Talking Trash: Tone, Beamer, Moorehead Edition

Did anyone else catch the little exchange between Antone, Shane Beamer, Moorehead and Trey Gresh? I love the trash talking.

For those not on the twitters:

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I really want Exum on that field vs Bama.

This is hilarious. I love how involved the coaches are with these guys that they can give it back. I feel this is a big help with recruiting since I find it hard to believe that old Beems is talking shit with Exum. I can just picture it in my head, CFB talking trash. HAHA.

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This is why having younger coaches really helps with recruiting. Shane and Moorehead are relatively young guys, so the players can joke around with them a little bit. Do you think they would ever even think to screw around with Foster or Frank? That wouldn't end well.

Rip his freaking head off!

Screwing with Foster

Good gracious, people would die....


He is relatively calm behind the scenes. Don't tell him that, he might rip my head off.

This was entertaining

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exum is quickly becoming one of my favorite hokies. praying hard he makes the field against 'bammer.

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I agree, always was a fan of Antone, this season and offseason has made me become an even bigger fan. This goes perfectly well with his tweets about what he told the surgeon while he was coming off anesthesia. Pure gold.

Anesthesia tweets?

What did he say?

“I hope that they’re not going to have big eyes and pee down their legs so to speak,” -- Bud Foster

Heck Yeah!!!

That is amazing!

“I hope that they’re not going to have big eyes and pee down their legs so to speak,” -- Bud Foster


Trash talking night and day. Exum always makes me smile. Definetly one of my favorite Hokies too.

Antone Exum has become the next favorite Hokies since Danny Coale. Awesome.

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