Josh Jackson Downfield Pass Efficiency


But this goes against the narrative! Josh is terrible, Quincy is the savior!/s

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Personally, I'm waiting for Lawson.

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Yeah that what I was going for, but despite my years in the MVs I apparently have no rhythm...

Please tell me you weren't a percussivist. If not, it is forgivable.

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Nope not even close. Random dude that played the piccolo

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I wish. I cannot count the number of times I did the whole Ron Burgundy "I'm not prepared" and then pulled my instrument from my sleeve before playing. Tried it with a flute and a piccolo, much easier with the latter.

I'm glad someone gathered those stats. I started gathering them last year but it takes a LONG time to do.

I'm onboard with the "JJ isn't as bad as the fanbase thinks" train. But 11+ yards is a weird cutoff though right?

Could be or it could be 1st down yardage in most situations and constitute something other than a short pass.

But 11+ yards is a weird cutoff though right?

I get it; 11+ yards is a little bit more than a first down. That said, I'd love to see these stats for 20+ yards. 20+ yards is what (IMHO) I consider a 'vertical threat' or 'deep ball'. 20+ yards will stretch the defense, I'm not sure 11+ yards will.

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"Now Miami wants to talk about it." *Cue Enter Sandman*

I would be interested to see what types of passes he does well on. I think he's decent at hitting crossing patterns or posts, but I also think he's pretty terrible at hitting go routes. I would love to see data that could back that up or refute it.

You know who else is terrible at hitting go routes?

Almost every other college QB. It's a low probability pass.

What about these types of throws in the beginning of the season vs the end? Didn't he have 3-4 long tds vs ECU?

The second half of the season might not show stats as favorable. Which makes sense, the schedule was more difficult and the guy was banged up.

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Every other qb in the country had teams they can pad stats on. I would say it's a fair stat, but still just a stat.

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This stat surprises me for a couple of reasons.

I get the 15/2 ratio. Really good!

I definitely don't get how a QB can complete 46.4% of those passes AND have a passer rating (on said passes) that high.

Anyone know the FBS (or whatever) average comp % on 11+yd passes? It must be incredibly low if 46.4% gets you a passer rating up above 170 - for any category of passes. Right?

Perfectly happy to be wrong/learn something I didn't know on this one.

You're the only ones that I can talk to about this, you guys.

There are some differences between how College and Pro QB-ratings are calculated. NFL ratings have a maximum of 158 or something like that.

There is a Wikipedia page that goes thru the entire calculation for both, but the basic point is that the college system is inflated somewhat--with some average college QBs able to acheive ratings better than 2/3 of NFL QBs.

It would be very interesting to break out what proportion of those throws were in ACC play as there seemed to be a very noticeable dropoff in downfield accuracy once conference play started.

Here's the college passer rating (screenshot from wikipedia). The high 15 TD's and low INT greatly outweigh the passes complete per attempt.

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((a + b + c + d) / 6) * 100
a = (comp % - 0.3) * 5
b = (yads/att - 3) * .25
c = (td/att) x 20
d = 2.375 - (int/att) * 25

By NFL passer rating, JJ's rating for the season is 90.6, about the equivalent of Nate Sudfeld and slightly better than Tyrod's 89.2 His NCAA rating was 135.2

By season, J.J ranks 11th (comparing starters only) in NCAA passer rating among VT quarterbacks since 1999, ahead of:
Bryan Randall 2004
Grant Noel
Michael Vick 2000
Logan Thomas 2013
Sean Glennon 2006
Michael Brewer 2014
Logan Thomas 2012
Tyrod Taylor 2008

By NFL passer rating, he ranks 8th for the same time period, behind:
#6 - Sean Glennon 2007 (92.8, 137.6 NCAA)
#5 - Marcus Vick (92.8, 143.3 NCAA)
#4 - Tyrod Taylor 2009 (97.6, 149.4 NCAA)
#3 - Jerod Evans (105.0, 153.0 NCAA)
#2 - Tyrod Taylor 2010 (106.9, 154.8 NCAA)
#1 - Michael Vick 1999 (113.7, 179.2 NCAA)

Edited to clarify this is only ranking VT QBs.

I only have the WVU game info, courtesy of HokieTapes and a spare 2 hours to dissect

Jackson was 15/26 with 1 TD
On passes longer than 20 yards, he hit 4/5 (passes from LOS to where the receiver caught the ball)
On passes longer than 10 yards, he hit 7/10 with the TD
On passes longer than 5 yards, he hit 11/17
He was 4/6 on passes shorter than 6 yards
I didn't count throwaways into this
The most accurate route was the 6-10 yard out route (4/4), followed by 20+yard posts (2/2), and the shallow screen (3/4).

If I have more time over the coming weeks, I'll put together a full rundown for every game, unless somebody else who can can take my framework and run with it.

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Oh man I was watching the replay of I think that game from HokieTapes and that sideline pass to CJ Carroll? That's a pass that gets you excited about JJ's future at QB.

EDIT: Found the clip.

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JJ played a hell of game against WVU. play calling was also in his favor but when it was there he took advantage. we need the consistency from him. boy if he could play like that every week QP wouldn't sniff the field till after JJ graduates and Lawson would have to transfer out and hooker move to TE.

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I think I commented about that play in one of the post-game threads. It was either that pass or maybe another side line pass, but from the pocket. It looked like he had the power, quick motion and accuracy needed to be a high quality ACC starting quarterback.

Honestly the easiest thing to do might just be to tweet at David Hale and ask him if he could put together passes >20 yards. ESPN has the most ridiculous secret stats database and with his access it probably wouldn't take him more than a few minutes to give you an answer.

When you've got time, can you post the same for Miami, Pitt, GT, UVA, and OSU?

I feel the need to say he did this with a sub-par (for the ACC) supporting cast, and as a Freshman. Get hype for the next few years ladies and gentlemen.

I bet *most* of the the incomplete passes were ones where he was scrambling outside the pocket. I'd be interested to hear someone who is familiar with recognizing great footwork **eh hem** - french - **eh hem** weigh in on how it affects his accuracy, as my first thought is that JJ was highly inaccurate when forced outside the pocket and passing downfield. Some due to drops, but largely felt he was just bad at throwing on the run or outside his comfort zone.

These stats really don't move the needle for me. I know I sound like a debby downer, but JJ just does not excite me at QB. I hope he proves me wrong but his regression throughout the season didn't give me any optimism.

