ESPN Blacksburg Interview with Brian Marcolini

For anyone that didn't catch my radio appearance this evening.


Brian had me on as a guest of The JD Howell Show this evening. The conversation is a little more than 19 minutes long and we hit a wide range of buzzing camp topics including: the depth chart at offensive tackle, optimal running back configuration, and defensive end rotation among others.

I hope everyone enjoys our conversation and I welcome any thoughts on the subjects Brian and I hit on.


I really liked what you had to say at the end about how we could be really successful if the running game is there, and really not if it isn't. I think it about sums up how I feel about it too.

Thanks dude. I was busy watching D.Wilson on NFL Live. He did great as expected.

Pour some Beer on it

Some thoughts:

1) WHO THE HECK IS JOE LANZA?? (yes, I know it changed a little while ago)

2) I also just noticed the "contact the editor" add-on at the bottom of the post. Anyone taking bets on how soon before a TKP member drunk-dials Joe in the middle of the night? (Yes I know this happened a few days ago too)

3) Nice job, Joe.

But seriously, I have to agree with just about everything Joe said. Especially worrying about D-line depth. If our offense can't put up decent points/possession numbers, I worry that our smaller D-lineman will just get worn down over the course of a game and teams will just run all over us.


Weatherman drunk posted a few weeks ago, so it's only a matter of time.

But seriously Joe, I enjoyed the interview.

I have yet to get a drunk dial, but I expect it to happen during the season. Love you, TKP.

wake the baby!

Drunk posting is the new drunk dial. I think you're safe.

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i was doing a little drunk posting last night. now i'm doing a little hung over posting. yeesh.

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Was on the edge of my seat the entire time. Well done.


Interesting comments about the number of plays we run. There were comments from players last year about how Loeffler wanted to vary the tempo, but I'm pretty certain we played with slowest tempo in the ACC (in terms of how much time was on the play clock when the ball was snapped). I guess there's something to said for keeping your defense rested, but I think I'd like to see some more tempo variation.

Not the bagman VT deserves, but the bagman VT needs right now.

There is a need to vary tempo at the right time. If the opponent is on his heals you need to finish him off. Pick up the pace before he has a chance to recover. Most importantly you have to make every play count. Don't waste any effort.

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I hope you, Joe, and French doing a podcast becomes a thing.

That's not a bad idea, perhaps we'll do one before the season.

Right after a game when everyone is drunk and fired up. That would be hilarious.

EDIT: I imagine it would go something like this:
 photo 7e9085c6-b796-4e32-888d-b7c3d1943560.png

Dammit man. Now my upleg represents only the original concept, and I can't give you an upleg for the funny picture.

Thank you sir, I've been holding that one for a while. I'm also sitting on what I think are some ok 'shops of Kendall, Dadi, and Juice.

First we find out that Joe has a last name and face. He also has a voice? Maybe he is a real person and this website is not a dream like I thought it was!
Good interview!

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"That kid you're talking to right there, I think he played his nuts off! And you can quote me on that shit!" -Bud Foster

Apparently, Yup.

Wow! The past couple of years this has been my go to site for REAL football info on tech. Great job to The Key Play! A great and very forthcoming interview Mr. Editor and Owner, well done.


Agreed, and with the content coming fast and furious from Joe, French, Brian, Alex, and Bitter, I almost can't spare any time to do my job.

Luckily, my job is to just keep running on this treadmill.

Ya know, this seemed like it would be, ya know, interesting...but,ya know, I found it difficult to, ya know, focus on what you were, ya know, actually talking about. Nevertheless ya know, thanks for the effort....ya know? LOL