What's your gamer tag?

I'm getting Battlefront next week for PS4. Even if you aren't, share your gamer tag here for multiplayer games. Mine is Hokie311.

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To bad you don't have and Xbox One bro.


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I've done this before, but I'll still share even though I rarely play multiplayer on anything. MVTrumpet757

EDIT: I should probably mention that's for ps3/4 *facepalm*

That team sure did suck last night. They just plain sucked! I've seen teams suck before, but they were the suckiest bunch of sucks that ever sucked.

Hokiemacho on ps4

It's Time to go to Work

Egbert or some variant because sometimes it's taken.
World of tanks and world of warships is Egbert
Steam is egbertcmbb
Xbox is Egbert Hokie
play station Network is Egbert_RVA
The Division I'm Egbert_Hokie

I've been Egbert for online gaming since the original Quake online and the original Team Fortress.

PC: xWSxLogan
PS4: xWSxLogan
X1: xWSx Logan

Edit: Primarily play on Xbox one and mostly play shooters. Battlefield is my game of choice at the moment but I'll be getting battlefront.

Xbox: Hokie Fireman5 play call of Duty

Updated my gamer tag and just bought Elder Scrolls Online.

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Xbox One: TheBostman (yes, that's a 'T' after the 'S')
Everything else: NavyEMC or maybe TheBostman

(no PS4; I broke my 'one console at a time' rule to get the WiiU when I got my last bonus)


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Jander75 but I only have Xbox one

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Just bought Elder Scrolls Online. Wanted to bump this to get more people.

Wet stuff on the red stuff.

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Well since it's been bumped...

Anybody else hyped for Destiny 2? Just preordered so I'm geared up for the beta next week. Rabuddhafrid on PS4 if you want to fireteam up. I also have a small network of friends for raid purposes if you want to get into that.

You'll also find me on Rocket League and eventually maybe Battlefront 2.

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Does anyone know if Destiny 2 will be cross platform? I'm stoked to have it come to PC but really only know one other person that will be playing.

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Won't be cross platform unfortunately.


I played the ever loving shit out of Destiny... stopped about 8 months ago.

I'm not really hype for D2. I might check it out later... but I don't plan on picking it up day 1.

I only stopped 3 months ago. Probably one of the most gameplay hours per dollar spent for me, even with the paid DLC.

I wasn't THAT excited about Destiny 2 until I saw some new gameplay and the urge to Nova Bomb things started to return.

VT Class of '12 (MSE), MVBone, Go Hokies!

Been off of destiny for last few months just buying time until it's time to sink some unreasonable hours into trying to solo raids cause why not, please give us a solo shot at crota!!! I'd be perfectly happy to find another loot cave though ahhhh my first gjallahorn, I'm hoping destiny 2 has the same combat that made destiny so damn fun to play by far my favorite FPS in a verrrrryyyyyy long time

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I think I added you back in the day (WolfZX), but could never get in on the raiding, you guys always had a full party lol.

Anyways, I'm under WolfZX on PS4, I've been on Killing Floor 2 lately, and a couple of my friends have recently gotten back into Battlefield 1. I also have Diablo 3 and have been looking for a reason to play my Necromancer.

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Yeah I remember playing with you a few times. After we fell out of contact my group slowly became less dependable so we had holes. haha.

How is Killing Floor? I downloaded it when it was free but haven't really given it much of a shot yet.

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Dropping by to bump again because I've just played the Battlefront 2 beta and....

SCREW EA. The entire progression system in that game is 100% RNG lootcrate dependent... and sure enough lootcrates are microtransaction friendly! I'm not paying $60 for a P2W game. If anybody wants to know the details and has 20 minutes, see the below video.


It's a shame, the game seems like it could be fun.

VT Class of '12 (MSE), MVBone, Go Hokies!

Ugh don't tell me this. I wanted to be excited.

Sometimes I like to leave off the /s just to mess with people.

I highly recommend checking out that video (and any of the others that are coming out like crazy) before giving them your money. I was really excited about this one because it seemed like they might have improved on the content front, but this is seriously one of the worst money grabs I've seen in a game.

VT Class of '12 (MSE), MVBone, Go Hokies!

Yea I gave it a shot over the weekend and wasn't able to join my friends so I just closed it and went back to playing Destiny.

I really thought they had learned from their mistakes of the first game by not having a season pass (something I think they should do with the Battlefield series as well, but separate issue), but clearly they just replaced that with another new way to make money. When a game is play to win, I'm out. I thoroughly enjoy games where the best players are rewarded but the worst players are still able to hold their own (even if it is more difficult for them).

Xbox: SlabbyPatty
If you are looking to get wrecked in FIFA, I'm your man.

Another white bronco? The first one didn't go too far.

Do you play ultimate team?

Recruit Prosim

Teach me your ways wise one, I'm stuck between being good enough to play like a demigod on semi-pro and being as good as I would in real life on pro level I cannot find a fun balance, either bored due to easiness or raging mad cause fuck Matt Ryan, oh wait sorry bit of a habit I mean fuck every center back and his Jesus like ability to close you down and nick the ball away at the exact moment I'm gonna shoot

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If I'm ever on

Xbox: drag0ne

Let's Go


My N64 doesn't connect to the internet sadly

Then we should meet at a neutral field and battle other members in an exhibition race on MarioKart 64's infamous RAINBOW ROAD!