Yes I know he was injured but some of the most simple throws weren't made, throwing off the back of his foot a lot of the time, and not progressing through his reads. I know he was a freshman, but I am keeping my expectations real low for this season.

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You're bumming me out. Think about what he did in the context of his season. He was a freshman. He was (reportedly) injured half of the season. His supporting cast was young and his running game almost non-existent. Yet, despite all of that, he put up good numbers with even better efficiency.

Was he perfect? Of course not, but he was better than any freshman we've ever had (Vick excluded) and he was way ahead of where Tyrod was at this point in his career, with way less talent around him. Give him time to grow and better pieces around him and he's an All-ACC QB.

Oh I understand everything you said, but the fact that he looked worse and worse as the season went by concerns me. Again, I would love for him to prove me wrong. But I am looking at the games under a microscope and some of the changes/improvements you should have seen over a season I didn't see.

Can't help but think he's looking over his shoulder with the other OB's we have, but I hope he balls out regardless.

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More concerning to me was that the offensive decision making got worse as the season went in my book as well. Looking at you, 3rd, and 4th, and 1. And if your QB is having trouble hitting WRs on the back shoulder, my opinion is that there should be an adjustment from the coaching staff instead forcing the issue further.

These two developments may not be exclusive to each other, and other factors probably played into each to an extent.

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Yea I would agree to that. For example, the GT game... why we ran a back shoulder 20 yard throw on 3rd and 1, and then a hail mary toss in the endzone on 4th and 1 was on the coaches and not JJ. That was absolutely horrendous playcalling. Yes, you want to get it to your best players, but get the first down first on safe plays before chucking it down the field on both down and distances.

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the fact that he looked worse and worse as the season went by concerns me.

I think this is largely a reflection of the level of competition early in the season vs. late in the season. I'll wait until later this year to get concerned.

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Possibly, possibly not. I was morely looking at his foot work, technique, and working his progressions but I agree its smart to get another year of data to get a larger sample size. Just right now, I am not feeling too hot but of course that could change quickly this season

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He may not excite you, but looking at VT QBs since 1999 the only QB with a better NFL passer rating that wasn't a junior, redshirt junion, senior or redshirt senior was MV7 in 1999.

For a career, J.J.'s single season ranks 4th of 13 in NFL passer rating among all starting VT QBs since 1994, behind Jerod Evans, Michael Vick and Tyrod Taylor. It ranks 6th of 13 in NCAA Passer Rating, behind Jerod, MV7, MV5, Tyrod and Bryan Randall.

Yea its just how I felt as the season ended. I hope he proves me wrong. Not as much stats (as other players can affect his), I will be more looking at improvement with his footwork, knowing when to leave the pocket and not, following through on his throws, and him reading through his progressions.

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We're about to find out this season if he's good or not.

I agree, this will be a season to see what we have in him assuming he stays healthy. I know the wide outs are still young, but if they are dropping the ball, then that's on them.

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Also want to add that if you look up you'll see where he ranks among single-season leaders for VT by NFL and NCAA rating. One thing you'll notice about four of the five QBs who had a better single-season NFL rating than J.J. except one have two things in common:

1. they were upperclassmen (MV7 being the exception)
2. they all had a more experienced WR and RB corps

MV7 1999: Shyrone Stith (Sr), Andre Davis (So), Ricky Hall (Sr), Andre Kendrick (Jr) - average 3.25 years experience

Tyrod 2010: Danny Coale (r-Jr), Corey Fuller (Jr), Jarrett Boykin (Jr), Darren Evans (Jr), Ryan Williams (r-So), David Wilson (r-So) - average 3.2 years experience

Tyrod 2009: Danny Coale (r-So), Jarrett Boykin (So), Darren Evans (So), Ryan Williams (r-Fr), Kenny Lewis Jr (Sr), Greg Boone (r-Sr) - Avg 3 years exp

Sean Glennon 2007: Eddie Royal (Sr), Josh Morgan (Sr), Justin Harper (Sr), Sam Wheeler (r-So), Greg Boone (r-So), Brandon Ore (r-Jr), Carlton Weatherford (r-Sr) - Avg 4.1 years exp

Jerod Evans: Isaiah Ford (Jr), Cam Phillips (Jr), Bucky Hodges (r-Jr), Sam Rogers (Sr), Travon McMillian (r-So) - Avg 3.4 years exp

Josh Jackson: Cam Phillips (Sr), Sean Savoy (Fr), Eric Kumah (So), DeShawn McClease (r-So), Travon McMillian (r-Jr), Steven Peoples (Jr) - Avg 2.8 years exp

Yea he didn't have the weapons like other QB's like you mentioned but I was more looking at what I saw on the field/tape.

Stats would have been better with Isiah Ford, Bucky, etc of course.

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Anyone else genuinely shocked that 2007 Glennon had a higher passer rating than Josh Jackson?

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Glennon wasn't bad, he just got sandwhiched between two quarterback who were able to make plays despite an awful line.

Recruit Prosim

Glennon was also playing behind an atrocious offensive line. There were a number of times when from snap he had less than 1.5 seconds before the defense was hitting him. Nobody can survive that for long.

And we still managed to go 10-3. Imagine if we had a line that could have blocked for him.

^ This. Glennon's fault is that he couldn't feel pressure coming. That's a really bad trait to have when your offensive line pass blocks about as well as a wet paper bag. He also played at a time when our offensive coaching was pretty subpar. As far as arm talent, Glennon wasn't bad.

Zero awareness of pressure. Then right when they got there, he'd try this useless spin. Most of the time, that didn't result in a fumble...

Look at who he had to throw the ball to. Also, but for Goddamn fucking matt ryan and morgan(harper?) taking the onside kick off his thigh, we have more interesting conversations about how Tech got fucked out of the natty by two loss LSU.

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Meh. How wronged can you feel when your team loses by 41 points to the team that gets selected over you?

Joffrey, Cersei, Ilyn Payne, the Hound, Jeff Jagodzinski, Paul Johnson, Pat Narduzzi.

One loss is fewer than two losses (one of which was at home to an unranked team near the end of the regular season)?

It's all water under the bridge now, but it'd be interesting to see how the computers would have shaken that out.

No, I *don't* want to go to the SEC. Why do you ask?

We don't love dem Hoos.

Is it called "throwing off your backfoot" or is it "throwing off the only non-broken foot you have?"

lol have a leg... I would agree but he was also guilty of it early in the season too.

