Caleb Farley Position Switch? (Rumor)

I have heard rumors he may be switching back to CB. I understand our WR depth has poor and our CB depth was strong in 2017 and it will be reversed in 2018. Anyone else hear that?

Any chance he could play both ways?

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If this is true, you just ruined the jerk of half our fan base midstroke

Recruit Prosim

Haha that was graphic. Good morning TKP

Is it basketball season yet?

I hope not, but I'm guessing our depth is better now.

BUT Farley could be a real game breaker on offense.

I updated the title to be descriptive - a player's name is never enough as a forum topic title (see Community Guidelines).

To the actual point, I think this would be an absurd move. Farley was rocking out as WR in the Spring Game and we'd be foolish to lose his athleticism as a guy who can take the top off the defense, unless there are clearly other (and I would expect multiple) guys who can do the same thing or better. At the moment, unless some incoming recruit(s) can do that, there's no evidence that we have anybody like that. So I think the rumor mill is just churning and likely there is no truth to this at this time.

He'll probably be a great corner, but we also really need his explosiveness and athleticism as a true downfield threat that we've been lacking. I hope these rumors aren't very serious or substantiated.

With absolutely no basis other than my gut: we need him at WR.

I'm sure the DBs will suffice at the same level of production, we need a big leap from the WR unit and while I saw some flashes from some of the young bucks, if he is as good as the hype makes him sound, I'd like to give Jackson more options downfield.

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I have heard rumors he may be switching back to CB.

Is this coming from the same sauce that said Bud to A&M was a done deal?

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Furthermore, the rumor actually says he's transferring to Texas A&M and playing for Bud there. #sauces.

I don't have any sauces was more looking to see if others had also heard the same thing or is it phony bologna (i can't believe those words rhyme)

Ben, Ben, Ben

The debate over his position has basically been the constant narrative since he signed as a recruit. He played exceptionally well in the spring game at WR, then got hurt, so there's no reason to think he'd switch at this point.

Soooooo where did you hear these "rumors?"

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From a guy who's brother-in-law is best friends with the freshman roommate of another guy who married the sister of a program insider.

It's a lock!

He's better served on offense especially after injury. Offensive players don't have to rely on instinct and guess, when it comes to playing. Offensive players have a determined route or movement. It will help him mentally to stay on offense.


Yea, hopefully he stays at wr and doesn't have what happened to the other Caleb happen to him

I don't think so. Athletic ability is above some of our newer receivers. He might be the best playmaking receiver we have. I think Patterson and hazelton will be our catching receivers, kumah with his size a solid possession receiver, cj Carol and Savoy in slot, leaving Farley to do some wr screens, short throws for yac, jet sweeps, and don't be surprised if Henry Murphy is a deep threat. Saw something in the bowl game, cornfu might build on that. This is all dependant on jj improving on all his throws

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Farley is THE deep threat. Also impressive on the jet sweeps, but he is the guy that takes the top off the defense and can go up and win the one on ones the WRs we're losing this year.

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Not gonna disagree with you on him being the deep threat and I hope he is, just pointing his skills especially since he used to be a qb.

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Either way, I guess Bud gets another pass.

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I'm not seeing that we're so strong at WR that we can give up what appears to be one of our stronger candidates there.

While I like a strong defense, we absolutely need an offense next year.

Does this mean Trey Edmunds is finally moving to linebacker?

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And Logan Thomas is moving back to Tight End?

If you're not sure if my comment warrants a "/s", it probably does.

Already did a few years ago

Logan is a TE, well because in one interview he said that when he first switched to QB, he was reluctant. Nevermind, he never played TE in HS and set (at the time) multiple VT passing records as a QB, he is a TE damn it and it shows the Beamer/Stiney incompetence in recruiting, damn it. Logan lighting up the QB record book stats be damned.- He is a TE. Bud really did Ben Taylor a disservice too by not letting him be a full time punter. Travon McMillian is also a QB, because I said so and he played it in HS.

He also lead his high school team to the playoffs as a QB.

Wet stuff on the red stuff.

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Okay but his first contribution in a live game at VT, (I think it was his first, one of them anyways) was a sick one-handed touchdown catch. I think it's fair if people want to play the what if games with LT3.

