Think Tyrod will see the field on Sunday??

I really hope Tyrod Taylor gets on the field this weekend. I don't really care who wins the Super Bowl this year, I just want an entertaining game. But after thinking about it, it would be pretty sweet if the Ravens have a good enough lead near the end where they start subbing out players.

Any one think there's a chance to see an amazing Hokie get on the field?

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The way Flacco's been playing...

doubt it. It really pains me to say it, because I do love me some Tyrod, but I can't see Flacco being taken off the field under any circumstances, unless Harbaugh 1 really thinks he could shock Harbaugh 2 with some read-option or something...

It was a catch

Only three possible scenarios

1. As you said, a huge Ravens blowout. Odds: virtually impossible. SF defense is pretty solid. And remember last year, SF beat the Ravens, so likely a fairly close game.
2. A huge 49rs blowout. Odds: more likely than #1, but I don't see this happening either.
3. An injury to Flacco. Odds: probably better than #1 or #2, but Flacco is something of an iron man, and if he can crawl onto the field, you know he's gonna be there. I mean, it IS the Super Bowl.

Take the shortest route to the ball and arrive in bad humor.

The answer is hell no, unless Flacco gets hurt.

Mop-Up Duty?

Screw that...Flacco goes down with a minor injury on the 1st play from scrimmage, a la Tyrod vs. FSU in 2008. Tyrod leads the Ravens to THAT'd be awesome!


for Flacco.

Take the shortest route to the ball and arrive in bad humor.

Wouldn't be entirely terrible for him either

He still gets his ring, he still gets credit for "winning a Super Bowl as the starting QB", and, well, he got the team this far, so that should count for something.

But yeah, not being the guy leading the team for the majority of the game, that would kind of suck. As would the awkward moments next year if he struggles a little bit, since there's already a guy who won a Super Bowl right behind him (assuming he doesn't get traded, which is another possibility, PLEASE someone take him from Baltimore...)

Would love Flacco to go down and Tyrod to enter


I had this thought too...

but then I realized it made me too horrible of a person. Now, if he actually does go down, then obviously I'll cheer Tyrod on as loudly as the rest of you.

It would be cool though, seeing him win a Super Bowl, considering I've seen him win ACCCG's and a VHSL title game, why not the next level too.

As a part time Steelers fan, the only possible way I could cheer for the Ravens is if Flacco gets hurt and Tyrod comes in. Even then, I would only be cheering for Tyrod, because eff Ray Lewis.

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Pretty much where I was at

until I realized that the 49ers are a win away from tying the Steelers for most Super Bowl wins. Now I don't know what to think....


have two #newhoos. Ravens don't have any. That's reason enough for me.

Aldon Smith, Justin Smith, Patrick Willis, etc. need to decleat Flacco for Tyrod to get a shot.

Tyrod will see the field

...from wherever he's sitting at on the bench or standing on the sideline.

I'm almost certain we won't see him get any PT unless SanFran takes Flacco out.

Awesome as that would be,

barring injury or a blowout I don't see that happening, like those above me have said. Unless there's some gadget 2-point conversion play Harbaugh the Elder designed.

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