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Jackson's rating by month:

September: 159.34
October: 143.05
November: 106.31
December: 107.64

Nijman missed every game in November and December. Is it oversimplifying to say that Jackson's problems were due to not having his left tackle?

Competition got tougher as well.

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I think that, level of competition, and health all played a part. That said even when we were drumming teams in September/October, we started slow. I think JJ was just a Freshman.

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JJ was a freshman, and he was throwing to a largely inexperienced receiving core. He and the receivers both had to make a read on the defense to know what route was going to be run, and they had to be on the same page. I can see some hesitation to make sure the receiver is seeing what JJ sees. But I expect that to improve over the season as they work and practice together. Against better competition you may not see the improvement as much, but what worries me, and I suspect worries others on here, is he did not appear to me to be improving. On the other hand, I trust that Fuente knows a lot more about this than i do, and if he is happy with how JJ is progressing, or feels like he still gives us the best chance, I am not going to second guess and call for another QB to play. I am just uncomfortable with what information I do have.

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Yes it is oversimplifying. JJ can't make throws on the run. When plays break down, he was virtually useless and at best, would only throw the ball out of bounds. Sometimes you NEED to be able to make a play when things go wrong. It's much more than just a left tackle.

You could just as easily say later in the year there was more tape on him. Teams could see what he was and wasn't capable of and addressed that accordingly on defense.

This is a bad take.

useless at best

Very good QBs can make plays when things break down, can make good throws under duress, and make throws on the run. I don't expect him to be Baker Mayfield, but there are guys who made more of these type of throws in a game than JJ did all season. It's more noteworthy considering he's not very capable with his feet.

not very capable with his feet.

6 rushing TDs. You also apparently did not watch the WVU game. You are full of bad takes today.

Yeah every poster who thinks JJ can do no wrong cites the WVU game. We play 14. He had a nice run in that game and some underthrown passes that were caught. He played fine - good in a debut, but the WVU game is hardly the level of QB play we got last season.
Look at his rushing numbers. From a purely rushing lens, the WVU game was an absolute abnormality. The remainder of the season he averaged 18.5 yds per game on the ground. Just saying '6 rushing TDs' is pretty laughable. He had 4 during the regular season, 3 in ACC play, and none longer than 9 yards. That is not very capable with the feet. He's not a running threat at all.

Please post more highlights of the WVU game while we totally ignore the quarterbacking in the Miami, Pitt, GT, UVA, and OSU games.

Miami, Pitt, GT, UVA, and OSU

You mean the games without Cam Phillips and when he was walking in a boot? Oh ok, those games.

Also, his yardage is minus sack yardage because the NCAA is dumb. 6 tds is about one every other game. Not bad for someone you say is "useless at best"

So you can cite a total outlier, yet have an excuse why we can't count 5 other games?

He's not a running threat. Regardless of how rushing numbers are calculated. Diving across the line in a goalline set doesn't somehow make you a running threat.

What?!?! I stated a season long stat. You called someone who had the best freshman year at QB in our history (Non vick category) "useless at best" and lack the mental capacity to understand context.

You misquoted him. He said "virtually useless".

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Oh sorry, that's way better.

You're citing the WVU game as to why he's such a good runner. That is an outlier.

I didn't say 'useless at best.' You don't need to doctor my post to get on some high horse.

Stats can tell any story you want them to. Would love to see the breakdown of 0-10 yards, 11-20, and 20+ and then compare them to other QBs in the league. Then those same numbers against ranked teams or those in our conference. I have a feeling they'd tell a significantly different story.

If you can look at the QB play we saw last year and be totally comfortable, we're just not going to agree, and that's fine. I am very concerned with the lack of progression, and significant regression - injury related or not - that was pretty clear.
JJ's limited athletically and given the other holes on our team, we're going to need a dynamic QB if we want to sniff a conference title. If you're one of the "get to a bowl game and beat UVA" VT fans, JJ can likely do that just fine.

Saying stuff like 'JJ is a ground threat bc he had 6 rushing TDs' is silly to me.

Not being able to understand context is silly to me. It's like you want to bend the stats to shit on him. Appreciate that a freshman was able to do what he did, without much of a supporting cast and while hurt the last half of the year.

Neither of us know how 'hurt' he was. We heard he was in a boot after the Miami game (a game where he played terribly) and was out of it on the Wednesday after. I'm not sure the walking boot excuse holds for what we saw against OSU 2 months later.

And talking context, again, it's just as reasonable to think at the start of the year he was a player with zero film on him, who then struggled later in the year bc teams could ID his capabilities and weaknesses.

OK, so I'm kinda done with you but let me tell you your argument progression.

1. You say he cannot throw accurately more than 10 yards downfield. (posted comment link above)
2. Once that was disproven, you post about his lack of running ability calling him "virtually useless" despite knowing what he is capable of with the WVU and the OSU (50 yards, 2 tds rushing) games and posting decent rushing stats throughout the year (strikingly similar to Rosier stats at Miami btw.).
3. Now, your argument is that the reported injury wasn't that serious and never acknowledge the other part about him having no running game or him being freshman.


Once that was disproven, you post about his lack of running ability calling him "virtually useless"

I think that was more in the context of his running game and not JJ himself.

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Yes. I understand, which is why I said "you post about his lack of running ability...." calling him virtually useless within that of what his post was about. But thanks for looking out....

OSU comes from a conference where defense is no where to be found and WVU was the 103rd ranked rushed defense, so I don't think those are great examples.

Take out those two games, JJ rushed 97 times (almost 9 rushes/game) for 15.7 yards/game which equates to 1.74 yards/carry out of the 11 other games. Yes sacks are taken into account, but that is still extremely low with that considered. JJ imo is no rushing threat with no more running ability than the next guy.

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He was sacked 22 times. Thats over 1 per game. Add about 10ish yards per game and reduce his rushes per game by 1 and he is about 3.2 YPR (without his two best games). That's Jalen Holsten's average. Yet I don't see y'all trashing him for not having rushing ability. The venom JJ gets is unreal and super unbecoming of our fanbase.

The venom JJ gets is unreal and super unbecoming of our fanbase.

The best thing he can do to shut it up & stop it is win and pad his stats (basically, do better).

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Sack yardage accounted for (-142 yards) Linky Linky

Thats 6.45 yards/sack. 3 of those sacks happened in the WVU (1) and OSU (2) games, which is about 19 yards. Take that out of the 142, leaves you 123 of sack yardage.

