Mark Lawrence Jr at US Amateur

VT golfer Mark Lawrence Jr is currently leading the first round of the US Amateur. He's been having a pretty good summer so far which has included winning the VA State Amateur and a strong showing at the VA State Open. There's still a ton of golf left to play, but it's a great start for Lawrence who is currently -7 thru 13 holes and had two Eagles on his front 9 this morning. In case anyone is interested live scoring is here

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This is great news-VT is barely represented on the PGA Tour this year, we need some new blood to carry on the tradition.

I will be darned. I believe I know his father.

Where is Lawson?!

Is he from Winchester?

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This isn't getting enough legs. Nice pull, sir.

I'm pretty sure his family ran a Chrysler/Dodge/Plymouth dealership in Richmond

He's T-1 at -6 for the first round. Let's Go! Hokie!!!

We put the K in Kwality a quick glance I read Martin Lawrence and was like wtf?

The US Amateur is on right now on Fox Sports 1 (round of 64)...and Mark Lawrence Jr is part of the coverage

Looks like Mark just won his match 4&3!

To make it that much sweeter - it was over a LOLUVA golfer!

Now he's facing a Yellow Jacket in the next round

Is It Luck?

The US Amateur is probably the toughest golf tournament to win, and most pros that have won it have stated that. You have to play 6 rounds in 5 days in match play, which is a very tough format. There's a Stanford grad who's ranked the #2 amateur in the world (who's played in PGA Tour events) that's already been knocked out. He's doing us proud, for sure.

He's been doing pretty good all summer in these amateur tournaments so hopefully this momentum can carry into the Fall/Springs seasons

Is It Luck?

Lawrence started his round of 32 match 5 up only to see it slip away. He was 1 down on the 17th tee and won that hole then proceeded to stiff his approach on the 18th to make birdie and win the match 1 up. It took some absolute stones to not lose that match after losing such a lead.

The round of 16 is on this afternoon/evening on FS1!

That approach on 18 was $$$$$$$$!

It was absolutely stiff...and the shot was good too.

I'm a man! I'm 43! Hokie thru and thru.
@BuryHokie #ThanksFrank

Man is a classic...


Thanks for posting this. Definitely going to watch tonight.

Round of 8!!!

Beat me to it by 26 seconds! Has he even seen 18 yet? Lawrence is on fire!

Nice! I don't know. I didn't follow the earlier rounds. I'm hoping for a Tiger like 9 and 8 tomorrow haha.

He had to birdie 18 this morning to win the round of 32 match.

Just 3 more matches to win the whole thing

Is It Luck?

Former VT golfer Johnson Wagner just got a double eagle and eagle on the two par 5's at Greensboro for a sporty -5 on those two holes alone. He needs a huge performance in this tournament to keep his PGA Tour card for next year, basically a Top 5 finish and he's currently T2. Let's GOOOOOO!



(as in number of fans at the LOLUVA spring festivak).

We put the K in Kwality

Well regardless of where he finishes. He's going to have a pretty good jump in the world amateur golf rankings

Is It Luck?

Down one thru one

Is It Luck?

Two up through 11

So if he stays 2 up the rest of the way. The final hole would be the 17th

Is It Luck?

He's moving on to the semifinals tomorrow! Won his match today 3 and 2! What a run!

Mark is through to the semis tomorrow!

He's been on fire this week Absolutely on FIRE!!!!!!!

Is It Luck?

He's down one going to the 10th

Is It Luck?

Lawrence just drained 40+ eagle putt on 17 to get back to all square.

What a putt!!!!

Wow. Mark Lawrence Jr just hit two of the best shots of his life to pull even. Was 2dn with 3 to play - his opponent scuffed an 8-footer to lose 16 - and both guys hit nice drives on the par-5 17th.

Lawrence proceeds to absolutely nut a 3-wood and has it finish a foot inside the other guy's ball - and on the exact same line. Other Guy made a nice run at it, but Lawrence went to school on it and drained it from about 25'.

All square into 18. What a run by our guy!!

You're the only ones that I can talk to about this, you guys.

Holy shit I DO NOT hit my gap wedge 155 yards.

And he hit it long. Wow

You're the only ones that I can talk to about this, you guys.

I hit my 7 iron 155. Of course I am 25 years older than he is, but 25 years ago, I hit my 7 iron 155.

Well, he just hit driver on that putt. Bad misread on the speed. Just cost him a shot at the final. Too bad - great run!!

You're the only ones that I can talk to about this, you guys.

Great run by Lawrence, but he falls just short. Looking forward to big things from him this fall and spring.

So Mark lost to a Clemson golfer The Men's soccer team tied against the Clemson soccer team. So that means that the football team is going to beat Clemson right?

Is It Luck?

i like where your head is at - sounds like a lock to me!

Looks like Johnson Wagner is having a bad day and won't get in the top 125. Will have to go to and try to get a card. He will have conditional status next year, but won't be able to play that many tournaments.

The Clemson guy won the whole thing

Don't let this comment take away from the fact that Arkansas blew a 24 point 2nd half lead in the Belk Bowl.
Don't let the Belk Bowl take away from the fact that Matt Ryan blew a 25 point 2nd half lead in the Super Bowl.