It's the end of the Big East as We Know It

McMurphy on the future of the Big East:

In summary, the Catholic-7 are keeping the Big East name (and therefore branding, which for basketball is a good thing). Xavier, Butler, and possibly Creighton will join the new Big East. And as it is relevant to the ACC, Notre Dame might join the ACC in 2013 instead of 2014.


And I Feel Fine

about time.


Go Hokies

Go Falcons

+1 for R.E.M. reference

All the changes should happen this summer.

Notre Dame might be coming aboard this summer, why shouldn't Louisville? I know it would "disrupt" the football divisions, but we could just kick Maryland to the curb and welcome Louisville in their place, just plug their schedule in as Maryland and call it a party.

At least, I would much rather play Louisville than Maryland at this point. That would be a pretty awesome trade, and it would have the potential to be that "night game" we all want in November.

(Note: I know there's no actual chance of this happening, but it's fun to think of what might have happened if things had transpired a few months sooner, ie Maryland agreeing to pay the full $50M, and this new development with the Catholic 7, etc.)

so what happens to the hodgepodge of teams that are left over? does c-usa have the room to absorb them?

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Maybe they'll merge, and become...

Conference USA.

More importantly, UConn is screwed. They are gonna lose a good basketball conference and that's the only sport they care about.

Rip his freaking head off!

I'm still wondering about them

Why aren't they jumping ship with the 7 Catholic schools? Are they afraid that their football program would suffer too much to eventually get into one of the Big 5 conferences? Because I can tell you now, being in the "new and improved Conference USA" won't do them any favors there either... they might as well save as much face as they can by following the basketball schools, and join a lesser conference for football only and dominate.

I don't even know if it's possible for them to dominate in football period. It's painful to watch them. I had the displeasure of one of their games being on when I was in Buffalo Wild Wings last season.

Oh come on...

surely they'd be able to beat up on the MAC East division... which currently consists of Bowling Green, Miami University, Ohio, Akron, Kent State, Buffalo and UMass. Not exactly a bunch of powerhouses there.

As a Miami of Ohio Grad..

I must tell you to shut your dirty mouth about the MAC East....(even if everything you said was true.)

A new hope

Don't get me wrong...

The MAC has had some good teams pop up occasionally... one year Marshall was about a top ten team (1999, maybe?), Miami University had one Mr. Roethlisberger come through (a fact I greatly appreciate as a Steeler fan), and then NIU this year was pretty good. It's just that they aren't good enough to contend with BCS schools consistently.

Don't know if they can. I recall one of the things that was mentioned when the Catholic 7 decided to bolt was that they were breaking away from D1a football schools. That reduces the risk of a conference partner switching conferences on them. They're basically getting back to what the original BE was founded for, basketball. UConn better pray the ACC or the BIG takes them in or else that jump from 1aa will look like a bad decision.


Who'd give them that deal though?

UConn football has very little value. If you want any of UConn's sports, you'd want their basketball teams.

Agreed, I think the ACC picks up Cindy to help give Notre dame and Louisville a closer rival.

I heard the deal with ND was that they get to choose the 16th member when they join for football but until then we're a 14 team conference.

Rip his freaking head off!

Well, I don't see ND picking uconn. And looking at who would be available, I can't see too many good choices out there, unless its a defector from the big 12, or even Penn State. With the playoff system, ND has no choice but to join somewhere.


UConn is NOT an attractive academic partner for many conference except for the SEC. They just been slapped with a postseason ban because of their ridiculously low graduation rate.

Second, their football program have been set back since Randy Esdall left for this "dream" job at Maryland...I just have to snicker at that. Esdall basically shepherded UConn from being a FCS member to a FBS team, and they are slipping further back as a FCS member. I would not be surprised if they eventually rejoin the FCS rank again.

I have not heard how well UConn is doing in basketball since Jim Calhoun retired, so I think that UConn is no longer the perennial power it once was. So, who will take them? No many conferences with BCS-level ties left will take them.

I support Logan Thomas and make no apologies for it.

UConn's basketball team was "slapped with a postseason ban" because of its poor academic progress, not the university's.

I very highly doubt UConn will move back to FCS because the state and university have invested in the football program (brand new stadium), and they're already accustomed to the money at the next level.

UConn is ranked 63rd in US News (which takes in a bunch of factors including academics), by comparison VT is 72nd.

They ARE an attractive academic partner for many colleges because according to Washington Monthly they spent $238 million (73rd, 2012) on research initiatives.

As for basketball, and I got this from, not word of mouth, they finished 10-8 in the Big East and 20-10 overall. They beat 3 ranked teams and would more than likely make the tournament this season, or at the very least be a bubble team.

I heard that resigned pope Benedict will head the Cathloic 7 as their acting commissioner.

I support Logan Thomas and make no apologies for it.


Apparently, the remaining teams in the Big East will now become the America 12 Conference. At least they already have a theme song.

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Just glade I was the first (this site needs more Oregon Trail references.)

A new hope

yeah, i tried to edit it to say the connecticut trail but i got an "access denied"

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