You add that 123 to his 173, that's total rushing yards of 296 or about 27 yards/game or 3 yards/rush for those 11 games. His longest run for all but 1 game of those 11 games, was over 1/3 of his total rushing yards (5 games out of 11 was more than half) which diminishes his yard/carry stat. Take out the longest rush, you are most likely looking under 2 yards and sometimes under 1 yard/carry if not in the negative.

Bleeding burnt orange and chicago maroon

So not only are you taking away his best two games. But now his longest rush in every game? What kind of revionist history bullshit is that?

You can add them in if you want, that's fine. But he had more game like the 11 I mentioned vs. the 2 which were against bad defenses... Not to say he didn't play against bad defenses during the 11 but he performed badly against them too.

I just like looking at stats and if you take out one run, just one (his best run) out of the average total of 9 rushes/game and look at the other 8 rushes (on average) of the 11 and ignore OSU and WVU because of their porous defenses, then his rushing stats are not great at all.

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Friend, you're letting your heart do all the talking. Give your head a chance.

We all love JJ and want him to do well. For our team, for himself. And the numbers say that he did. However, anyone who watched JJ last season saw that he struggled mightily with his mobility, his ability to make people miss, his timing and accuracy on throws of all distances. All season. Saying that he had a great game vs WVU is fine, but when you go back and watch the game (and ignore the box score) you'll see the flaws in the logic. Look at the wide open receivers (that he consistently underthrew). Half of his rushing yards came on the late keeper (the FBI is still looking for the 'Neer LB that should have been waiting for him in the hole). He may have been hobbled later in the season, but even in that first game anyone with working eyes could see that JJ wasn't going to be the elusive dual-threat QB we'd all hoped for. He's not a threat to turn nothing into something. Decent straight-line speed, but very little wiggle.

Over the course of the season, his comp % was pretty good, but go back and look at all the missed opportunities. Just because the receiver catches the ball, it doesn't necessarily mean the throw was accurate. Short slants vs man coverage need to be thrown north of the receivers' waists and towards the front shoulders to maximize YAC. Those same routes vs zone need to be lower and more possession-oriented to protect the ball and the guy catching it. JJ struggles with this level of accuracy. Throwing a bubble screen at a wideout's knees isn't "accurate". Sideline routes are all about timing; the ball should be out before the wideout makes his cut. JJ has ya hard time with those too. And deep throws. "But look at all the yardage!!" Sure, but how many of those throws hit the receivers in stride? "Comp%" does not always indicate "accuracy".

He's super smart. He takes care of the football. He rarely makes a rash decision. He's about getting W's. We want him to be great. As of now, he's really good. And we should be a little concerned that he didn't come out and take the QB competition by the horns. What we got instead was a fairly lackluster performance, coupled with some strong throws, surprising mobility and a pretty good grasp of the offense... from his backup. Fuente mentioned his desire to see JJ fall in love with the preparation side of football. That is simply shocking to me. If you have superior athletes waiting in the wings, you'd better be mentally prepared as hell. I'm just sayin'.

I get the sense that you feel like those of us who openly question his viability as the starter are just haters, or aren't being supportive. And I can tell by reading all your previous stuff in this thread that you're not going to suddenly be convinced. AND, the smart money is definitely still on JJ to be the starter right now, so it may all be a moot point at the end of the day. But if you're going to tout his brilliance based on the "best frosh VT qb season in however long" argument, I'd encourage you to start touting it as the "best statistical frosh season". Because no one can argue with that.

You're the only ones that I can talk to about this, you guys.

Yeah I'm going to go ahead and not trust your eye test on his downfield accuracy over the entire point of the original post. Good talk.

And I can tell by reading all your previous stuff in this thread that you're not going to suddenly be convinced cool, or even civil.

Fixed that for myself.

You must be a real hoot to share opinions with in person. Thanks for making the site so fun!

You're the only ones that I can talk to about this, you guys.

When you say someone is not accurate throwing downfield on a post showing statistics that he was highly efficient at doing just that, it is no longer an opinion. You are incorrect. It is not an opinion that the earth is flat.

But you are correct elsewhere. I'm not fun to share incorrect statement with. Nor am I going to be convinced of something that isn't true. I love this site, and pay for its success, but sometimes the negativity over something that doesn't make sense is just too frustrating. 18-19 year old kid who had a hell of a year through injury and rotating youth around him gets shit on by untrained eye tests. Unbelievable.

This sub-thread is turning into ultimate frisbee at Port Chester University: doesn't matter who wins 'cause they're all losers.

Just walk away.

Warning: this post occasionally contains strong language (which may be unsuitable for children), unusual humor (which may be unsuitable for adults), and advanced mathematics (which may be unsuitable for liberal-arts majors)..

Some conversations are better in person, over bourbon and beer. I believe this is one of those. Sometimes it's not what is said, but how it's said, and keyboards are exceptionally bad at the latter.

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I could definitely use a bourbon.

Trust me, you won't regret this:

Hokie fan | W&M grad

I completely agree. Trashing a freshman quarterback who had a great year is idiotic. Can we not agree that if he continually progressess through his career that we will have one hell of a player?

Can we not agree that if he continually progresses through his career that we will have one hell of a player?

Sure. Provided that he actually does it. It's better (IMOP) for fans that are "trashing/criticizing" him to be wrong/incorrect, rather than the other way around.

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18-19 year old kid...and rotating youth around him gets shit on by untrained eye tests.

First, if he's 18+ years old, he ain't no kid. He's an adult male. Second, in hindsight, the discussions revolving around him on this site are quite tame and even-tempered compared to the rest of internetverse.

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I wouldn't use rosier as a comp seeing how they were undefeated and he got pulled against a BAD UNC team halfway through the game so im not sure if you were trying to boost JJ up by saying it was close to rosier. Rosier had a WVU like game (one really long carry and a couple other 3 or 4 yarders here and there) against us. I don't have a dog in this fight but I don't like the comp between the 2. rosier ran for 150 more yard on only 7 more attempts. rushing stats below

player/ attempts/ yards/ ypc/ long/ TDs
rosier - 131 468 3.6 36 5

Jackson - 124 324 2.6 46 6

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Those are fairly similar, albeit not identical and Rosier ran better later on (he wasn't hurt). The other QBs in the ACC are either way more athletic (Bryant, Dillon) or way less athletic (Finley, Benkert). He matches most closely to Rosier in both athleticism and rushing stats in my admittedly quick look into it.

