Pretty Cool Article on Jerod vs Josh Stats

My brother-in-Law knows the guy who runs The Big Salty Sea. He says he's a Hokie grad and sent me over this pretty cool article/infographic whatever you want to call it of Josh stats versus Jerod stats.

Realizing a bunch of us enjoy Hokie data analytics I thought I would share it.

Josh Jackson vs Jerod Evans

Enjoy. Go Hokies!

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Now maybe someone who knows game plans better than I do, was that ECU game a typical game for Josh, its pretty clear he relied heavily on short passes to the outside in that game.

I dont know if that was just that game or all year - I do remember watching that game and remembering they gave Cam a TON of room and he just kept running 8, 9 yard out routes all game.

Hard to really say, in my opinion our offensive game plan changed drastically over the course of the season. In the early season it was all screens and read options, in the middle of the season (the worst part) we abandoned screens and seemed to lack a real offensive identity at all, and at the end of the season we were a run first team in the mold of the old Beamer days.

The ECU game of course was in the beginning of the season where opposing defenses hadn't started scheming to take away the screen from us.

really cool, I think even Jerod wishes he stayed...

Pour some Beer on it

I'm sure. But looking back he was in the top 10 top 15 of most those stats nationally..

I wonder how much the game plan would have changed with him if he came back alone...or if it would have changed if Isaiah and Bucky only came back.

I often wonder what could've been had Jerod, Bucky, and Isaiah stayed. ...wonder about it way too often, actually.

*Sigh* with the 2016 offense and the 2017 defense we would have been ACC champs and in the playoffs in my opinion. Hopefully one of these years we can put it all together in the same season, in BudFu I trust.

Very cool, thanks for sharing.

Now that is one slick website.

So, anyone know what Jerod is up to now? Haven't heard from him since he was signed/released from the Packers in December. I don't know how these things work, but is he moving on from football?

In Bud we trust

I'm sure someone will bring him in as a camp arm. Probably get paid 200k to spend 8 weeks throwing to rookie receivers then hit the road.