Well it seems ESPN already has us starting 0-1.

AA is getting almost as bad as HD is to listen to.


I don't know about you guys but this article lit a fire under me. I hope Bud gets ahold of this some how and prints it out and puts a copy in every one of the defensive players locker's!

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I don't disagree with anything she wrote. Bama is a really good team and we will likely have to play a flawless game to win.

yeah, those are very reasonable observations

call me debbie downer but i just dont see us pulling the upset.

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but she lacked to sat how

but she lacked to sate how many starters were returning on our defense to compete with McCarron and company


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Her analysis is pretty spot on

If you expect anyone to Pick VT to win you're on bath salts. We will open up larger than two touchdown dogs. Which is how I prefer it.

And she gets big bucks for that

spot on analysis....any of us know all that....


Its More About

Its more about how AA looks than what comes out of her mouth.
Hokies will benefit from a big pile of D-I-S-R-E-S-P-E-C-T.

Bring it on!

Stop it with the Negative Waves!


I honestly hope we get dogged on by the media from now up until kickoff, give the kids that extra motivation on top of knocking off the defending champs, Exum seems ready.

Don't ever let the pressure exceed the pleasure. - Joe Maddon

She laid down a very logical argument and explained what we need to impove on...


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If that bugs you then you may want to watch your blood pressure carefully over the off-season.

Nobody is going to pick us to win that game, and why would they? As of this moment, Alabama is better than us at every facet of the game, with maybe the exception of our punter (punting is winning after all, and we are champs at that).

We have to get better all around the board. We need a new offense, our QB and RBs have to play waaaay better. Our D, while good, needs to play the game of their lives to stop their power run/play action game.

It's not a bad thing that articles like that get under your skin though. I would like to think that the ACC bloggers could be realistic yet still give us credit where we do deserve it.

But with all that said we can still win that game. Why? Because I think that if this #BEATBAMA mentality stays with us, then we may just want it more on that day. What more does Alabama have to play for? They're already a dynasty in everyone's eyes. We need that game to cement our program as a national power next year, it means more to US!

Win or Lose!

I loved the days when we received absolutely no respect! Those teams played with a fire and passion we haven't seen in years! With that being said,win or lose, we have to show that the off season has been productive, that we have addressed issues and that we are hungry, focused. Anybody that watched that game knows exactly what we are up against. What better motivation than hearing you stand no chance of winning for 7 1/2 months! Earn your respect, that is the position we are in. Lets see if our coaches and players are ready to make us proud!

I think the article was fine, to the point, and unbiased. Lets be honest, Alabama is better than us in every facet of the game, defense, offense, special times; they pass the eye test AND basically beat us in every stat. Nobody in their right minds would pick us to win this game. Nobody.

For the record, I kind of like AA. She is MUCH better than HD. This article is honest. She doesn't "put down" or sarcastically berate teams like HD does in her article, but tells it like it is and says what we need to do to win the game. (In this case, be better in everything)

With that being said, it feels good to be the underdog again. Lets earn our respect.

If that pisses you off, I can't wait to see your reaction to ESPN's conference champion projections...

The article was fair. The team just had its worst season in 20 years and supposedly has a revamped offense coming in. They will not be considered a shoe-in for a win against Alabama or a spot in the ACC title game. They have to earn it again in the eyes of the national press - and they will.

New Thought

I think the problem is this: hyping up the first game and the opponents played. If they think about beating Alabama all offseason and don't (which is the most likely situation, sorry I don't like it either) the season isn't going to go well. The opponent doesn't matter, who cares if its Alabama, the Denver Broncos, or the Virginia Culinary Institute... go out and play Virginia Tech football! block kicks and block punts, wrap up and tackle, get turnovers, stay focused and disicipline, practice hard and play harder.

I think the best coaches instill in their team that its about them, not who they are playing. That every week no matter who it is or where they are it is a championship game. I also why I have a problem with the empty title case, they aren't playing for a national championship until they finish the regular season in the top 2, so lets do that first at least. and because of the BCS, the title game isn't even guaranteed. How about just wanting to win what ever game you play next.

