Rockbridge OT Austin Clark Will Announce His Commitment Tonight

Austin Clark has made his decision, but isn't letting anyone know until Thursday night.

Is Clark Blacksburg bound? [WholeHogSports]

The good news for Tech football fans is the Hokies are among Rockbridge offensive lineman Austin Clark's top-four schools. He'll announce his 2015 destination on local television at 6:20 p.m. tonight.

There's no bad news, unless you're impatient.

Clark cut his list to Tech, Tennessee, Ohio State, and South Carolina last weekend. On Monday, he sat down with parents Stephen and Kimberly to decide on his future.

"I'm really confident about what school I've picked," Clark said Wednesday night. "I struggled between two or three schools.

"We're all confident with the choice."

If fans are in search of extra information, good luck. The 6-6, 295-pound tackle visited Blacksburg last week as well as Columbia and Knoxville. As of 9:00 PM last night, he hasn't contacted any school's coaching staff to inform them of a decision.

Clark said he won't let them know until Thursday.

"It came down to comfort with coaches, atmosphere and staff," he said.

The prized recruit and his parents made the decision to keep his choice secret until his press conference.


Fingers crossed. OT is a big need for us moving forward. Crystal Ball is trending USC, but I'm hopeful.


Go Hokies

Go Falcons

The prized recruit and his parents made the decision to keep his choice secret until his press conference.

This would lead me to believe that the crystal ball is completely flawed. My guess is that as he contacts the coaching staffs we will see it trend a certain way.

I hope Sereals and Beamer land him. OT is definitely a need as you stated.

"We judge ourselves by our intentions and others by their behavior" Stephen M.R. Covey

“When life knocks you down plan to land on your back, because if you can look up, you can get up, if you fall flat on your face it can kill your spirit” David Wilson

The only reason the Crystal Ball is trending USCe is because Mike Farrell predicted him there.

In Sam Rogers we trust.

Not unlikely. The one true indicator before the actual announcement will be the presence of a #ChoppinWood tweet from Moorehead.

I don't think that's true at all.

JC Shurburtt is much tighter source on this one than any body.

"Not notifying coaches" does not mean "not sending easily deciphered texts to JC Shurburtt."

I don't disagree with that, but the post above was talking about Farrell. I'm not the NSA, so I can't read Shurbutt's texts, but Mark spoke to Clark last night and he was adamant it was a being kept a secret. I think a few people on the crystal ball are making really intelligent guesses, while many others are just following the trend.

That doesn't mean I think he'll pick Tech. I think it's a tossup, and given how poorly we close on top in-state talent, my pick would be USCe, but it's nothing more than a hunch.

Welp, if that's the case and they know something we don't than that can't be a good sign. Hopefully the reverse mojo effect the CB has had on VT in the past will work out again.

In Sam Rogers we trust.

It certainly looks like he's heading to SCar. Everyone who has predicted recently has flipped from either Tenn or VT to SCar, and even the guys running VTScoop have thrown in the towel to SCar.

Looks like it might be time to move on, fellas

I am awaited in Budhalla. Whitness me!

throwing in the towel to f*** ish up!!!

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What does the depth chart look like at USCe?

No clue, but if he's looking for early playing time and good coaching, there isn't a better landing spot for him right now than VT.

I am awaited in Budhalla. Whitness me!

We have the best chance for early playing time (0 current commits, 1 coming in 2014...and he could easily be a OG or C). SCe is 2nd in that classification (1 current, 0 coming in). Unfortunately, I would call that a wash.

Hopefully he picks us. We really need bigtime OLs to pick us (especially in staters). IM-NSH-O that has been the reason for our recent woes.

If we miss him, it's really bad timing more than anything. When his recruiting really picked up Grimes was leaving (who didn't pursue him very hard prior) and CSS hadn't been hired yet. If CSS lands him it would be a great sign of his ability (if not, I think we'll still see how good he is later).

We put the K in Kwality

I don't know about the rest of you, but all I want to do is get my axe out and start chopping.

Oh man this could be the beginning of the Stacy Searels years! If he can pull this out I will go crazy!! Maybe we will see a tweet from the legend himself a little later today. News is that Aaron is trying to get him to use a # for great success. lol

"I'm high on Juice and ready to stick it in!" Whit Babcock

Thursdays are usually owned by VT. Maybe this is a sign?

Its as good as any sign trying to predict the decision of an 18 year old.

