Virginia Tech Collapses Against Notre Dame

The Hokies lost 65-71.

Virginia Tech withered down the stretch against Notre Dame. Simple as that. The Hokies blew a 47-26 lead with 15:07 left and ultimately lost to the Irish 71-65.

It was a story of two distinct halves.

First half: The Hokies performed as expected. Rested. Energetic. Ready to win and advance in the ACC Tournament.

Second half: Notre Dame made adjustments and overcame a 21-point deficit.

"They started switching everything just to try to keep us in front," noted Buzz Williams.

It was a program best comeback for the Irish.

Fatigue was noticeable for Irish star forward Bonzie Colson. It was Colson's second game in as many days after an 8-week layoff due to a broken foot. He hit only a single bucket in 10 attempts in the first half, and his lack of scoring scuttled Notre Dame out of the gate. The Irish shot only 25% in the first half.

"They made it hard for me to catch it, for me to go work down there," said Colson. "...We came out stronger and better in the second half."

A 13-point halftime lead ballooned to a 21-point, 47-26 Tech advantage at the 15:07 mark. And then, Notre Dame woke up.

Slowly but surely the Irish chipped away and narrowed the gap.

"They forced help, made some threes," Williams said.

Matt Farrell (2), T.J. Gibbs, and Colson kicked in triples to help cut the lead to single digits, 54-46.

Soon after, a Chris Clarke technical provided Notre Dame an opportunity to seize the momentum. The Irish grabbed it with both hands.

Notre Dame finished on a 25-11 run. And it was a poorly officiated final stretch. There were missed travels, flops, an unnecessary pause for an injured player, trash talking, and makeup calls galore.

But that's not what decided the game.

The Hokies finished 2-12 from the floor. Notre Dame made 8 of their last 10. Tech scored 10 points between the 12- and 2-minute marks of the game. Notre Dame ripped off 13-0 and 14-0 runs in the second frame.

"We disintegrated," said Williams after the game. "We didn't guard."

Pretty straight forward.


It figures he wouldn't mention the officiating. He (& our institution) are not exactly in a position of strength. I admire his self-control. Something Greenberg had trouble exhibiting that trait. It came back to royally bone him (& us) in the rectum.

Waho's suck
Uva swallows

It would just cost him money and anybody who watched the games knows.

The Ref's deliberately broke our momentum every time we tried to get something going.

The team got comfortable and quit playing with the fire they had in the 1st half. It's that simple. Our guys got up big early in the 2nd half and put it on cruise control. From about 15 mins left to the end of the game, the offense was nothing more than J-Rob dribbling up court, stopping at the 3 point line, and literally everyone standing around doing nothing for about 8 seconds before panicking and throwing up some awful contested shot. No movement.No cohesion. No aggression. Defense played like a madman in the first half and in the 2nd they had the energy of a hungover freshman trying to muster up the strength to zombie walk to West End for breakfast at 1pm. By the time they woke up again, ND was already firmly in control of the game and we were in full on panic mode. We've got the talent to go up 20 pts. We do not have the talent to comfortably stay up 20 pts. There's a difference between those two and that's why you can't ever let up on a team, especially a team with a legit NBA player that will likely go on to a long and productive career.

There is no one to blame but ourselves. Literally no one else. Not the refs. Not some grand ACC conspiracy. Not some voodoo hex. Just VT Basketball not being able to close out games. The last two games we haven't finished. Miami was a sloppy final few minutes. This was just a total gag job. It's frustrating. But put it into perspective. We're likely going to the tournament in back to back years in the first time in forever. This team, despite its OOC record, didn't look close to a legit tournament team in November and December. We started conference play 0-2 making it look very bleak (at this point,some idiots on here were even questioning if Buzz was the right coach. You know who you are.) But this team made drastic improvements and ended with a good season despite having some flaws that would derail plenty of other teams. Now we've just got a week for our guys to clear their heads, get out of that funk from the last two games that's let some Ws slip away, and put on a good showing in the Big Dance. Nothing to really be mad about when you look at from the big picture, especially considering we're only 4 years removed from being cellar dwellers one spark away from being a full on dumpster fire.

They didn't put it on cruise control. They were shaken by the frustration that nothing was going their way, and they were seemingly powerless to do anything about it. Notre Dame got in their heads. i don't think it was an accident on the part of Notre Dame, either.

This is something that needs to get fixed. VT has the talent, and they've got the will, but a couple of calls going the wrong way or missed shots can't cause that kind of loss of composure. It takes more than talent to win a tournament. It also takes a certain kind of confidence.