Reporters asked Oregon's Kenjon Barner about playing Alabama earlier this year, his answer was "they are not on our schedule", Chip Kelly has his players focused which is why they don'tose to unranked teams, remember Pete Carroll's USC? Losing games they shouldn't was their achilles heel, they had no problem trashing Oklahoma in the BCS title game or winning 3 Rose Bowls in a row, but they lost to these unranked teams like UCLA and Stanford, because they focused so much on their opponent.

Point is, I think VT needs to focus on their own team, their own idenity (looking at you offense) and figure it out. Instead of we are going to beat whoever and play for the championship, say we are going to play Virginia Tech football

...And maybe the reason they play better when they are getting no respect or playing "under the radar" and have fewer expectactions is because they are finally focusing on themselves because they are in that type of situation!!!

But Bama is on our schedule. They are our next game.

The #BEATBAMA mentality isn't just a mindset for Bama though, at least not to me. It's the idea that if you work your tail off in the off-season to strive to beat the best team in the country, then you have set yourself up to be able to compete and beat anyone on our schedule even after Bama.

So what do we have to do to win that game? Ever phase of our game has to improve, a lot. Even our defense needs to improve. It would be easy for our defensive guys, after the way the season ended, to say "We are where we want to be, we are happy with this." But if we want to #BEATBAMA they know they have to get better (see Exum's tweet). Nobody should be content, and all should have a huge drive to get better. If every facet of our team gets better, even if it is just for Bama, then our team gets better for the rest of the year.

If we can pull off that win then HD shuts up, ESPN shuts up, the SEC shuts up, at least for a bit anyway. But we prove to the country that we are not happy with just making a bowl game and occasionally winning the ACC, we want more, so much more.

So, to wrap this up, I see your point and I agree, looking forward to just one game only sets us up for disappointment, but even if we play with them and lose, we still show we can play with anyone and that would be huge in itself. But IF we win? Well, then as Joe would say, we become God, and this program, this team could be a force to recon with in the coming season(s).

HD will never shut up unless she is fired. VT could blow out every team by 50, win the national title (by 50) and she'd still find something snarky to state.

haha yea

Not sure what HD's deal is with VT

Dinich Says

Take all of my turkey legs.

Seriously, I honestly can't up "turkey leg" this thing enough.

I truly despise her...

"Go Hokies!" - Thomas Jefferson


I agree too,

Although this is a problem that keeps reoccurring, none of these worked out:

#BEATLSU (wasn't opener but a nat champion)
....(hell even #BEATEASTCAROLINA)

So if VT is doing the same thing over and over... I hope they change whatever they are doing, they might as well.

I don't think College Football is a place of moral victories.
Florida lost to Ole Miss and won a championship in 08
LSU lost to Kentucky and won a championship in 07
I wouldn't call Ole Miss or Kentucky "god" (interesting choice of words), I know those teams aren't quite the dynasty of the current bama.

Texas A&M beat Alabama at Alabama, all we heard about was how bama had 1 bad quarter and would have won if the game kept going or there was a rematch (although A&M/Sumlin/Johnny Football went up in everyone's legit books, I do see that)

Just playing with these teams doesn't mean much, it won't gain respect from them, only winning will. just ask Oregon.


Did hashtags even exist in 2004?

We've had the season opener argument of cupcake vs top dog many times here, both ideas have their merit. However,

"...if they think about beating Alabama all offseason and don't (which is the most likely situation, sorry I don't like it either) the season isn't going to go well."

makes it sound like everything will tank afterwards as a direct result of losing and having expectations crushed, but with the exception of JMU, all the hashtags above (2004, 2007, 2009, 2010) were extremely successful seasons. Unless you meant it as "we had a chance to get ranked in the top of the BCS, but were exposed early by losing to [insert top team] and blew it". In that case, we're back in the season opener philosophical debate.