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And how dare we recruit the 27th-ranked QB in the nation and convert him to a defensive back? Frank and Bud really missed out on a golden opportunity with Kameron Chancellor...

No, I *don't* want to go to the SEC. Why do you ask?

We don't love dem Hoos.

Damn we shoulda never switched Greg Boone to TE. Or Duane Brown to OL. Or Dyrell Roberts to WR. Or Macho Harris to DB. Or Sam Rogers to FB. Or

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Wyatt Teller from defense to offense, could you imagine a mowhawk mullet coming at you as a quarterback? They would have just given him the ball when he looked at them it would have be glorious

He said give to me Roscoe

We have problems on offense and with all the early departures, we now have problems on defense. It is just typical of us to have a much needed playmaker on offense but need them on the defensive side as well. If Farley is a Flowers, Jimmy Williams or D Hall type player he may help us out more on defense. We have a lot of bodys at receiver, some highly rated. If we cant find enough there to be competent, then we have some serious problems. We wont have much success on offense without a running game and time to throw no matter who the receivers are. In my time of following the Hokies, a top corner has helped us win more games than a #1 receiver has.

It could be possible that we have not had a receiver of Farley's skill in a long time? I think making that assessment is where the coaches have a hard decision.

Maybe a couple years ago. Nowadays rumors run rampant.

"This would be a mistake" is my first reaction. Farley looked so dangerous as a receiver in the spring game that I didn't believe the initial reports that he had taken all his reps at defensive back during spring practice.

But, I've never seen him play defensive back. Maybe he's a stud. I personally hope he stays at wide receiver, Fuente could do a lot with a dangerous vertical threat. However, if he shows out at defensive back then I trust the staff to make the correct decision.

"I trust the staff to make the correct decision"

That's one thing that has made me feel best about the Fuente regime - I don't get any sense of snake oil salesmen. When Fuente talks about giving players information vs advice for NFL decisions that struck a chord with me. I truly believe he wants what is best for the individual, and if the staff thinks Farley is a better CB than WR, I'm on board.

There are a million WRs on scholarship and we continue to recruit that position heavily. Like OL, if Wiggins can't find and coach up 5-6 guys that can play in the ACC, then he might be the issue. He is handsomely paid and coaches at VT- If Farley is the only guy we have that can play outside, that's a Wiggins issue, IMHO.

Farley is the most talented by far, so you don't move him.

Fuentes goal is to have WR depth where there is no drop off in talent whenthe starters sub out. We want to run a up tempo offense and guys are going to need to sub out.


There are a million WRs on scholarship and we continue to recruit that position heavily.

We're overrecruiting the talent at the position, Buzz Williams style.

If you're not sure if my comment warrants a "/s", it probably does.

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@IamCalebFarley: Challenge Accepted
1/15/18, 8:52PM

I tried to post a screenshot but this will have to do...
I really want to see him on offense so I'm hoping this (if true) might be a two-way type of deal

Farley's twitter bio also says

Virginia Tech Corner Back/Wide Reciever

Here lies It's a Stroman Jersey I Swear, surpassed in life by no one because he intercepted it.

well, it's settled then. Caleb Farley will play both sides of the ball, running full tilt for 170 snaps per game.

Warning: this post occasionally contains strong language (which may be unsuitable for children), unusual humor (which may be unsuitable for adults), and advanced mathematics (which may be unsuitable for liberal-arts majors)..

You forgot punt and kickoff returns and long snapping for extra points after he scores.

You will see this game, this upset and this sign next on ESPN Sportscenter. Virginia Tech 31 Miami 7

This isn't as far fetched as it seems. If Farley is a truly transcendent talent, he can be successful both ways. (See: Myles Jack/Adoree Jackson recently). Deangelo even flirted with receiver a little.

Always choose joy.

Let's not forget our very own Macho Harris!

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Or DeAngelo Hall

Greg Stroman

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Everyone was happy when he stopped flirting with the offense and could fully focus on defense. IIRC, the first year he stopped messing with offense was the first year he received accolades from the ACC for hist standout performance at corner.

