Can someone help me out? I'm trying to find 4 tickets to the VT-UVA game but the cheapest I can find online is ~$100 on StubHub. Is there somewhere else I should be looking? I would like to be in the VT section, but I don't know if that's possible as a student. Any help would be awesome. Thanks guys, and keep your heads up. Yea we lost to Maryland, but the ACC title game is not out of reach still.

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If you know any Hoos just tell them that there isn't a move after the game and I bet they will just give you their tickets.

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I would be willing to bet that there will be between 25,000-30,000 VT people there so you will probably be close to other Tech people wherever you are.

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We should fill up Scott Stadium with Hokies!

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At the '38-0 bro' game, the UVA fans were so pompous beforehand - they were sure that they were going to win.

3rd quarter VT scores, and they start leaving by the hundreds - nothing but Maroon (we do not wear orange when in Hooville). It was glorius.

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If all else fails...just drive to Charlottesville. Scalpers usually have up to 6 tickets together in the same area. The closer you wait to game time, the cheaper they get.

I got 7 tickets together last year at Chapel Hill 5 min before kickoff for $20 each.