The Dude Abides

IMHO, VT. The young man came last week to Blacksburg to get some questions answered and see the coaching staff . He left pleased . South Carolina came on strong here at the end. Now does the lure of the SEC come into play, we'll see. I think early playing time and our new OLC will make the difference , least that's my hopes. 6:20 PM , we cheer or we hurt. Either way, I'll still be a Hokie

Jack R.

I believe he also went to Knoxville and Columbia last week.

Regardless if he choses Virginia Tech or University of South Carolina, I wish Austin Clark well. I'm happy to see a NRV athlete make such a big splash on the national scene. Good luck to him and his family during his collegiate career.

Not gonna lie, I got really excited when I saw the phrase, "ChoppinWood" before I realized that it wasn't Moorehead... and this sit isn't even Twitter.

It came down to comfort with coaches, atmosphere and staff

Looking at this statement alone, I like our chances. Looking at 247, I do not like our chances.

"Go Hokies!" - Thomas Jefferson

Was there a reason he chose a Thursday night to announce? That's the only positive sign I see here. He could be trolling all of us, though.

"I'll be taking my talents to Thursday nights in Blacksburg"?

I am awaited in Budhalla. Whitness me!


"Thursday nights are for Hokies, so tonight I announce I'll be attending The University of....Virginia Tech!"

or what if he started out by saying exit light enter night.. I will be attending The University of Virginia Tech

"I'm high on Juice and ready to stick it in!" Whit Babcock

Or he doesn't say anything at all. Enter Sandman starts blasting and he just puts on a VT hat.

That team sure did suck last night. They just plain sucked! I mean I've seen teams suck before, but that was the suckiest bunch of sucks that ever sucked.

or if he just stood up and absolutely tore up a turkey leg then walked out

"I'm high on Juice and ready to stick it in!" Whit Babcock

Hahaha, after he's done he could drop it as of it were a microphone and then walk out.

“These people are losing their minds. This is beautiful.”


(shake n' bake!)

"...sticks and stones may break my bones but I'm gonna kick you repeatedly in the balls Gardoki!"

Or he could announce that he is going to Sam Rogers for the next 4 years, and then tear up a turkey leg and walk out.

Tweedy can run like a dadgum antelope or whatever. I like to use scalded dog. Do antelopes lumber? Cheetah, OK. He runs like a cheetah. He's fast. - Bud Foster

Or if he correctly pronounced "Virginia Tech"!!!!!

Or "I'll be attending the University of South...western Virginia"

That's something that worries me a bit. Stacy Searels has only been at VT for a few months now and there's been other coaches that have been building a rapport with him for a couple of years. I remember seeing something on how Jeff Grimes was targeting him last year. I feel if Grimes had stayed would've had a lot better chance at keeping Brady Taylor and would feel more comfortable with Austin Clark.

None of us know for sure until he officially announces but there's so many signs pointing to him going to USC-E at this point it looks like he's going to there. I wish him best of luck no matter the decision and I hope that somehow someway Sakerlina plays Oregon State in a game for all the unintentional comedy and twitter jokes there would be about the mascots.

The meeting finally took place during this year's Women's Basketball tournament.

Beavers vs. Gamecocks

Gamecocks really gave it to the Beavers there.

"That move was slicker than a peeled onion in a bowl of snot." -Mike Burnop

The Beavers took a real pounding


That team sure did suck last night. They just plain sucked! I mean I've seen teams suck before, but that was the suckiest bunch of sucks that ever sucked.

In the article one person was quoted saying "She can really stroke it" After I read that I just couldn't continue as my inner 18 year old let out a huge giggle and smirk

"I'm high on Juice and ready to stick it in!" Whit Babcock

Evan Watkins even changed his prediction to USC.

That was a Cock move.

"We judge ourselves by our intentions and others by their behavior" Stephen M.R. Covey

“When life knocks you down plan to land on your back, because if you can look up, you can get up, if you fall flat on your face it can kill your spirit” David Wilson

This brings up an interesting question in my mind. What incentive does a player have in saying he's keeping it a secret and then turning around and telling someone on a recruiting site? Maybe I'm wrong but I don't think he can get paid for the information, so really why ruin his own secret?

Something doesn't make sense to me here, can anyone help me out?

"We judge ourselves by our intentions and others by their behavior" Stephen M.R. Covey

“When life knocks you down plan to land on your back, because if you can look up, you can get up, if you fall flat on your face it can kill your spirit” David Wilson

He told USC the good news. They told JC.

