Scot Loeffler is "Super excited about the tight end position"

Virginia Tech offensive coordinator Scot Loeffler spoke with the media yesterday evening after practice. The following three quotes gave some insight into the role and importance of tight ends in his scheme.

"We've got some older tight ends, we've got some talented tight ends. We've got some guys that can help us on the perimeter that got experience and that's what's got to happen."

"I'm super excited about the tight end position. I'm super excited about that. That room could be really good in my opinion, and they'll be used. They'll be used for sure."

"The type of guys that we have are athletic, they can do a lot of things, they can play a lot of positions, and they create matchup problems. So, we're really excited about that group. They got to be able to get healthy and get on the field."

As David Teel noted, tight ends haven't been playmakers in Blacksburg for some years until Loeffler joined the staff last season.

To show how infrequently Tech has thrown to tight ends: Kline's 65 receiving yards (four catches) against Pittsburgh were the most by a Hokies tight end since Sam Wheeler's 81 against East Carolina in 2007. The last Tech tight end with 100-plus yards was Keith Willis (113 on two catches) against Syracuse in 2002.

I made the image below the day after national signing day in 2011.

As part of his annual statement about Tech's recruiting class Frank Beamer remarked, "Any time you can get four defensive ends and four tight ends, I think that's good. They've got that height to them. They're 6-2, 6-3, 6-4, 6-5. They can play a lot of positions, they can help you a lot on special teams."

I'm glad tight ends will factor more in 2014 than in past seasons, but I'm also happy my 11-TE package wasn't prophetic. Before Loeffler, a versatile tight end more often than not meant said player could bulk up and play offensive line, or even quarterback. <--THAT'S A JOKE. Going forward, expect to see Loeffler use his athletic big men to create mismatches for opposing defenses.

A personnel grouping including two-or-more of Ryan Malleck, Kalvin Cline, Darius Redman, and Bucky Hodges will allow Loeffler to line up heavy against a smaller defensive front looking to defend the pass, or shift outside against teams stacking the box. If the group lives up to its billing, that'll be difficult to defend.

For as long as I can remember, Tech's flush with size and athleticism at tight end and isn't looking to move some of its talent to another position. Instead, it seems Beamer Co. wants the ability to go big and overwhelm its opponents. Consider me super excited too.



Ahem. There's a ways to go before we're TEU.

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Because you can't spell quarterback without TE

Such tackle. Very D-Line. Wow.

Because you can't spell quarTErback without TE

that's good..I'm definitely going to use that

If a tree falls in Scott Stadium does it make a sound?

Mark Leal is just a quarrback. Can't compete with the likes of LT3 and Bucky.

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Replace five of those TE positions with OL, then stick an RB in there for the wildcat. The rest are TE. Run every play.

I'd be okay with that. (Probably not, but it sounds like it could be fun)


I like that we have so much depth at the QB position. /Sarcasta

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Damn. Jeff King never had a 100 plus receiving day? That's remarkable.

*obligatory 'but what kind of QBs are they' joke*

21st century QBs Undefeated vs UVA:
MV7, MV5, LT3, Michael Brewer, Tyrod Taylor, Sean Glennon, and Grant Noel. That's right, UVA. You couldn't beat Grant Noel.

I was surprised as well, so I looked it up. Jeff King never really came close. 65 yards against USCw in 2004 was his highest output. Was also surprised to see he only had 596 career receiving yards (was only 2 seasons), but it goes to show you how little we have used our tight ends in the past.

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I was surprised by his low yards as well. He was an excellent safety valve, though, and he did catch just about everything that came his way + blocking! I have his jersey for a reason.

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Jeff saved many offensive drives as well. His catches were clutch many, many times.

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He's a nice guy off the field, too. His wife is pretty awesome, too.


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Interesting fun fact: during that entire scene - and the whole season Zack's hair NEVER moves. Not once. Not even during the hurricane episode.

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Don't forget the other serious episode where Johnny Dakota was in town to film an anti-drug commercial with the kids at Bayside, and later tried to get Kelly to smoke pot with him. I can't remember if that was before or after Jesse became a speed freak.

"We were at the pinnacle, and we did it for years," Foster says. He pauses, nods, takes a deep breath. "And I did it with the best guy in the business."

