The Next Chapter: A Virginia Tech Documentary

After a lot of stress in the export process, I finally have a rough version of my documentary. I am working on getting an HD version up which should come out soon. This year I didn't have as much narration so I did it myself
Thanks for all of your support. This took me since the beginning of the season and was a lot of fun to make
Hope all of you enjoy: The Next Chapter

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Great job, Thank you

Semper Fi

Started watching this last night as I was making dinner, got about halfway. So far so good. My one critique would be to add some graphics or text over some of the long black-screen transitions to either build up the next game or summarize/stats the game that just ended or give some context to outside events that may have impacted the games or affected its importance (i.e. a divisional game result that shook up the standings). My wife and I thought the video froze or stopped working during a lot of these (call it WatchESPN syndrome).

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I would advise skipping the UVA part and watching it on my youtube channel instead, through the export process it kept automatically zooming up for some reason

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I'll have to watch over the weekend!


Really a nice job, thanks you. I'm not gonna lie though, some parts are hard to relive. But it's history, no need to sugar coat it.

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