You're the OC

We want news, any news, regarding the hire of our newest offensive coordinator and staff. Most of us even fear taking a trip to the john in case the news pops. Therefore, in an attempt to distract ourselves a little bit from the doldrums, I thought it apt for anyone to come in and share their thoughts. This isn't a place to further bash or spread rumor, but to say, "If I was the new OC, starting tomorrow I would implement....."

There is no right answer here, just let off some steam with the rest of us. Your thoughts below.

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Nothing but quick slants, up the gut running and four verts(only because I want to bang the prom queen)

I would line up in an I and run the ball down the other team's throat. Set up some play-action out of that and use the tight ends a whole lot more. The best example of what I would do with our offense is what the Texans do. I know we don't have a running back like Arian Foster, but I think someone will emerge as a great back during the offseason.

Rip his freaking head off!

yep yep yep

That is what we need.

“I hope that they’re not going to have big eyes and pee down their legs so to speak,” -- Bud Foster

For what it is worth, Arian Foster is more of an Alfred Morris zone run, two steps plant outside foot and cut back off the uncovered man. The only NFL backs that I think would be great in any system are AD, Frank Gore, and Ray Rice.

Five star get after it 100 percent Juice Key-Playing. MAN

I formation. Good blocking tight ends. Line up unbalanced, block your tackle and both tight ends down, pull the strong side guard and kick out the end. Lead the fullback through. Pound it, while occasionally slipping in a sprint draw and a counter trey. Pound it, throw in Y release and bootleg, especially in the red zone. Receivers must be able to beat press coverage and run post, corner, and crossing routes.

Five star get after it 100 percent Juice Key-Playing. MAN

passes across the middle

See: LT3 to danny coale, at miami in 2010 when tyrod was out for a play. WE DONT THROW IT ACROSS THE MIDDLE ANYMORE. No slants, nothing!! brutal!

VT Class of 2017

I might make the argument that Logan's passes, like that one, are the reason we don't throw over the middle often; Logan's passes make it look like he hates his receivers.

I like to think that Logan grew up playing football with giants (6'6-8'0) and he's having a hard time adjusting to playing with such tiny creatures. ...explains why his passes are always thrown to 8ft tall receivers.

I think they don't use crossing routes or deep outs enough. Against UNC and Clemson, it seemed like they ran a ton of slants and skinny posts to go with the occasional go route and scree.

Five star get after it 100 percent Juice Key-Playing. MAN

Ask Coach Corso

Several things

1. I wouldn't redshirt my best goddamn athlete.
2. I find an OL coach that's worth a damn and can develop 5 bullies.
3. I recruit people for the positions I intend them to play.
4. Institute an offense similar to Stanford or Texas. Heavy on the I formation, with a few shotgun sets should they be needed. Balance the run with play action passes, but not in any order that's predictable like R2P2. Use timing routes like slants and hooks to eat up yards, with the occasional deep route to keep the secondary honest.

I would love all of these things.

Throw in some actual tight ends that can play, and this is my perfect wishlist. It should be easier to find some now that rule #3 implies that we won't be playing them at all five line positions and QB.

No pressure, no diamonds.

Not so much a style as a mentality

I want blocking wide receivers. I want our O line to CRUSHKILL the opposition's soul. I want a running back that isn't afraid to lower his shoulder and hits the hole like the dude that knocked up his sister is in there waiting for him. I want Logan to run over a LB and laugh at him afterward. And I'd also like to see Logan play like he's not in fear of his life when he drops back, because I think if you give him a reasonable amount of time, he's a pretty good passer.

exactly, there needs to be a new mentality to our offense. i would be so hard on the offense that some weak links would quit during spring ball because they show no effort. right now the offense is soft and no one is scared of them. defenses need to be scared to play us and we need to like up and punch defenses in the throat.

tyrod did it mikey! tyrod did it!

i started a pep hamilton dynasty with stanford. unfortunately i have not been offered VT HC or OC after first 2 years, so i'll stick at stanford until i do.

playing the pound-it-out i formation is fun though. power o all day!


Hey Sean

We all know you're all about pounding out and the power O.

No pressure, no diamonds.

If it were me as OC

I'd start out by saying "I'm having a transfusion of Bud Foster's DNA tomorrow, and I intend for our system to be the offense version of his defense. We will hurt people."

Take the shortest route to the ball and arrive in bad humor.


I'd play the wishbone. Luther Maddy at fullback flanked by Gayle on one side and Kris Harley on the other. I would run 3 plays. Dive right, dive left, power sweep with Gayle tote'n the rock. He runs a 4.6, right? With all that beef and attitude he's bound to roll some Bama backers. I say line up and kick their teeth in. Boo-yah.

