BUZZKETBALL 2016-17 Appreciation Thread

Well, our beloved Hokies just finished their season on a disappointing note, but I thought it was worth reminiscing on an incredible season.

This team played with so much heart and grit. They never quit and even though injuries could have been a convenient excuse, they never let the season slip away.

I'm so proud of this team and will greatly miss Zach LeDay and Seth Allen, but the future is bright for BUZZKETBALL in Blacksburg.

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GREAT JOB BUZZ'S BUNCH!!!! Thank you for all the hard work and effort. Zach and Seth, you guys are true examples of what it means to be a Hokie. We are all proud of you!

Man I'm gonna miss em both...I can't handle losing them and Sam in the same calendar year.

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From a 9 win season with one conference win and last in the ACC, to the Tournament. What a three years. Thank you, seniors.

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Thank you Seth and LeDay. Two Hokies who may not have started that way, but will always be perfect examples of what a Hokie is.

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Future is bright, but Allen and Leday were my favorite Hokie basketball players in a long time. It's gonna suck not getting to watch them anymore.

Overall, this was the most fun and joy I've had watching Hokie basketball in years. I'll always fondly remember this team and I look forward to the future of this program.

Man I'm just sad. I hope students/fans in the Blacksburg area show up in full force to welcome the team home when they get back to Blacksburg. They deserve it after a fantastic season.

I hope this happens as well.

To which I have zero doubts they will. I mean c'mon, whaddya think this is, LOLUVA?

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Hey I'm just glad we got to dance!

Go Hokies

Good job, Hokies. Wish the dance had gone on, but here's to next year.

Amazing season for sure. Team had so many great wins and looking forward
to next year!

I've got two things to say about this team...

and that's one hell of a

that has been laid by guys like Hudson, Allen and LeDay.

OSHA would have a field-day with this photo

If a tree falls in Scott Stadium does it make a sound?

I have been at far worse job sites.

As have I. Everyone wants to post pictures of jobsites, and I'm always like hey lets review that before doing so.

On a positive note, that's some nice concrete and formwork for something that's going to be underground in a few weeks.

We got dispatched to a reported trench collapse we got there and the workers were fine just not following OSHA or any real safety standards. Using a excavator to lift them in and out of the hole etc. we called SC OSHA and they told us we can't tell them to stop only one of their inspectors could, he would be out in 5-7 days. They told us our only job was to respond to emergency not preventing them.

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I wonder if SC is different for the laws. But in VA on most government jobs the inspector can't tell the Contractor to "do" anything. He can advise the Owner, Engineer, and Contractor. He can contact OSHA but he does not have the authority to stop work.

Thanks Buzz and team (esp Allen & LeDay) for pulling up this program out of the depths and mires that bared resemblance to the Ricky "Program Bomb" Stokes era and getting us back to that damn dance. We have much to be excited about and eagerly look fwd to you exceeding the accomplishments of the forbears. Truly FAM!

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I posted something similar on Friday, but it bears repeating today, and in every thread about Buzz Williams.

36 months ago we were a 9 win program who went 2-16 in ACC play, only beating Miami, the team that eventually ended our season in the ACC Tournament to cap off our 4th straight season of DFL in the conference. And our attendance might have been around 4k tops on a good day. To say things were not good would have been putting it mildly. Even worse, our recruiting wasn't really going in the direction that would have seen any kind of change down the line, so it looked like things were going to get worse before they got better.

Enter Buzz Williams.

We're a team that won 10 games for the 2nd straight season in ACC play, earning our first bid to the NCAA Tournament in a decade playing to the wire against the team that eventually knocked off the #1 overall seed 2 days later. And we do all of this playing a patchwork roster of a 7 man rotation because we lost our starting big man before the season began, relegating us toward having to use a true freshman center who desperately needs an offseason in the weight room, only to see our best player tear his ACL before the stretch run. For every reason things could have gone badly for us this year, we still managed to pick ourselves up and play on. This is a team that simply doesn't quit anymore and win or lose, we're giving every opponent our best shot. And then you consider the players we are going to be seeing next year and the year after added to this roster, and its clear that we're just in such a different spot than we've ever been in before.

Seriously, Buzz has done a phenomenal job in transforming this program. I just hope he sticks around long enough to enjoy the fruit this thing is going to produce.

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I'm 36 years old and have been watching VT hoops since my freshman year in 99. I've seen some real bad basketball in my time. I appreciate the hell out of the last two seasons like you would not believe. And it's crazy to think this, but the best is still yet to come!

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