JJ can't make throws on the run. When plays break down, he was virtually useless and at best, would only throw the ball out of bounds.

These two points are demonstrably false, and there's a link to a play I've posted above to prove it.

They might be areas in which he needs to improve, but 1) he has the ability and 2) Freshman.

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Posting a single play doesn't make it not a concern. Taking 850(ish) snaps in a season will lend you to a play here or there, and yeah, you can pick those. I don't believe he showed either to be a strength last year, and his physical limitations alone (arm strength, release speed, foot speed) make it hard for me to just give 100% blind faith that he'll be able to make throws on the run or across his body when things break down.

You said "can't". And like many things you've said concerning this issue, that's hyperbole and hurts your argument (such as saying that anybody who sees a positive in JJ thinks he can do no wrong).

Everybody here wants the best QB possible to take snaps for VT. Some of us see potential in Jackson. It's okay if you disagree, but throwing out blatant falsehoods and then trying to discredit the proof as an outlier anytime someone disagrees with you isn't the best way to make your point.

VT Class of '12 (MSE), MVBone, Go Hokies!

And yet you have little problem taking limited evidence and taking it on 100% blind faith that he will not be able to. Everyone tends to like their opinions best, but trying to prove one better than another just annoys people with the other opinion. While my opinion interpretation is more similar to yours than against it., I have a hard time defending your tone or arguments.

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Andddddd collapse thread.

I have not gathered statistics because that takes an insane amount of time, and I want to preface this by saying I think a healthy Jackson with a better supporting cast will be a very solid offense. I think he was exceptional in the intermediate passing game, especially across the middle, and ran RPOs very effectively for a freshman.

However, when watching highlights of our games this year (hopefully the highlights show a good portion of long completions he had) many of these completions were underthrown, or a great play was made by the WR. Against Pitt, a corner fell down on an underthrown ball leading to an easy Cam Phillips catch. Against WVU he underthrew Cam twice even though he was able to come up with the catch. Against BC, Savoy had nobody within 20 yards of him and the ball was well underthrown taking a way a sure touchdown. Against UVA both corners got turned around and Cam had to cut inside hard to make the catch. Against OSU Murphy made a great one handed catch on a jump ball.

Remember my preface, I think Josh is our best option at QB and think what he did as a freshman with that cast was awesome. However, he does not have great distance control on his deep ball, especially when he puts air under it, and his accuracy also suffers in the same situations. It is completely fair to point out a weakness in his game and also praise the rest of it. Again, these are my observations as stats can be skewed. I know some passes need to be underthrown, but it seemed like a trend that wasn't intentional and hurt us in some situations. If he can get a little better on those long balls to take advantage of the guys we have coming up who can take the top off the defense, this offense will be very exciting.

I think if JJ was in a pro-style offense he wouldn't be criticized as much.

However, we run a spread oriented offense, where the QB has to be threat to run, and because he wasn't a threat to run, it stalled our offense.

The Hooker crowd wants him to win, because he has a better mixture of both passing and running ability.


I believe Willis is rather athletic too

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All I could think of looking at those lists was, Darren Evans, Ryan WIlliams, David Wilson. I miss that group. We were so spoiled and didn't even know it.

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My freshman year of college 2011 I still remember my roommate (a lifelong fan) telling me not to be worried about DW leaving. We always have good runningbacks.

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I'm so sorry. That may have been the worst 4 years to be a hokie football fan since before the 95 sugar bowl.

Warning: this post occasionally contains strong language (which may be unsuitable for children), unusual humor (which may be unsuitable for adults), and advanced mathematics (which may be unsuitable for liberal-arts majors)..

My (first) senior year was 1992. There were a lot of freshmen that weren't cheering hard enough that year. Other than UVA 1990 (Sweeter Than Sugar!), there wasn't much at all to be cheering about during those four years, though.

If you're not sure if my comment warrants a "/s", it probably does.

2012-2016 was the worst stretch to be a student at VT in regards to football performance (in the last 20ish years). It just so happened that our basketball team was ass too.

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We did recruit 2 additional great running backs after DW, they just were frequently injured. One of them still managed to carry us to a 1-0 record in South Bend.

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And went back in the game after he re tore his knee.

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I don't have an allegiance to any one player on the roster. If Fuente genuinely believes that Josh is going to put us in the best position to win then so be it. To that end, if he feels Willis (more likely) or Hooker (less likely) gives us the best chance to win this season, then I hope he plays them instead. I want Virginia Tech to win as many games as possible. That's it.

I think it's worth considering:
1) JJ had very limited receiving weapons last year, especially once Cam was hurt.
2) The offense had minimal running game threat.
3) There was youth all over the field at skill positions, limiting the consistency and rhythm of the offense.
4) He was a freshman starter. QBs typically make their biggest jump after one year of starting experience.
5) His injuries were significant.

Even with all of these factors, JJ was effective enough to have 26 total TDs against 9 INTs. He was #54 in the nation in passing efficiency. He was #2 among all Freshman in the nation, behind only 5 star, all-everything Jake Fromme, who was on a loaded UGA team.

I know it wasn't "pretty" at times, but offense football is all about rhythm and taking all of those factors into account it's no surprise that we struggled to get in gear at times.

I'm confident the offense is in good hands with JJ. If he wins the job (which I think he will), I expect will see the type of production we saw early last year. If he gets beat out by another player then that's fine too, we'll still be in good hands.

Have faith my friends! In Coach FU we trust.

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We will certainly find out this upcoming season!

I have an honest question. Presuming that JJ gets the nod, roughly, how bad would things have to get for Coach Fu to switch to either Willis or Hooker (Willis, it looks being the more likely)??? I ask because of what Saban did in the Natty (& yes, I totally realize "we're not Bama", but it does make one wonder). Is what Saban did, something Fuente would consider doing??

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So long as JJ is doing the best in practice, he will play in the games. I don't see Fu being someone who would panic bench his starting QB because he's having a bad game. Now when it comes to running backs fumbling or WR whiffing a block, then hell yes he will bench them as a kneejerk reaction, but I don't think he can afford to do that with a QB.

Warning: this post occasionally contains strong language (which may be unsuitable for children), unusual humor (which may be unsuitable for adults), and advanced mathematics (which may be unsuitable for liberal-arts majors)..

easier to do what Saban did at the end of the year than in Game 1...

