Piling On: Basketball Recruiting compared to UVA

Comparing UVA and VT basketball recruiting might seem like a futile gesture considering the perceived dominance on the part of those in Hooville, but a closer look might suggest their dominance over the Hokies will be ending.

Next year, there will be 23 players who have been listed on 247 on both rosters. The mean average rating for a Hoo is .9208, while that of the Hokie is .9226.

UVA leads among the Top 5 recruits 4-1, but the Hokies take the Next 5 4-1, the next 5 4-1, and the next 5 3-2.

Mean ratings for a starting 5* would be:
VT (.9768): NAW .9860, Clarke .9765, Nolley .9757, Hill .9754, amd Bede .9705
UVA (.9770): Diakite .9871, Guy .9853, Jerome .9830, Huff, .9772, and Hunter .9526

*By ratings, not by positions

Assuming going 3 deep on the bench, the Hokies could pull JRob (.9390), KBJ (.9270), and Ty Outlaw (.9000) for an average of .9220. The Hoos would go Stattmann (.8979), Anthony (.8711) and Badocchi (.8628) for am average of .8773.

Additionally, the last 2 classes have trended significantly in the Hokies' favor with 6 recruits averaging .9317, while the other school has received 4 commitments averaging .8725, with the highest rated recruit being rated below 3 Hokies.

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Well there you have it. It's math, and the math says we gonna own 'em.

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I've had this discussion with a Hoo. Ratings don't matter for them because they recruit for defense, and ratings are for offense. I think this is a huge oversimplification, but there is a little truth to it, as they have been able to consistently outplay their recruiting ranking. Has to b e hard to recruit with that offense though.

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They have players who are locked into their system, a lot to that.

De'Andre Hunter was a middling recruit who looks like a future star. A 6'7" wing who can shoot and bottled up Rob in the late 2nd half and OT. Impressive looking player.

I read this like UVA's roundball team is the equivalent of GT's football team.

I'd say other way around if you're looking at it from a schematic standpoint.

I mean it kind of is, except the pack line defense is way less of a gimmick. Not many other college basketball teams can play like the Hoos

But the Hokies can.

I tend to think that, while elite recruiting is still very impactful, not elite recruiting isn't the broken leg that it is in football. So I definitely buy it considering UVA is so dominant and do it without being a 1-and-done farm.

That's a good plan...until you run into a Michigan State in the round of 16 or whatever.

Whoever put it as UVA recruits like GT isn't terrible far off. They get guys who are a bit more niche than the typical 4/5 star recruit. Some of it is they also take a good number of international guys who aren't always properly evaluated. Plus the impact transfers they always seem to get. And Bennett is a top 5 coach in the game.

None of this changes the fact that I'd trade anyone on our roster or that we have coming in for Kyle Guy, Ty Jerome, or Deandre Hunter.

I'd take Jerome as a 2, not a point- not quick enough for my liking. . Hunter, no question.

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I don't know, Jerome is quicker than you'd think. And his handle lets him get where he needs to go. Spaces the floor effectively and doesn't turn it over. Has great size and strength for a point which makes him a really effective defender. He's not a lightening bug like we've had under Buzz, but I would certainly take him leading my team down the stretch in a close game.

I wouldn't.

Supporting evidence: Took a terrible shot with 2 seconds left in OT vs rival Virginia Tech.

So does a Bennet coached UVA roster beat a Buzz coached UVA roster, or does a Bennet coached VT roster beat a Buss coached VT roster? Would Buss coached UVA beat Bennet coached VT? We know a Buzz coached VT = a Bennet coached UVA based on the last few seasons. These questions brought to you indirectly by Seeing Double IPA from foothills brewery.

Sometimes we live no particular way but our own

Danny Coale Caught That Ball!!!

I imagine a Bennett coached Hokie roster....threw up there a bit.... would dominate. If he had a team that could score like us with his ability to coach defense. It'd be unstoppable.

I'd take Kyle Guy if he didn't look so much like a douche.

a closer look might suggest their dominance over the Hokies will be ending.

I think their .500 winning percentage against us in the last 6 meetings would indicate that we've already reached that point

their .500 winning percentage against us in the last 6 meetings

With all the UVa Basketball dominance we always here about - Just let that sink in....

Yep, it's already started.

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It's times like these where I reflect on the notion that UVA doesn't deserve Tony Bennett. No matter how these recruiting composite breakdowns shake out, that guy can coach.

Imagine if he took the Wisconsin job, where that program (and really, the state) has been used to that kind of play for a very long time. He'd flat out dominate up there, and its a perfect marriage that would completely alter the look of the B1G and ACC.

I just don't see it happening, though. He's got it too good at UVa. Good enough to make themselves relevant every year, but never quite good enough to make that massive run a team of that quality should be able to make. They might get gifted an Elite 8 appearance again by being a #1 (or heck, even the #1) but like what happens every time they play Michigan State or when they played a hot Syracuse, the piper eventually comes calling.

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If Gard doesnt improve over the next couple seasons, Wisconsin is going to be looking again.

I almost thought to include that in my post. I think he gets one more year no matter how bad they close out the 2017-2018 season.

gard significantly underachieved with koenig hayes and happ imo. he made a decent run in the tourney but if you look at his first season they started SO slow and needed an insane win streak in order to make it.

Wisconsin is gonna come calling for bennett maybe not this year but i doubt the badgers make big improvements next and considering theyre a top 10 athletic dept in the country (budget wise) theyll put in a massive offer.

UVAs new AD would be crazy to let him go i think he signs an enormous deal this year or next unless he really has some aching to go to madison for emotional reasons.

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Tony Bennett is on a different level as a coach. As long as he can get his guys to buy into his scheme, they will win a ton of games regardless of the talent level.

Part of the reason he wins is because of the talent level.

Like Buzz, he is the complete package.

It would be cool to see the VT-UVA basketball rivalry develop into something like tobacco road

Recruit Prosim

If that means VT wins a national championship at some point, I'm all for it.

"Recruiting" is not the key to UVAs program or success. Suffocating, physical, well-designed and coached help defense that makes contact far more than most teams, is the key to their success. Bennett doesn't need to "recruit" like Calipari or Sean Miller to win, he needs guys to hit some timely 3's and buy into and be intelligent enough to run the packline. Recruiting rankings aside, I will be happy if he does not become UVA's Coach K and stay there 50 years and stay in the top 15..that would suck for hokies fans. Let's hope he moves on to a "bigger" job soon.

Honest question: If Bennett's "system" produces great results regardless of competition, why don't more teams employ it, like the spread in football? Who else runs a similar defense?

Or like our defense in football...recruit to system

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