Or we could just get a bunch of ppl together and play Goldeneye or Starfox

Let's Go


I have all of those games so....bring it on

XboxOne: SharkbaitHooha1

I swear to drunk, I'm not God

XBone: AZHokie22

Although I just bought Mass Effect Andromeda during the summer sale, and I am pleasantly surprised by it, so probably single player only for me for a bit.

Got a few planets in and it kinda lost me but it was me not the game I was very impressed with the combat and gameplay solid game I'll pick up sometime later loved loading up my 1 hit sniper and sending in the gorgan while I pick everyone off

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PSN/Xbox: mushrambio

Don't own an Xbox anymore but will pick up the X1X this fall. I mainly do multi-plats on PS4 anyways though.


XboxOne: beansarmy

*extra points if you get the reference

Bean's army is a reference to the popular series started with Ender's Game by Orson Scott Card.

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Steam: IGotAPwnr

EDIT: Will play Doubles in Rocket League

Keep calm, Gobble on

This is still my favorite of all time.

Outspoken team cake advocate. Hates terrapins. Resident Macho Man Gif Poster. Distant cousin to Dork Magic. Frequently misspells words.

Keep calm, Gobble on

had a buddy whose tag was ThePwnaLisa

Chem PhD '16

PSN: chewie7563. Destiny is fun, but I don't play enough to be anything but a liability for teams. My kid hates it when he's trying to capture the flag and all I'm doing is busting virtual dance moves at the res pawn site.

Image result for chewbacca dance gif

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Ps4: blackf0x520
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Console gamers.......

I spend the majority of my day sitting at a computer for work. I've dabbled in PC gaming but only because RTS and City Building are some of my favorite genres and those are tricky to do well on consoles.

Super excited for Cities: Skylines to make it to PS4 next month though. I've heard the XBone version was ported well so I'll probably be picking that up.

VT Class of '12 (MSE), MVBone, Go Hokies!

PSN: hokiecamel

Madden 17, 2k17, GTAV. And I wish NCAA 18

Yes,that's the Hokie Bird riding a camel. Why'd you ask?

Xbox one: Titilywink
I wanted my name to be like a unicorn as a kid and I've left it dunno how many times playing destiny I got crap for it raiding
Will be going ham once destiny 2 is out but in the mean time FIFA and ESO morrowind are where I'm at

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Need some help with ESO. Just started playing tonight and it says offline for everything? It has me doing some stupid mission?

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I'm assuming you started the tutorial then? Usually first timers get to do the beginning tutorial before being dropped off in morrowind where the real stuff like how your stuff may be level 5 but the power level everyone's stuff so everyone can play together as if we're all level 50
I've maxed a couple ESO characters out so any help you need I can try to explain I'm working overtime like a dog the next few days so my play time is about none till next week but I'm on Xbox too so when I have time I can get on to help

Directions from Blacksburg to whoville, go north till you smell it then go east until you step in it

Thanks, I think there was an issue with the server it's offline today for maintenance.

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TWick on steam. Big into PUBG and CS right now.
PS4 TWick72, But I barely play on there...because like PC master race or something

ME Class of '16
Born a Hokie

PS4: ThunderingHokie

I got it for Christmas last year, so I only have 2 games at the moment (I had 3, but 2k broke). I will be buying Madden when it comes out in August, NBA Live when it comes out in October (yes, I'm making the switch), and I also have Uncharted which is a very fun online game to play.

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Virginia Tech fanatic.

XBoxOne: CoachDave113. Been playing a lot of Destiny, getting ready for Destiny 2!

You had me at meat tornado.

funny story. I bought a new gpu because it was on sale on newegg and they threw in a copy of Destiny 2. I don't really play involved games anymore, but a coworker was willing to buy it off me super cheap. Turns out you can only get the code if you register the game with the nvidia account associated with the GPU you purchased. I guess I haven't had a lot of experience with DRM or anything, but man that pissed me off. Is it my game to do with what I'd like or not?

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XboxOne: D3adDuck11

I play BF1 sometimes, mainly Rocket League, Fifa (I'm garbage), and a few others waiting for a decent shooter to come out I'm not the biggest fan of the Battlefield 1 in comparison to the past ones.

Caught this post on SBNation today. Some user on PS4 went in and created what looks to be a pretty realistic version of 30 college basketball teams that can be used to play a league on NBA 2K18. One of the 30 teams is yours truly, while our friends to the north have been left out of the initial release (HA!). Looks well done and actually has me considering buying the game now.

Here's how you can play a college basketball version of 'NBA 2K18'

That's pretty friggin impressive. I tried to create a single team in NBA2k16, got about 2 hours into trying to fine tune everything and scrapped it because everything looked like shit

Definitely makes me consider picking it up this year.

My original Xbox Gamertag was RonMexico757 sadly I do not still own that.

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