Count me against someone playing both sides of the ball. Find a position and master it.

Yeah, because I'm sure it was Stro who initiated playing on offense and not our inept offensive staff grasping at straws...

Warning: this post occasionally contains strong language (which may be unsuitable for children), unusual humor (which may be unsuitable for adults), and advanced mathematics (which may be unsuitable for liberal-arts majors)..

I think Beamer had a hand in that as well if my memory is right. The team was in pure panic mode when a somewhat hyped Hokies team collapsed and was playing bad football on both sides after a string of critical injuries (baby Fuller, Dadi playing hurt, Brewer).

How do you know I wasn't talking about his prowess as both a punt returner and as a punter?

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here you go

"Why gobble gobble chumps asks such good questions, I will never know." - TheFifthFuller


Ahh the ole 2 word subtweet. Lebron would be proud!

FWIW Fuente liked the tweet

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My concern if he is making the switch is whether he was in the WR meeting room all year. If he was he will have to play catchup in the spring

We should just change his position to TD.

We put the K in Kwality

Coach Shibest said tonight that he was heading back to defense. I'd call it pretty reliable.

I like beefing up the defense, but not at the expense of the offense. If we go into next year without a receiver who can kill you deep and take the top off, this will have been a big mistake. Assuming he isn't double dipping on offense and defense, of course.

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Unless Hazelton and/or Turner are those guys, but even so Farley seems to have ability unlike anyone else on the roster.

I'm also not a fan of moving a kid back and forth so much so early in his career, he's hardly been on the field and we knew what we were getting this season, why make the change again?

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I mean that might be the reason why. He hasn't seen the field and/or hasn't gotten a lot of physical practice so he wont be fighting habits or learned skills.

limited though it is, he's had more practice time at DB than WR.

Foster's quote last year regarding Farley playing defense was, "no brainer".

Maybe they'll give him 2 or 3 pass routes.

Otherwise, Ellis is a burner. Thompson's 55m time is as fast as Beck's, though he's likely going to play defense. Actually, I think Thompson may play immediately as the punt returner.

Shibest also addressed punt returns, saying Carroll was the likely choice right now without having anyone else on campus. He said Caleb wanted to but was having issues catching them in the spring.

Didn't Bryce Watts come in late in a few games, he looked pretty electric and twitchy in his few opportunities back there.

Appreciate the tidbits and assumed Shibest's comments on Farley based on new comments in this thread. I wasn't able to make it last night as I got held up at work - would you be able to share more of your takeaways from last night?


One of the more entertaining bits was when he was asked about the fake punt in the bowl game. I'm not going to say Shibest took credit for all of it, but he said Fuente was not as optimistic about it and had nixed it earlier in the game.

In the film review portion on Kane, Shibest said, "he may not know it yet, but he's going to be o-line."

Apparently Shadley managed to put on around 30 pounds in a month, so while Shibest said most guys need to put on weight, looks like the long snapper has laps in his future.

I've always wondered if Kane would be moved to O-line. I liked his Junior film as a DT but was less impressed with his Senior film, though it's possible he caught a lot more double teams as a Senior. Who knows, I hope he tears it up somewhere on the line.

I cant decide how I feel about this possibility. More OL is good, but less DT is bad.

Does it help you any if he was likely on the coaches' board as an OT all along? I can't imagine they offered him and are just now coming to the realization he doesn't have the twitch to be DL (just like I don't believe they didn't know where Nijman or Teller were going to end up).

Honestly, it's no more of a loss of a DL than it is a RB or LB.

At 6-2 I don't see him playing OT, but no, if Shibest is making comments like that, it would not surprise me if the coaches had projected him as OL from the get go.

Also note that Teller volunteered to switch to OL.

That can't be. The recruiting sites all list Kane as a DT. Therefore he is a DT.

He's electric - I hate seeing this, but I like your point of view about 2 or 3 pass routes. Will try to remain optimistic + hope he comes back healthy and at full speed. Those ACL's seem to be career killers more times than not, so here's to just hoping he makes a full recovery, and trusting that everything else will work out for the best.

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Those ACL's seem to be career killers more times than not

Would like a word.

