Reports: Stacy Searels Expected to be new O-Line Coach

According to WaPo's Mark Giannotto and the Richmond Times-Dispatch Mike Barber, Stacy Searels will be Virginia Tech's next offensive line coach. Searels coached the offensive line at Texas from 2011 through 2013, but was not retained by new Texas coach Charlie Strong.

Searels may seem like an off-the-radar hire, but given Beamer Co.'s working relationship with the previous regime at Texas, and Frank Beamer's friendship with Mack Brown, it makes sense.

In addition to his tenure at Texas, Searels has experience coaching at other major programs (table via

Year(s) Assignment School
2013 Assistant Head Coach/Offensive Line Texas
2011-12 Offensive Line Texas
2010 Running Game Coordinator/Offensive Line Georgia
2007-09 Offensive Line Georgia
2003-06 Offensive Line LSU
2001-02 Offensive Line Cincinatti
1994-2000 Offensive Line Appalachian State
1992-93 Graduate Assistant Auburn

In January incorrectly reported Searels would fill the o-line vacancy on Florida's staff. Even though the Gators eventually hired Mike Summers, dug up some great stats on Searels (that I'll assume [never do this] to be true).

At Georgia, Searels' offensive lines gave up only 42 sacks in the 39 games from 2007-09. Dealing with injuries and a freshman quarterback in 2010, the Georgia O-line gave up 25 sacks but the Bulldogs did produce a 3,000-yard passer and an 800-yard rusher despite numerous injuries both on the O-line and the backfield.

Searels was at Texas three years (2011-13). He was named assistant head coach in 2012. His best year was the 2012 season when Texas averaged 35.7 points and gave up only 16 sacks in 13 games. The Longhorns averaged 4.6 yards per rush and 8.5 per pass attempt. In 2013 with quarterback injuries that derailed the offense, the Longhorns still averaged 4.44 per rush and 6.4 per pass attempt while giving up only 16 sacks.

Although, Tim Tucker of didn't give Searels a pass for a slump in 2010.

Georgia's offensive line was expected to be a pillar of the 2010 team but drew much criticism as the Bulldogs struggled to run the ball effectively. Georgia finished 10th in the SEC [a 12 team league then] in rushing.

The following excerpts were written by Wescott Eberts of Burnt Orange Nation. The first was published before Strong finalized his staff.

Offensive line coach Stacy Searels has a chance to stay after he was passed over for the same position at Florida. Some of the choices in 2014 recruiting -- like the lack of a high school offensive tackle take to this point in the process -- are a bit concerning, but there's no question that the offensive line got better over the last three seasons and was a strength of the team throughout much of the 2013 season.

The second was written after it was known Searels would not be retained.

As good as Stacy Searels was at Texas -- and the former Georgia offensive line coach certainly did an adequate job, at worst -- Wickline would represent a significant upgrade.

Draw your own conclusions, but from Eberts' perspective it seems Searels held his own at Texas—a program whose fans have lofty expectations every season.

It's not optimal to summarize offensive line play with just basic statistics. There's context to everything. However, they are useful as a summary.

Year Team Rushing Yards / Game Sacks Allowed / Game TFL Allowed / Game
2013 Texas 196.2 (36th) 1.23 (T-17th) 6.31 (T-76th)
2012 Texas 171.46 (53rd) 1.23 (T-22nd) 4.08 (T-3rd)
2011 Texas 202.62 (21st) 2.15 (T-73rd) 5.92 (T-67th)
2010 Georgia 142.62 (73rd) 1.92 (T-62nd) 4.85 (T-23rd)
2009 Georgia 161.00 (47th) .92 (T-6th) 4.77 (T-25th)
2008 Georgia 148.31 (56th) 1.31 (T-21st) 4.69 (T-21st)
2007 Georgia 177.23 (37th) 1.15 (T-13th) 4.38 (T-6th)

The numbers range from good to excellent, and nothing is a complete fail. Based on this data, the worst seasons were 2010 and '11; Searels last at Georgia, and first at Texas, respectively. Searels coached lines paved the way for an average 171.35 rushing yards per game. To give you a number to use for comparison, Tech rushed for 186.86 yards per game in 2011 and won 11 games.

According to the database, Searels secured commitments from 8 three-star, 15 four-star, and 1 five-star during his time at Georgia and Texas. That's an impressive resume, but take it at face value. I couldn't tell you how many of those prospects qualified or panned out. At a glance, I only recognized Ben Jones (drafted 99th overall by the Texans in 2012 and started 11 games), and Tech's Brent Benedict who transferred from Georgia.

