Defensive Sleepers?

The Hokies lost a lot of good, productive players on the front seven following the 2013 season. I'll go ahead and name them: Gayle, Collins, Hopkins, Edwards, and Tyler, & Tyrel Wilson. As spring ball approaches, which player, that didn't play much last year, do you think will rise on the depth chart this spring/summer and emerge as the next great playmaker on the defensive front for the Hokies this fall? I have my eye on Seth Dooley...


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Corey Marshall and Dadi will be major factors on Defense. I have a feeling that Mihota and Nigel Williams will play big roles as well.


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I have Seth Dooley as well.

In Sam Rogers we trust.

I'm thinking RVD. He was in position to be our Whip last year and got hurt. I think he will be a player out there. We don't have that nickel guy we had last year in Ke. Fuller and it showed when Kyle got hurt and Kendall moved to corner.

The devil's advocate to that is Chuck Clarke at the nickel spot. He could step up and play better and be that guy this year.

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Alston Smith *ducks again*

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Trey Edmunds for LB! < runs for his life from an angry French >

Ekenam and Williams - Ekenam will lead in sacks and Williams will lead in tackles in 2014. Just my guesses.

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Motuapuaka is my sleeper candidate. I really liked his film out of high school, seemed to play really tough, and coupled with our lack of depth at LB I think he'll surprise some people

He's got my vote, too. Real intelligent kid and has a nose for the football.

This guy.

Wiley, Brown, Russell, Drakeford, Gray, Banks, Prioleau, Charleton, Midget, Bird, McCadam, Pile, Hall, Green, Fuller, Williams, Hamilton, Rouse, Flowers, Harris, Chancellor, Carmichael, Hosley, Fuller, Exum, Jarrett

And with a name like that, he's GOT to become someone the announcers stumble over when trying to say his name in highlight reels.

My next player would be Deon Clarke. I don't know why but I just have a good feeling about him.

In Sam Rogers we trust.

His HS film was great. He just needs to get bigger!

He just needs to get smarter

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mine is the next incarnation of MANBEARPIG:

RVD. Foster talked about him like Loefler talked about Malleck. Also Dadi, provided we find another DE to take away all the attention from him.

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how can we forget our #4thdownQB he made the defensive stat sheet this year! so with that said AJ Hughes!

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Nigel Williams is a beast and has been pushing for playing time behind some great DTs. And of course Dadi, that's no surprise there. He's got the speed to really disrupt a game.

Even though last year's D line statistically was one of the best ever at Tech, next year will just be reloading; Expect another top 10 defense from Foster's wrecking crew.

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Holland Fisher, he will be a starter 4 games into this season at some position. (I'm personally guessing we slide RVD to Backer and play him at Whip)

RVD gonna need a couple more lbs. on that 6' 3"218 lb frame of his to move over to Backer.
But I like the idea.

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I think Fisher stays in the secondary is vying for a starting spot in 2015.

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Mihota is my pick, guy has the size to step in and play right away. And he must be good if Bama was coming after him.

Dahman McKinnon.

Yep, I'm gonna go against the grain on this one.

No, I *don't* want to go to the SEC. Why do you ask?

We don't love dem Hoos.