2018 Long Snapper Oscar Shadley Commits

Nation's top long snapper committed to the good guys over offers from Oregon, Marshall, and FIU.

According to Rubio Long Snapping, an organization dedicated to special teams prospects, Shadley is rated as the nation's top long snapper.

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Getting a commitment from a long snapper might be the most Virginia Tech thing ever.

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Defense, ???, and Special Teams sums up most of the 2000s-2010s.

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This is getting crazy. Hahaha. Even when we recruit long snappers we are landing the #1 Long Snapper in the nation.

247/Rivals don't rate specialists, but Chris Sailer's kicking/specialist ranking system has him as a 5-star. Hahaha I love it. This actually is cool as hell when put together with our recruiting class to date. Gotta have one... might as well be the best!

"According to Rubio Long Snapping, an organization dedicated to special teams prospects," Shadley is 5-stars. I wish that counted for something because our class ranking dropped from 8th in the nation to 9th per 247's non-composite 2018 class rankings.

Hopefully they make him a 3-star and we get that back. This shouldn't hurt our class for taking this kid, even if he is a LS, he's an All-American.

Michael Santamaria was a 5 star also.


Correct, and it didn't make mean much at all. My point was that normally I wouldn't blink much of an eye at all about this, yet because our staff is recruiting at historic levels it's just more meaningful to land this kid from FL.

With 247 and Rivals ranking this class as top 10 in the nation, this just seems like a symbol of how this staff gets what they want (for the most part). We always said for VT to become a Playoff contender we had to follow the Clemson model, with Fuente providing the Dabo effect. We are actually doing that, out of no where, and it's exhilarating. Hell, CJF is eclipsing Dabo when comparing their first 2 years. That's big. No guarantee, but big.

Looks like ther 5 star means division 1 bound. They have 4 star as division 2 bound underneath that.

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Another Florida kid, love it.

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This is actually a pretty important position...but how are his TE skills? Dodge, duck, dip, dive and dodge!


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He is 6'2" 230Lbs and also plays DE in high school. Can't wait to see this kid lay someone out.

Oscar Shadley hiking the ball to Oscar Bradburn? The Raycom announcers are going to eat up this opportunity.

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Tyrod did it Mikey, Tyrod did it!!

I still remember when we had Marcus Randall at QB. And don't forget about Bucky Rogers.

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Its a shame we couldn't spread the Fullers out on the field more:

Spring game:
"Fuller passes to Fuller. OMG Fuller picks him off and runs it back, and wow what a tackle by Fuller."

So he'll be coaching RBs by 2028, right?

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Can't remember the last time we had a scholarship long snapper. TKP Elders?

Travis Conway from J.R. Tucker high school was given a full scholarship to be a long snapper around 2000.

you mean recruited LS that signed a letter of intent? The current LS probably has a scholarship, but he was a walk on.

Collin Carrol was recruited and signed a LOI, 2007 ish? I'm not sure if anyone after signed a LOI

🦃 🦃 🦃

Here's a good take about long snapper scholarships in an Eleven Warriors article.

Specifically, this caught my eye:

More than 20 percent of the 128 FBS teams have scholarship long snappers who were extended their offers out of high school. Ninety-six long snappers in the Class of 2014 have been offered scholarships or preferred walk-on positions, thought to be a record.

As long as you're not awful, does it really matter whether you have a great long snapper or just a below average one who gets the job done? How much game impact difference is there between #1 in the country and, say, #79?

I think you ask a legitimate question. I do not know the answer. If he really is 6'2" 230lb, any chance he bulks up and also plays a traditional C role?

I always think about the horrid plays where a ball sails over/short of the punter. Could really turn or kill a game. Such as the Miami game a few years back where their punter inadvertently took a knee after struggling to wrangle a snap.

If it takes a scholly for 4 years of avoiding those, I'm all for it.

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Like I said...as long as a long snapper isn't awful...

Pretty much every long snapper makes mistakes. Even pro long snappers make them. I doubt even the "#1 HS snapper" (isn't that like being voted "best looking girl below a 7") is immune to some bad snaps.

Agree, not to be a wet blanket, I'm glad we will have a good long snapper. But if there is one position that means the least to land the number 1 kid in the nation, it's probably long snapper. Having a great long snapper is not a game changer, though having a bad one most certainly is. If this is what Fuente felt he had to do, so be it...I just hope he didn't take KJ Henry's spot.../s

It's very important, as is holder. Just ask Tony Romo from that one playoff game he made it to.

You will see this game, this upset and this sign next on ESPN Sportscenter. Virginia Tech 31 Miami 7

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His quick release, lightning-fast snaps and overall athletic ability make him the No. 1 long snapper in the nation, according to Rubio Long Snapping, an organization that ranks special teams prospects.
It also lands him a spot at No. 15 in The Big 15, a countdown by the Naples Daily News and The News-Press of Southwest Florida's top 15 high school football recruits.

I don't know a lot of SW FL football but he has to at least be pretty good, right?

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video interview from the article:

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I guess VT has always done well with LS:

Current backup LS McCurry was #2 in the 2016 class.

According to Prokicker.com, his average snap time is at 0.72 seconds and his best snap time at 0.64 seconds ... the service ranked him as the No. 4 long snapper in the nation at the high school level and the No. 2 ranked long snapper in the nation for the class of 2016


🦃 🦃 🦃

Fuente is taking care of the details. Good get.

I'm really enjoying this recruitment cycle.

Don't forget we got that Aussie punter last year. This may shape up for some old fashioned Fuentes fury on punts.

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Frankly, I don't understand this. Why would he be interested in us when every drive will end with a touchdown? Likewise why waste a scholarship on a guy who won't ever be needed? UVA would be a much better fit /s

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I know this is /s but I listened to an interview from a former NFL punter from Cal I think. He talked about how he was lucky that he got so many chances to punt because he actually thought USC had a better punter but these were the White Leinhart days and that guy only punted like twice all season.

Here's to hoping he only ever snaps for PATs

He'll have plenty of playing time. The PAT still needs a long snapper.

95% of what I say is sarcastic. The other 5% is usually taken out of context.

He'll probably develop calluses from a record number of extra point snaps.

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I saw some real recruiting breakdown on this guy. I was expecting something like

"Guy knows how to bend at the waist without sacrificing balance. Snaps are routinely straight with adequet spin and accuracy. The ball routinely is snapped from the center of this stance and lands in the hands of the punter at a 5* rate. Ability to pick up head and stand in front of the oncoming defensive lineman is top notch. Has a quick release when jogging downfield slightly behind every other lineman. Ability to add weight to be even more imposing standing in middle of line."

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The fact they we are going into the season without having filled out our 85 scholarship limit (83 right now) makes this pretty easy IMO. Many/most teams can prob only afford to offer PWO and put kids on scholarship their r-fr. year or whenever they start games.

I like how Fuente has used JUCO and transfers like Clark and Hazelton to fill out the roster rather than just wasting those openings.

Shadley has now been rated by 247 composite as a three-star recruit with a .8556 rating. The overall class ranking is now 15th overall and fourth in the ACC.

Never Forget #1 Overall Seed UVA 54, #64 UMBC 74