Ocean Lakes DB Jahque Alleyne Commits to the Hokies

Hokies secure a verbal commitment from a talented Ocean Lakes standout. Alleyne could be the first player to sign with Virginia Tech since 2008.

Moments ago on ESPN Radio 94.1, Ocean Lakes (Virginia Beach, Virginia) 2015 standout defensive back and wide receiver Jahque Alleyne made a verbal commitment to Virginia Tech. The 6-1, 180 pound Alleyne is rated a 3-star prospect by the 247Sports Composite, and according to 247Sports holds offers from Virginia, Oregon, Louisville, and Kentucky among other schools.

Over the course of the 2013 season, Alleyne's first as a starter, he tallied 62 tackles and 7 interceptions. His speed, versatility, and ability to attack the football at its highest point pop off of film.

Ocean Lakes High School has been stocked with 757 talent throughout the years, but for a long while Tech hasn't been able to sign any of its players. Justin Hunter (WR, 2010), Lafonte Thourogood (QB/ATH, 2011), Eli Harold (DE, 2012), and Derrick Nnadi (DT, 2014) were all highly recruited prospects that had Virginia Tech offers, but opted to sign elsewhere. Two of Alleyne's teammates, Jahvoni Simmons (LB, UVa commit) and Jaason Lewis (ATH), are 4-star prospects in the 2015 cycle. Rising junior Levonta Taylor is pegged by both Rivals.com and 247Sports as Virginia top player for the 2016 cycle. Marcus Davis and Randall Dunn were the last Ocean Lakes prospects to sign with Virginia Tech (2008).

Alleyne is not only a great pickup for Virginia Tech today, but it could be a huge momentum shift for the Hokies attracting prospects from a school that has produced a slew of D-I players.

There's also this tweet by Alleyne from back in July.

Alex is set to speak to Jahque later in the week and will have more on his decision.


BAM......now were talking! I truly believe that Josh will follow suit and join him as well.

"Some people think football is a matter of life and death....... I assure you, it's MUCH more serious than that" ...Bill Shankly

He looks like a stud prospect! Welcome to the Hokies, Jahque!

We have really started a huge swing in recruiting momentum over the last few weeks. Such a change from June.... I really hope it continues.

you're welcome.


Not the bagman VT deserves, but the bagman VT needs right now.

Great news, welcome to DBU! Peter

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Welcome aboard, Jahque!

I can barely hold it in!


I like this commitment a lot. Now lets get Josh Sweat and keep the momentum going. GO HOKIES!

Wow! No Saturday hangover and now this? Wow!

So happy I could dance.



Welcome to Hokie Nation Jahque! Just saw this gem from Trevon Hill.

And this from Levonta Taylor.

In Sam Rogers we trust.

Is it really too much to ask for a turkey emoji? Cmon Apple.

Also people need to give Stiney some credit. Dude has been on fire this year recruiting wise.

In Sam Rogers we trust.

Change his responsibilities and dude becomes a monster.


No, I *don't* want to go to the SEC. Why do you ask?

We don't love dem Hoos.

Yep, not only recruiting wise but he looks to be a pretty darn good TE coach as well. I hope that he is a Hokie for a long time.

In Sam Rogers we trust.

What is it you DO here at VT, Brian?
people person
All kidding aside (I just can't help myself), he is the ultimate "people person". It is not surprising at all to me that he would be involved with breaking through with one of these kids.
There is a guy that I know that has a shop in VB, and Stinespring strolled in one day, introduced himself, and started chit chatting like he had been coming there for years. He was immediately well liked, respected, and accepted. The place is not a barbershop, but it is kind of like that with guys sometimes standing around yapping, and there is a long history of youth football associated with the family that runs it. I liked to drop in myself from time to time to get info on young football players. The most interesting thing is that the guy that owns the shop was/is very close to a (years ago) highly nationally recruited player - even got Father's day cards from the player. Out of all the coaches/staffs that were after this player, Stinespring was the only one wise enough to see that that shop was a good place to represent VT in the recruiting process. As for the player, he told anyone that would listen that he "was NOT going there (VT)". But that didn't deter Stinespring, and his relationship with the shop owner was instrumental in finally getting the player to at least visit VT.
In the end, though VT did not get that player, VT (via Stinespring) is still highly thought of there. I wouldn't be surprised at all if there is a 3 way connection.

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So Stiney planted a seed that didn't initially grow as expected, but is now flourishing into a VT Garden of Eden! Nice... The future is bright.

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Stiney even had the big guy in tow one time. I remember I was heading out one day, and held the door (jaw on the floor) as Stiney and the headman (in dapper suit) came inside. Needless to say, I made a u-turn and milled around pretending to be shopping, all the while eavesdropping on the whole encounter.
It's what I do. I have a need to get the goods. Shamelessly.

A picture is worth a thousand words. A gif is worth a million.

Looks like he could make an immediate impact on special teams

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OK,I give up. How do you pronounce his name? :-)



I thought

At first I thought it was pronounced "Jock" but "Ja-QUAY" will have to work.

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I assumed it was the same as this guy.