How can a 3 loss season be extremely successful?

I guess it turns into a how high to raise the standard bar from here.

The idea there is 10 wins and ACC championships. We won 10 games all 4 of those seasons (and the other 4 seasons in between 2004 and last year too), and won ACC championships in the 3 of those 4 seasons. And the year we didn't win the ACC (2009) we actually won our bowl game (CFA bowl over Tennessee).

It all comes down to what your expectations are, which to my understanding for us means 10 wins and ACC championships.

each season had something to hang its hat on:

2004: 1st ACC Championship
2007: Finished 3rd in BCS, ACC Championship
2009: kicked Vol ass in the Chic-Fil-A
2010: 11 wins in row, including a stomping of FSU in ACCCG

The other thing that they have in common, is that while these were great teams, none of them would have probably won the championship. The only year you can't say this definitively was 2010 since we didn't play the eventual champ, but we sure looked bad against Stanford.

Again, just wanted to clarify your earlier statement. I personally like the big season openers.

I have one argument there

I honestly feel that the 2007 team had a legitimate shot. Obviously, with the H2H loss to LSU, they deserved to be in the MNCG ahead of us, but if there had either been a 4 team playoff, or if Ohio State had lost a 2nd game, we would have been a dangerous team.

The LSU game was 2 things:

A wake-up call
The day the world was introduced to Tyrod Taylor

I know he didn't light it up on them, but he definitely helped down the stretch, especially after he got some reps.

And I know there's the argument about the loss to Kansas, but I feel that being #3 was quite a letdown to the guys, they came out a bit flat.

point taken

it's hard to know how not having a blow-out to LSU before Tyrod had his reps affected the team...

I agree we probably would have made the NC without that opener, but our loss to BC makes me think that LSU still would have won.

But 0-2 in title appearances would indeed be better than 0-1 and an Orange loss to Kansas.

Let's be heroes boys...

anyone else have Varsity Blues popping into their heads...LET'S BE HEROES BOYS! #beatbama

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VT should be the underdog

To beat Bama:

1. Flawless game schematically, offensive and defensively, against Bama's tendencies.
1a. Pressure on QB
1b. Bama has the best OL in CFB so you have to have the DBs play man to man, bring more people than they can block AND get to the QB and force mistakes and get inside his head

2. Offense CAN NOT take off a quarter or a half - by then the game will be over (See MNC vs. ND)
2a. Score TDs in the red zone
2b. Churn clock and wear their defense out by the 4thQ - a page out of Bamas playbook


4. No penalties - The refs are going to be giving Bama the benefit of the doubt on EVERYTHING (See MNC vs. ND). Must play a disciplined, focused game and be able to overcome ref bias to WIN.

5. Clone Ryan Williams



This made me chuckle. Thank you, sir.

Bama won't have the best OL since they are losing 3-4 players to graduation and the draft. It will still be a challenge, but their OL might be our best advantage since we have experience on our DL.

Wasn't that the case in 2009?

1d. (Wrap up tackles)I think the biggest thing I saw from the NC game was ND missing chances to tackle the Alabama running backs in the backfield or for a short gain.

2c. Get an offensive line coach who can actually teach these linemen blocking techniques all summer. If we don't they will be in the backfield before the ball is even snapped.

Don't ever let the pressure exceed the pleasure. - Joe Maddon

i was thinking while watching the NC game if Jack Tyler would allow Lacey to break tackles like that. From what i saw ND's D looked more overrated against Alabama than the Tech's D looked all season.


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Our fans need to show up. Make your travel plans now.


Making travel plans...

right now! #Aug31

Started making my travel plans a year ago

Rip his freaking head off!

I'm already outside of the Georgia Dome!

Russell Wilson?

I look forward to playing in the Chik-Fil-A kick off classic because it is less then 2 hours south on I-85. Plan to have a few friends from NOVA and the Burg coem down and stay so we can go.