5 Stats that help describe the season (for me)

VT's rank among 130 teams

3rd Down Conversions

Red Zone Conversions to TD%

Opponent Long Scrimmage Plays of 40+ yards

Fumble Recovery %

Field Goals Make %

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Yeah, the fumble recoveries really aren't going our way.

VT has created some fumbles on their opponents, but for some reason aren't managing to recover them.

They need to focus on this technique, as it affected both the Miami and GT games.

Its called backside pursuit. Our D needs to swarm to the ball instead of being content to fill gaps.

There's no real technique to recovering fumbles. It's luck that tends to even out over time. The best way to deal with it is to not fumble on offense and cause a crapton of fumbles on defense.

There absolutely is a form technique to recover a fumble

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I think part of the reason we're not recovering many fumbles is that our players are not focusing on it. Gotta play every play through the whistle, and still keep their head up, focusing on where the ball is and looking for potential fumbles, even if they are not fumbles. Strip the ballcarrier, the ref, and the ballboy, and get that damn ball!

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After all of the complaining about playcalling yesterday, I think it was our inexplicable inability to recover two forced fumbles that ultimately cost us the game. Shegog's forced fumble and the botched kickoff both had at least 2 VT players the first to fall on top of it but couldn't get either one. Both were inside the GT 25 and would have had us easily put the Jackets away.

I don't know. We couldn't score from the 8 and clearly were not kicking field goals.

Truly amazing that we didn't get either or both of those.

I haven't wanted to bang my head on the wall more than when we somehow botched those fumble recoveries. Especially the first one. It was in his hands! Huge potential 14 points swing there. At least WE aren't fumbling nearly as often as last year. So that's a plus.

Offensively speaking, the most glaring observations I've made is how poor this team can a) convert on third downs and b) score in the red zone. These statistics definitely back this up and will continue to hamper this team until they can improve on both. Hopefully Jackson can improve on these for next year because we won't be going anywhere if these troubling trends continue.

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You could also make a pretty good argument that those are the two most important things to be good at.

Running behind Teller Percentage - coaches' choice

Running behind Teller Percentage - tailback's choice
#Fox carries / #VT runs

clearly sarcastica... but do we ever run behind Teller's side?

Where's TOP??? /s

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In all of our hearts

In the imaginations of some fans.

Here is my short-sighted stat analysis:

UNC: 385 yards total offense. 5 offensive TD, 1 FG
BC: 431 yards total offense. 2TD, 3FG
Duke: 390 yards total offense. 3TD, 1FG

You can look at other teams to draw comparisons but we are, in general, putting up enough yards for an additional scoring drive (assume avg 75 yards/scoring drive worst case). UNC was clinical. less yards than both BC and Duke but they scored TD's instead of FGs.

What scares me is Fuente does not trust in his offense which means he can't ask Foster to dial up the aggression because he needs to play more prevent. Last year Foster could be aggressive because we knew the offense could score. This year is not the same.

a few more

6-0 in games giving up 1 sack; 1-3 in games giving up >1 sack

0-2 in games with less than 200 passing yards, 7-1 in games with >200 yards

1-2 in games losing a fumble; 2-2 in games giving up an int; 4-1 in games committing no turnovers

6-1 in games holding opponent to under 350 total O; 1-2 when giving up > 400

2-3 in games rushing for under 110 yards (holy crap, we've done that FIVE times!!!); 5-0 when rushing for >180 (what a gap!)

1-3 in games where VT has <350 total O; 6-0 when >380

[edit: looks like 350 total O is a critical point...VT is 6-0 when it gains that much yardage; and is 6-1 when holds opponents to less than that]

7-0 in games where the defense does not allow back breaking chunk plays for touchdowns
0-2 in games where the opposing team talent was just far superior- especially their DL's vs. our OL
0-1 in games where the defense does allow back breaking chunk plays for touchdowns

I don't understand the downvote on this. If this is not patently false I don't think it's fair to downvote simply because you don't like how badly the team performs. I'm upvoting to counter.

stats that matter the most:
7-0 when we score the most points.
0-3 when the opponent scores the most points.

some might say TOP but not me.

That's pro-level Madden/McCarver skills there.

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In the 1st quarter so far VT has as a total thrown 1 TD and rushed for 2 more. As a comparison, just look at Memphis who have a total of 10 TD in the 1st quarter

Or WVU has 11 TDs

In the 1st quarter Vt is avg 84 yards of Offense

5 for me:
Deablo, Farley, Carroll, Terrell, Mook

Never Forget #1 Overall Seed UVA 54, #64 UMBC 74

Peoples too

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7-3 looks good. Better than the 'noles.

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How can that be dont tbey have 3 top VA recruits starting on that D

If those are the 5 stats you find that define the season for you, you're clearly a "the glass is 20% empty" guy...