If it ain't orange, it better be maroon...and if it ain't maroon, it better be soon!

Offense based in misdirection and balance.

Try to call just about equal number of plays run/pass, use misdirection by running counters, draws, etc after setting them up well (set up counter by running heavy to one side for majority of time, and setting up the draws with a bunch of quick slants). In addition to that, use more play action but make it dependent on whether the run game is working well. If run game isn't working well, set up the quick passing game first, then work into the draws and eventually open up the running game.

This works to PERFECTION in the video games... I usually put up about 40/game. On Heisman difficulty. But then again, it's a video game... But in theory, this scheme could work.

Simplify Blocking and put players in a position to make plays

If I were OC for a day, I would get back to basic run schemes in the blocking up front- first and foremost. I would rather be able to get 3 yards when I have to than pass protect for 15 minutes at a time. VT is not Bama, so we are not going to recruit 5 DJ Flukers who can do both, etc. So focus on the run game blocking- man scheme and back to the basics- more middle drill, encourage David Wang to pursue other opportunities, get Shuman some playing time, etc. My second emphasis would be around guys like JC Coleman, Demetri Knowles, Kevin Asante. these kids are not going to muscle a safety down the field or help you between the tackles. Get them outside and in space- put JC in motion, and actually give him the ball. Don't pretend that Asante is Jarrett Boykin- let him run some slants, and dig routes as opposed to "go deep, really deep". Lastly, do a better job calling plays and not panicking on 3rd down. When its 3rd and 8- try to pick up the damn 8 yards.. run a 9 yard play once in a while..not a 50 yard bomb every time. A good OC does this anyway- dont panic on 3rd down- actually prepare your team to execute a 7-9 yard play with regularity. Also- VT has had a terrible package against the blitz as long as Beamer has been coach- fix that please.

I would run WR screens religiously...

Until they start working, then I would stop. I would run slow developing outside run plays against fast, undersized defenses. I would run up the middle at large, powerful defenses. I would only run long, deep passes, no intermediate or quick hitting passes into the teeth of the blitz. I would hire an OL coach that refuses to let the linemen know what color jerseys the other team is wearing. I would feature the 3 and out as my offesive philosophy and tell Bud..."okay man, it's your turn...see if you can score on their offense".

No...I know what you're thinking. That's, not my name. ...its Ryan relation.

We put the K in Kwality


I'd run multiple sets and take the best of everyone else's offensive philosophy. I'd scatter in elements from the Spread, Pistol, and Pro Style. My offense will be so dynamic the defense won't know what to defend. I'd convert all TEs to OL and all DEs to TE. Oh and I'd clone Sean Glennon to run it all...

Oh shit, I think someone stole my idea...dammit.

"We judge ourselves by our intentions and others by their behavior" Stephen M.R. Covey

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Two to three tailbacks maximum.
Develop an offensive line that doesn't quit blocking after first contact.
Grade the road and run the fucking football.

That is all.

"You know when the Hokies say 'We are Virginia Tech' they're going to mean it."- Lee Corso

You're the OC...

Welp, we know Pep Hamilton isn't.

Maybe one of us

may actually be the new OC now :(

My Resume

I onside kick an average of two times a game playing NCAA. I also go for it on 4th down about 60% of the time. Finally, my favorite play to run is the HB Slip Screen.

I have led my team to back-to-back-to-back-to-back-to-back national titles, had three heisman winners and twelve first round draft picks.

Thank you for your consideration!


Along with running up the score in the 4th, blitzing all night, and the Stick and Nod as the hot read in the hurry up.

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hahaha, sort of related to this question...

One of my law professors made a point today by asking us these questions:
Do you watch football?
Do you yell and say "that was a bad play call!!!"?
If you were given the chance, would you actually take control and make the play calls?

After the last question, only four hands out of 70 were raised, mine included. He asked us why. All the dudes said they thought had enough football smarts and that they could do it given the chance.

My rationale? I'm a Hokie. Anyone is better than what we got now. At least 65% of Americans, myself and my 14 year old brother included, could call a better game than O'Cainspring.

No one really understood (I am in South Carolina), but my dad appreciated the humor when I relayed the tale to him.

So what I would do? Start with the O line. Teach them to be beasts and have their way with defenses. Then I would find my best 2 RBs and give the ball to them. And the #1 rule I would abide by? Making calls appropriate for the situation (ex: no more passes of any kind behind the line of scrimmage on 3rd down, especially when 8 yards are needed. That's just ridiculous.). I would also make sure that the QBs are being taught properly. Whatever they did to LT in the offseason was bad. And then I would run the ball some more. haha


I just sit on my couch and b*tch. - HokieChemE2016