Week 9: AP Top 25 Rankings


Virginia Tech moves up one spot to 13th
Clemson and Miami both stay at 7th and 8th respectively.

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Agree with all except Washinton ahead of us. Pac 12 is that good this year, they havent beaten anyone good and lost in bad fashion to an average AZ State team. If we go 1-0 this week I expect us to jump them in the first playoff rankings.

I figured our movement on the polls would be pretty slow, we won't really see a shakeup until week 10.

I predicted in the other thread that there wouldn't be a lot of shake up in the top 10 this week, since at least three teams were on a bye, and the rest won pretty easily. VT moving up one spot was expected based on USC's loss. I thought maybe we would have had a chance to jump Washington who was idle after a bad loss.

I was a little surprised at first by ND jumping up to #9, but seeing them above Oklahoma, I really shouldn't have been. After all, ND's only loss is by 1 point to #3 Georgia. OK lost to Iowa State.

the rest won pretty easily

Oklahoma and Oklahoma State are wondering if you watched their games this week.

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I guarantee they are hoping you didn't

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Then the OK state appreciates me.

I wonder when was the last time Iowa St was ranked

Last appearance by ISU in the AP poll was 2005. I didn't realize it had been so long.

Never really put together good/great seasons, they just always seem to beat a top 10 team seemingly every season.

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I'm guessing that was Seneca Wallace

Just keep winning and everything will work out.

Is it football season yet?

is 13 Luck or a curse?

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No Luck is 12

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is 13 Luck or a curse?

It's a number.

The Orange and Maroon you see, that's fighting on to victory.

Wk6 was Miami
Wk7 was USCw
Wk8 was ND
So I guess it's just a number......it really doesn't matter because next week it won't be our rank.......Top10 baby!!!!!

I'm pretty comfortable with this. Going into this week I thought that we were definitely a team that deserved to be somewhere between 10-20 in the rankings, and winning as convincingly as we did against UNC with impressive performances from the defense and special teams makes me feel very comfortable with being right in the middle of the 10-15 group.

The offense is definitely continuing to improve (Jackson and Savoy in particular seem to have been coming into their own in the past few games, among others), they just need to tighten up some of their execution and get consistent before I'd be comfortable with a top 10 rank.

Unfortunately, it's not about being ready or how good we are, it's about how many teams ahead of us lose.

I'd argue that it's more about beating the two teams ahead of us that are still likely to be on our schedule in Miami and (potentially) Clemson

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Total Offense: 35
Scoring Offense: 25
Total Defense: 13
Scoring Defense: 5

FWIW...TOP: 25

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Damn that really puts things into perspective. Back in ma day when we had a top 5 scoring defense, that meant we probably also had a top 100 offense.

I member those days

We still have a top 100 offense, its just we didn't have a top 90 offense...

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LOL 25th scoring offense with this unit is incredible... give Fuente a stud like Saquon Barkley or Lamar Jackson and defensive coordinators wouldn't bother to show up on Saturday.

These ACC coaches better beat Fuente on the recruiting trail or he and Foster are going to own this conference for a decade.

2010 offense was sick nasty. It's a shame that was a down year on defense. 2009 defense with 2010's offense and we are playing Auburn/Oregon for a national title.

Even Marshall receieved a vote! What a fun season this has been.

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CJ Reavis earned that vote on his own.

I miss CJ.

He would have been such a stud for DBU. Breaks my heart to see him over there, but really happy for his success and hope he gets a shot at the League.

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