He hasn't told VT the bad news, so Evan didn't know.

Its much more fun to share the good news than the bad.

"He hasn't told anyone, he's keeping it a secret" is usually bad news. It means he hasn't told your team because your team isn't getting him.

I'm not sure what the point of that exchange was.

1. I know something you don't?

Then report it.

2. Clark is "fibbing"?

We're going to report what we're told. If Clark tells us he's keeping it a secret and he hasn't notified a staff, that's what we're going to report.

Honestly, even if we could confirm it otherwise, we aren't in the business of calling a kid a liar. It's not what we do.

3. Mark is making stuff up?

I know for a fact Mark confirmed with Clark at 9:00 PM that he hadn't informed a coaching staff.

It was odd.

I read it as JC saying the kid told him he's going to USCe but JC isn't spoiling the surprise...but still has him as USCe on the site, which effectively tips his hand.

Maybe he's doing the kid a favor by not leaking it (which, since that's part of JC's job, is weird).

Hokies United l Ut Prosim

The big head scratcher was why JC felt the need to basically try and say, "I know something you don't know." It's childish and undermines TKP and especially Mark as a writer.

the bigger head scratcher is whether Shurburtt can be a bigger douche. I'm betting yes

Sounded to me like JC doesn't think somebody from a lowly fan site can do recruiting journalism as well as he does. I do hope that we get this kid, and that before the night is over mark lets jc hear about it on twitter.

Take the shortest route to the ball and arrive in bad humor.

The thing is, I'm a journalist. I am not out to report anything other than facts. Let's say for instance a staffer (I know none) called me and tipped me on his commit and I called him and sought confirmation. He would have to admit to me before I would report it. The kid told me he hadn't told any staff members of the school he chose. My journalistic integrity is what I have and the only thing to lean on, and that's how I roll. The meat market industry that is comprised of recruiting services makes me sick and that's why I joined on here in the first place. Kids deserve respect as people and their wishes should be respected too. These guys are like rumor mill aces. If they miss, so what, everyone moves on. In journalism, if you miss you take a significant hit to reputation. As Omar Little put it so eloquently, "A man got to have a code."

I respect your integrity and am glad to have you on the site! That's what being a Hokie is about! Keep up the good work. We'll stick with you.

What's Important Now
The Lunchpail.
The Hammer.

Turkey leg for all Wire references.

Tweedy can run like a dadgum antelope or whatever. I like to use scalded dog. Do antelopes lumber? Cheetah, OK. He runs like a cheetah. He's fast. - Bud Foster



Good stuff Mark and JC should not be a bully when it comes to this stuff...its not that serious and almost seems trivial

I agree. I read his tweets often, but know nothing of him personally. But I thought that post made him seem a bit of an a**.

“These people are losing their minds. This is beautiful.”

I don't understand how the recruiting gurus like Schubert and Farrell live with themselves. They think they're the shit because they live their whole life trying to figure out what an 18 y.o. kid is planning for their collegiate education. Golf clap to you, sir. Making this world a better place, one adolescent at a time.

"I know a secret held by a 17-year-old boy."

This quote was said by:

A. JC Shurburtt
B. The average 17-year-old girl

I honestly don't know how these guys make a living sometimes. They trade in rumors and hype. Unfortunately, we're all too eager about our teams and we just eat it up...

I was about to say... If you look around this site on the recruitng threads lots of people get giddy over the slightest piece of information a recruit thought of VT the previous day even if it was him saying the McDonalds in town was clean. Extrapolate that out to 100+ schools and it's easy to see why these guys get paid. In the end they aren't really lying or trading in rumors, a lot of the time it's them putting tidbits of a quote the recruit said and the problem is very few recruits are going to say anything bad about their suitors.

I'm not sure what the point of that exchange was.

I know exactly what the point of that exchange was. 247 as a whole is predicated on being on the "inside" more than any other site out there. The more access they gain to recruits, the more reliable they are compared to rivals, scout, ESPN etc. and therefore more people are compelled to shell out the monthly fee.

247 is a business just like any other site, they are going to do everything in their power to maximize profits. (It's the same reason why ND's targets automatically get bumped up a little on rivals. ND has the largest fan base in the country and naturally fans want to follow the sites where their players are the best).

The point of the exchange was to demonstrate (rather smugly I might add) that 247 > TKP in terms of access to Austin Clark. It may seem small and petty because, well, it's small and petty. TKP is not subscription-based, we're not direct competitors.