I completely agree with this statement. I kept saying to myself, Buzz needs to calm these kids down. I think they felt like victims, and they deserved to feel that way. Mental fortitude did not prevail though, and they withered under the duress of bad calls. Buzz needs to focus on this very aspect I think during this week off. Reinforce the idea that we aren't going to be welcomed into the door of relevancy, we are going to have to kick that bish down.

"...I'm getting a little tired of hearing how good everybody else is..." -Coach Fu [This week: 1-0]

I completely agree with this assessment.

And would like to add that I'm wondering if it's also fatigue in the 2nd half from playing defense like a goon squad in the first half that's gassing our boys in the 2nd half of games. Last night was basically a repeat of the Miami game (minus the hard part haircut douchbaggery). When you add the frustration of missed layups and bad calls on top of physical fatigue, it can REALLY drain you mentally.

These guys need to straighten that out... like, NOW. They should probably invite Coach Foster to practice this week to talk to the team. Bud is great at teaching his LBs and CBs about having a short memory and just playing ball. That's what these guys need.

And, Chris Clarke has got to settle the fuck down, and understand that life is going to throw douchebags and dickheads at you every day. Can't fight everybody. Sometimes you just have to tune it out. I would imagine whoever the Hokies play in the tournament is going to have a guy who's main job is mess with Chris Clarke. Chin up, son and play your game. Control what you can control, and all will be fine.

Leonard. Duh.

from what I saw , you nailed it. Autopilot, or just Park!! It was frustrating. So much for being giant killers.

Zombie walk to West End for breakfast by 1 p.m.

All too familiar. Nice.

"What kind of person would throw away a perfectly good dog?"

Well said and right on.

Always be yourself. Because the people that matter, don't mind. And the one's that mind, don't matter.

I recently canceled cable and couldn't watch this game, when i last checked the score we were up by like...20. I chuckled, and checked to see who our next opponent would be.

Silly me.

I'm pretty sure I'm getting rid of cable soon.

Between this game and the Oscars, I'm pretty sure cable is a waste of time.

I got rid of cable a month ago and have no regrets. Can still watch everything I want to watch while saving $.

"What kind of person would throw away a perfectly good dog?"

I'm getting ready to make the change to Hulu, still get good sports channels, but for $40 compared to my current $135 with Dish

Now finish up them taters; I'm gonna go fondle my sweaters.

I compared Hulu and Youtube head to head, picked Youtube but keeping Hulu's on demand service.

Reality has a mighty pimp hand.

I cancelled my plans for Thursday night at the 16 minute mark in the 2nd half and well lets just say it was a sad, lonely night.


Yes, it was in fact the refs. They overlooked some serious douchebag maneuvers by Notre Dame, while calling some pretty questionable fouls on VT. It was disgusting to watch.

That said, VT still should have won that game. Notre Dame was purposefully trying to get into Chris Clarke's head, and they succeeded. Clarke shouldn't have been called for a technical, when Ferrell instigated the exchange by jerking the ball away from Clarke. They were playing dirty and getting away with it. They got into everybody's head.

All of that said, this loss is on VT. Even with the bad calls and the questionable play of Notre Dame, the game was winnable. Tournaments are about ignoring the ref slights. They're about playing the way you can play even when the chips are down. When the chips were down tonight, VT crumbled.

VT couldn't make a shot in the end, and that's why they lost. They let the goons at Notre Dame get into their head. I think the refs helped, but if Notre Dame doesn't get into your head, you don't lose that game.

There were a few instances where JRobb or Clark would go to the basket among a whole lot of contact and not get a call, but I think this was a byproduct of two things.

1. Clark pushing the guy out of bounds. He was going to have a tough time getting calls after that move.

2. JRobb swinging his elbow at the Notre Dame guy after he called a timeout. I think after this, the refs let the game get a little physical, but it was physical on both ends.

There were a few calls where I thought there was good defense played, the shot didn't fall, and the foul call was made late. And the play where JRobb hit the ball out of the big mans hand RIGHT IN FRONT OF THE REF, but the call came from the ref at midcourt was terrible.

But that is not why we lost. Notre Dame wanted it more, showed more fire, stayed within their offense, out worked VT down the stretch. The refs might have blown a possession or two, but this L can hang on VTs neck.

The Dude Abides

With the Clarke move, he was reacting to Farrell jerking the ball out of his hand. Then Farrell exaggerated that push by falling twenty feet away.

If anything, Farrell should get an Oscar and the game ball.

You're right, though. If Notre Dame got into VT's head, it's because VT let them, with an assist from the refs.