You'd think Willis would get reps vs W&M regardless of how well JJ does vs FSU. Its the following week vs ECU that a change could be made if one were to happen.

He's going to play the best QB every game. Why do people feel that won't happen? Does Fuente have a history of not playing the best QB?

How would we know? /s

I think b.c we don't have the same level of insight, b.c we don't get to see all the practices, that it's easy to wonder.

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Because it's a result oriented game/business.

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For fun, and primarily b/c it's the offseason + I'm bored: are the paths to short term and long term success always the same? Do you know Fuente's plans on both fronts? It's all just speculation + I hope folks don't lose perspective here - JJ, RMFW, + HH- are all excellent IMHO, and I think what is being debated in this thread is an excellent problem to have (kind of like cake vs pie).

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I confess, I used to be on team cake ... then I had someone's family recipe blueberry pie, and their cherry pie, and the light went on. They were simply amazing.

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I hope folks don't lose perspective here - JJ, RMFW, + HH- are all excellent IMHO

Let's have more than 1 good spring practice before we grant Mr. Willis 'MF' status. Can we at least agree to that?

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Josh Jackson on Ricky Walker - ““He is the captain of this team, He’s the leader. He’s the bell cow, the Pail Holder.“

Yeah, I probably jinxed the poor guy.

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Interestingly enough, yes he does. At Memphis in 2013 he had senior QB Jacob Karam who the previous year had a 64% comp. percentage, 7 Y/A and 14/3 TD/INT. In that 2012 season they went 4-8 and in 2013 with Karam as a senior and 2* freshman Paxton Lynch, he chose to start Lynch who went 58%, 6 Y/A and 9/10 TD/INT. The team went 3-9 that year.

It was controversial at the time because while the team didn't perform great, Karam was a transfer from TTU and had a solid statistical first season at Memphis. But in 2014 when behind Sophomore Lynch (63%, 7.4 Y/A, and 22/9 TD/INT) the team went 10-3 with two losses coming to the 10th and 11th ranked teams in the country at the time. Fuente saw Lynch's potential and favored that development over the senior year of a trasnfer QB.

I know this situation isn't the same as JJ/Willis because JJ is the young guy who still has a lot of time to grow and Willis is the old dude with only a couple years left to play. Also because he didn't have much to lose in his first couple years in the job at a team with a horrible record. But in the future, I could definitely see Fuente putting a raw, young guy out there in favor of a game manager to start their growth and help them develop into a star QB.

I love JJ. He's tough, competitive, and efficient for the most part. The thing I worry about is that we have seen his ceiling from a physicality (arm strength, running ability, etc.) standpoint. Which wouldn't be the worst thing in the world... But it wouldn't be the most exciting thing either.


Is it basketball season yet?


16-28 2 Tds, 1 dropped TD
Greater than 20 yds 3/7 TD, dropped TD, additional drop
Greater than 10 yds 5/10
Most accurate: Screen 5/5 TD followed by <10 yd out: 4/5

I I missed one pass completion so I'm not sure where that would fall in the stat sheet

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Imagine his stats if Savoy didnt have at least one wide open drop per game. JJ is a fine qb. Its uet to be determined if he can be a great qb. I do find the negativity toward a young player odd though. Same thing happened to Motu and Stroman in their early years. Give the kid a chance to be great.

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Savoying it is definitely a thing, much like Brewer had to throw a pick in a game to ensure we were going to win...

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Nothing felt weirder than cheering after a Brewer INT because you knew it meant a W.

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it's not weird if it's science

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It's Weird Science. *cue music

"How the ass pocket will be used, I do not know. Alls I know is, the ass pocket will be used."
- The BoD

When he decides to throw the ball downfield, the stats obviously show he can be accurate. My bigger concern is when he doesn't let it fly. I worry more about him working through his progressions and not panicking when that first read isn't there. A lot of his biggest hitters were either to Cam (good choice) or to a receiver slipping free on a wheel route set up off a fake screen. Hopefully with confidence in his o-line and another year under his belt, he'll loosen up a bit. That might mean a few more interceptions, but in this offense I think it means a lot more big plays.

From what I have read here, the QB really only has one read in this offense. Evans was a one read and run.

JJ isn't the runner Evans was, so the offense might be tailored to him in a different way. That running game has to be at least a small part of his game though. It keeps the entire defense honest.


Yea every offense has a natural checkdown though that needs to be utilized. Too many times last year that first receiver wasn't open and we would immediately quit looking downfield, pull the ball down, and most of the time take a sack. JJ is a good enough athlete to make plays with his feet I think, but a lot of that comes down to confidence in your Oline that you won't get blindsided by a backside DE if you hang in the pocket. LT3 his junior and senior year did the same thing with an inexperienced Oline and young receivers.

I just wish he would commit to a scramble if that's what he is going to do after the first read is gone.



24-31 1-2 drops, 5 TDs, 3 throwaways
20+: 3-3 2 TDs
11-20: 7-10 possible drop, 1 TD
14-15 in <15 yd outs

10 consecutive completions, including 4 TDs, 2 of which were greater than 20 yard passes.

Never Forget #1 Overall Seed UVA 54, #64 UMBC 74


Overall: 20-30 3 td, int, 1 dropped td, 1 other drop, 1 deflection, 1 possible tip
20+: 1-2 with a TD and a drop
11-20: 4-6 with a dropped TD
Outs: 4-6 with 1 tip
Screens: 5-6 with a TD and a deflection

Never Forget #1 Overall Seed UVA 54, #64 UMBC 74

Wrapping up the Non-Conference schedule, Jackson was 11 of 17 on passes of greater than 20 yards (64.7%) with 3 TDs. On 11 to 20 yard passes he was 18 of 31 (58.1%) with 2 TDs. Combined First Down Yardage passes, Jackson went 29 of 48 (60.4%) with 5 TDs. There were at least 4 drops among those 19 incompletions, with 2 of those having been dropped TDs.

Never Forget #1 Overall Seed UVA 54, #64 UMBC 74


Overall: 28-45 TD, 3 drops, 1 drop pick-6, 1 freakishly athletic int, 1 tip, 3 throwaways
20+: 2-3 TD
11-20: 2-5, 1 drop
Outs: 6-9 1 drop
Screens: 8-8

Never Forget #1 Overall Seed UVA 54, #64 UMBC 74

Those are surprisingly not terrible stats for a team playing against Clemson's defense. I do remember a lot of big dropped passes from that game.

