Former 2014 Auburn QB Commit Wants To Be A Hokie

From ESPN article about Under Armor: South Carolina combine:

Coaching change costs Auburn QB commit

Although he played with a sprained MCL, ESPN 2014 Watch List quarterback Jacob Park (Goose Creek, S.C./Stratford) was still able to throw for 2,239 yards and 24 touchdowns. Programs like Auburn, NC State, UNC and Tennessee have already offered the 6-4, 200 pound prospect, one of which came very close to getting an early commitment from Park.

“Auburn was sticking out to me and that is where I planned to commit Oct. 12 on my birthday, but I caught wind on what might happen and then it did happen and everyone got fired, so that kind of started my process over,” Park said. "I have not spoken to any of the new coaches yet."

As it stands now, the Tar Heels have moved into the lead for the talented passer, although another ACC program could easily take that spot if they were to extend an offer.

“I am really high on UNC right now,” Park said. “I really want to go to Virginia Tech so I hope they offer me soon. I have family around there, I grew up around there and I always thought about going there. If they offered I would most likely go there because they are my favorite.”

If the Hokies do not offer, Park is prepared to find a good landing spot elsewhere.

“Other than that I am open to anyone,” Park said. “I want to find a place where I can play early and get a good education. I have to like the coaches and have a good relationship with them. I love that most of the coaches want to develop me into a strong man.”


Now I haven't looked up any film on the guy but I find that very interesting. At 6'4" he has good height but is undersized at 200lbs. Anybody that knows any information is welcome to share it as this was a nice bit of info to see.

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Well, he's not going to get a good education at UNC haha

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Wow- Awesome

Hope he will just call the coaches...

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I live in the Upstate in SC and can tell you that local sports writers feel this kid has great potential. Although he does not play in my area and I have seen footage and would agree with their assessment. Of course how well he would do at Tech will depend on who coaches the offense in the future.


Found a highlight video from his freshman year

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Effortless motion.

My big concern over Carlis Parker and Bucky Hodges is their motion. I'm no QB expert, but there are a lot of moving parts going on in those two guys motion.

Carlis Parker's arm does not impress me. At all.

I'd really like to see Carlis Parker make the transition to receiver. He's 6'4" but too skinny for a QB, and he's also really fast. Thats the prototype of an outstanding receiver IMO.

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Give the man an offer

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May as well. I'm not sure what's going to happen to any recruits on the offensive side of the ball if the Pep deal goes through. Bucky was recruited by Newsome, Sherman recruited Carlis Parker. And If Pep does come to Virginia Tech, he could bring Ryan Burns with him. That may lead to a total flustercuck at QB. Why not Mike London it and add another?

Seriously though, we could be looking at some transfers. I don't think so though.

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Arkansas blew a 24-0 lead in the Belk Bowl.

I would rather....

he leave Burns with Stanford and have Pep do Foster a solid by bringing Peter Kalimbayi with him if he has to choose just one from this years Stanford class. He is a LB from North Carolina that was also recruited by Pep

I'll allow it

Same High School as Jarrett Boykin

Strength in numbers

You can never have too many QB's. Look at Texas A&M. Manziel was the backup coming out of the spring. He came from nowhere to win the Heisman. QB play, we have seen, requires a heady guy who can make adjustments at the line of scrimmage. Prime examples: Peyton Manning, Tom Brady. Perfect example of a physically talented quarterback that mentally, is a few bricks short of a load: Geno Smith. The guy has expressed his desire to 'become a man', and 'to get a good education'. Seems to me that his height + his desire to grow both physically and intellectually is a great combo. Sign him, bring him in, and if anything, we have a great character player hanging their pads in the locker room. These are the kinds of recruits we want playing QB...right? Some positions require grit and nastiness. Like linebacker or d-line. Some positions require toughness beyond fullback. But your QB needs to be a leader, Johnny on the spot headiness, high character. The representation of the team. From a guy in Colorado who has only seen the film above, I say he is worth the scholarship offer. Gobble gobble Hokies--

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There's a fine line between what just happened at UVA and having two many QB's. As long as you're playing them as you should and not toying with them then many QB's is fine.