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Wasn't it Hill and not Bibbs who tore his ACL?

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It was

Neither actually. Hill tore his patellar tendon.

The Orange and Maroon you see, that's fighting on to victory.

I'm apparently brain dead. I thought that was a shot of Chris Clarke, because I was trying to half listen to my boss while tkping.

I'll leave the original up. For two reasons, to confuse people, and also so when they figure it out everyone knows that I'm a moron.

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New Sigline: lol it's football season.

Have a leg for this, I love the prioritization: "because I was trying to half listen to my boss while tkping."

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This is true- he spent the whole spring at corner until I believe the last three practices before the spring game.



I have not seen any of the current VT WRs do this consistently.

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wtf how did i find the one gif of this that's in reverse

I just sit on my couch and b*tch. - HokieChemE2016

To be fair, we also haven't seen him do this consistently. I'm not saying he cant, but the sample size is so small and it doesn't even look like the corner got off the ground to contest the catch. He's a super athlete and I know he drew PIs and made catches on our top corners, just saying that this play is all we really have on him playing WR. Let's be honest, if we saw this as a highlight at another schools spring game we wouldn't think anything of it.

I'm all on the Farley hype train, I just think we're too disappointed in the staffs decision based on very little evidence of our own.

The sample size is small, yet the offensive staff saw enough in three practices to showcase him more than any other offensive player at the spring game.

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Don't worry, he will still be regularly making highlight catches like that. It's just that the other team's QB will be throwing them.

guessing #42 not an all-star considering there is no #42 currently on the roster.
any idea who that was?

Farley caught another pass over Facyson's outstretched arm, but that catch was more about the ball being placed just out of Facyson's reach.

That was a redshirt. However, he had two catches that were the same type of play on Facyson and drew a handful of PIs. He also looked like a revelation on a jet sweep, going against the 1 defense.

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Can't lie - he is my favorite current player + when he went down I was completely crestfallen. He was my dark horse for Heisman in 2019; I thought he could bring Percy Harvin like skills to the offense.

Hokie fan | W&M grad

I'm not a fan of this at all. If true, I would go so far as to say this is a very poor decision. Hopefully this is just some offseason disinformation to keep personnel vague for the opener. But Farley was the best athlete on the field by far at the spring game and showed all the tools in the world to be our homerun WR despite barely knowing the position. If this does happen, this tells me CB depth is looking thin and we are robbing Peter to pay Paul by taking away a potential game changer on offense.

I trust the DC who has been putting corners in the NFL for how long Now?

Wet stuff on the red stuff.

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Nobody's saying he wouldn't be a good corner

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I mean he calls it

A very poor decision.


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Yeah more than one of us are, because the need for an athlete at WR appears greater than that at corner. This move won't screw Farley's career, but it could be worse for the offense than it is good for the defense.

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All I can say is Farley better be one heck of a CB. Because he showed serious potential that we haven't had for a while on offense. And what changed? It was publicly announced he would be a permanent offensive player last offseason, gets injured right at the beginning of camp, and hasn't suited up since. So why make the determination to move him now when you were sold on him on offense before the injury?

Again, he may be great on defense. But if we struggle finding consistency at the WR position and establishing a vertical threat next year, serious questions should be asked.

One key difference I noticed between last offseason and this offseason... Tre Turner wasn't enrolled last year.

Turner is also rehabbing a shoulder injury and likely will miss most of spring practice. Tre is an elite receiver prospect, but I also don't think he has the same breakaway speed as Farley. Definitely has the sudden quickness and size, though.

But for an offense where Fuente has said he wants to roll with 8 WRs... are we really that deep now without Farley?

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On the surface, it seems like a Beamer-era decision.

But maybe he is really going to be that good at CB. Maybe he will also be the punt returner. Maybe he also gets some run at WR, that would be a lot of fun.

The fact that he was so electric at WR and Fuente is still willing to switch him to defense should tell you something about his potential on defense (and our depth at WR)

I would love to see him at WR, but I also think Farley has All-American potential at CB... a combination of Greg Stroman type quickness/speed with the size/reach of Adonis Alexander. Ultimately that kind of defensive back is a lot more rare than a deep-threat WR with decent size.