If you need a jolt today, this video will get you fired up.

Knowing a little bit about Searels' background made me feel confident about the hire. I was more at ease after reading, "In each of his first two seasons [at Georgia] he took offensive lines with three freshman starters and molded them into formidable units that were instrumental in the Dogs' 11-2 and 10-3 records and top ten final rankings." He'll inherit a rebuilding scenario at Tech, especially after the 2014 seniors graduate. On paper, it looks like a strong move by Beamer Co. However, it's impossible to judge how he'll pan out in Blacksburg until pads are cracking again, and even one season of film might not be enough to evaluate. It also remains to be seen how his vision meshes with Scot Loeffler's.

Vastly improved fundamentals and 5 verbal commitments earned Jeff Grimes more than a passing grade at Tech. Now Searels will try to build on top of the foundation laid by Grimes as Tech continues to try to return to a team capable of imposing its will and running the football.

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Sounds good


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Yeah, he's a serial hat thrower. There was a piece on the Longhorn Network about him being accurate up to 30 yards.

I'm really hoping we'll have someone as entertaining to watch during practices/scrimmage as TG.

Maybe Torrian will rub off on him.

TG Throw

Good stuff!!!

That sounds like a porn star's name.

The recruits will love that!

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*reads reviews... thinks back to Newsome*

That's a bit too giddy...Makes this a good find!

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Those rushing numbers are key considering Texas didn't have any powerhouse backs in those years. They have had a stable of effective runners, as we have for this upcoming season. So that bodes well.

Agree. Tech's scenario with our OL, our present OL recruits, and the RB scenario seem very similar to his Texas stint. I like the sound of all this. If we land this guy (or a guy like him with similar career performances), the VT staff are showing their grit and determination to keep rebuilding and getting the momentum shift to continue.
Gotta Like That!

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My big question is how will he recruit? Can he find kids in other states that we wouldn't have sought out (ala Grimes)?

One good thing is that it sounds like he is not 'the young up-and-coming' coach that other programs might try and poach. Maybe he will stay a little while?

Good question. While VT is a fine university with a fine football program, Texas, LSU, and UGA pretty much turn talent away. He needs to be a good recruiter.

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After this year I doubt those programs will be turning talent away.. Other than LSU. Texas and UGA have a lot of recruiting work to do based off of 2013's records

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Could be recruiting, could be coaching or injuries as with the case of UGA. My point being, VT is a harder sell than other big time programs.

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Good get. Looking forward to the future of VT football.


Not to rain on the parade, but does anyone else have concerns that this could be another one and done hire? It seems like a guy with this kind of resume could definitely get an o-line job at a bigger (read: higher paying) school during a coaching transition. Teams like Florida, Nebraska (possibly even Michigan) could potentially be replacing staffs this time next year.

I know that you don't pass on a guy because he could leave, but what would two consecutive one and dones mean to the program both offensively and for recruiting?

I think UF will have to find a whole new coaching staff after this year, No way Muschamp makes it out alive. The school up north (The yelow and blue team- can't say it because I'm from Ohio) looks to have their staff locked up. Brady Hoke has his friend/coaching partner for their OL position.

And I think/hope Beamer is making this hire based on the fact he said I don't want a 1 and done, so if you think that's you then please please please don't accept it

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I meant by replacing staffs that the coaches will be fired, and a new guy will hire a new staff (as in, I think Muschamp, Pelini and-probably not but possibly-Hoke are on SUPER hot seats.)

The Hokies aren't going to get anyone of Div-I big boy caliber where the "one and done" issue isn't a concern.

The main reason that any coach is going to stay on anywhere is if they feel they are being compensated at market value. Period.

Leonard. Duh.

No, not concerned at all.

This would be 2 SOLID OL hires in a row for Beamer, neither of which had any previous ties to the program. Its showing a very, very distinct change in philosophy from what we're used to in the past. I don't mind one bit that we are picking up guys who could potentially be one and dones before moving on. Means we're bringing in guys who are wanted.

I'll start to worry when we have coaches that aren't being linked to various jobs on an annual basis.

See Jeremy Pruitt. One and done may not necessarily be knock of your program. I don't think we can concern ourselves with next year staff when we need a bona fide coach for 2014. If there was a bona fide coach that would be a lock for 5 years, then yes, hire him. I don't know if he exists in the college football landscape. Maybe Todd Washington with his lack of FBS experience could have been the guy. But I wouldn't consider Washington bona fide.