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Yeah, my biggest memory was the lack of downfield attempts. It looked like we schemed early to not even try to have JJ sit back in long drops. The fear factor from their D-Line got to us.

He made a great throw to CJ on one of those and the pass to Savoy was good but it was garbage time. Also, I think there is a distinction to make here when talking about how Josh throws the ball over 20 yards in the air. It seems like he wasn't as good throwing long passes if he had to air it out. I would bet most of his incomplete passes came on sideline fades or streaks or throws where there was a lot of air under the ball. When he could throw it on a rope he was more accurate.

The Clemson game for example, the TD pass to Savoy was an absolute bullet, much like the other passes he throws across the middle in the rest of our offense, just a longer throw. With the exception of ECU, most of the long balls he threw with air under them were underthrown. It won't show in the stats because our WRs made good plays on the ball, but he underthrew 2 to Cam vs. WVU, Savoy in both BC and Duke games and I'm sure there are others. These are also only underthrown balls that were caught. I think if he can improve his touch on those long balls and throw them like he did against ECU it will completely change our offensive capabilities this year.

Through the first 6 games I've watched, the issue on the long balls has been getting just a hair too much underneath the ball and the receiver slowing down to make the catch. However there have been more than a few that have doinked off the receiver's hands, falling incomplete. I will admit that the players who have committed the most drops (so far in my review) were all younger receivers in their first half season of competition. Through 6 games, only 1 drop has been by a veteran, and he was going to ground on the play. which is why I labeled it a maybe drop.

Never Forget #1 Overall Seed UVA 54, #64 UMBC 74

I don't doubt that at all. We all know Savoy had a problem with drops and I know other players did too. But I'm glad you noticed the same thing about his long ball. Luckily other corners played a lot like our corners and didn't really turn their head so they couldn't intercept it, but if he keeps underthrowing them against guys who get their head around we could be in trouble. I do think some guys just naturally have that touch on the deep ball but I'm sure the coaches saw that as an area of improvement as well as an area of opportunity with the receivers coming in and are working on it with him.


Overall: 22-33 TD, Tipped Int, Drop, 2 throwaways
20+: 1-3
11-20: 4-6 TD
3-3 on out routes
5-6 on screens

Never Forget #1 Overall Seed UVA 54, #64 UMBC 74

are you watching the games to get whether or not the INT was tipped?

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Yes. The first interception in the Clemson game was a quick slant to Murphy and it looked like it had him directly in the chest and then popped into the hands of the Clemson player.

The second Clemson interception was the one by Bryant who barely tip the ball to himself by being the tallest guy on the field.

The interception in the Boston College game came on a pass that was tipped at the line.

None of those three interceptions can I really fault Jackson. A receiver bobbling the ball, I passed it would have sailed over the head of literally any other defender in college football, and a tipped ball at the line cannot be blamed on the quarterback.

Never Forget #1 Overall Seed UVA 54, #64 UMBC 74

yea i remember thinking that there really needs to be a way to note that the int hit the intended receiver before it was picked off, but the stats dont have that

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I called them receiver assisted net turnovers so I can go off on a rant when they happen

Never Forget #1 Overall Seed UVA 54, #64 UMBC 74

oh i still go on a rant when they happen, just no way for the stats guys to make it an official stat

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there really needs to be a way to note that the int hit the intended receiver before it was picked off, but the stats dont have that

If we're doing this, we should also note WRs that were wide open and missed, or screen passes thrown at the shins of the WR or RBs that went incomplete or were so poorly thrown, the WR/RB couldn't make a play up the field.

Dude... we get it. You don't think JJ is a good QB. You don't have contradict every comment that might state otherwise.

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The guy is watching every pass play and calling it like he sees it. He mentions a dropped INT among other negatives, he's being objective. Be appreciative or go back to your cave.

I appreciate him reviewing, but the story the stats are telling was the whole point of the bulk of the thread to begin with. In 4 games he's mentioned one pass with any negative connotation?

If we're really trying to dig into the stats posted in the OP, counting everything as a 'drop' is fine if you're going to also note 'should have hit the open man.' Otherwise what are we doing?

Otherwise what are we doing?

Bitching and moaning about someone spending hours of their time rewatching games to give us a breakdown of how JJ performed apparently?

"What are you going to do, stab me? - Quote from Man Stabbed

I thought that "incomplete" without any connotation of "threw away, tipped, dropped, or intercepted" pretty much implied "he should have hit the open receiver," or is there another category not mentioned with regard to options when the ball is thrown.

There are passes that are harder to make than others. If we're calling out freakishly athletic INTs vs. regular INTs or drops, or INTs that hit the hands of a receiver vs a totally gratuitous give away, I figured others would be called out as well. I may have read into what he was doing differently.

Dude, I really don't get why you're so bitter. You're the one bitching about how he clarifies the stats. If you're so hellbent on trashing JJ in every comment subthread, get off your ass and watch it yourself.

youtube hokietapes.

"Why gobble gobble chumps asks such good questions, I will never know." - TheFifthFuller

You do realize that there is a stat for that, it's just INC. If it hits the receiver in the chest and they drop it, it's statted as a DROP. The issue is that you can't say there was a drop before an INT, it is just an INT.

Ask me no questions, and I'll tell you no lies

I appreciate 07 Hokies stat compilation efforts and don't have a problem with anyone giving Jackson a credit or two for blatant drops by recievers, especially when discussing his accuracy.

The one issue would be that obviously all quarterbacks have these types of drops from their recievers, so people shouldn't compare Jackson's modified stats to the unmodified of other qbs. I'm just waiting for "well not counting drops Jackson completed 99 out of 100 passes, that's better than Baker mayfield's completions by a mile!"

btw 07 I'm sure you're really looking forward to rewatching the GT game.

You make a very valid point (leg for it). I think the reason it's getting brought up in this situation is our lack of experience at receiver. Our second most reliable receiver last year was a guy who gained a reputation (at least in this community) for drops. Our most reliable receiver was hurt for half the season. While every QB's stat line suffers to some degree due to drops or tipped INTs, I personally think it's fair to give JJ a small handicap in that regard.

I have committed to doing this, regardless of my enjoyment of the process. Joe threw out the tweet. There was some disbelief in the accuracy of that tweet. Then there was the question of deeper passes. My job occasionally offers significant downtime and unmonitored Wi-Fi access, so I thought I would see how things really did look.