It's like when we got up big around the 15-minute mark of the 2nd half, we stopped running the offense that got us where we were, trying to be conservative and run clock. That might work with a 20-point lead with 5 minutes left, but not 15 minutes to a team that has shooters that can get hot. Like Wild Turkey said, the offense was JRob dribbling around, very little crisp passing, and then putting up some ill-advised shot with virtually no chance of an offensive rebound. I don't know if that stagnation of our game was by design or not, but I sure hope the hell we learned a lesson, be it as painful as it was.

I missed the 1st half, tuning in just a few minutes before we went up by 21, and I was ready to turn it off because I didn't want to jinx us. So maybe it's partly my bad karma, but we need to get our head out of our butts and play OUR game for the full 40 minutes

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"You boys in there smokin' rope?"-Johnny Unitas (circa 1973) to his San Diego Chargers teammates

We couldn't make a shot down the stretch, consistently missed easy-ish points in the paint, and allowed KJB to chuck up threes for some inconceivable reason.

The officiating was at best inconsistent and at worst flat out incorrect on a number of calls. I know this is not a popular opinion, but CC earned that T. Anytime you extent your arm and push another player, regardless of the acting by Farrell, it's going to get called...and yes, it should have been a double tech. What's more frustrating is that play never should have happened. The "charge" called against CC was a block - CC's contact with Torres was no more aggressive than contact we'd seen go uncalled all game, yet magically it was a foul when ND started to make a run...AND...Torres was not set and still sliding his feet over to get in front of CC when the foul occurred. Stroman Jersey said it best regarding officiating and it's effect on the game. Did it have an impact yes, but did it cause us to completely shit the bed defensively, take bad shots, and lose are heads in the last 15 minutes...also yes.../s. Unfortunately, this team has been inconsistent all year and hasn't been able to close out games. ND exemplifed that.

KJB to chuck up threes for some inconceivable reason.

This was the toughest part to watch. KJ is nice, and can hit that shot on occasion, but ND's densive strategy was designed to give him that look EVERY. SINGLE. TIME. and dare him (bait him) into shooting it. And it worked.

The Dude Abides

Don't punch people in the face when they ask you about the game. Don't punch people in the face when they ask you about the game. Don't punch people in the face when they ask you about the game. Don't punch people in the face when they ask you about the game. Don't punch people in the face when they ask you about the game. Don't punch people in the face when they ask you about the game. Don't punch people in the face when they ask you about the game. Don't punch people in the face when they ask you about the game. Don't punch people in the face when they ask you about the game. Don't punch people in the face when they ask you about the game. Don't punch people in the face when...

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My comfort zone for VT basketball is a 25 point lead and yesterday, once again they proved why I feel this way for a whole lot of reasons. Some would say I have no faith in the team and I always say I have a lot history with VT. This team and many others from the past just do not know how to put a game away. We are very close to being one of teams can do it. Maybe we just need a couple more pieces and the light bulb will go on.

I thought it was an odd choke job. Very unlike JRobb to let another player get into his head. Would have liked to see NAW or Bibbs operate more with the ball in the second half, they kinda disappeared.

The Dude Abides

I am the same way with this team. I was watching it with a friend who doesn't watch VT basketball at all and she thought the game was over when we were up by 21 with 14 minutes and change left to go. I told her don't expect the Hokies to hold on to this kind of lead, ND will go on a run in some kind of fashion and make it close or win.

The "I told you so" happened unfortunately.

Bleeding burnt orange and chicago maroon

This is neither a criticism nor an attack, just an observation & vibe I'm picking up. I feel that folks whom undersell the effect the refs have on the game, vastly underestimate the true power of de ca$h mahnee & deep pockets. I feel it is gullible and sheepish to continue believing and expecting in a fairly, objective and impartial officiated game.

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Yep... If you wondered why the whistles suddenly changed in the second half and the limits on what they were calling fouls inexplicably altered.... Remember that the ACC gets about $250k for each team that makes the tournament with payout inflations for each win.

ND was on the bubble needing a win and we are a lock playing on Wednesday night. The sacrifice needed to be made.

We didn't help matters by shitting ourselves offensively, but the message was sent by putting Ted Valentine on this game.

"I regret nothing. The end." - Ron Swanson

but the message was sent by putting Ted Valentine on this game

Look on the bright side. TV Teddy won't call another game for us for the rest of the year!

Ah yes. The Grand ACC Conspiracy to get in as many teams as possible. That's exactly why they let ND almost lose to Pitt. Exactly why they let ND trail by 13 at halftime and 21 with 15 mins left before saying "Oh shit. We're suppose to be helping them win". And its exactly why they let tournament team NC State lose to Boston College, possibly putting themselves out of the tournament. It all makes complete sense!

