French's Spring Game Focus Areas/Initial Post Game Thoughts in comments.

I try to narrow my focus watching the spring game, especially when the game isn't televised so I can't go back to review. Here are my areas of focus. What should I add?

1) Young defensive backs. They are easy to isolate away from the ball, and it sounds like Bryce Watts, DJ Crossen, Devon Hunter, and Jermaine Waller all will have a chance to contribute. That also allows me to get some residual idea of how the WRs are performing.

2) Dzansi, Darrisaw, L. Smith, and A. Brown. None were part of the last spring game and have not been seen by the public, and those four will likely be the core of the next generation of the VT OL as these young skill guys mature.

Don't read too much into the running game and front seven play. Without the QB being live, the defense can really cheat on the running back. Pay attention to tackling, but the running game will tend to struggle without the threat of the QB option keeper.


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Even though the QB is not under pressure maybe provide an "eye test" on passing. I suppose that can be thought of us the upper limit with diminishing returns when the QB is under pressure.

With so much inexperience on the defense/guys out I would think the passing game should look good today. Let's see how the OT's do against Hill and Gaines. Watch the LB's I think run support they will be fine. Secondary with some new faces how do they hold up against WR's that saw PT last year. If the offense doesn't win today then that wouldn't be a good sign

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I'm interested to see if Caleb Farley has an impact on defense like he did on offense last spring game.

Also I just want to see the new linebackers not miss any tackles.

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I don't believe Caleb is playing today. He's been limited all spring.

Obviously we won't be live in such situations, but any insight into how our kicking game looks (specifically our placekicking and long snapping) would be great.

Also, I know I, for one, am always looking for injury updates, how guys are progressing, etc - things we generally don't get from the staff. Anyone who you're surprised is playing? Anyone who you're surprised isn't?

Thanks as always, French! Have a good time

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It's windy as hell out here today. Take the passing and kicking game with a grain of salt today.

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Heads up everyone.

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Just an FYI for everyone, Deablo is a typo. No move to WR.

I guess it doesn't matter what position they have him at if he's not playing.

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You're the only ones that I can talk to about this, you guys.

Wow good chance to see the 2 deep

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I was looking forward to hearing about what Reisenweaver could do...

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Link for listening to Spring Game radio coverage (105.3 The Bear):

I also posted this in the 350+ comment Spring Game thread but figured some might not see it there.

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some quick observations

Dellulis had some really strong isolation blocks inside that popped some runs inside. VT's second team guards did strong work vs the 2D, but...

Zion Debose showed terrific speed off the edge for several disruptive plays. His straight line speed looks significantly improved from high school. Tyjuan Garbutt was really sound against the run. He forced outside on one play, crossed the LTs face, and bent back inside to prevent a big Coleman Fox run.

Jermaine Waller had a beautiful PBU on a deep ball. He worked with the top group some, and the PBU was on Patterson vs the ones. Patterson turned another corner inside out on a deep out on the first drive.

Because of injuries, John Jennings is working at rover with the ones. Ladler is at free safety. Belmar and Gaines are working as the one DEs. Xavier Burke is with Walker at DT.

There have not been any glaring mental errors on defense. Offense had the deflected INT and some challenges with pass rush. Jackson has had time but has looked slow making reads. He also has seen some throws impacted by the wind. It is much tougher to read Willis because he basically is targeting Kaleb Smith.

Grimsley got a lot of touches early.

Int was the post flat combo that Jackson had comfort with. It was a great break on the ball by the corner. Didn't see who it was (Watts or Rodgers.)

Second half starting!

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How have the TE's been used and how we'll have they been performing?

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Delullis grabbed my eyes. More physical at the point of attack and caught some balls. Keene slipped out on a little bootleg. They ran a vertical route up the seam to Cunningham and throwing into the wind Jackson left it so short that it almost hit CC in the heels if Jennings didn't almost pick it off.

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I don't know what happened to Watts, but I didn't see much of him after a series or so.

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Lots of Rodgers, Quillen, and Waller with both defensive groups.

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If you could draw an ideal OL, he would look like Lecitus Smith. Goodness gracious.

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Size-wise or other factors?

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He looks like he is wearing Batman honor, and played pretty well as best as I can tell. It was a weird nuance but it seemed like the second group was rarely close enough to me (south endzone) where I could get a good look at how individual linemen were performing. However, it seemed like when there were "leaks", they came from outside.

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Didnt didnt find out much with Kumah and Hazelton out at WR. Jackson looked hesitant throwing the ball and getting past his first read. Willis looked more decisive throwing and is probably the most accruate. Hooker didnt get enough opportunities in my opinion, still think he is the total package if given the chance. Really wish the QB's went live so I could have seen how each QB does with the read option. We know JJ is average at it, Willis is a wildcard, and Hooker has the most athleticism. Like Pattersons hands and Kaleb Smith looks like he could be in that "top 8" guys Wiggins wants.

Defensively, Walker, Debose, Garbutt, and Rivers looked solid. Hard to put much stock in DB's without Alexander, Floyd, Deablo, and even Webb. The team is going to need a great summer to get that win against FSU.

Fox trucked Rivers on the goalline once.

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Wait...what. Fox trucked Rivers???? Either fox has put on some muscle or or I'm not thinking about the or....

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I'm not thinking about the or...

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One guy has experience against NFL linebackers, the other does not have experience against NFL running backs

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Damn when we get NFL players on our practice squads?

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Coleman Fox has run against NFL LB prospects Micah Kiser (LOLUVA), Dorian O'Daniel (Clemson), and Andre Smith (UNC), not to mention the Clemson DL, DE Harold Landry (BC), DT Andrew Brown (LOLUVA), Safties Jordan Whitehead (Pitt), Tre Flowers (Ok State), Quin Blanding (LOLUVA), Van Smith (Clemson), not to mention practicing against Tremaine, Terrell, Big Tim, and DBU

Rivers didn't go up against any NFL draft prospect last year

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Well he did go up against Coleman Fox.....

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Hooker didn't look comfortable with the offense. The play calling seemed to indicate he wasn't as comfortable. He made a few nice plays, but some were meh. One RPO, he handed off and should have never done so. Got blown up immediately.

I wouldn't have an issue with Willis on the field at all. He looked good today. JJ did well enough to say I can't see him losing the job.

Watts wasn't the only guy who came out pretty quickly. Jackson replaced Pfaff at Right Guard pretty early.

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Maybe they felt comfortable with what Watts and Phaff have shown this spring and wanted to see how the backups handled the situation?

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Most likely. They challenged the young guys. At the same time, Chung and Nijman got a ton of work though and Walker played until halftime I believe.

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- I thought Willis looked pretty good, but I am not sure he has enough to unseat JJ as starter. Much like last year, I would feel fine with either starting and the other backing up.
- I thought Hooker was clearly the third best. He has a good arm but a longer throwing motion and a little loop in his delivery.
- Proctor and Debose both looked the part and seemed to play well. I could not follow Garbutt much from my seat on the press box side. Lots of potential there.
- speaking of potential, with the guys held out, we had an absolute ton of young guys on the field. It was fun to watch a lot of them have.moments. Jermaine Waller will be a baller by time he is done in Blacksburg. He got burned on a deep TD, but generally looked better than a Freshman CB should. And I like Kaleb Smith. Kid played hard and looked like he has nice potential for a walk on WR. And shout out to walk on WR Nicholas Conforti, who was pressed into service as the 5th RB and got quite a few carries in the 4th quarter.

Overall, beautiful day to see a lot of new names get some run. Bring in fall ball!