TL;DR JC is a douchebag.

Golf clap to you? WTF?

Nothing bugs me more than big, in-state strikeouts.

So frustrating.

Hokies United l Ut Prosim

Nowadays, its more about big picture, recruit well nationally, rather than locking down your own state. Even traditional powers aren't able to lock down their own states anymore. With twitter, facebook, etc, its just too easy to recruit these guys heavily from long distances, and really negates most, if not all, of the inherent advantages that used to exist with in-state recruiting. The days of VT and UVa locking down the Commonwealth and keeping even a majority of the top 10 of the state are gone and likely aren't coming back, and it has absolutely nothing to do with any perceived failures on the recruiting front of either school. Its just a different world than what we got used to in the 90s.

I am awaited in Budhalla. Whitness me!

While I agree to a certain extent, there's still advantages to being in state and many recruits will cite being close to home as reasons they attend XYZ school.

Plus, with our coaching staff generally focusing on guys that are closer to home (which is changing gradually), it feels like a bigger loss than it probably is.

Hokies United l Ut Prosim

Lament over the recruits that pick UVA over us, but our range has expanded thanks to the influence of social media and the movement of kids wanting to go out of state. Many of the top kids will look to go to the best program they can before looking in state. For instance, of the top 30 kids last year, 17 kids stayed in-state. Many went to LSU, Alabama, Auburn, UGA, and OSU. Those kids didn't stay in state just because they didn't want to leave. They stayed because they had top programs at home. We have to get ourselves back to the top to have a chance again.

In state or out of state, you want to land your top targets. Clark was our top OL target.

Ehh... the whole close to home thing is way more overblown than its probably worth anymore. Back in the day when you couldn't see games on TV, yeah, you stay close to home cause your parents and family want to catch every game you play. But nowadays, with ESPN3 out there for families to catch every game a school plays live, and knowing all these kids have 'bag men' (don't deny it, you know everyone has some... including us) who help ease the cost of travel should these families want to come to games... Being 'close' to home has a much, much wider radius now than it did even 10 years ago. Heck, even 5 years ago, if you were a kid from Virginia, if your parents wanted to see you play every week, you had to end up in either the ACC, Big East, or SEC. Now? You can catch every Pac 12 game live every week, if you so desire.

Another thing about the whole 'close to home' thing... Blacksburg isn't really close to anywhere. In fact, depending on the transportation you take, some of these families from areas like Norfolk can get to schools a couple states away much faster than you can get to Blacksburg.

I am awaited in Budhalla. Whitness me!

I agree with everything you said.

I also think the whole "we need to get every great recruit from VA" is a little antiquated as well. In the age of globalization, does their hometown really matter? I didn't hear anyone complain when we picked up Shai because he was from PA. I didn't hear anyone say "Man that Kevin Jones guy is really good but he's not from VA so I care less about him as a player".

The coaching staff have the ability to scout everywhere in the country for guys who are specifically strong fits for what Frank Beamer is trying to accomplish. If he's from VA, that's great. If not, I don't give a shit, as long as he can help us win games and represent the program in the right way.

Yeah, I'm not disagreeing with you, but since Beamer's focus is probably more localized than other programs that are around the same tier as VT it is disappointing.

Not to mention (as someone already said, and turkey leg to that guy), he was one of our top targets.

Hokies United l Ut Prosim

Classless act by JC.
Thx for your integrity Mark. In the end, the good guys win.

If it ain't orange, it better be maroon...and if it ain't maroon, it better be soon!

Anyone know what channel?


South Carolina


South Carolina.

In Sam Rogers we trust.


"I'm high on Juice and ready to stick it in!" Whit Babcock

Why did anyone ever decide to live here. Between the ridiculous winds we're having now and the awful heat that everyone keeps promising me is coming... seriously this place just sucks butt!

in Fuller we trust

Just my two cents and maybe not even worth that much, but going by the 2010-2011 Rivals rankings, I count 10 impact players (starters or major contributors at this point):

- Dadi
- Jarrett
- Knowles
- Maddy
- Marshall

- Bonner
- Farris
- Fuller
- Gibson
- Hopkins

Names I did not count that stand out
- Malleck (injured, hasn't contributed in major way)
- Vandyke (same issue, VT also going towards nickel as base defense)
- Flip a coin on Shuman/Chase Williams

Damning enough is the fact that this shows THREE impact players on the offensive side of the ball in two classes. Again I did this based on my opinion, but to have ten players out of two classes combining 40 recruits make an impact seems inexcusable by the coaching staff. I understand that changes have been made, but those offensive coaches weren't let go for their inability to recruit (at least as a primary motivation).

