Virginia Tech is Hiring Two Recruiting Related Positions

If you recall in early March, during a discussion with Andy Bitter, Bud Foster noted Tech's small football staff size with regards to recruiting.

Yeah, and in my opinion, this is just my opinion, we need to catch up because of recruiting. Not so much the quality control guys and the football part of it, but in the recruiting part of it, that's where the Alabamas and even like Ole Miss, they've had the last two years, they've had two top-10 recruiting classes.

In late March, Athletic Director Whit Babcock also stated that Tech's staff is "a little lean" and he added positions for recruiting.

Today Virginia Tech posted jobs for a "Director of Player Personnel for Football" and "Director of High School Relations for Football". The position summaries, respectively, are the following.

Director of Player Personnel for Football in the Athletics Department (with memberships in NCAA Division I and the Atlantic Coast Conference). This position is a 12-month full-time professional faculty appointment. This position reports directly to the Associate Athletics Director for Football Operations. Will coordinate daily recruiting operational and logistical processes within the football program.

Director of High School Relations for Football in the Athletics Department (with memberships in NCAA Division I and the Atlantic Coast Conference). This position is a 12-month full-time professional faculty appointment. This position reports directly to the Director of Player Personnel for Football. Responsible for assisting with all on campus football recruiting efforts.

Additional staff support will most definitely help Beamer Co. remain competitive on the recruiting trail, while freeing up extra cycles for the on-the-field coaches. Read another quote from Foster to Bitter and it's easy to see why.

"And they're [Ole Miss] making quality time for the coaches. Instead of the coaches trying to coach, trying to recruit, trying to ... we're wearing so many hats. Plus, trying to prepare or trying to get kids on the phone. There are only so many hours in the day. And that's what I was interested in. What are some things that you feel like are from an infrastructure standpoint allowing you to be successful? And I think they've done a great job here the last couple years. They won seven games the first year and eight games last year? They beat LSU. Theyre competitive. And they were able to sign a couple of the No. 1 kids in the country at a couple of positions.

As I wrote in March, Hokies 2.0 is happening, and it's an exciting time.


Absolutely mission critical. Now, let's see who they hire.

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Great news! We are moving forward!

Ahh man, if only I wasn't a student

Damn, it's getting difficult to keep up with all this good news coming out of Virginia Tech. I am liking it!

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Yessir, the new direction the Athletic Department is taking is very welcome news.

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any chance KJ gets one of these jobs? I mean he was a beast for VT and definitely speaks highly of #Whitness

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He's no good to me dead.

Maybe this is just ignorance, but the salary range for those jobs seems really low (Granted, 60k a year in Blacksburg will allow you to live REALLY well). Can someone with more knowledge enlighten me as to fair market pay for such a position?

I don't know about these positions in particular, but it seems right. I have an MBA with a specialization in Sports Finance, from basically the only legit program that offers such a thing (Oregon). But I haven't spent a day in the field post-graduation, because most jobs in sports thrive on a 'someone would LOVE to have your job' mentality. The result is underpaid positions with well-qualified, truly employable folks seeking work elsewhere, and a long list of good-ol-boys lined up to take any job at any salary.

Sports jobs are all about the 'passion' you bring, which is a BS code word for 'we make plenty of money no matter how smart our decisions are or how good our people are.'

So I'm surprised it didn't post at 40 or 50K to be honest.

Haha the range was 40-60. I took the higher, optimistic end. Your points make good sense. Thanks for the insight

It is very low, but it's a start.

This comes from Kyle Bailey on VTScoop in response to the same basic question I put to him over there -

"As of last year, Alabama employed 24 non-coaching, support staff personnel that cost a total of $1.6 million. 7 of them were football "analysts" that averaged about $40k per year. Former Clemson DC Kevin Steele is responsible for both roles that VT is hiring, and I think he's earning $200k per.

Tennessee's High School Relations guy makes $95k per year. Chris Hauser serves a similar role at Arkansas and he makes $80k per year. Clemson's Director of Player Personnel, Mike Dooley, makes approximately $93k."

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This tells us just how far behind we've been over the last decade or two.

College sports have evolved tremendously in the last decade or two. When you keep doing things the same way you've always done them, you get passed by everyone in the fast lane. That's why I've always said it was extremely important to pull in fresh outside perspectives and personnel. When we stay locked in our bubble, we fall behind. We've finally begun the task of catching up, even if only a little. That's a good thing...

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This is really good news. I wonder though, is Ole Miss and Kentucky recruiting so well just because they have a huge recruiting staff that can send each recruit 300 hand-written letters per day? Or is there some other factor? I just wonder how much effect recruiting positions have on bringing in top talent, and how Kentucky and Ole Miss managed to do that.

the benefits are not solely on recruiting but on freeing up coaches to focus on coaching. these positions free up time for coaches. lots of time

It's only one factor, there are many others, most of them more critical. That being said, adding these positions moves us closer to being as dedicated to success as the leading edge programs. It's one step of many...

should also be noted that the discussion of VT's lack of football staff originated in Baillen's interview about the AD job, where he said: VT had the smallest football staff in the ACC and it should be a priority to rectify that.

Correct me if I'm wrong, but isn't the Director of High School relations opening filling the position previously held by Jim Cavanaugh who retired at the beginning of April rather than being a new position?

Glad we're investing in the future of the football and basketball programs. I'm assuming that the next few years Whit will be running in the red until Hokie Club donations & bball revenues ramp up. I'm interested to see how that new approach works out under new leadership, given Weaver always worked to keep his budget above water year over year. Hopefully Whit is given the latitude to "spend to grow", knowing it will be a loss making dept for a few years.

So uhh where can I submit my job application?

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Does this mean we have increased funding or just leftover cash that Weaver wasn't open to spending?

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Probably a bit of both. I believe Weaver was operating with about a $4 million surplus last year, and it looks like people are more inclined to open up their checkbooks for Whit as well.

Just wanted to point out that I got this link to this post from the ACC Blog on ESPN. So someone over there is paying attention to TheKeyPlay.

Must be Mama Giraffe. Where did she go anyway? Disappeared at the end of the season.

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