Va Thoroughbreds

I hear all the talk about how they are persuading all there kids to go to UVa or out of state, but do we know why they hate VT? We brought big time football to this state and have made great players out of many 757 area guys....

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Not really sure.

The coaches have some sort of vendetta against us.

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Copy Pasted from my take on TSL

The Thoroughbreds coaches didn't wake up one day and start ragging on Tech for the fun of it. They are pushing these kids towards UVA for a reason, and if it was a cash reason... we would have evidence by now.

No, those coaches are establishing a relationship with UVA because UVA welcomed them with open arms. By having a relationship with UVA, the Thoroughbreds get greater "street cred" then their competitors. The Thoroughbreds have to recruit too, and do you want your son (who needs national exposure to get recruited) playing for some dude-living-up-the-street's squad, or the squad that has had multiple four (or higher) star athletes go on to play big-time college ball?

Quid pro quo. Thoroughbreds became the top dogs in their arena because they became an established pipeline program, and IN RETURN UVA gets top pick of their best athletes. This may or may not be unethical, but it's impossible to prosecute. You think the top high school programs in VA don't have athletes locating to their district to get better noticed by college coaches? "Scratch my back, I'll scratch yours" is as old as time itself, and only rarely does it need to involve cash

Look, this is the way it's going to be. The NCAA may get involved in 7 on 7 teams in the future, but I doubt it. What is it going to do, make an athlete ineligible for playing on an amateur 7 on 7 team?

Back when Groh was coach, it was easy to blow these regional players off.

That's not the case anymore. Frank and co. can't just show up and deal with the good ol' boy coaching network and get who they want. They need to look at the recruiting landscape, realize that these type of squads are here to stay, and look at it as just another recruiting responsibility.

Start holding 7 on 7 tournaments at Tech, start keeping in touch with 7 on 7 coaches, start showing up at tournaments where VA recruits travel too

Tech can't bury it's head and hope this trend reverses itself.

It may be to late to get these coaches back on VT's side, but I promise you, they won't be the last 7 on 7 super squad that shows up in VA. And the next one better start feeling the love from Tech early and often, or Tech will miss out on those athletes too.

Furthermore, we are passionate Hokie fans that passionately dislike (hate's a strong word but feel free to plug that in instead) loluva so some Hokie fans felt disrespected that the kid Cutler didn't want to come to blacksburg (even though I don't think we really wanted him to or maybe it was more of a uva got him so we have to rag on him kind of deal) and took to message boards and social networks to 1. disrespect kid Cutler 2. disrespect uva 3. try to investigate why father Cutler and the thoroughbreds have the connections they have (aka implicate ncaa infractions).

They didn't like the negativity they received and didn't appreciate the infraction implications, plus it's the guy's son which tends to make emotions stronger, so yea every action has a reaction. It sucks for now but it will blow over eventually. It just made our recruiters jobs that much tougher but not every talented 757'er has connections with the thoroughbreds so it's not the end of the world. Plus uva sucks and these kids will see that.

I totally agree. Love to see each tech recruiter develop ties to a "tech pipeline" team from each recruiting area. Those teams become the 7-on-7 all star teams for that region and it builds from there. Tech hosting 7-on-7 tourneys would also be clutch. Loluva already has one of these teams in their pocket. They're on the cutting edge of this new recruiting strategy and it may be that traditional high school recruiting will go the way of the dinosaurs. I don't know. But my heart says that tech really needs to look at getting in on this game.

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I believe that it is illegal to host them on campus.

dont be so quick

I have heard that the NCAA is very concerned about AAU type problems spreading into football, and is considering tough limits on 7on7 / tourney team participation. Things like requiring all players on any given 7on7 team to be from the same HS.

We'll just have to see how it turns out.

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So we deal with these low class individuals who drop twitter F bombs on those who don't kiss up to them?

We recruit through these 'coaches', who aren't actually coaches on this 'team' in effect shutting out their HS coaches for a part of the recruiting process and thereby risking alienating them?

We deal within these guys and play nice in exchange for 'getting' to recruit 'their' guys?

And i imagine the players on this team are buying in to this process and have no problem with it?

What sleaze- I'm glad VT is not playing this game

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I had posted on twitter that Blanding being a thoroughbred was a risky get for UVA. I then tried explaining to some random UVA fan what I meant by it being risky and explaining what the thoroughbreds were. Next thing I know I'm getting called a racist idiot. I don't understand where that came from.

From what I understand, these guys are recruited through the 7 on 7 coaches and not their high school coaches. I don't know what the NCAA thinks about that, but I think Tech wants to recruit through the high school coaches. The 7-7 coaches don't want that and downplay Tech for that reason and that's the reason we never get these guys.

That's just what I've read/understood. If I'm wrong then let me know!

I have no idea why my username is VT_Warthog.