Go back and take a look at those classes and the brutal attrition that VT went through. To me that's the smoking gun for the 2012-2013 "decline" and an unsettling pattern for what happens when you don't recruit well.

Silver lining: the majority of those 10 impact players were not highly ranked

We have also had some guys expected to be impact players.
A guy like Joel Caleb was supposed to be an offensive impact player...hasn't happened yet.




Urgh I hate the Gamecocks. (Their fans, at least. And Spurrier.)

I hate Clemsun more!

I remember when we beat on Klempson like a drum. Needs to happen the next time we play!

It's all about The VPISU
VT '10, Born & Raised in the 804. Freeman Rebels, Keydets, Army Black Knights, NY Giants, NY Rangers, and ATL Braves.

I can't hate on them too much, especially after this awesome reunion:

It's all about The VPISU
VT '10, Born & Raised in the 804. Freeman Rebels, Keydets, Army Black Knights, NY Giants, NY Rangers, and ATL Braves.

This is extremely disappointing & frustrating . How many more times are we going to finish 2 or 3 with these top instate prospects . We can not close the deal on one of them, and I cannot understand why. Something seems to be wrong that we can't get these top rated players to Tech. Anyway Go HOKIES We will prevail.We are still not recruting well enough to stay competive.


We have a lot going against on the trail right now and are getting friendzoned by many recruits. We were/are 5 years late at least in making the changes on the recruiting trail IMO, that have just recently taken place with the new staff/whit. As much as I hate to say it, this is going to be a lean class this year.

The best thing we can do to help ourselves out a bit is put an entertaining team out on the field next year and win 9 or 10 games.

But regardless I never get down about recruiting because at the end of the day I'm going to root for whatever players take that field wearing maroon and orange.

UVA: Jefferson's biggest mistake


Yes , you are correct. We do have some things going against us, but coach Fondue can do it at the new U , with a 2-8 record & 0 ACC wins . I have been a Tech fan for over 60 yrs.& this is just frustrating.


I wouldn't get too caught up in LOLUVA recruiting this year. They're gonna tank in-state harder than we are.

^^^ what he said

UVA: Jefferson's biggest mistake


Friend-zoned is honestly the best way to put this... and it sucks

"Go Hokies!" - Thomas Jefferson

Nothing a little Shawn Mullins can't fix. Best of luck, Austin.

Not the bagman VT deserves, but the bagman VT needs right now.

F-K! The ONLY way we're gonna land these recruits is to win these lucrative damn games (anOSU, halFaSsU, etc)! That's the only way. We absolutely NEED to lock up the coastal this season.

True Hokies STICK IT IN!!!

STICK IT IN Army of Virginia Tech


All I have to say is signing day is a loooooooooooooong ways away. We still have an entire season of football to play before those high school boys sign on the dotted line. A lot can shake out from now and then, coaches getting fired, coaches leaving for other schools, etc. That is how we landed Isiah Ford. We just stay on these kids and let it all play out.

Hey, at least we made his top 4. We are elite in his eyes but he can only pick one.

Not meant as a slight towards Clark but USCe has close to zero chance of making it out of the SEC and getting to a national championship game. They have never even been to a BCS tier bowl game, even though that is now disbanded. They do put folks in the NFL, but so do we. Best of luck to him all the same.

Actually, USCe is supposed to be one of the best teams in the SEC next year.

SEC east is wide open this year and they have a very good chance of making it to Atlanta. Spurrier is a good coach and I don't fault him at all on his choice. He will however, die in the summer heat down there. Don't think the wind blows there at all.

he was UT all the way until a few weeks ago. then it came down to USC-e and VT. mom and dad favored VT and he obviously gave us a legit look. can't fault a kid or family that does their homework and makes an informed decision. wish it had been VT, but life goes on.

I hate the choice, but I wish the kid good luck at South Carolina. Something has to turn the tide with this recruiting class. I don't know how there is a positive way to spin this for the program.

Five star get after it 100 percent Juice Key-Playing. MAN

The big problem is that there's a chance VT doesn't get a top 10 in-state kid this year. If VT gets Sweat that would be the big salvation of this class otherwise it would be a big disappointment and wouldn't be close to our usual team recruiting ranking in the 20s. Only slight positive spin is this class is really important for defensive end depth and there are still top prospects out there that we are in the top group for.