I think this was pointed out earlier, but a shut down corner has a much bigger impact on a game than a deep threat. They are also much fewer and far between. I would love to see him take the top of defenses but if this kid truly has the technique and ability to be a good enough corner that the coaches are willing to lose him on offense, then I'm excited.

A guy with his length doesn't often come with that insane speed and quickness. He could cover slants just as well and the deep ball and cover any big tall receiver our smaller guys cant. I would love to see him as a receiver catching TDs but an athlete like him is rare, and it takes a very rare and special athlete to be a shut down corner.

Stop using factual statements, that's not fair. Everyone likes scoring touchdowns better than stopping them.

If we were in the Big 12, this would be exceedingly true.

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If Caleb Farley WR lined up across from on Caleb Farley CB who would win that match up? That's what side I want him on

Doesn't the simultaneously caught "tie" ball go to offense?

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Corner is thinner than WR right now. A shut down corner also impacts the game more than 1 speedy WR when we have another couple coming in.

As the concept of throwing the jump ball type pass to the this shoulder or that becomes more and more popular, the ability of the DB top prevent that throw becomes more and more important, thus the emphasis on length. Which changes the game more, having a receiver that will go up and get up that pass over a DB, or having a DB that will go up and get it over a top WR? Bud's D forces offenses to throw those passes by putting a safety in the box. Taking that one-on-one away creates game changes plays on defense. If Fuente thinks he helps more there, that is where I want him. Also, for his skill set, where is he more likely to have a long NFL career? As much as I want to be WRU, I am not sure that will ever be a thing for any school. Lets stay DBU.

Sometimes we live no particular way but our own

Anyone with any sports-medicine knowledge in here? Could it just be that ACL injuries are more likely to occur/reoccur at the WR position because they're bursting off the line so often, rather than backpedaling in coverage? Or maybe, in that same vein, you lose a little more from your game as a WR after an ACL injury than you would as a DB, making it so that he is now simply a better DB than he was at WR?

My totally uneducated opinion based solely on the 4 ACL repairs I've had makes me think that reactionary movements are more likely to result injuries. They seemed to all happen to me when I was off balance and trying to change direction, which I feel like would happen more often on defense than offense, since defensive players are by nature reacting to what the offensive players are doing.

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That makes sense

I stated this higher up on this thread;

He's better served on offense especially after injury. Offensive players don't have to rely on instinct and guess, when it comes to playing. Offensive players have a determined route or movement. It will help him mentally to stay on offense.

Back when I was with the team Jordan Trott was moved from Linebacker to TE due to a nerve injury. He couldn't react as well as he could before he injured, I believe it was his spine. When they put him on offense, he could run routes and block, because everything was predetermined.

I would think they would handle an ACL injury the same, especially since the player was on offense already.


This also makes sense

Injury related switch?

Espn just named Tre Turner as newcomer to watch...

Maybe our coaches actually know what their doing...

We put the K in Kwality

No. We know everything, and they know nothing.

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Virginia Tech fanatic.

Agreed. We should let them put they're players where they think it'll do the most good.
(seriously though, I agree 100'%)

The fact that it's italicized only makes it hurt more.

(I'm a little late. Was that emphasis in the original? Or did he go back and italicize it after the fact as a joke? That's something I would do.)

Old sigline: I've been cutting back on the drinking.

New Sigline: lol it's football season.

I think this is the original and he's just poking fun at the comment he replied to

I missed that.

I feel bad. It's even better than I thought.

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New Sigline: lol it's football season.

Oh I definitely did too when I first posted the gif, even with the italics.

I'm not going to take an ESPN article where they just looked at each team's top recruit and wrote a generic blurb about how they'll be an impact player as any indication of who is going to contribute next year.

What, were you not impressed with Benkert's production for us at QB this year?

His production was key for the Hokies winning the game this year you have to admit.

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I think Tre will be a hell of a player, and I think he will have a role day 1. However, day 1 starter may be a bit much. I expect Hazelton, Kumah, Patterson, and Turner to get rotate on the outside, and Savoy, Grimsley, and Carroll to get work in the slot. I think Grimsley can work outside too. He has some length.

