Big Ten Scheduling

The Big Ten is moving to a 9- or 10-game conference schedule, and has agreed to eliminate scheduling I-AA teams.

"As a conference we want to play each other more, not less, and an increase in the number of games will help accomplish that goal." -- Big Ten Commissioner Jim Delany

"So we've made an agreement that our future games will all be Division I schools. It will not be FCS schools." -- Wisconsin athletic director Barry Alvarez

I think more than anything the Big Ten's decisions are again driven by television. Conference match-ups theoretically draw a bigger audience, and make for a "better" game, especially when you consider that they would replace a I-AA team and/or non-Power-5 school. More appealing games for television, a bigger pool of games to broadcast on the B1G Network—which just recently expanded to include two new large markets. This is how Jim Delany is printing money.

The ACC had voted to move from an 8- to 9-game conference schedule, but reverted to 8 games after the Notre Dame partnership was announced. The league's decision makers are trying to put a network together, my guess is it will ultimately include an expanded conference schedule.


Take over

ACC buys out NBC contract with Notre Dame? Maybe they negotiate a merger.

#Let's Go - Hokies

Home and Home

I wonder what this will mean for our Home and Home series with Ohio State and Wisconsin? I hope they do not back out. I feel like I have been waiting for those games for 7 years now.

Go Hokies!

I think tOSU fine.

Gene Smith favors big non-conference games as much as Weaver/Beamer do.

App State

My guess is that Michigan AD hid in the corner as the ADs of the rest of the conference made jokes about them losing to App State and how they have to avoid that sort of embarassment for the conference at all costs. Good thing we never lost to a...wait a minute...shit...

yes, yes, a million times yes.

this is exactly why I hated the reversion to the 8 game schedule by the ACC. We want to play each other more not less. No 1-AA snoozers. It should have never been allowed to count for bowl games anyway.

I hate the reversion by the ACC because it means we practically never play teams from the other division now (aside from BC, and lets get serious, no one gets excited for that game). With 7 teams per division, 1 set intra-division 'rival', and only 8 games, it means you've got 1 game per year to rotate between 6 teams. It'll be over a decade in between marquee home games against teams like FSU and Clemson. Ugh.

Sorry, off topic, I know, but I just wanted to complain.

It was a catch

we'll be playing Notre Dame more frequently...

than we will be playing FSU, Clemson, NC State, Louisville, Wake Forest, and Syracuse. The last two I couldn't care less about, but the other 4 are all games I'd like to see more frequently, not less frequently.


Wiley, Brown, Russell, Drakeford, Gray, Banks, Prioleau, Charleton, Midget, Bird, McCadam, Pile, Hall, Green, Fuller, Williams, Hamilton, Rouse, Flowers, Harris, Chancellor, Carmichael, Hosley, Fuller, Exum, Jarrett

I would rather play Syracuse annually than BC

We had some good games with them over the years. We would either blow them out, or it would be a close game.

Though, avoiding the Carrier Dome might be a good thing. We went 1-5 there as Big East opponents.

They were probably afraid it would crumble down on their heads!

I just wonder what the point of being in a conference with a team is, if we never play them... With only 1 rotating intra-division game a year, the two divisions might as well be separate conferences.

It was a catch


Silly fan, being in a conference is about money. Who said anything about traditions, rivalries, or playing teams in your own conference?

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I think all the old Big East teams should be in the same conference.

I love playing BC (still haven't forgiven them for the Matt Ryan debacle, still cheer every time he chokes in a big game). I look forward to playing Syracuse again. Miami is always great. Pitt as well.

I just love where the ACC is at right now. If only the head office was better at promotion.

Are you serious? I can't tell if you're being sarcastic, or deserving of ridicule....

It was a catch

For the record Barry, FCS schools are technically Division 1.

Rip his freaking head off!

And we wonder why ACC fans and league officials gripe about how we always get shafted in the BCS picture. Strength of schedule goes a long way in helping your case. I'd much rather play someone like Clemson or FSU each year and not have the assurance of a victory, but have a much better game instead, rather than playing the likes of Austin Peay, Western Carolina, and App State.

So #goacc.

sucks for the FCS schools

while they may lose those games, don't they walk out with some nice parting gifts ($$$$)?


they do get a good bit of $$ ... helping them build/maintain their programs ... really does suck for them

I heard that John Swofford face-palmed when he heard the news and was muttering to himself, "What an idiot I am."


I support Logan Thomas and make no apologies for it.

I get

how many can jokingly think schools no longer want to schedule possible upsets from the FCS. Being that we are one of the teams who have, I can see someone making the snide comment about us being in that same boat. I also understand how some think it's unfair to take away such a big payday from these smaller programs who also receive some spotlight from these match-ups.

The reality is that the landscape of big time college football is changing. Conferences are gaining more money through TV contracts and bowl tie-ins as part of the forthcoming playoff system. Going forward, SOS will have greater impact on figuring out the weight of each teams resume. And the only way to provide a case for your, or any team, is the quality of wins and losses. This is why the Boise State's and NIU's have had so much trouble breaking their own glass ceilings of sorts. As is, the ACC even gets its own grief when the strength of conference is further brought down by wins over even lesser quality teams. This year Florida State had the misfortune of having to schedule two such schools. The wins, no matter how substantial mean close to nothing.

As well, we all pay for a product that we expect to return a higher value than what those schools get. Student fees, booster donations, season tickets, etc are a big part of what goes into making our brand be at the forefront. So, when we donate money in order to even get the opportunity for better season tickets are we then not a little cheated when the product we receive are 11 games that have the potential to mean something along with one "gimme" where you can easily get tickets the same day for a fraction of the price of your own while watching in a half empty stadium. For those who can't afford season tickets are relegated to listening to coverage on the radio or some shitty online streaming of these games.

There is by far enough parity in the FBS to fill a schedule with a team or two from a lesser conference that doesn't fully dilute your strength of schedule and still allows for TV coverage.