There's of course factors with Beamers age and length of contract but there's also the fact VT hasn't won a big game in awhile. Positive spin is I think the 2015 VT team has a great chance to be a legitimate contender for the ACC crown.

IMO until we show that we are "back" in a non-Miami fashion and win a big game or two I really don't see us landing these huge national recruits. Playing time and success are the biggest decision makers from what I see (being in China I really have my ear to the ground /sarcastica). If we can put it together this season and get back to 10 wins and especially if we win big then these things will start to fall our way.

That being said I hope we get some good karma in the rest of the recruiting.

1) Win games
2) Get recruits
3) ?????
4) Profit

Beamers imminent retirement is going to continue to be a major problem on the recruiting trail, but it doesn't reflect on this decision. OBC is facing the same issue.

Imminent retirement? Lemme direct you to a recent Andy Bitter article that sheds a little light on this fallacy.

Mailbag, Part I: Recruiting misses, quarterback questions and more

Why is everybody in such a hurry to escort Frank out of the building? I always see people throw these comparisons out there to Bobby Bowden and Joe Paterno, but they were 80 and 85, respectively, when they finally hung it up. Beamer is 67. Hes closer in age to Nick Saban (62) than he is Bowden and Paterno at the end of their runs. Or I could put it this way: when Bowden was 70, he won the BCS national championship game in 2000. When Paterno was 68 in 1996, the Nittany Lions went 12-0 and finished No. 2 in the country. So this notion that coaches in their late-60s need to be put out to pasture at the first opportunity seems misguided to me. Mack Brown was Beamers contemporary, yes, but Brown also had four straight seasons of relative mediocrity, a particularly galling fact for Texas fans after the 2009 BCS national championship game appearance. But Brown didnt build the Texas football program into what it has become. Beamer, for the most part, has. Usually a school shows more patience with somebody if the latter is true.

I am awaited in Budhalla. Whitness me!

I agree. It's not that I want Frank to retire and it's not that these recruits don't want to
play for Frank. I think it's because they want to play for the same coach for their entire career.
It's the not knowing that is killing us.


Yup. If Frank wants to coach for 25 more years, that'd be fine by me, but the fact that his contract is up soon and we don't know what his next one will look like, or if there will even be a next one, definitely causes some uncertainty.

Not the bagman VT deserves, but the bagman VT needs right now.

>cough< Bud Foster >cough<

True Hokies STICK IT IN!!!

STICK IT IN Army of Virginia Tech


Would it be possible for him to renew his contract before 2016??



However he would have to drastically improve the winning %.

True Hokies STICK IT IN!!!

STICK IT IN Army of Virginia Tech


Winningest active coach counts a bit more than two down years.

I wouldn't even say 2 down years. I'd say one down ('12) and one mediocre ('13). The point I'm making (and I'll take downlegs for this) is that if/when he improves upon last years record (and so on and so forth) it makes it an easier case to renew his contract. If not, well (as esteemed Joe pointed out) it becomes a what have you done for me lately thing.

True Hokies STICK IT IN!!!

STICK IT IN Army of Virginia Tech


Drastically? We were a kicker, a set of hands, and Logan not throwing 2 or 3 passes last year from being a 10-win team. Not to mention that 7-6 and 8-5 are "down" years that all but a handful of programs would kill for.

Indeed. However, those are not what recruits (& the media) will be looking at.

True Hokies STICK IT IN!!!

STICK IT IN Army of Virginia Tech


Probably should've just said to improve upon the 8-5 specifically. 7-6 was a down year for us because we finished the reg season at exactly .500. We aren't "most teams."

True Hokies STICK IT IN!!!

STICK IT IN Army of Virginia Tech


Yeah, bumping that back up to 9 or 10 wins, especially pulling the upset over anOSU would go a long, long way toward improving the outcome of some recruiting battles. That and a contract extension for Beamer could lead to outstanding classes in 2015 and 2016.

Well as far as the contract extension goes I'm in the camp that believes his brand (as that of the Hokie brand) needs some reparations before that being a forgone conclusion. My prediction is if/when the team improves on their record by 10 Ws plus and get the postseason bowl W, then we'll see recruiting start to pick back up where we want and need it to go. If, however, the team only gets 9 Ws, the I predict recruiting pick up at a slower pace and closer to what we've seen this and the past season.
In conclusion, if Beams gets 10 plus and the postseason bowl, go for the extension. If not, then I'm less inclined to support it. Plus, there's still the deal with Foster. How much longer do we make this guy (who has more then proved that he deserves it) wait?