If Murphy steps up big time, that could allow them to red shirt Turner if he isn't physically ready to play coming off missing most of his senior year. But, I think Turner gives them the length and ball skills that VT lacked outside, once fully developed.

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If this is true, I can't express how much I hate the move.

At wide receiver, he is special. At defensive back, I have no idea, but I know what I saw at the spring game against our best corners is the exact element this team was missing in 2017. Also, I can't imagine that DB is easier to play than WR, especially in Fuente's offense with all the vertical routes and slants, than playing corner.

I just... I am baffled. This has been a really weird day.

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Wiggins confirmed it last night at Recruit Night. Didn't seem too happy about it either.

From a depth standpoint, I understand it. But I'm a firm believer in playing each player in their best spot, and that "you have to put your best 22 on the field" is a flawed argument and actually does more harm than good. With that said, we've never seen Farley play DB, so it's very possible that that is his best spot.

I only understand it if they think he will be a better DB than WR. Unless our depth behind Adonis and Webb is just terrible and completely not ready to see the field, I agree with you that players need to play where they are best. It seems like with Adonis and Webb playing corner with Watts (who was on the 2 deep last year) and maybe Rodgers backing those guys up, we should be able to get by at corner. It doesn't seem like adding a guy who is just as green as the others (albeit a crazy athlete) could make a big enough difference in terms of depth unless he really is that good.

That's my hope as well. With that said, we don't know how he was at either position in practice. Maybe those two passes in the spring game we're the only ones that he caught all offseason. Maybe he's the second coming of Macho but they wanted to give him a shot at WR before making a final decision. Tough to say. If we went solely based on what happened in the spring game, then we would have had a true freshman qb the last two years.

Freshmen? Hell Vanilla Click was the clear winner.

Wet stuff on the red stuff.

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And why wouldn't Wiggins be upset? Arguably his best (only?) deep threat he had to work with was just taken away from him from a situation out of his control and now he's going to feel the full brunt of the blame the team isn't able to replace that. We saw what Farley could do in the Spring Game and now the expectation is there to still be able to have that ability and the player who could do it was reassigned. If I were him I'd also be questioning just how much control he has over the receiving core going forward if players are being taken from him against his wishes (assuming he wasn't on board with this decision)

"I regret nothing. The end." - Ron Swanson

Positions are decided upon by the staff as a whole, but Fu has the ultimate say. No one is going to get their wish 100% of the time. There's no reason to question his control over his group. Hell Savoy was being considered for corner when he came in, does that mean Bud or Mitchell should be questioning their control as well?

100% confirmed by Wiggins.
The way Wiggins put it.

Nobody knew about Farley when he was practicing as a DB for half the spring. Switch him to WR, have him show out at the Spring Game and now everybody is talking about Farley the game breaking WR and how amazing he is. Said part of his pitch to Fuente to keep Farley was the hype he would get from the fan base as a WR, but Fuente wasn't biting.

What that tells me is he was demonstrating elite potential at DB in practice, under the radar, (closed practices) before the switch, and that Fuente is comfortable that we'll have other deep threats at WR this season.

I hope you are right.

That said, I have seen Foster field some damn good defenses with average corners, as long as they are smart and play their technique. Fuente's offense needs a physical vertical threat that has the ball skills to win 50/50 balls against corners. I think Hazelton will be really good on intermediate stuff, but I don't see him being the same kind of unique threat on deep balls as Farley.

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I wasn't able to watch the spring game last year so I missed out on all the Farley hype and really only have TKP telling me who he is. Do you happen to have or know where I can find footage from the spring game?

Recruit Prosim

Don't think there is any footage for public consumption.




Watch for number 13.

I'm really excited about Reid and Pimpleton!''re kidding right

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Watched this intently waiting for "Boom goes the dynamite!"