(This post was sourced from information from the sports section of InfoWars)

Sure. Because if you can't see it, and it isn't immediately proven, then it doesn't exist, right??

Waho's suck
Uva swallows

And my observation is that many of yall have developed a firmly entrenched victim complex in order to blame shift after these kinds of losses. Any time we lose to a team that "has money" or a blue blood history these comments show up in force because it's hard to accept that we just...weren't...good enough.

VT was definitely good enough, right up until the combination of seriously physical play by Notre Dame and the soul-sucking bad calls resulted in a complete lack of composure on the part of VT, and a lot of on-court rest for Notre Dame.

I was so mad watching from home that I can imagine what it would feel like playing in the game.

Sure, blaming the refs is weak sauce, as VT needed the composure to continue at a high rate of play, even if the refs rewarded the antics of Notre Dame. Still, without that nonsense technical foul called on Clarke (while calling nothing on Farrell), VT wins that game.

I have no problem with factoring in poor officiating into our loss. It's when people place it solely on their striped shoulders that annoys me. No team gives up a 21 point lead because of just the refs. It is primarily VT's fault they lost last night. Like you said, they lost composure and ND got hot from three to take advantage.

The composure, killer instinct, etc are actual things Buzz and the team can DO something about. The officiating, on the other side, is something else entirely. We (& the players) are hammered into believing (when concerning the officiating) that if you take care of business, everything else will follow. We know (& see) repeatedly, that is not the case (in the instance of last night). If it were that simple, you'd be hearing less of it from people.

Waho's suck
Uva swallows

Clearly the refs made the Hokies miss shot after shot. Even when they sent Clarke to the foul line, they made him miss the first half of a 1-and-1. Dang refs. /s

If the Hokies make baskets they win. Refs make bad calls but its not a grand conspiracy.

You know what, you're absolutely right. I don't know why I didn't see it before. Because if you can't see something, or immediately prove it, then it must not exist. /s

Waho's suck
Uva swallows

And my observation is that many of y'all have developed a firmly entrenched victim complex in order to blame shift after these kinds of losses.

If you go back and peruse, you'll discover that MOST of these comments gave equal (if not MORE) weight to the team not maintaining composure and professionalism.

Waho's suck
Uva swallows

Yeah, the refs didn't miss those shots.

Yup. Just missed the calls that contributed to the missed shots.

Waho's suck
Uva swallows

I have read them all. I never said anything about every single person sharing that mentality, or even a majority. "Many" is a relative quantification.

Can I kick them in the groin region?


Maybe the game plan was to stop playing in the second half so we can get extra rest for the NCAA tourney.../s

1-0 every week

Reminded me of football teams going into the prevent defense. We had feet on the pedal and then, we walked the ball up, didn't enter paint and ended with poor shot selections.

US Navy Vet

Yea settling for Blackshear 3s isn't the best offense up 21

Let's Go...

Particularly when they're all coming out Blackshear 0's.

I was going to post a picture of Matt Ryan smiling but when I saw his face it pissed me off too much.

Using /s is for cowards.

cue the obligatory FMRs

"Why gobble gobble chumps asks such good questions, I will never know." - TheFifthFuller

Fuck Matt Ryan Farrell.

Leonard. Duh.

I hate that guy so much. Possibly even as much as Grayson Allen. Jury is still out on that.

Funny you posted this. After the Chris Clarke technical, I texted a friend, "Is this guy related to Grayson Allen?" If I could figure out how to post pictures, I'd put them next to each other. That both have that same punk-assed smirk. Very punchable faces. Surprised CC kept it in check as much as he did.

In Bud we trust

Can only hope that the team takes this experience the right way and puts together a complete game a week from now.

The Orange and Maroon you see, that's fighting on to victory.

Exactly. Experience is when you didn't get what you wanted.

This is now a learning opportunity that they badly needed.

One might think. But how many "experiences" similar to this one does a team need in order to figure this out?

Is it basketball season yet?

Somehow, this one "feels" different.

For me, it was clear that VT was the more talented team on the court, right up until their composure was rocked.

Sure, it has happened before, but not to that degree. There were excuses before, but now they have to admit they have a problem and do the 12 steps.

Officiating didn't help, but WE let it beat us down. You don't get the win back after whining. In the championship game, officiating will be in favor of the blue bloods, so if we want to win it all, we have to learn to compensate.

Thats it, plain and simple

In the championship game, officiating will be in favor of the blue bloods

That should never, ever happen in a championship deciding game, let alone early tourney round.