True Hokies STICK IT IN!!!

STICK IT IN Army of Virginia Tech


We don't have time to wait for the extension. His contract is up in 2016, and it isn't extended by the end of this year, recruits and opposing coaches will take that as a sign that he'll be done at the end of the 2016 season. He's a good enough coach and has shown enough in the not-so-distant past (we were at 10 wins 3 seasons ago, remember?), not to mention the complete overhaul of the offensive staff last season, that I think giving an extension is more than warranted. As it is, he's a lame duck with 2 years left. That doesn't help us out one bit. As for Foster, I don't see Whit making that a forgone conclusion either. I'm not opposed to Foster taking over, but Whit's a guy who will go just about anywhere and likely spend up to $3-4million to get the coach he wants.

Then I guess the team had better deliver 10 plus by Dec. I guess I could live with a 1 yr extension (being the Battle O Bristol is next season). But the fact of the matter is (in terms of recruitment and the media) the program's brand has been tarnished due to the last 2 seasons. In order for it to pick back up and head in the direction we need it to there's gotta be an improvement on the brand. Improvement meaning at least double digits in the W category.

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Exactly. I've said it before and I'll say it until it happens: Whit needs to extend Beamer's contract and put in a 4-year rolling renewing clause right now. Being able to go up to recruits and say, "look, I'll be here as long as you will, and I can say that with as much certainty as any other coach in the entire country," will help us out quite a bit. Put in another clause saying he can retire pretty much whenever, and we're set. If Beamer really does want to retire after the 2016 season, well, we'd better get used to some instability on the recruiting trail, cause that's what happens when you have a 2 year lame-duck HC.

When asked directly about his future Saturday, Beamer went to his oft-repeated phrase that as long as he had good health, a good quarterback and a good kicker he would continue to coach.

Another year of past poor performance at quarterback with uncertainty ahead this season

Another year of past poor performance at kicker with uncertainty ahead this season

When by his own criteria why would you extend the contact.

Because he's the winningest active coach with recruiting on the rise and a new, solid group of coaches now going into their second season?


As far as I see it, he'll have a QB (Brewer) and a kicker (Wise) when the season starts. So yeah, I guess we can wait until then.

I don't understand this. There is a ton of uncertainty at other schools as well. Coaches get fired and hired away all of the time, it's a profession with one of the highest rates of turnover. I mean look at FSU's defensive coordinator, they won the National Championship and now he isn't on the staff anymore. Chip Kelly went to the NFL. To me, it makes no sense to assume other coaches are more likely to stay 4 years down the line just because they are younger.

That's an excellent point. I think you're right, but the high profile Brown/Bowden/Paterno fiascos have created the perception that older coaches = more instability. I agree with you, though, that perception isn't necessarily well-founded. I think coaching stability anywhere might be an unrealistic expectation these days.

Not the bagman VT deserves, but the bagman VT needs right now.

Beamer is 67...Spurrier is the imminent retirement argument doesn't hold water. USCe and VT are basically the same schools:

- VT better location
- USCe better conference
- USCe slightly better facilities

Comparing the schools and coaches is interesting. CFB has 266 wins (1st active), OBC has 219. CFB has 5 ACC-C championships, OBC has 1 SEC-E (at USCe). CFB has 3 ACC championships, OBC 0 (at USCe).

We put the K in Kwality

USCe has won something like 11 games the past 3 seasons and beat 3 traditional powers in bowl games. On the other hand, Virginia Tech has... College football is a what have you done for me lately business.

This is true.

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Correct... these kids were 13 year olds when Stanford thumped the Hokies in the Orange Bowl. I can't think of one nationally telecast game since besides beating mediocre Georgia Tech and Miami teams where they won the game since that night.

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It's more extensive that that - USCe has taken VT's mantle of 'the team that does more with less.' Looking at our respective Rivals recruiting rankings the past few years:

2010 - VT 22nd, USCe 23rd
2011 - USCe 18th, VT 33rd
2012 - USCe 19th, VT 22nd
2013 - USCe 16th, VT 23rd

Last three years on field results - USCe with 3 top 10 finishes, VT ranked 21st in 2011 and nowhere in 2012-13. USCe got those top 10 finishes without a single top 10 recruiting class - but they appear to be collecting dividends this year (currently ranked #6).

