contact.

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I don't think that that hit ended his career. Not nit picking, just a point that needed to be made. I think that we will definitely see him in the NFL.

I don't know if this was the intent, but I just assumed he meant college career...

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me too. But thought it was still worth pointing it out. I think am looking forward to seeing him and Gayle in the Senior bowl. I think he is really going stand out and really improve his draft stock in that game.

i mean that it was the last play for vt....... not the nlf and his entire career

tyrod did it mikey! tyrod did it!

Thats cool, not trying to be offensive. Sorry if I came across that way.

Hopefully most of us in Hokie Nation and especially on this site will let him know (@Lthomas_3) on Twitter what he means to the school and this program. From a football perspective, I am DAMN proud of this young man, for the hits he took on AND OFF the field, and he should know he is/should be (and I hope will be) a treasured member of Hokie Nation and should consider himself a proud and respected leader of the football team he steered for the past three damn years.

Full disclosure, I welled up writing that, and it's been an ample amount of time to stew over the loss -so you know it's heartfelt...

"...sticks and stones may break my bones but I'm gonna kick you repeatedly in the balls Gardoki!"

I feel so bad for the guy. All he's had to go through and it has to end like this. You can say a lot of things about Logan(soft not being one of them), but he was a great representative of Virginia Tech Football.


best inApril!

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One of my favorite Hokies of all-time.

For all the s#it he got - he helped us way more times than he hurt us. The last two years he was our best skill player on the field.

Everything he can bring to the table will be missed next year.

LT is a class act. I wish him only the best and all of the Hokie Nation a very HAPPY NEW YEAR!

I thought he was going to break that last tackle there for a second. That play made me fist pump in my office cubicle.

That was epic Logan there. I loved how the sideline got all pumped, too and it gave me goose bumps. He was (and has been) our offense and leader and I wish him well at the next level. I just want to give him a bro hug for all that he's endured during his time here and I thank him for it. What a true warrior on the field.

I know that in Boxing and MMA that there is a magic button around the chin that when hit, jolts the head just right, and there is a TKO. I think Zumwalt hit that button because Logan didn't hit the ground like someone who was conscious. Lot a respect for Logan taking a hit like that fearlessly while completing a pass.

I didn't see a topic, but I'll put this here... A few close hits is one thing - somebody moves a shoulder at the last minute, the running back lowers his head, etc...but it seems like EVERY TIME they mentioned Zumwalt they had to question if it was helmet-to-helmet or worse. That seems like more than a coincidence.

oh yeah, he lowered the crown of his helmet at the last second and put it right on his chin/jaw. there's no doubt in my mind that was retaliation for making jack look foolish on the play before.

"It's worth it right? It's worth it to lay it all on the line for your brothers!"

"That kid you're talking to right there, I think he played his nuts off! And you can quote me on that shit!" -Bud Foster (both quotes)

A day later and that play is still bothering me. I wish the rest of the team would have come to LT's defense and gone after that dude.

However, what bothers me the most was the announcers defending the player and the cheap shot he took. It was excessive and the penalty perfectly described the offense, "unnecessary roughness".

I don't mind tough players and hard hitting but QBs take too many hits like that when they are standing still after releasing the ball. They cannot get out of the way to avoid getting crushed. Lowering the crown of the helmet is too common. I think what got LT is the helmet came up into his facemask causing his head to snap back.

I still can't believe he didn't get ejected.
It was obvious he caught Thomas's chin with the helmet, very hard. Thomas was lifted off his feet.

Danny caught that ball.

Friends don't let 5 star friends commit to UVA.

Hell, LT was briefly knocked unconscious, according to Andy Bitter's game recap. That's precisely why the targeting rule was invented. Some kids get knocked out on freak plays, LT got knocked out on a dirty one.

No kidding. You don't get knocked unconscious by a clean hit when you're standing upright. Only way that happens is with a shot to the head/neck.

You will see it again. Put some talented players around him like he had in 2011, and watch what he does. These last two years he's had to carry the entire VT offense on his back because of a lack of talent around him. He won't have to do that in the NFL.

how fitting is it that this was his last play before he got hurt?

"It's worth it right? It's worth it to lay it all on the line for your brothers!"

"That kid you're talking to right there, I think he played his nuts off! And you can quote me on that shit!" -Bud Foster (both quotes)

That play was Logan's career in a nutshell!

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Great job Logan! It took ~40 games for someone to hit him hard enough to make him come off the field; which is amazing for a QB who was asked to pound it up the middle of the field continuously. We never heard anything negative about Logan off the field; obviously a class-act. His sophomore year was definitely the most exciting and should have resulted in a Sugar Bowl victory (if it wasn't for a bad call). He deserves a ton of credit for the past two years. Yesterday showed what our offense is without Logan; Logan = VT's Offense for the past two years. Hopefully Logan does get a chance in the NFL (whatever position that may be). Logan is a great athlete and wonderful representative of VT.


This was one of the greatest runs I've ever seen and really defines the career of Logan Thomas. Its a shame he wadnt able to finish the game. I don't know if it would have made a defference but I think we would have stayed in the game. Certainly would not have thrown the ball behind his back for a pick 6. The defense was very disappointing in this game, they didn't look focused or prepared to play. Hope one of those freshmen QB's is ready to play, I'd not it will be a long season.

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24 hours later and I still get teary-eyed thinking about that run and the hit that followed. I don't have enough good things to say about Logan. Class act, wonderful Hokie, amazing athlete, perfect ambassador for our university.

remember that time we set off the richter scale jumping to "enter, sandman"?

Thanks for the memories Logan. You are a champion in my book, on and especially off the field.

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We have to remember that Logan looked great when he had a running back putting up 1700+ yards. (Wilson)
The last two years have been Coleman, Holmes, Edmunds...no running game whatsoever....that is why Logan has looked bad the past two years.
The criticism has been unfair for the most part.