"I regret nothing. The end." - Ron Swanson

Agreed, but it won't matter once that trophy is hoisted

sorry buzz but I couldn't "quit cussin" in this one im still pissed about it. I hate bonzie and Farrell!!

#Bapn ain't EZ

Wanna win put boobie in! Let boobie spin coach!

Fatigue was noticeable for Irish star forward Bonzie Colson.

Yep. And it showed in the first half. Miraculously, he had much more stamina in the second half. Maybe it was all the stoppages of play? Not too many things help like getting a minute or two of officials discussing a "foul" and then someone else shooting free throws.

As for us having to jack up threes in the second half, almost every time we drove the basket with less than 15 minutes to go, our guys got mugged and no foul was called. Our guys were literally getting knocked to the floor and it was play on. I give 5 a lot of credit for not getting a charge call on the attempted layup, but was completely mystified on the non-call when Colson flat out crushed him to the floor. And the way he took that tackle from Gibbs... But I digress.

*mini-rant* I said it in the game thread and I say it again. I am embarrassed to be part of this league. I haven't been this disappointed in officiating since UNCheat was gifted a TD in Beamer's last home game. There's no way we will "fix" it. If anyone from the athletic department complains, they will be fined. I don't completely blame the officials, though. They take their marching orders from the league offices. Yet it's the officials who must carry out the wishes of the league or they don't get to work. */mini-rant*

So, I have a couple of questions for the rules gurus on here. 1) What is the definition for blocking? In the past (literally the first half of the Miami game), if the defensive player wasn't set, then a block was called. Now, it's a charge, sometimes.

2) What is the definition of a walk/travel? How many steps can a player take before it's called. Is there a delineation between when a defender is on you or not? I ask because I saw a play where a player received a pass, then took four steps before shooting last night and it completely blew my mind that no travel was called. I thought the NBA was bad...

3) Does the over the back rule still exist? Asking for a friend...

I appreciate any feedback on these rules. Thanks.

If the defensive player has established position (i.e. feet are set) and he's outside the cylinder (the half moon under the basket) it should be a charge 100% of the time. It's a bang/bang play it can be missed, but they try to clearly delineate a rule so there's not a lot of room for incorrect calls. However, you can't fight human nature and missed calls are an inevitability.

When driving you get two steps to the basket...that's it, regardless of how large the steps are it's just two (see: the "Euro Step"). I've seen players switch their pivot foot or slide their pivot foot w/o it being called. Again, human error plays some part in missed calls, but with three officials on the floor seemingly able to cover every angle, it's a wonder it's missed. The NBA is a joke for calling travels...

That's just one of many. Over the back exists, but again is rarely called unless a player has established a position. It's almost never called against a larger player out jumping or jumping over a smaller player unless he bum rushes through him.

Last night for Notre Dame a travel was anytime a player took five or more steps without dribbling. I counted four steps on at least 2 occasions.

For the Hokies it was 1.5 steps in the second half.

Maybe I missed his other interviews, but Buzz needs to put this one on himself. You can tell me all day that we just "didn't guard" or that offense wasn't the problem, but when your players are out of position and KJ is out here shooting deep contested threes without a paint touch, it's on the coach. I can't speak much to the defense, but the offense went cold because they took a lot of bad shots. They got scared about the comeback and started jacking up threes. Buzz has to step in at timeouts and make adjustments. No paint touch? Don't shoot that three. Get ball movement, get penetration, play off of that. I'm disappointed he didn't come out and say that this one was on him.

Sadly we love Buzz when we win, and crap on him when we loose. Yes, the coach should set the tone, and the half-time talk from last night apparently was the wrong talk. We need to always keep the pressure on, even if we are winning by 21. This is a lesson that should have been learned and implemented early in the year. We can be nice to the opponent AFTER the game.

I would still love him if he had owned up to the loss and put the blame where it should be instead of just saying his players didn't guard. I've always said after a football loss it hurts but it's refreshing to hear Fuente put it on himself if he felt he failed in some way. I respect that a lot. I know our players will make their own mistakes regardless of what Buzz says or does, but it just doesn't sit right with me when a coach clearly messes up so badly and cannot blame himself.

Am I the only one who thinks that Ferrell is a piece of shit. If Grayson Allen and Ferrell switched teams, no one would give two shits about Allen and Ferrell would be 10 times more hated.

Dude looks like the kind guy that would date your mom and never call her again. (I want to say much much worse but I will take it too far)

"Welcome to the Terror Dome." -- Corey Moore

I like Grayson allen more than Ferrell I would love for Grayson to put 70 points in his face and start being a little prick so Ferrell can get back some of his own medicine

I feed off of nightmares

And then trip him to bring it full-circle.

