VT Men's Swim Team beats UVA for first time in 33 years.

Resident Swim Team alumni here trying to dull the pain of our revenue sports woes with how far our non-revenue sports have come.

Without getting too into it, this is a HUGE deal. When we first joined the ACC, UVA looked at us like we were a joke. We had a few studs that could hang with their best, but from top to bottom, beating them never seemed possible. UVA has been virtually unbeatable for the past 20 years, and we didn't just beat them, we SPANKED them.

Keep an eye on the ACC Championship meet next month. The boys might be coming back with some hardware.


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Is it just me or are there a lot of weirdly homoerotic sounding words in a VT men's swimming post?

Huge, spanked, UVA. It's all there.

Just kiddin'

Congrats on beating UVA in yet another sport.


I hope those Wahoos DROWN in their tears.

I'll see myself out.


That's the h20 they use for their pool. Plus zima.

True Hokies STICK IT IN!!!

STICK IT IN Army of Virginia Tech


We're coming for the Wahoos in the non-revenue sports

Virginia Tech '12
Go Hokies and Philly Sports

H2Okies today. Tomorrow: Lacrosse!

That's right, Hoos. We're gettin' after ya!

Not unless you mean women's lacrosse. We don't have a varsity men's team.

Live for 32. Ut Prosim. Let's Go, Hokies.

My high school swim team had the same problem with another school. We ALWAYS ended up second fiddle. My senior year we came SO close to finally beating them but couldnt make it happen. Ironically, many students from that rival school seemed to go to UVA, so I take this as a double shot of vengeance

Carry Me Back

This forces loluva to stop printing their "THREE decades of dominance...in the pool" Tshirts.

Commonwealth Cup Champions since Sat, Nov 27, 2004 at 4:05:00 PM EST

No longer shall we have to endure another Hoo article in "Obscure Sports Quarterly"!

So I heard a crazy rumor the other day about UVa swimming, and just checking if anyone else heard as well.

(Post had been edited to remove unfounded rumor. Please don't post things like this. --Joe)

Wait...you're kidding, right?


38-0 bro

I'm actually not. Saw it discussed openly on the site SwimSwam, which is apparently a site for hardcore swim fans.

Took me off-guard, as I had never heard that before.

deleted comment, so I'll leave you with this instead:

"We are better than we think, but not quite what we want to be" - Nikki Giovanni

Edited to reflect the above edit: Woah, cool gif.


that would be why I deleted it but now the original post is showing up again. Cache issue? Either why whether him or anyone else I stand by my statement.

edit: and now it's deleted again...

"We are better than we think, but not quite what we want to be" - Nikki Giovanni

I'm not sure if it's a cache issue or not- but I've noticed sometimes it takes a couple of minutes for an edit/deletion to work.


Haha yeah, that's not at all what happened. The stepping down was sudden, and without much official reason given, but I've been told by good sources what happened and it's NOTHING like that. Whoever posted that on Swimswam is a moron looking to start shit. Probably some high schooler.

Long story short, the head coach stuck to his guns regarding an assistant and gave the "if he goes, I go." So, he went. As much as I'd love to hate on UVA's former coach, he was a good dude and a fantastic coach.


38-0 bro

People are probably just trying to start rumors and mix information. One of UVA's deans was charged in connection with child pornography and faces up to 60 years in prison. Nothing I've read about their swim coach suggested anything nefarious.

This is awesome because whenever I point out how badly we dominiate UVA in football, there's always a random wahoo who points out how awesome UVA is at _______ (fill in sport that no one really pays attention to here).

Next time it happens, this swimming victory is coming out of the back pocket.

Exactly, UVA fans always say stuff like, "Haha Tech doesn't have any national championships." Well the only sports most people care about in college athletics are basketball, football, and maybe baseball and UVA has zero national championships in those sports.

In Sam Rogers we trust.

Don't forget the wrestling victory in last year's ACC Championship as well as the Baseball victory in the ACC Tournament, women's soccer this past Fall in the ACC Tournament (handing UVA their first loss of the year). We've been holding our own in several Olympic sports recently. Women's Basketball though...not so much. I think we've dropped something like the last 16 matches to them.