You will see this game, this upset and this sign next on ESPN Sportscenter. Virginia Tech 31 Miami 7

I hear a lot of talk about "depth" on both sides of the argument but if were moving caleb to either side to provide depth then we as fans have sorely mis evaluated him as a football player as I believe most of us here think he is a star in the making on either side of the ball. so the real answer or question here is, is the drop off on which side of the ball at the 2 deep would be able to fill the void more. because if caleb is NOT a starter this year then the move doesn't make sense to me because I don't think there was ANY way (minus an injury) that he doesn't start or atleast be a major contributor on offense. I hope we aren't making moves for 2 years from now. I say that now but if in 2 years we are a top 5 team ill eat crow. im afraid to much banking on the QP years are going on around the program because we have so much youth.

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I'm more excited that we'll have a new potentially elite DB in the ranks. Gotta assume that his ceiling there is high if they're moving him after showing his potential at WR.

We can't keep that DBU moniker without the elite DBs without looking silly, so let's see how this plays out.

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Most of what I've gathered is that a large number of fans have pinned the future of the vertical passing game on a handful of (very athletic) plays in last year's spring game. I find it very telling that the thrust of Wiggins' pitch to keep Farley on offense was "the fan base is geeked to see him play WR". I get that he's fast, tall, etc - but is this a runaway hype train sitchy?

I think "he's more needed on this roster as a deep threat" is an interesting argument - but we have yet to see Hazelton and Ellis (Turner and Simmons and Mitchell will be physical matchup nightmares but aren't gonna be burners). I also liked what I saw from Grimsley late in the season. Plus, it's not as if our lack of a true deep threat kept us from calling deep routes. Hell, Savoy can fly! He got behind the safety multiple times and... well, let's just say we didn't convert many of those (and the ones we did were underthrownahhhhhhh don't get me started on JJ's deep ball accuracyahhhhhhh)

I also think "an elite CB trumps an elite WR" is true, though. Assuming AA is staying, we have Adonis, Webb (highly touted but coming from juco), Watts (small, speedy, mostly untested), Rodgers (tall, physical, pretty much completely untested), then...? Quillen? Anyone think Ladler could end up a corner/nickelwhip? And then a bunch of kids who will hopefully redshirt. The need from a numbers standpoint is pretty evident. Combine that with the comments from Bud (and the confirm that the move is happening hahaa) and tbqh this move makes a lot of sense to me IF he's got the footwork, ball skills and instincts everyone seems to know for sure that he has.

I mean, if we've seen him make amazing athletic plays at wideout and the coaches STILL think he's MORE valuable at corner? Let's just say the staff knows more about the subject than I do.

You're the only ones that I can talk to about this, you guys.

Fuente pulling a Belichick on FSU. All spring and fall Farley will be on D for the open practices and then labor day he'll roll out there and Randy Moss the hell out of them.

Well, my only take on this is the question. Do we have any other DB that could cover Cain from Clemson? Because VT didn't have anyone that seemed to be able to stay with the guy last year.
Maybe that is what Fuente wants in that backfield. Someone that can man up on an elite speed receiver.

He had two receptions against us in each of the last two games.

Clemson only threw 21 times with 12 completions. IIRC, Cain was overthrown at least twice long. His two catches were for 35 and 20 yards. Him getting on top of the defense, even if overthrown, still affects play. By 4th quarter, Clemson didn't have to throw as they had game in hand and 14 4th quarter points made it look better.
I still say VT needs burners on defense to control these guys.

Cain only had over 100 yards in a game once all year and it was against The Citadel. He was 3rd team All ACC. I do think he is talented and maybe his stats are suppressed because Clemson didn't need to throw as often but he's not a transcendent receiver. If he was the reason behind any of our personnel decisions, I'd be very concerned about what we're doing.

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More worried about corners than WRs currently. Don't see the concern about deep threats no being options. Thought we were pretty decent on taking shots down the field, but Jackson overthrew them. More concerned about Jackson's deep accuracy, than WRs taking the top of the defense.

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I think last season we got open a few times downfield and Jackson missed them, BUT the issue that defenses did not feel threatened vertically was a problem for us. It opens up a lot underneath and in the middle when the defense is afraid of getting torched. That said, I think Turner, Hazelton, and Patterson are all guys who can give us an upgrade on those back shoulder fades downfield next season, but I am not sure if any of them will be a burner.