I have no idea why my username is VT_Warthog.

Arkansas blew a 24-0 lead in the Belk Bowl.

Won't happen

Kid's a pocket passer. It's gonna be a long time before the travesty that was Sean Glennon is forgotten.

Report is that Shane and Scot visited him today. Going to be interesting on the qb front.

They did visit him yesterday and he now holds an offer from VT.

I have no idea why my username is VT_Warthog.

Arkansas blew a 24-0 lead in the Belk Bowl.

Just to add in the website

Here is Jacob Park's 24/7 page and, as VT_Warthog 3 points out, he does in fact now have an offer by VT and Scot Loeffler is his recruiter:

Let's wait and see.

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I think CFB's gonna wanna stick with Bucky for the time being. He fits into the mold of past QB's we've had (LT3, Tyrod, Bryan Randall)


New OC, New Mold. Loeffler's

New OC, New Mold.

Loeffler's going to bring in guys that he feels best execute what he is trying to do on offense. If that guy ends up being similar to what LT3, Tyrod & BRand are/were, than so be it. But we'll just have to wait and see. It would be foolish of the staff to rest on their laurels with Bucky. Who knows how he will pan out, and the last thing we want happening is to have (a) no one waiting in the wings, and (b) no one challenging him.

I agree with this, however we also have to look at the rest of the offense. We may not have the OL necessary to allow a pocket passer to be successful yet.

I expect to see a shift in offensive philosophy, but it will be gradual. In that case, Bucky may be the better bet until we can get the athletes that will give someone like Jacob Park the tools to succeed.


my friend who has trained with Bucky and met him a few times (I live in VB) tells me he's a freak athlete. He told me he's like a young Blake Griffin on the bball court. Who knows, he may have a better future catching passes than throwing them. So I agree that we can't just put all of our eggs into Bucky's basket.

PS - He also informed that Bucky quit his HS basketball team, citing that he didn't get along with the coach. Good thing for us, decreased chance of injury.

Flip side

It shows that he may have a bit of an attitude issue. Hopefully it's just that his coach is an asshat, but this should be a warning flag.

I was thinking the same thing but I'm looking at like this: the kid already has his future decided, VT in his pocket, why deal with a jerk of a coach if there's no point. I hope that's what it came down to (I just texted my friend to see if he knows anything more about the coach).

Also, his facebook lists his occupation as "QB in the NFL" and he tweeted about enjoying working with Loeffler. Seems like he's motivated and not too bad of a kid. Only time will tell.

Edit: my friends response "yea the word is that no one really likes him or respects him as a coach"

...which is completely acceptable.

You know who everyone likes as a coach? James Johnson.


Want to see the thread "Former Alabama Commit picks Hokies"

#Let's Go - Hokies

Auburn, not Bama

As if he is following his coach.


he is saying he wants us to be relevant enough in recruiting to start stealing players from bama

That's right

That was my intention.

#Let's Go - Hokies

You want people on your team that WANT to be here (like this kid), In my opinion. If he has the qualifications/skills, and wants to be a Hokie sign him up. These are the kids that i like because they are gonna give it all for a spot and will push our other players to be better


We don't have a plethora of outstanding QBs waiting to play. This kid is a junior in high school. Our offense could change tremendously by the time he's a rs sophomore or junior at tech (hopefully) Most pro style qbs won't even consider us. I'm glad we gave him the offer

Well that developed quickly...

Park named us his "leader" this morning (saw it on twitter behind a paywall, but it is confirmed on his 247 bio page here)

Well he did say that if we offered, he would probably commit. As many RBs as we have, it's nice to have some solid QBs too. It ups the competition and keeps the talent coming in. I'd love to see us signing 4-star recruits regularly. Granted stars are not a full measure of talent, potential, and production, it just shows that there are some desireable skills there. Without knowing how Loeffler, Grimes, and Moorehead will do, I personally would rather us sign higher rated guys on offense and lower on defense because I have complete faith in Torrian, Bud, Wiles, and Cornell to be able to turn those players into studs regardless of stars.

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You can only get so far with 2 and 3* star guys.