ACC matchup schedules are out

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That means we're playing in Chestnut Hill two years in a row...

And UVA, GT, and Miami are

And UVA, GT, BC and Miami are now on the same home-away schedule, which is going to be weird... making Pitt our primary home "rivalry game" on odd years. That is going to suck.


it means that we play in Miami two yr. in a row, and that the GT & Miami games will both be home or away games from now on.

Further, since the ACC had to switch some schedules around to accomodate the addition of Syracuse and Pitt, some games had to be scheduled in the same venue as last year. There were six repeat venue games, we get three of them....oooh, that's fair, huh?

Take the shortest route to the ball and arrive in bad humor.

Which doubly sucks, since Miami should be pretty good next year, and Duke away games are really home games for us anyway crowd-wise, so that one doesn't even matter all that much as a home game...

This sucks.


the home schedule is Western Carolina, Marshall, UNC, Maryland, Pitt and Duke.

Oh God...

Is that really our home non-conference schedule this year? Western Carolina and Marshall? I picked the absolutely worst time to move back to Virginia....


Hopefully you can make it to Ohio St game in 2015!

Hey guys

Just wondering what the general consensus was over the ACC dropping the VT/FSu game?

As a Nole fan, I had that one penciled in as a possible loss because you guys are always a tough game... but I would rather see the game played than being dropped.

Sucks for the league, sucks for both of our strength of schedules, and sucks for FSU's ticket sales for their home game slate. That surely would have been a primetime night game and depending on records, possibly even Gameday material.

I think the appropriate reaction is

it sucks.

Take the shortest route to the ball and arrive in bad humor.

Our players seem to feel the same way

I wanna play some tough opponents next year!!! Tired of the BS I hear about we not good look at who we play!! #BeBold
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Joe, your firewalls have been breached, you let a Noles fan on the site!

Just kidding man! I was actually looking forward to the rematch. And I think this is a stupid move for the ACCs PR. I mean let's be honest, the FSU-VT matchup next year is probably the most nationally recognized ACC conference game after FSU-Clemson.

I mean sure, without FSU our schedule is easier to manage, but playing tough rivals is waaaay more fun and makes game days and game weeks way more special. Maybe we will meet up in Charlotte!


Would love to play VT in Charlotte this year.

The SEC didn't get where it is by dodging in conference competition.

Just so frustrated with this conference we are both in. It's like their think-tanks literally sit around trying to figure out the best course of action and then recommending the exact opposite.

The problem is once they figure out how to handle basketball they throw darts at the wall to decide how to handle football.


UMD Game in B'more

the UMD Game will be in B'more this year. Another Pro Stadium!


I havent' heard this from anyone yet. And that is supposed to be a home game for us. I hope they give season ticket holders tickets to this game and don't try to charge another $50-$70 on us.

This is just a dumb idea anyway though. Play the games in Blacksburg!!

I would imagine all of that went out the window as soon as it was announced that we are playing them in Blacksburg this fall, unless we make a home+home series with them since they're leaving for the B1G

i just threw up in my mouth


Did Heather Dinich help make these scheduling decision's? I dont see why Maryland couldn't have been away and have our Miami home game this is bullshit!


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