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This is for tech or social media gurus that have FAR more experience and knowledge than I. There's a YouTube vid that's about 4 hours long, and there's a brief segment of it I want to cut out and share (in an email) with some persons. The segment I desire to cut and share begins at 2:00:40 in the vid, and concludes at 2:04:40. In a step-by-step process, please walk me through how I would accomplish this, please.
I realize I could probably find out for myself by looking it up (and I have). But when I did, I feel like some steps were left out or not fully explained. This would be done using a PC (Dell Inspiron), and the apps/programs would be: Chrome, Youtube & gmail. Thanks for any and all help anyone can offer.

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I use and you can select start and endpoints of what you want to download.

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Are both of these free to download and use?

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Another option is to just specify the start time in the Youtube URL.

Pause the video at the desired start time and click the "Share button"
Check the "Start at" option.

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You could send a link to the Youtube video that starts at the desired start time (but doesn't automatically end at the desired time) by sharing a link in this format after adding the video ID:

[video URL]?t=2h40s

You could embed the video in the email and specify start and end times by changing the source URL to the following:

src="[video URL]?start=3640&end=3880"