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Looks to be a good move to me. Searels looks like he's got a solid resume, and hopefully he can build off of what Grimes started. Welcome to Hokie Nation, Coach!

Just thinking about how we endured so many years of Newsome, the fact that we now have back to back SEC/Texas OL coaches is pretty awesome.

Shoot, the fact that we've had back-to-back not-Newsome coaches is pretty awesome.

Yeah... Where did Newsome end up anyways?


I think this means that we should organize a French vs. Newsome loser leaves town-style WWE fight while you're in New Orleans. I'd pay $50 to watch that.

Welcome to Hokie Nation, Stacy!!!! Heres hoping that you have our O-line as tenacious as our counterparts on defense.

Want to see him and Wiles in the bull ring this spring... would be epic.

Also- 1:25 mark of the vid- "its a beautiful day... in this dadgum stadium" AWESOME

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French gave some great insight on a Bostad hire but I haven't seen him weigh in on a possible Searels hire. What say you French? Waiting for the hammer to drop to weigh in?

Waiting for the hammer to drop, and watching film. I want to be as detailed as possible. But, there are some initial reactions to Searels in the Bostad thread.

Five star get after it 100 percent Juice Key-Playing. MAN

Does he use a zone blocking scheme like Grimes or is he more traditional? Just something I would love to see addressed if and when you do a write-up (of course pending hire).

These people are losing their minds!

Why is Kyle Bailey so butthurt in his Tweets about the info breaking? I don't get that guy sometimes.

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I'm sure it can be frustrating to break stories and then have the newspaper guys get to run with it themselves because they have an outlet for the information. Also it isn't that difficult to quickly cite where your information came from.

Here are the Texas Ol recruits since 2011. Searles arrived in 2010 so I guess he was in on all these guys the following year. The letter at the end is their grade, with score above 80 being 4 star. Info from ESPN. Looks like Searles recruits the lean athletic guys Grimes was recruiting.

Garrett Greenlea #11 OT 6'6''285 80

Josh Cochran #74 OT 6'6''270 77

Marcus Hutchins #48 OG 6'3''255 76

Sedrick Flowers #6 OG 6'3''275 81

Curtis Riser #6 OG 6'4''290 81

Kennedy Estelle #7 OT 6'7''310 81

Donald Hawkins OT (JC) 6'5''320 NR

Camrhon Hughes #35 OT 6'6''270 79

Darius James #1 OC 6'5''320 88

Rami Hammad#31 OG 6'5''314 79

Jake Raulerson#9 OT 6'5''262 84

Kent Perkins#4 OT 6'5''295 84

Desmond Harrison #4 OT (JC) 6'8''310 79

'Its easy to grin, when your ship comes in, and you've got the stock market beat,
but the man worthwhile, is the man who can smile, when his shorts are too tight in the seat'

Is the "#" after their names the respective national position ranking?

No, overall grade over 80 qualifying as 4 star recruit. under 80 is a 3 star

'Its easy to grin, when your ship comes in, and you've got the stock market beat,
but the man worthwhile, is the man who can smile, when his shorts are too tight in the seat'

I think he was asking about how it says, for example:

Darius James #1 OC ...

And wondering what the "#1" means. I would expect that he's correct with positional rankings, but I obviously don't know either.

Yeah that's what I meant. I know UT just sucks in talent with little effort but that would still be very impressive if they are indeed positional rankings.

well I think we can rule out jersey numbers

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Would be a good edit to include their state of residence. I imagine that Texas puts out a lot of good recruits

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2013 - All from Texas except Harrison - he's from California
2012 - All from Texas except Hawkins - he's from Mississippi
2011 - All from Texas

three year total - 11 from Texas, 1 from California, 1 from Mississippi

Texas and Georgia are two states I'd like to see us recruit more. Searels could very well help out there.

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This is a great hire!!!!

TIFWIW, but several of the Texas posters in the 247 network have dropped in on VTScoop and have offered some very positive feedback on Searels - very good recruiter and teacher.

He has certainly worked for three very good head coaches in his last three stops - Saban, Miles, and Mack.

Mark Richt as well.

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Love it!
Love it!

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In my opinion he is an upgrade over Grimes. Sounds like a very good hire to me.

In Sam Rogers we trust.

Searels may have coached at UT, but he is a Georgia guy. He knows and recruits those areas well