Virginia Tech Hokies Depth Chart

I put these tables together because I had received a bunch of requests for them. They are by no means perfect.
If you see something that needs fixing, please let me know. Keep in mind I'm not trying to project players to positions (unless they're fairly obvious, or someone makes a good argument in the comments below). Like any depth chart it's fluid. I plan on updating it after the spring game, and August camp. By the first week of practice they should be much more complete.

Depth By Class

Position Incoming c/o 2016 Freshman Sophomore Junior Senior
Quarterback Brenden Motley #T.J. Shaw
#Brian Rody
Mark Leal
Trey Gresh
Fullback #Justus Hoffmann #Greg Gaddell
#Riley Beiro
Joey Phillips
Tailback Trey Edmunds
Der'woun Greene
Drew Harris
Chris Mangus
Jerome Wright
J.C. Coleman
#Maurice Taylor
Dominique Patterson
#Daniel Dyer
Tony Gregory
Flanker #David Mellstrom
Demitri Knowles
Dyrell Roberts
Split End Kevin Asante
Christian Reeves
E.L. Smiling Corey Fuller
Receiver Joel Caleb
Desmond Frye
Mark Irick
Thomas Smith
Joshua Stanford
Tight End Dakota Jackson Darius Redman Ryan Malleck
Duan Perez-Means
#Fuller Hoepner
ERIC MARTIN George George
Randall Dunn
Right Tackle MICHAEL VIA
Vinston Painter
Tackle #Marcus Mapp Mark Shuman
Nick Acree
#Darian Fisher
Guard #Andrew Harrs
Jake Goins
Kory Gough
Laurence Gibson
#Dale Davis
Matt Arkema
#Tyler Barfield
Center Caleb Farris ANDREW MILLER
O-Line Augie Conte
Adam Taraschke
Jack Wilenbrock
Tyrel Wilson
End Zack McCray J.R. COLLINS
Ends Seth Dooley
Ken Ekanem
Jarontay Jones
Nigel Williams
Dwayne Alford
Matt Roth
Dadi Nicolas
Justin Taylor
Nose Tackle Corey Marshall DERRICK HOPKINS
Tackle Luther Maddy ANTOINE HOPKINS
Unslotted Tackles Woody Baron
Alston Smith
Kris Harley
Mike Chase Williams
Brian Laiti
Backer #Jonathan Halfhide TARIQ EDWARDS
Telvion Clark
Whip Dahman McKinnon Nick Dew JERON GOUVEIA-WINSLOW
Alonzo Tweedy
Wiley Brown
Linebacker Deon Clarke
Trey Edmunds
Devin Vandyke
#Brandon Spitzer
#D.J. Ward
#Griffin Hite
Rover #Josh Trimble
#Nick Bush
#Ryan Cassidy
Field Corner Donaldven Manning DETRICK BONNER
Boundary Corner Kyshoen Jarrett KYLE FULLER
Corner Donovan Riley
Davion Tookes
James Farrow #Carl Jackson
#Chris Caver
Free Safety #Scott Rolin
Ronny Vandyke
Michael Cole
Theron Norman
Derek DiNardo
James Hopper
Kicker #Conor Goulding
Punter Michael Branthover
#Ethan Keyserling
Scott Demler
Long Snapper #Lukas Stump
Joe St. Germain

Seniors: 17
Juniors: 19
Sophomores: 38
Freshman: 29
Incoming: 27
Total Walk-Ons: 27

Very Unofficial Two-Deep

Position Starter Backup
Quarterback Logan Thomas Mark Leal
Fullback Martin Scales Joey Phillips
Tailback Michael Holmes J.C. Coleman
Flanker Marcus Davis Dyrell Roberts
Split End D.J. Coles
Tight End Eric Martin Ryan Malleck
Left Tackle Nick Becton
Right Tackle Michael Via Vinston Painter
Left Guard David Wang
Right Guard Brent Benedict
Center Andrew Miller Caleb Farris
Stud End James Gayle Tyrel Wilson
End J.R. Collins Zack McCray
Nose Tackle Derrick Hopkins Corey Marshall
Tackle Antoine Hopkins Luther Maddy
Mike Bruce Taylor Jack Tyler
Backer Tariq Edwards Telvion Clark
Whip Jeron Gouveia-Winslow Alonzo Tweedy
Rover Boye Aromire
Field Corner Detrick Bonner Donaldven Manning
Boundary Corner Kyle Fuller Kyshoen Jarrett
Free Safety Antone Exum