Reality has a mighty pimp hand.

It could be debated that USCe is in a better location being that it's only 2-3 hrs drive to the 2nd or 3rd most popular vacay spot in the US (beach wise).

True Hokies STICK IT IN!!!

STICK IT IN Army of Virginia Tech


They also win bigger games and play in a better conference. That helps as well.

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I don't think Frank's age is hurting us as much as people might want to think. Sure, Frank may be retiring soon - - but Frank's retirement transition will be much smoother, especially since there will proably be some staff continuity, for a player compared to a kid who goes to play for a coach on a hot seat who gets fired 2 years in. The reality is there are coaching upheavals across the county, at major BCS schools, every single year. Kids know this, yet they still go to choose to play for a brand.

I will say that I think VT's inability to win the big games the last few years has really hurt the perception of the VT brand. Kids notice, ESPN notices, and the negativity kind of snowballs. With that, let's go kick OSU's ass. I've read in many VT outlets how, as a fanbase, we are expecting that game to a be a loss but we can still have a succesfull season. Well, I say that our secondary will shut down Braxton's passing attack (who isn't super accurate, by the way), and our athletic front 7 will attack there veer stuff moving N-S. I digress..

I also thought the recent story (I forget from what publicaiton) highlighting the life of a 'bag man' at a SEC school was very telling and a little eye-opening about how much cash really does change hands. I'm not suggesting everytime we lose a recruit it's because a SEC fanboy / bag man was slipping the kid $300 handshakes...but it obviously does happen. Granted, I may be naive to it, but I don't think this is really a part of the VT recruiting / fanbase culture.

Let me try to be as politically correct here as possible, but for lack of better words, there is just a lot less to do with your life in the SEC footprint vs the mid-atlantic. There fans are rabid and, as highlighted in the article I mentioned, spend there own time and money providng to recruits when they are on visits. I lived in SEC territory for a few years, and the fans are so invested in there college football teams....because there's not much else to be invested in. Again, I lived down there and enjoyed my time, but can say that I have many more important things to do with my time and money now than chase after recruits when they are visiting Blacksburg.

This is more or less what I'm saying. This also raises another question: which brand is bigger/better; Tech or Beamer? I know that most everyone will say that Tech and Beamer brand are synonymous (to an extent I agree). But for a moment let's step back and make an assessment. I think the losses have also damaged the Beamer brand too.

True Hokies STICK IT IN!!!

STICK IT IN Army of Virginia Tech


I don't think it's unfair to say that play on the field, specifically the special teams, has damaged the "BeamerBall" brand. "BeamerBall" was about scoring regardless of offense, defense, or special teams. Special teams have really slipped and is no longer a playmaking unit. I really hope the increase of talent and depth across the roster helps Frank flip that trend around.

I think it would be better to say it is "incorrect" to say that but actually I agree with the sentiment of damaging the brand. Precisely because the average non-Hokie only knows Beamerball as a special teams endeavor. Blocking kicks specifically. Of course we know better.

However, that lack of blocked kicks and the general ineptitude on special teams in recent seasons, incorrectly correlated as said, is being directly linked to what the majority view Beamerball to be. So when another fan or pundit may say "Beamerball is dead" in their intention they are grudgingly right.

oooo! we're in the top X to land this top Virginia talent!
[next year]
oooo! we're in the top X to land this top Virginia talent!
[next year]
oooo! we're in the top X to land this top Virginia talent!
[ad infinitum]

Very well done , a great illustration of recruting efforts with top VA . players the past several years.


LouVa wasn't even on his list so imagine how bad they feel.


Big Whup:

My take is that he's an OL, not a high level skill position guy...
Sooo- In this corner I give you:

Sergio Render
Jonathan McLaughlin
Caleb Farris
Jimmy Martin
Michael Via
Andrew Miller
Ryan Shuman
and various other multi-year OL starters rated 2-3 stars

vs 4 stars:
Tripp Carrol
Aaron Brown
Mark Shuman
Matt Welsh
Vinston Painter

The lone exception being Blake Dechristopher, maybe Laurence Gibson. Bottom line is that based on history Clark had about an equal chance to become a high level starter as an avg 3 star OL recruit. If you want to get ticked, get ticked when we lose a high level instate skill position player.

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To be fair to those players we also had less than incompetent coaching for much of the time that those players were here.

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I think this is about the nicest thing I could possibly say about Newsome right now.

USCe... they'll daggum get after ya.

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