Really starting to like the way this class is filling out. If we pick up a couple of absolute studs this may be the second great class we've had in as many years. Having a successful season (meaning more wins and improved offensive production) will go a long way towards sustaining this recruiting momentum.

The question of whether or not Beamer ever wins a national championship will most likely be decided on the recruiting trail.

Definitely agree. I took the average rank of the 12 recruits not prepping this year via 247 composite rankings...it averages out to ~85 which good for 5th in the ACC. What's not included is that 10/12 recruits are defensive. I'm sure those 10 guys are excellent fits for Bud's defense b/c our staff wouldn't be wasting their time with mid-3 star guys if they are poor scheme fits.

I think watching Kendall Fuller being so successful so early will force some of the 5 star guys we're chasing to take notice.

We get Sweat or one of the other studs we may be in top 5 of country in recruiting this year. Feeling good about our chances!

I used http://virginiatech.247sports.com/Season/2015-Football/Commits/Preview to try and figure out where we would potentially be if we picked up the following: Josh Sweat, Adonis Williamson, Houshun Gaines, Darrell Taylor, and Mike Arnold. To my understanding we are leading for all of these and Sweat is the moneyball. Even if we got all those prospects we would still have a team score of 198.23 (although there is a prediction that a few of our recruits will be going up rankings). This score would not even jump us into the top 15. The prep guys are not being factored in yet of course.

With all those guys mentioned I think we could have what it takes to win it all with the class we had last year. So in 2017 when Marshawn/Shai, Ford/Durkin, Ford/Phillips, and company are in their 4th year, this class would be in their 3rd year. I know it's easy to look that far ahead with positive thoughts, but I really think if the injury bug or criminal charges bug doesn't bite us we'll be pretty dang good. The sad thing is we won't have a Fuller in 2017, not to mention a Facyson :(

Edit: hopefully we'll bring that natty home in 2016 and send Beamer out on top and be going for a repeat with a new HC in 2017. One can dream, right?

I keep thinking that 2016 has huge potential for championship game. Lot coming together for that year. I believe Beamers contract is till then.

We need a lot more than Sweat to get a Top 5 ranking. In order to break the top 10 you need 10-12 recruits rated 4-5 star, the more 5-stars the better. The Top 5 typically have more, upwards of 15 4-5 stars.

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This is what it looked like when my wife walked in after I read this article
And this is after I told her the news
I married a woman that gets it.

Occasionally I think to myself, "Yeah, it'd be ok if I married a girl who isn't as into Hokie football as I am." Then, I realize that's completely crazy. Thanks for the reminder.

I congratulate you, but splashing in the hater-ade: I'm married to a beautiful Auburn girl (a complete college football nut which adds to the hotness scale but...) who's watched ESPN's "top 25 college football games of 2014" waaaaay to damn much in the last 4 weeks, literally watching MOST of them from DVR -as we have the keyword "Auburn" (full disclosure; so is "Virginia Tech") to record any/all that's in the subscription. And on top of that, she immersed herself with the first 5 hours of the SEC Network inaugural telecast.

Ah, it's (and you know what I mean) too good to complain... I love that SEC-back-slappin'-self-righteous-college-football-nutjob of a woman.

"...sticks and stones may break my bones but I'm gonna kick you repeatedly in the balls Gardoki!"

Im still looking for one of those haha. Doesn't even have to be a VT grad, as long as she didn't go to LOLUVA and loves Hokie football, all would be good.

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You know, that's your daughter.

Awesome! It's great to see the latest commits having large offer lists with big name schools having offered these kids. The future looks very bright in Blacksburg.

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It's great to see some more Tidewater recruits commit to us. Random question: which school is part of the Thoroughbreds group?

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This one

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I believe this young man is a Thoroughbred if I'm not mistaken.

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Infiltration. I love it.

No, I *don't* want to go to the SEC. Why do you ask?

We don't love dem Hoos.

The group is made of a lot of Ocean Lakes (like our new commit) ands Bayside players (Mizzell and Blanding)which is odd for anyone that knows the area as these two schools aren't very close to each other...

I graduated from Bayside High School (1978). Yea, its in Va Beach on Haygood Rd. west of Witchduck. Ocean Lakes is down near the Dam Neck Navy Amphibeous Base. Basically, the opposite sides of Va Beach from each other.

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Uh Joe, if what your title says is true, where have all our football players been coming from?

this is amazing news. Just imagine what we could do with a strong hold on recruits from the 757.


damn, that warranted a down vote though?

Whoops, my bad. I was reading this thread on my phone earlier and the screen spazzed. Fixed that for ya. First time that's happened to me!

Don't read so much into down votes.

Choosing tech over oregon, that's what I'm talking about!

I want Jahque, Trevon , McClease to put their high school differences aside and start recruiting Josh Sweat.

At first I was all like


and then I started drinkin and was like


Then I got drunk and was all


And then I blacked out, only to have my wife show me this in the morning


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It is HUGE to get a Thoroughbred, given their coaches' negativity towards VT. These are the type of guys we need to break that 757 barrier.

Reality has a mighty pimp hand.