Another white bronco? The first one didn't go too far.

Today after sleeping on it, Im glad Clarke held his composure and the team was class about it even though they were visibly frustrated.

...last night though, I was hoping Clarke would have knocked him out as they shook hands....

He definitely has a punchable face

Bleeding burnt orange and chicago maroon

He would be a perfect CHAD.... we all know a Chad and they all are terrible people.

"Welcome to the Terror Dome." -- Corey Moore

I just spit and I'm not even drinking anything. Thanks for the laugh.

"How the ass pocket will be used, I do not know. Alls I know is, the ass pocket will be used."
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case and point....

I hate it when college players date my mom and don't call her :(

Haven't been this mad at an opposing player since:

FOSTERS: Australian for defense

As demoralizing as that game was, I like to look back on a couple of years ago where we needed 1 or 2 wins in the ACC tourney to make the big dance. It is kinda nice to not have to worry about that this year.

Ask me no questions, and I'll tell you no lies

Pain is Temporary, Chicks Dig Scars
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Crapped the bed. Plain and simple.

That second half was disgusting, in all regards. Like actually kinda sickening.

Latest Bracketology dropped us to a 9 seed playing Missouri in Xavier's region with WVU, MTSU, Wichita St, and Buffalo nextdoor. Honestly, if this loss knocks us down to the 10/7 line I won't be upset.

The Orange and Maroon you see, that's fighting on to victory.

I like all of those possibilities. Missouri could be tough depending on getting Michael Porter Jr. back but none of those other teams scare we too much. Like was said above, being a 10 seed isn't all that bad considering not having to play a 1 seed early. If any 1 seed I would like to play though, it would be Xavier.

I don't mind that region. Please give us the 10 seed rather than the 8 or 9, though.

Go Tech Go.

WVU is a horrible matchup for us, and their fans would love nothing more than to watch their basketball team stomp ours into the ground after beating them in football. No thanks.

Marshall University student.
Virginia Tech fanatic.

It's been said before, but never more appropriately. It was the best of games, it was the worst of games.

Reel men fish on Wednesdays

God give me strength today, my boss who's an Uber UVA douche just spent the last thirty minutes lecturing me on how and why VT are an awful team and how they're just made up of selfish me me players and they'll never be as good as UVA because our players are no where near as smart or athletic. As if my head wasn't ready to blow he then followed it up by lecturing me on how we'd be so much better without Bibbs and that he's an awful player. And just to put the cherry on it all he then lectured me on how great UVA selflessness is and why they're in beatable and the went on a tangent on how he has an amazing basketball mind and that he should've been a coach because he used to be amazing coaching his kids rec team when he was 12 and they went undefeated because he's so smart. As if he couldn't douche hard enough he then said he'd wipe coach K off the court as a coach. I have yet to fire back I'm gonna be watching the Louisville game with him here at work I NEED A FUCKIN MIRACLE LOUISVILLE PLEASE

Directions from Blacksburg to whoville, go north till you smell it then go east until you step in it

Go Tech Go.

VT are an awful team and how they're just made up of selfish me me players and they'll never be as good as UVA because our players are no where near as smart or athletic.

Chris Clarke's hair is more athletic than the most athletic player in UVA's starting lineup.

we'd be so much better without Bibbs and that he's an awful player.

Bibbs is a top three defender and the best three point shooter on the team.

he then lectured me on how great UVA selflessness is and why they're in beatable

UVA jacked up about 20 isolation 3's against us.

he has an amazing basketball mind and that he should've been a coach because he used to be amazing coaching his kids rec team when he was 12 and they went undefeated because he's so smart.

This person is demonstrably wrong, and has self confidence problems.

The Orange and Maroon you see, that's fighting on to victory.

If you have the Decade of Dominance t-shirt, wear it tomorrow.

Waho's suck
Uva swallows

Pick one:
a) Then why did VT win 2 weeks ago?
b) Oh is that same selflessness why their football team is a joke?

I am sorry for you, You're boss is a Class 1 A$$hole.

Pain is Temporary, Chicks Dig Scars
Glory is Forever, Let's Go Hokies!!

I can't wait until I'm in a position where I can lecture people about how my team is great and their's sucks, and they can't argue. That's the DREAM! I jealous of your boss.

You've got to fight your boss, plain and simple. Don't worry about the reference when you need another job. You don't need a reference from an uber UVA douche.

Marshall University student.
Virginia Tech fanatic.

