Seth LeDay leaving the basketball program

Seth LeDay is transferring out of Virginia Tech, opening up a scholarship spot for another recruit cough

It was a mutual decision, and it'll be announced later what school he chooses to move on to.

Now is the time to start over-thinking. And firing up the hype train engines.

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Best of luck to this guy. I know it didn't really work out in the long run but he is, like any of us here, still a Hokie and I hope he finds success.

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Damn. I was looking forward to LeDay Scowl 2.0


Tyrod did it Mikey, Tyrod did it!!

I guess the rumor I heard was accurate.

Bittersweet. Won't be the same having a Buzzketball team without a LeDay on the bench. That said, it opens the door for a McD's A-A....

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Don't let the Belk Bowl take away from the fact that Matt Ryan blew a 25 point 2nd half lead in the Super Bowl.

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Best of luck to the young man once a hokie always a hokie hope he follows in his brothers steps to bring back the leday scowl into the NCAA again

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LeDay has the best scowl.

Best of luck to him, wherever he ends up!

Damn I was really looking forward to watching him play. I, for one, am a fan of 6-7 little brothers of Hokie legends who can windmill dunk.

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Wasn't Seth basically our team last year?

You're thinking of his older brother, who is now graduated, Zach LeDay. Seth was a transfer who would have been eligible to play this upcoming year.

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He could also be thinking of our other key contributor Seth Allen

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Yea I remember him. He had a scowl that could kill, played bigger than he was, had great speed, and never saw a shot he didn't like.

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Ahh yes, the ugly side of scholarship sports...

"Hey champ, swing by my office after workouts today... might be in your best interest to explore other options... we are going to have a tough time finding minutes for you this season and if you want to really get on the court, you might want to reach out to a few other programs..."

Nobody wants to think about this stuff actually happening, but I can assure you it does... especially when you are on the cusp of landing a Mcdonald's All American and a 6'11" center (former top-50 player) from UConn and need to free up a spot or two.