But no I am not looking forward to watching the Georgia Tech game. I'm glad I missed it the first time around

Never Forget #1 Overall Seed UVA 54, #64 UMBC 74

I'd like to echo everyone else's sentiment. I appreciate someone taking the time to re-watch the games and tally all these up. When he's done, I'd be happy to throw them all into a spreadsheet and maybe look for some trends. I'd be even happier if someone else would do it, but I don't want to come off as ungrateful by outright asking him to.

Warning: this post occasionally contains strong language (which may be unsuitable for children), unusual humor (which may be unsuitable for adults), and advanced mathematics (which may be unsuitable for liberal-arts majors)..

UNCheat: Fun to watch except for the commentator saying how much we suck because we don't run between the tackles when we're up by 40.

Overall: 10-19 3 TD, 3 drops, 2 throwaways
20+: 1-1
11-20: 2-4 2 drops
Outs: 2-3, TD, drop

Never Forget #1 Overall Seed UVA 54, #64 UMBC 74

Haha good ole Tuberville. This isn't mid 2000's SEC football Tommy nobody runs the ball 60 times a game anymore except GT.

Noahllian Deluge, er, Duke

Overall: 12-27 TD, 3 overthrows, 3 throwaways, 3 drops, 2 near INTs, 1 spike.
20+: 1-4 TD, drop, overthrow
11-20: 3-7 2 drops, 1 overthrow
Outs: 2-2
Nijman injured in 2nd quarter.

Never Forget #1 Overall Seed UVA 54, #64 UMBC 74

Through 1st half of Conference Play

20+: 5 of 11 (45.45%) 1 TD
11-20: 11 of 22 (50%) 1 TD
11+: 16 of 33 (48.48%) 2 TD, 6 drops

Never Forget #1 Overall Seed UVA 54, #64 UMBC 74

Thanks for do this analysis, I have been enjoying reading the stats.

I read this entire one takeaway?
Jackson, Hooker, and Willis all need to move to tight end...and Chase Mummau will be the starter.



Overall: 18 of 31, 2 Int, 1 near int, 3 drops, 1 dropped TD, 3 throwaways, 2 overthrows, 1 of which could have been caught
20+: 1-3, with the just barely overthrow
11-20: 4-8, dropped td, near pick, Int, another drop

Jackson missed a wide open Kumah on the dropped TD play that would've resulted in both a first down and incessant bemoaning of him not taking the top off the Miami defense.

The 2nd Int was in the end zone while down 18. If it had happened with us having scored the at least 10 points we left on the board nobody would have faulted the throw.

Never Forget #1 Overall Seed UVA 54, #64 UMBC 74

Georgia Tech....yeah...that one sucked.

Overall: 14-26, 3 drops, dropped INT, near INT, 2 Throwaways, 3 overthrows
20+: 1-3, dropped INT
11-20: 2-7, 2OT, drop, near INT

The bees got away with a lot of PI that just wasn't called. I'm sure that was discussed ad nauseum last year. Playcalling was also a major issue. The offense left 5 points on the board in a 6 point loss, so a 45+ yard Slye FG attempt at the end could have gotten the job done.

Never Forget #1 Overall Seed UVA 54, #64 UMBC 74

Miami/GT games were tough. Team was beat up after Miami, then, due to a bunch of travel delays, they don't get back to Blacksburg until late the next day. By losing a day of practice, they essentially had to play the most unique team in the ACC after a short week.

Tough to have a good game after that week.

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Agreed GT was his worst game by far. IDK when he actually got hurt but this was the time he was spotted in a walking boot IIRC. Add that to the weird way we get into our own heads when playing against GT and it was a disaster.

play calling on the last drive was probably the worst I have ever seen, mainly the 3rd and 4th down calls.

Bleeding burnt orange and chicago maroon


Overall: 17-37, TD, INT, 2 near INTs, 4 Overthrows, 4 drops, 2 behind, 1 underthrow
20+: 1-5 TD, near int, 3 overthrows
11-20: 1-5, INT, underthrow

God Bless Reggie Floyd

Never Forget #1 Overall Seed UVA 54, #64 UMBC 74


Overall: 14-21 TD, INT, 2 OT, TA, 1 behind receiver. 1 drop, 1 receiver fell down
20+: 2-5 Fell down, OT
11-20: 1-1

Never Forget #1 Overall Seed UVA 54, #64 UMBC 74

After looking at the stats from the last several games, JJ really needs to throw less passes to the bad guys. Without looking back at the film, it feels like the more picks he threw the less confident he got, and the more he hesitated the more time the defense had to jump the throws. Did it look like this to anyone, or are my feelings reshaping my recollection?

Sometimes we live no particular way but our own

It did seem as though Jackson was starting to target receivers he would be throwing more to this year. Kumah, Patterson, and Grimsley all got more looks as the season wore on. Interestingly, it seemed as though more targets were going their ways at the expense of Savoy and Murphy.

Never Forget #1 Overall Seed UVA 54, #64 UMBC 74

2nd Half of the Conference Schedule

20+: 5 of 11 with a TD (45.45%)
11-20: 8 of 21(38.1%)
First down yardage 13 of 32 (40.63%)

Conference Schedule
20+: 10 of 22 with 2 TDs (45.45%)
11-20: 19 of 43 with a TD (44.19%)
First down yardage: 29 of 65 with 3 TDs (44.62%)

Regular Season:
20+: 21 of 37 with 5 TDs (56.76%)
11-20: 37 of 74 with 3 TDs (50%)
First down yardage: 58 of 111 with 8 TDs (52.25%)

Never Forget #1 Overall Seed UVA 54, #64 UMBC 74

Oklahoma St

Overall: 22-41 TD, 2 near Int, 1 drop to Int, 5 total drops, dropped TD, 2 throwaways, deflection, overthrow, overthrown TD, 2 behind receiver, 2 underthrown

20+: 2-7 overthrown TD, 1 behind receiver
11-20: 3-7 near Int, deflection, dropped TD, drop

Never Forget #1 Overall Seed UVA 54, #64 UMBC 74

Full season:

20+: 23 of 44 (55.27%) 5 TDs
11<20: 40 of 81 (49.38%) 3 TDs
First down yardage: 63 of 125 (50.4%) 8 TDs

Never Forget #1 Overall Seed UVA 54, #64 UMBC 74