Special Report on the new 4-2-5 Defense

Hey French - is the wave of the future? Will other DCs start copying Bud to handle all the spread offenses? Does this have any impact on NFL defenses? Are we going to gradually shift to being the best place for 5 star recruits to prepare for the big league? Or have I had too much Scotch tonight?

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$40 for a year to read stuff like this. Not too bad if I was in the industry.

Oh lord. I don't need to spend 40 dollars on this. Tell me I shouldn't.

Don't do it. We'll each give French $20 to read it as he'd, no doubt, get more out of it (and could report his thoughts back to all of us!!!)

If everyone threw in a penny I think TKP could scrounge up the funds

I don't really think this is going to change a whole lot. It'll be some nice primer for people who are curious or just want something extra to prep. I'll say you've had too much scotch.

I have no answers, except for your last question: no.

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The way that is pitched...found myself wondering if it was real for a minute. I'd almost do it just for the pictures, if they're like the ones they selected for Coach Ash & Foster.


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"And the list goes on with coaches on the staffs of Purdue, Cincinnati and coaches in all 50 U.S. states and as far away as the Slovak Republic"

So when did the Slovac Republic get into the NCAA? Bonus points if you can name their mascot and team name!

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Wow. It has traveled so far that it went back in time!

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