Chuck Long's Performance at Kansas

In case anyone thinks statistical analysis will be limited to players on the field, it's not. A team's S&P rank is a statistical way of breaking down offensive and defensive performance with adjustment's for your opponents (so scoring 14 points on Alabama's defense is likely seen as better than scoring 27 on Duke's).

I've looked at Kansas' Offensive S&P Rank (where 1 is the best offense in the country and ~121 is the worst depending on the number of 1-A teams that year) over the past few years, and broken it up by who their offensive coordinator was:

Anyone else less than excited that Chuck Long's name is being mentioned?

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Lost a bunch of offensive players from 2009:

Leading rusher was moved to Linebacker
#2 rusher graduated
#3 rusher was backup QB
#4 rusher was starting QB, who graduated
ONLY returning RB who had stats in 2009 had 5 attempts for 17 yards in 3 games

Starting QB graduated
#2 QB stayed #2, backed up a freshman in 2010

#1 receiver graduated
#2 receiver left

That's a lot of talent to replace, they literally had no returning depth at RB, lost their top 2 receivers and QB... can't blame that entirely on him. The 2007-2009 years were somewhat of a fluke in Kansas' history.

This does matter

The QB was Todd Reesing too, which is pretty much the only Kansas QB I can name from my lifetime.

That said, they still returned 7 offensive starters in 2010 and 8 in 2011 without much improvement. And the drop from 2009 to 2010 wasn't subtle...they went from the #27 offense in the country to #117 - in a year that only had 121 teams!

True, true

My point was that, while the drop was drastic, it wasn't entirely on the OC's shoulders. He inherited essentially a new offense, only returning 4 lineman (one was injured), their #3 receiver and the TE.

But... #117 is still pretty damn terrible.

We're definitely in agreement

I'm thinking if Ed didn't leave we might see a drop into the 50's or 60's. Not worse than all but Buffalo, New Mexico, and New Mexico State.

I watch a lot of Kansas games actually since I was born there and that wasn't a completely atrocious offense like you'd think. Like macraw said, the Todd Reesing years were more of an anomaly at Kansas than anything. The talent on offense there was awful but from what I saw Jordan Webb actually looked like a decent quarterback under Long, and he isn't actually very good. It's hard to compare what happened to Kansas to what would happen here because the talent there is absolutely terrible.

Rip his freaking head off!