How about the other one where they found oil on the football field, but then there was a spill in the Bayside pond which covered some of the birds?

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There are so many SBTB classics out there that we could go on all day. The oil covered animals was pretty awesome (acting like it was the Alaskan Oil spill or something)...but although it is one of my fav shows ever....nothing is more cheesy in SBTB than the Drugs Episode with the Hollywood Star and the Jessie Spanow "I'm so excited" when she was addicted to pills to keep her awake (they acted like she was on heroin or something horrible).

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lol the caffeine pills to represent drug abuse episode is probably one of the most unintended parodies of drug abuse we've ever seen.

Another one of my favorites was the one where they were trying to say women should be equal to guys by having a scrawny girl on the wrestling team (somehow managing to pin guys like Slater... but thats beside the point), and then having the ridiculous overreaction by Zack when she defended him in a fight, as if anyone would have picked one with him.

Oh, and then how they tried to tackle never getting too full of yourself through the Zack Attack, and how ridiculous..... they made... how it would never.....

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To be fair, Canadians are notoriously behind the times when it comes to music.

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I'm here for the memes, I just stay for the football.

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not Zach ... never!

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Nah. If they we're doing some sh!t, they would have real careers now.

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Dakota was also supposed to be a good TE. He played for the national team and has been quiet since. I cant wait for the TE to produce and help the offense.

National Team?

I believe it's like a U18 Team USA thing. Probably play against Canada and maybe even europe.

I know Wyatt Teller, David Wilson, and Chris Durkin played for the program as well.

VT '15

From, the Tech record for catches by a tight end in a season belongs to Hokie Hall of Famer and current Virginia Tech IMG Radio Network color analyst Mike Burnop, who had 46 receptions in 1971 for 558 yards and two scores, coming in just 11 games. (he led the team in receptions that year).

Under Beamer here are the top TEs:

Rec. Player Year Yds. TD
38 Steve Johnson 1987 475 3
26 Jeff King 2005 292 6
25 Kalvin Cline 2013 284 2
25 Jeff King 2004 304 4
22 Greg Boone 2008 278 2
21 Greg Daniels 1991 205 1
20 Andre Smith 2010 195 5

To break the record will be a big challenge but it would be nice to see.

btw Burnop held the single season receptions record (all receivers) until it was broken by Ernest Wilford in 2002 w/ 51.


I don't know if this has been covered yet, but break down the title: Loeffler...Super Excited...TIGHT END POSITION. That is all. Giggity, giggity. Giggity, giggity.

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I keep reading that Motley has been lined up in several positions throughout the season...he and Kline can be serious threats if they use them right. I just don't hope this is another pre-season hype-fest about a certain position, and then all of a sudden they start the season and we rarely use the TE's or Motley's flexibility sits on the sideline all year long. Even when we used LT at TE during his FR yr, it worked well---but we used it maybe three times all season long. When things seem to work offensively, we have always trended towards eliminating it from the offense (see the split back shotgun play from the NC game vs. FSU where we utilized the fake screen to the RB and threw and spin screen on the other side to the FB.....went for tons of yds every time during the game and worked all season...then was abandoned after too much success on the play after the NC).

Adam J. Griffin

First, I think you mean Bucky, not Motley. And I believe he'll be a legitimate factor in the offense this year. I've seen too much practice time devoted to him being involved in several roles to think otherwise.
Also, the thing with Logan is that he wasn't a TE. Ever. He lined up as a WR and caught a fade pass once, against Wake forest. And the thing with trick plays (cause it really was a trick play) is that you can really only use them once before people start catching on. On top of that, you can't really afford to take any more practice time away from running your base offense to add in counters/more tricks off of that first trick play. So there's a reason we only saw Logan catch one pass his freshman year (and his senior year for that matter).

I can understand how somebody from Missouri or New Mexico or wherever could think that Logan Thomas played some TE at VT, but how is it that it still gets worked into analyses on a VT board that LT played even a single down at TE at VT?

I'm pretty sure that fade pass that Logan caught will be the "Bucky Balls Special" in the redzone this year. If he is as advertised, he'll absolutely dominate all goal line fades.

By the start of the season he'll be 10'14'', so you don't even have to throw a "fade". Just toss the ball over everyone else's heads.


By the start of the season he'll be 10'14'',

What makes you think he's going to shrink between now and August?

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