My thoughts exactly, no sarcasm. Fuck him. I'd go right at him with as many sports arguments as I could

You will see this game, this upset and this sign next on ESPN Sportscenter. Virginia Tech 31 Miami 7

Here's the thing about references... 90% of the time nowadays managers aren't allowed to give a bad one by their own bosses. I know the last couple companies I worked for, for references you were basically only allowed to confirm they worked there during the years specified. HR was too concerned with getting hit with a lawsuit to allow anyone to go into more detail than that, good or bad.

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Just tell your boss it's getting drafty in here, then offer him the jacket I knitted for him out of failure

FOSTERS: Australian for defense

UPDATE; after a few more sharp remarks and having to watch the Louisville game with his commentary I somehow survived without losing it. I'm counting on UVA to lose somewhere down the line and when they do I will be waiting to pounce

Directions from Blacksburg to whoville, go north till you smell it then go east until you step in it

He'd wipe coach off the court as a coach

Right because he's not coaching men's basketball for millions of dollars because he doesn't want to embarrass anyone.

If you don't want to recruit clowns, don't run a clown show.

"I want to punch people from UVA right in the neck." - Colin Cowherd

I was 👀 forward to a new headline on TKP to replace the Miami one...

I guess you could say we're Luckie not to play Duke or UNC again before the NCAAs.


-What we do is, if we need that extra push, you know what we do? -Put it up to fully dipped? -Fully dipped. Exactly. It's dork magic.

Happy Valentine's Day.

Go Hokies

On the bright side, Ahmed Hill made a three.

Tweedy can run like a dadgum antelope or whatever. I like to use scalded dog. Do antelopes lumber? Cheetah, OK. He runs like a cheetah. He's fast. - Bud Foster

On the negative side, he looks lost and Can't do anything off the dribble.

Unfortunately its always going to be hard to win when you don't score any points in the last 7 minutes of the game until full-panic mode in the last 30 seconds

My dad tore both patellar tendons yesterday. Still not as hard a fall as VT's 2nd half performance last night.

Dang, that's worse than the legendary double ankle sprain. Hope he'll be alright.

The Orange and Maroon you see, that's fighting on to victory.

Thanks. Surgery today, home tomorrow, couple months of rehab and he'll be good.

I'm going to need more information. Skiing or something?

"What are you going to do, stab me? - Quote from Man Stabbed

Nope, way more boring. Was moving something heavy, tripped on a board and fell down on both knees. He's not a small man, so it was quite the impact.

Damn, that sounds terrible. Wishing the pops a speedy recovery!

"What are you going to do, stab me? - Quote from Man Stabbed

Thanks very much, surgery went well and he'll be heading home soon.

Go Tech Go.

I applaud anyone who was able to maintain the "this is fine" mindset through the 2nd half last night.

maintain the "this is fine" mindset through the 2nd half last night

Pain is Temporary, Chicks Dig Scars
Glory is Forever, Let's Go Hokies!!

I can confirm that I was not able to keep that mindset

"I regret nothing. The end." - Ron Swanson

Haha, nope. I was more worked up than I have been about any game in awhile. My fiance was very much not impressed by my lack of composure.

Go Tech Go.

I had to keep it composed, my wife said I scared the dog last time I got REALLY upset at a basketball game.

Regular game day hazard around here, football and basketball. The dogs over the years would abscond. Now, however, we give a small treat after Hokie touchdowns and at the end of each half of basketball if the Hokies are up. We're hollering like kooks, ringing the ship's bell, and the dog's prancing and pawing the air. Mitigated the meltdown and celebration scares for the canine side of the family.

Reel men fish on Wednesdays

I agree, I turned the TV off and stormed into the bedroom brushed my teeth and went to bed. my girl says so youre just going to turn the TV and lights off and leave me out here alone, I said im going to bed. she watched HGTV till she passed out I was laying there back to her and cursing at the property bros everytime they said something. she says you sure are gumpy when your team losses. but the thing is im usually not. last night had me HOT though. I really have a new found hate for ND, and I think that set me off the most was after bonzie hit the fade away 3 off glass he was out there acting like he was balling dude literally got locked down most of the game except for that BS prayer he threw up. you don't throw up the 3 sign and get the crowd crunk like you did something lil bish. football jesus and referee jesus just answered all your prayers.

#Bapn ain't EZ

Wanna win put boobie in! Let boobie spin coach!

Need some more salt?

"That felt good. Backboard is there for a reason," said Colson, who shot 1 of 10 in the first half and looked winded much of the night. "Those are the shots that you've got to hit during those times."