Arkansas blew a 24-0 lead in the Belk Bowl.

I'm pretty sure that recruiting through the 7-on-7 coaches is a NCAA violation and thats why we don't do it. Because of this, the 7-on-7 coaches became bitter at Tech and influence their kids away from us.

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I don't think it's technically a violation (currently), but it's a slippery slope. The fear is that these 7-on-7 tournaments are going to become like the AAU for college basketball.

Here are some articles:

So basically when you recruit through those 7 on 7 coaches you're putting yourself at risk of getting accused of violations because those coaches may or may not have connections to agents. Am I getting this right?

I have no idea why my username is VT_Warthog.

Arkansas blew a 24-0 lead in the Belk Bowl.


If you don't recruit through them you get accused of "making allegations" and promoting "investigations".

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It's not illegal for VT staff to have relationships with those seven on seven coaches. That, more then anything, is probably what caused this divide.

The Thoroughbred coaches had invested a lot of time in these kids, and had an interest in seeing that things worked out for them. If the VT staff then cuts them completely out of the process, it's not surprising they would be offended by it. Especially if the UVA staff is more welcoming.

Forget the whole race card. i

Forget the whole race card. I think this is the reason they pipeline to UVA. Because London acknowledges them, where Beamer co might not. And these guys think they are persons to be acknowledged and get offended if they are not.

Edit: corrected misspelling (affended-->offended). Didn't want to look like an idiot for longer than I had to.

IT is better to not worry about the 7 on 7 crowd! NCAA is trying to keep football away from that type of thing!

Until the NCAA makes a move to limit recruiting through a 7 on 7 program, then we need to do something to have a shot at some of these kids. I think its interesting that Bayside seems to have become a pipeline school for UVa. That may have something to do with some of these kids decisions too.


I think the Thoroughbreds....

...were the reason Cornell was selected to replace Newsome in recruiting this area.

There was always some rumor that a VT coach disrespected the Thoroughbreds early on. Maybe that was Newsome, maybe it was Stiney, maybe it was Cav. It certainly would fit the Cav model. But maybe Cornell can start to mend that relationship.

Remember, this was a similar situation to Mike Smith a decade ago, he sent everyone to UVA or UNC and wouldn't consider VT for his players. We eventually won him over. Just gotta keep the same approach. Do what we do and respect what these guys do. They fill a valuable role in that community.

We won Smith over by hiring Newsome

Newsome and Smith are friends from when Newsome was the coach at Kecoughtan High.

Now that he's gone again, who knows if we'll still get in the front door at Hampton.

Just came to me...

Maybe that's why Beamer handled the "firings" the way he did - So we wouldn't tarnish some of the relationships we have. It's easier to keep Newsome on our side by finding him a job, instead of showing him the door and telling him he's on his own. Maybe Newsome can still be an advocate for us/Beamer in terms of Hampton High.

Actually, we might not really need him

I had forgotten, we still pulled in Deon Newsome from Hampton this year, recruited by Stiney.

And not to mention, we have a huge connection in Tyrod Taylor, and Tyrel Wilson has another year to show what he can do.

It took VT over 15 years to repair the Mike Smith problem. Groh not offering him a job facilitated that as well as Newsome's hire.

Reality has a mighty pimp hand.

Remember there were a couple of Vicks from the 757 that still have some influence!

You mean the one that got kicked off the team?

Doubt he's doing much recruiting for VT these days.

Actually I meant Dwight and his cousin Mike.

Dwight's a great ambassador for the program.

That's what I was hoping you were meaning.

You are right. Both of those two could do a world of good for our recruiting.

I actually think I have selective memory. Was there more than the two that I mentioned? At least I am TRYING to forget!

I say, let loluva have all the pickings of these thoroughbreds, because if there are actual NCAA violations involved, wouldn't it be great to watch loluva go down in flames, while we stay high and dry?

I mean, I know a bowl ban would be pointless, but c'mon!

The question in my mind is does London get fired after UVA goes 4 - 8 this year??

I see them losing to BYU, Oregon, Pitt, GT, Clemson, UNC, Miami, and VT.

I say that answer is yes. We might have to modify the UVA coach failure flow chart a tad, but I think it's a safe assumption.

I think it depends on his recruiting class and how many of the big fish in VA he lands. Ideally they would still fire him and then those guys can jump ship to us, but who knows what will happen

RE: LOLUVA, Hypothetically.....

1. London has a lousy year, wahoos go 4-8 or worse, but in their infinite wisdom, UVA retains their favorite cop. Does TOB find another head coaching job elsewhere?
2. London has a lousy year, wahoos go 4-8 or worse, and LOLUVA shows London the door. Do they elevate TOB to HC?

Take the shortest route to the ball and arrive in bad humor.

loluva, in their infinite wisdom, DOES NOT promote TOB to HC, because God forbid they actually develop a QB or two.