Dax Hollifield Interview on VT Scoop

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Are you currently recruiting anyone to Virginia Tech?

"Quavaris Crouch and Tony Davis. I have known Q forever, since day one. He always told me that he wants to go where I go. I think if I would have gone to Stanford, he would have committed on the spot because he is a really high academic guy. He is a hell of an athlete and is very bright in the classroom. I am trying to recruit him and get him to Virginia Tech. He wants to play linebacker though. Coach Foster has said he could play linebacker. If you want him to have some carries, he can do anything with the rock you want him to do. Tony, he is special. He is from right down the road from me and we used to run track against each other. He is a natural athlete. Those are the two guys I am trying to recruit." -Dax H.

Don't get your hopes up on Crouch. Even in the comments it's said that he's not even considering us.

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Yeah. I never really counted us in contention. The way I pronounce his name in my head I'd be really surprised if he committed anywhere else but Hogwarts.

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Even in the comments it's said that he's not even considering us.

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Must. Not. Comment. On. Stanford.

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Fine I will. F-k The Tree!

Waho's suck
Uva swallows


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You must not be familiar w/ PAC-12 football.

Waho's suck
Uva swallows

I find it interesting that Dax said Crouch would have already committed to Stanford if Dax had committed there, because of wanting to play with Dax, but I doubt is even considering us seriously.

Also his brother would have committed to USC if Dax had gone to Stanford

This made me chuckle...

Did Larry Fedora's helicopter impress you?

"You know what? He rents that helicopter. It's not his. I like Coach Fedora but he rents it. The owner, he is actually a Duke fan. All of his children went to Duke, he went to Duke. He is a multi-billionaire that works in Silicon Valley but he lives in Durham and he owns like three helicopters and he actually flies it for Coach Fedora.

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Boom! Dax doubles as recruiting coordinator.

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He was unapologetic and straight forward with that entire interview. Great stuff.

Damn that is brutal. Straightforward with nothing but facts. Eat shit Larry.

I think we originally offered him at RB before he switched to athlete. So if he wants carries, I think Fu would make that happen. But yeah, I doubt we're on his radar.

This also really stood out to me...

I am feeling great right now and I feel faster than I ever have and I weigh about 250.

Man that's stout for a typical Mike in Bud's D. Motu never really got past 230 in his entire career at Tech.

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If Dax is 250 has Bud told him he is moving to d-line? /s

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I just have a feeling Dax is going to lock up the starting Mike job fairly quickly this year. Guy will be an absolute star for us.

I just really like that he used the word "butthurt"

I can imagine CJF sitting him down and explaining that "butthurt" is not the preferred terminology for interviews

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Hard to believe Bud can't recruit after reading that interview. He sealed the deal with VT's "highest rated overall recruit". That man is criminally underrated, even if he is nationally renown. Excited to get see Dax on the field.

I hate rude behavior in a man. Won't tolerate it.

For some reason there is and probably always will be a section of the fanbase that won't accept that Bud is actually a very effective recruiter when he has adequate support from his head coach and said head coach isn't about to retire.


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One thing in the interview had me like...

Lebron or Jordan?

"Oh, Lebron! Lebron is the GOAT. If you want to determine who is the greatest of all time by the number of rings, Bill Russell is going to be the greatest of all time so that doesn't matter. I am a Lebron guy, all day."

Then another thing on the interview had me like...

Who is one player you can't wait to hit on the field?

"Khalan Laborn at Florida State. That's my dog. Me and him went to middle school together down in Shelby and we have always had a connection. I would love to meet him in the hole one time."

Is it basketball season yet?

Agree with point 1.

As for Laborn, he'll be hard to hit when he's riding pine. Maybe he'll be able to throw a forearm at him while he's getting up from tackling Akers on the sideline.

Jack Click was the MVP of the 2017 spring game at Tech. So 🤷‍♂️

Wet stuff on the red stuff.

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I love all of them up there but if it wasn't for Coach Brewer, I don't think I would have been so high on UNC. I think I would have been their bell cow, which would have been nice, but I always wanted to go to a bigger football school like Virginia Tech, Clemson, Alabama, somewhere like that where everybody on campus knows who you are and you are what makes that university great."

"And then the big dogs started coming in..."

Did I do that right?

Awesome comment, thank you sir

I love getting Dax but I also want to see Ashby, Artis, and Kearney do good. Just a few years back it seemed like we didn't have much depth and now all of a sudden ILB is 4 deep. I hope they can all get solid experience this year.


On a related note, I love the "4 Free" playing time change for redshirting. Let them hit some FCS and G5 bodies then unleash them for their first taste of 'Hoo blood.

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Get the work in early and then a nice light workout at the end?

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Dax is 250 lb ball seeking cruise missile. I don't watch tons of player tape, but I've also never seen a high schooler react so quickly and instinctually to plays. He's read it and running downhall like half a second after the ball is snapped.

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How do you react institutionally to plays? Does he have policies and procedures written out on memos before every game on how to stop each offensive play?

I kid, of course.



Recruit Prosim

I was expecting this scene...

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...but I always wanted to go to a bigger football school like Virginia Tech, Clemson, Alabama...

Does that make us one of the Big Dogs?

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Yeah. *sigh*

If you're not sure if my comment warrants a "/s", it probably does.