Italics designate player has had redshirt year. Bold all-caps indicate starter, while bold indicates reserve. Pound sign indicates the player walked onto the team. Generic positions such as: receiver, o-line, etc... are for players that haven't been slotted.

(last updated: 2/10/2012)


Roberts had a redshirt year FYI

His injury last year allowed him to take a RS. That's how he's able to come back, otherwise he would have been out with Boykin

Also, you might want to add another DE, DT, and Corner?

To the 2 deep that is.

Yeah, that's an error on my part.

Basically it should be:


2. Tyrel Wilson
2. Zack McCray


2. Corey Marshall
2. Luther Maddy


2. Kyshoen Jarrett
2. Donaldven Manning

You can see it in the first table. Basically there's a bug in my script that generates the second table. I'll get it updated. Thanks for pointing it out. Doing things at 3:30 AM always leads to mistakes.

I definitely forgot to RS Dyrell. Thanks!

You're missing Gayle in your Two Deep fyi


I think either of the two freshmen walk-on kickers could get a shot at the starting job for kick-offs or place kicking. If I recall correctly, Justin Myer won the kick off job as a true freshmen.

Would Martin Scales ever get a look at running back? Doesn't have fullback size and I understand he's a relentless runner.

DEEP unofficial depth chart

This is a page I like to update from time-to-time. Just a way to bide the time during the off-season.

Signature-free since 2012.

I updated the two-deep with boundary/field corner, stud/end and nose/tackle. Now we're putting 11 men on the field on defense. Just keep in mind these aren't projections. Once spring ball is over we'll have a much better idea where Fuller is playing, and the rest of the defense, especially the secondary, will fall in line. Any position without a backup is because it's not super obvious who will play there.

Any particular reason you have Davis ahead of Roberts? It could go either way and doesn't make a big deal but I'm curious.

I have no idea why my username is VT_Warthog.

Arkansas blew a 24-0 lead in the Belk Bowl.

Davis was named 1a

Last year, behind Coale, before Roberts was injured. But, things could change this spring/August.

🦃 🦃 🦃

I really hope Corey Marshall plays a hybrid DE/DT

I think he could be a great primary as a DE and a really good specialist DT against run oriented offenses like GT/Michigan. If Harley is able to step into the 2 deep at DT, maybe Marshall can get moved out to DE and play in the two deep there and then also be our 5th DT and slide inside when needed.

Think about Gayle, Little Hopkins, Marshall and Collins all on the DL vs GT. That's the right blend of speed and power to contain the run game. In obvious run/dive scenarios you could put 5 on the line with Big Hopkins and really snuff that offense out. Or so I like to think.


all those blanks under "backup" get filled quickly....the ones on the OL are really concerning.

Take the shortest route to the ball and arrive in bad humor.

I think they will Shuman, Arkema, Gibson should all become serviceable backups this year. I'm not worried about there being depth in terms of bodies to actually play on the OL any more. We have that. The question is whether or not we can effectively use them.

Versatility of the DL

With the depth we have on the line I was wondering how much flexibility we have with our DE's. I know J.R. Collins had to sub into the DT role last year as injuries arose. However, looking at a defense like Bama's it seems as though they turn some of their DE into a hybrid LB in some cases for run support. Im totally ignorant about this but think it makes sense in some sense in stopping the run. Anyone care to explain further?

man do we have a stable

of stallions here...When are we gonna be known as RBU too? If RMFW can get his groove back post injury, Evans can make the most of his recent reserve contract, and David Wilson makes a splash...our recruiting is only going to get better.

I love how we reload at this position.

Update for 2013

How about a way to early 2013 depth chart looking at some of the freshmen and red shirts we intend to contribute come fall.