Logan Thomas Just Had His 1st NFL Catch

It was a 3 yarder, but Charles Clay was carted off the field in the 1st. Not to celebrate an injury like that, apparently it was a low blow by the Bengals, but we'll see if our boy can seize the opportunity. I know we'd all love to see that super meta Tyrod to LT3 connection

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He needs more so I can pick him up next week. My TE luck is terrible. First Olsen, now Clay. On second thought. Maybe I'm the curse and should stay away from LT so he can remain healthy

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Any mention of how tall he is?

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His first collegiate catch was from Tyrod as well.

No, I *don't* want to go to the SEC. Why do you ask?

We don't love dem Hoos.

I wonder how often that happens. My money is on "not very".

Logan Thomas is also now on a likely very short list of "players with both TD receptions and TD passes in both NCAA and NFL"

Edit: updated to reflect that LT has caught an NFL TD pass

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And at some point he should Logandozer his way into the end zone as well to make it TDs in three ways in college and pros

Just waitin on that Rush TD now

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Fleener maybe?

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I'd guess that "first college and pro receptions were thrown by Tyrod Taylor" is, indeed, a list of one.

If you're reading the above post and thinking, "is this guy serious?!?," you can safely assume I'm not.

Our boy just got his 1st ever TD from Tyrod. A 22 yarder