Report: Hokies looking at Syracuse assistant Greg Adkins for OL Coach

This is according to the Richmond Times-Dispatch Mike Barber, who has put out good insider knowledge over the past week.

Before we go anywhere, look at that mustache!

It screams, "bad-ass o-line coach", but in reality I know very little about him. His history from 'Cuse's athletics website is as follows:

Coaching Experience
2009-Present Offensive Line/Recruiting Coordinator Syracuse University
2006-08 Offensive Line University of Tennessee
2003-05 Tight Ends/Assistant Offensive Line/Recruiting Coordinator University of Tennessee
2001-02 Offensive Line/Recruiting Coordinator Troy University
1997-2000 Offensive Line/Tight Ends University of Georgia
1996 Defensive Line University of Georgia
1991-95 Defensive Line/Tight ends/Offensive Line Marshall University

It's an impressive resume, full bio is here:

Is anyone familiar with him, what do you think?


Don't know anything about him as an O-line coach...

But his 'stache has Newsome's beat 7 days a week and twice on Sundays!!

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My only concern

Is why he left Tennessee for Syracuse. Unless they cleaned house when Fulmer was let go. Have to think that was the case.

Pretty sure Adkins left when Fulmer was dismissed.

He'd be great.

The Cuse O-line allowed a little more than one sack a game while the team averaged over 30 passes a game in 2012.

boom, roasted.


A stache, a skullet, and some stunnas! B-A-M!


You my friend.........

...........ARE F*CKING HIRED!


Waiting for

Magnum P.I. gif


Mr. Greg Atkins......

Offering you a contract at VT, whaddya say?


From what I hear,

I hear he's a good OC 60 percent of the time, every time

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ill take 60 percent.........

.........over Newsome percent.


I feel a rebirth of Staches for Success. Especially if Andrew miller comes back with his Stache as well.

I have no idea why my username is VT_Warthog.

Arkansas blew a 24-0 lead in the Belk Bowl.

Gotta love the molestache.


The more I think about potentially adding Adkins to the staff, the more excited I get. Take a look at these numbers in sacks allowed. The furthest back I could find was 2006, which is convenient because that's the year Curt Newsome arrived in Blacksburg.

Sacks Allowed
2006 - 19 total (1.46/game) - 24th nationally
2007 - 4 total (0.29/game) - 1st nationally
2008 - 25 total (2.08/game) - 68th nationally

2009 - 27 total (2.25/game) - 74th nationally
2010 - 32 total (2.46/game) - 90th nationally
2011 - 29 total (2.42/game) - 81st nationally
2012 - 16 total (1.23/game) - 24th nationally

Virginia Tech
Sacks Allowed
2006 - 29 total (2.23/game) - 77th nationally
2007 - 51 total (3.64/game) - 116th nationally
2008 - 38 total (2.71/game) - 114th nationally
2009 - 31 total (2.39/game) - 91st nationally
2010 - 34 total (2.43/game) - 99th nationally
2011 - 17 total (1.21/game) - 24th nationally
2012 - 25 total (1.92/game) - 63rd nationally

While keeping your quarterback upright is certainly a priority of the offensive line, so too is creating room for your tailback to do damage. Even more telling than sacks allowed is tackles for loss allowed - take a look at Adkins coached offensive lines versus what the Hokies have put on the field the past seven seasons:

Tackles for Loss Allowed
2006 - 64 total (4.92/game) - 28th nationally
2007 - 60 total (4.29/game) - 15th nationally
2008 - 65 total (5.42/game) - 43rd nationally

2009 - 62 total (5.17/game) - 24th nationally
2010 - 65 total (5.0/game) - 29th nationally
2011 - 62 total (5.17/game) - 23rd nationally
2012 - 55 total (4.23/game) - 11th nationally

Tackles for Loss Allowed
2006 - 79 total (6.08/game) - 77th nationally
2007 - 107 total (7.64/game) - 117 nationally
2008 - 93 total (6.64/game) - 116th nationally
2009 - 85 total (6.54/game) - 95th nationally
2010 - 90 total (6.43/game) - 107th nationally
2011 - 91 total (6.50/game) - 111th nationally
2012 - 85 total (6.54/game) - 104th nationally

I understand that Virginia Tech's stats could be a little skewed because of the fact that it has a "mobile" QB under center pretty often, but those numbers, IMO, are pretty damning. Would love for French or someone with better knowledge of the OL to chime in.

In addition to these numbers, Adkins was also recruiting coordinator for Fulmer at Tennessee and landed some pretty big recruits himself.

Really hoping CFB can pull this one off.

Nice work!!! Those comparisons to VT are eye opening


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Adkins was a good recruiter in his earlier days as well. From his Cuse bio page:

• Troy: Recruited DeMarcus Ware (Dallas Cowboys)
• Georgia: Recruited Boss Bailey (Denver Broncos); Champ Bailey (Denver Broncos); Will Witherspoon (St. Louis Rams)

I will like it if they add him.


Where does he recruit?

We thought Pep would be a good fit because of his Northern VA connections where is his base?

A new hope

He has recruited all over the place

A lot of California, some Georgia. Then random recruits in TN, OH, VA, IL and NY. He got a kid from Ashburn last year. Hes from Niteo, WV. He may have been the premiere recruiter for TN.

Greg Adkins locale bio

Birthdate: March 25, 1968
Hometown: Charleston, W.V.
High School: Nitro
College: Marshall, 1990


Just checked coaching search,

Just checked coaching search, They are reporting:

"Sources tell me that Syracuse offensive line / recruiting coordinator Greg Adkins will join the Virginia Tech staff."

🦃 🦃 🦃

Forgive my ignorance

How reliable is Coaching Search? Seems legit but I have only just started checking out his site.

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The have now changed it to this:

They have now changed it to this:

Virginia Tech: While there is a lot of buzz and a couple of reports that have Syracuse offensive line coach Greg Adkins accepting the offensive line job at Virginia Tech, I have learned early Sunday morning that Adkins has not accepted any job at this point.