GT had over 400 yards..

The jackets "should" have had 3 touchdown completions over 60 yards in the game. Amazing a team so one dimensional can win 8 games a year in a P5 league and torch a "good" secondary deep several times with such an inept passing game overall. It's unreal. It's our luck that they are not only in our league, but in our division. They would seem to be a great matchup for our defense to stop, but nope. The offense stunk Saturday to add insult to injury too.

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This doesn't deserve its own post.

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Agreed and same.

Using /s is for cowards.

Oh look, this again.

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Why does everyone say they are one-dimensional? They clearly are not considering they always bust huge passing plays against teams.

Agreed. Georgia Tech knows what they do best and they keep plugging away at it. That builds confidence in their scheme with their players. They are effective and diligent at running the air out of the ball, and the in-turn opens up big passing opportunities down the field vertically. They don't dink and dunk through the air because they aren't good at it, but it's quite a one-dimensional attack as they know they can go to the pass when they need it.


See: Calvin Johnson

I'm sure he didn't go to GT to run block for 4 years.

Johnson left before PJ arrived. But Demaryius Thomas did.

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My bad. Thanks for the correction.

Thomas played his freshman year under Chan Gailey.

No, I *don't* want to go to the SEC. Why do you ask?

We don't love dem Hoos.

Completing 4 passes in a college football game in 2017 is the webster definition of one dimensional.

Not really. You're one dimensional if you're trying to run a balanced offense, but one element (either run or pass) has been taken away from you by the defense. If you are trying to run and are running successfully, and are able to pass on the rare occasion you choose to, then you are not one dimensional.

This is the difference between analyzing a game based on the box score, vs. analyzing the game based on actually understanding what each team is trying to achieve, how they're trying to achieve it, and whether or not they were successful.

tl;dr version - If you think that what you stated is true, you are demonstrating your ignorance regarding college football in general, and Georgia Tech's offense in particular.

If you are arguing that Georgia Tech is a good or even effective "passing team" their own coach disagrees with you, and you know nothing about college football either.

You're such a pleasure.

He got what he gave - read the posts

When 100% of your completions in a game go for touchdowns, maybe you're more effective than someone on the internet declares you to be.

There is a difference between volume and efficiency, and defining "effectiveness" probably has more to do with efficiency than volume.

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GT is 128 in passing out of 129 teams this year. Marshall is last (14th) in the acc in passing. They run the ball 95% of the time. They are neither effective nor efficient passing the football. They are the textbook definition of one dimensional.

Hey look I can cherry pick stats too... Marshall has 8.5 YPA and has 2.7 TD for every INT while Trace McSorley has 8.4 YPA and only throws 2.6 TD for every INT... the difference is rate and situation.

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GT is second in the nation in yards per completion, and 36th nationally in yards per attempt (FWIW, Navy is #1 and #2 in these categories, respectively). That's not as efficient as GT would like, but it's more efficient than Clemson, Iowa, Iowa State, Washington State, Michigan, etc. You can call GT one dimensional if you want, but that's part of their scheme.

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Yep- see stats above..

Are you going to whine again?

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Yep. Not one other poster on this board has complained or been frustrated about anything regarding the GT game, you're right.

They all put their one paragraph comments in the vent thread too.

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It's just every time you start a thread it's you whining dc

I feed off of nightmares

I thought the kryptonite to Bud Foster's scheme was when throwing QBs run, not when running QBs throw????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????

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The simple fact is that if our offense had been average we win this game. The defense had some busts but we lost by 6 where our offense scored two touchdowns and had 250 yards. GT gave up 40 to the Hoos last week, their defense is not particularly stout. Both sides of the ball made mistakes but I think you are reaching to blame this on the defense when it is pretty obvious what our main issue was.

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As has been stated again and again in other threads, if you leave a defense (with as little depth as we have) on the field for too long they're eventually going to get tired and torched. Football really is a team sport and if the offense cannot sustain a drive, then the defense is going to suffer.

It's frustrating seeing the defense give up those long throws, but Bud and his guys put our team in a position to win easily if our offense could have done more. Defense is not the problem here.

The defense doesn't get a pass from me. They gave up three 60+ yard TD plays. Two passes by letting a WR get behind them, one on 3rd and 18!!!

How much does having no depth in the back end hurt us? Without DD and Adonis, VT has no depth back there. Exhaustion leads to mental lapses.

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I was curious about this so I downloaded the scores of all ncaa games this year.
When you score 22 points you win about 13% of the time.
When you give up 28 points you win 71% of the time.

36 points is the 50/50

Yep, it must have been the defense's fault

I think it's possible to hold the defense accountable for their mistakes, but still be more concerned about the offense.

In my mind, the defense had a handful of isolated instances that hurt us big. It's kind of like when your taking a math test, and you forget to account for a negative sign, and you get the wrong answer;. It's a costly mistake (especially on your multiple choice statics/dynamics/deforms tests where you don't receive any partial credit for showing work), but it's correctable.

The offense appears to have (at least to my untrained eye) some deeper issues. Whether it's an issue with our personnel, or an issue with our scheme, our offense shouldn't 'stall out' like it has the last few games. This is when you show up to your math test and you see a problem for the first time - you clearly were not well prepared. This situation is more concerning, because it's not as easily correctable.

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Can anyone tell me the last time Foster had a 2 deep across the board at DE and DT that he actually trusted to play significant minutes? I honestly can't think of any time since the early 2000s. They're essentially running with a solid front four, and then it's hit or miss after that. They addressed some of the issues at DE this past recruiting season, but they have been essentially playing with 3 DTs and 3 DEs all season long. Can't have the starters playing every down...

Regarding Saturday's output, the defense forced 3 punts and a turnover on downs in the first half. Sure, they gave up some big plays, but they also scored roughly 33% of our points on Saturday. For reference, we had scoring drives of 8 plays (38 yards), 1 play (29 yards), and 12 plays (74 yards.) Without the big return from McMillian or the pick six, this offense basically manufactured 1 significant drive. That's awful. If you want to beat GT, you have to make them chase you, and unfortunately we were left chasing them all day. I felt like the defense was pressing to get turnovers and/or quick 3 and outs, and that left them exposed on the back end.


Ekanem - N.Williams - Baron - Mihota
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Our backups last year were as solid as I can ever remember.

Well, the last time we were 2 deep at the entire defensive line was when you had the color on your TV wrong and thought the uniforms on tv were VT maroon instead of Alabama crimson.

Seriously, 2 deep at every position with no significant drop off doesn't happen in all but maybe 3-5 schools in the country, and that isn't even reliable every year.

Get Angry, Bud!

Seriously, 2 deep at every position with no significant drop off doesn't happen in all but maybe 3-5 schools in the country, and that isn't even reliable every year.

So you're saying that there's only 3-5 schools each year that have a legitimate shot at going undefeated? Yep, sounds about right.

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I'll bite, isn't the purpose of the triple option to be more than one dimensional? I get that a team that is lopsided in passing vs running can be seen as one dimensional. However, you can't key on one guy, often should keep a spy on the QB, and eventually will bring more guys into the box/move safties up risking getting burned. A running attack that can come from 3-4 guys on a given play is a lot different than the running attack at other schools who use a mostly one back system.

...That's what Maryland does.

I don't give a damn what the fans think cause, quite frankly, I know what the fans want better than they do.

Having a rabid fanbase comes with it's pluses and minuses.

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