"What are you going to do, stab me? - Quote from Man Stabbed

I think that may have been what annoyed me most about that shot. He acted like he broke someone's ankles and drilled it while they were falling down. Nah bro, you just chucked it at the rim and it happened to go in.

All in all the game meant nothing, ACC got another team in like they wanted.

We've seen what Tech can do, this "collapse" (yes it's in quotes because more than just bad play was involved) isn't something we will regularly see. If anything, it might fire them up for the Tourney and play with a chip since they felt slighted.

I still have decent feels about making the Sweet 16 pending the bracket.

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Go Hokies!

Not to mention, if ND was gassed, hands on knees within 10 minutes of the first half... think about how bad Duke will run them knowing the refs wont be there to save the pace for ND.

VT Marketing Class of 2009
Current Roanoke-Hokie
Go Hokies!

I'm sorry. I let everyone down. I watched the first half and was personally willing ND to shoot poorly and have turnovers.

I was forced to watch something else after the half was over by the SO, and though I kept checking back during certain commercial breaks, I never got back into being able to watch the game long enough to will ND to lose again.

"forced''? I've seen guys in weddings watching their phones.

Reel men fish on Wednesdays

Collapse is generous. It was a total meltdown. Death in slow motion if it didn't last for 10 minutes of playing time.

Was the worst of VT: foul trouble for Blackshear, holding your breath to see if J-Robb was seriously hurt (he wasn't), Chris Clarke losing his mind like Jeff Allen, Settling for too many long Blackshear 3's, not being able to stop the bleeding all over the court.


Only saving grace is that this happened in the ACC tourney and not the big dance.

2 very winnable games against somewhat quality competitition that got away from us. Gotta close these out.

The Dude Abides

It'll make it that much sweeter when we beat their butts in football again this year.

I know other people are gonna claim responsibility for the loss, but its really my fault. I couldn't watch the Duke or UVA games. I watched the game last night. On top of that, I was hoping the hokies would give me an early birthday present in the form of a win. I am cursed when it comes to things like that, and I know better. Apologies everyone.

Hoping Chris brings back the mouse ears for the tournament.



Is that velvet or suede? Man you look like a million bucks!

-Buzz Williams

He'd be a shoe-in for the tournament all-look team.

The Orange and Maroon you see, that's fighting on to victory.

Yep. Even I'm on board with this.

Reel men fish on Wednesdays

He'd better. We're 0-2 since he went away from them.

"How the ass pocket will be used, I do not know. Alls I know is, the ass pocket will be used."
- The BoD

The part that gets me the most about last night is that, for the vast majority of the game, Notre Dame was legitimately terrible. Their legs were gone, they were putting up horrendous shots, and they just couldn't keep up. And then we got real lazy on offense. Like, extremely lazy. There were a few possessions late in the first half where we acted like we already had the game in the bag and just threw up prayers of shots leading to a quick possession. Which, if we kept up the pace, would still be ok. But then in the second half we slowed it down, and then still kept taking horrible shots. Then the refs changed how they were calling the game to make it extremely tight on our defensive side, and loose on theirs. This allowed ND to get some rest, their legs came back, they could take better set shots, and they found their shooting groove. Even after that, we didn't adjust to pick up the pace.

The refs were absolutely horrible last night and absolutely cost us the game. The way they dictated how the game was going to be played the final 15 minutes effectively put the game in ND's hands, and it all stemmed from them allowing Farrell to make an all time punk ass move with no consequence.

But... The bigger picture worry is that this team has no killer instinct. It does not know when to go for the jugular when they are up big and need to finish a team off. They do not know how to keep their cool when the opponent resorts to cheap ass extracurricular shit to get you off your game because that's the only way they can compete. They don't know how to let those little things go. Until we resolve those issues, and until this team learns how to consistently finish games, we're never going to get to where we need to be. And the most worrying part is that these kind of issues that are frustrating us now were the same issues that were frustrating us back in November and December.

"I regret nothing. The end." - Ron Swanson

Sad but 100% true.

I vehemently disagree that they have no killer instinct. They don't battle their asses off to come back and beat both Duke and UVA if they have no killer instinct. I think you are just using this game for that assessment. They have plenty of fight in them.

There's a difference between "fight" and "killer instinct." I don't think anyone doubts our team has "fight" but this team definitely (in my opinion) exhibited a lack of "killer instinct" at times. The Louisville game and this last game come immediately to mind.

I was at the Louisville game and when we went up by 10 you could see a certain looseness and poor shot choices when we need to do the opposite and finish them off before halftime.

Put that better than I could have, thanks.

This team definitely has heart. No question there. But man they just don't have that killer instinct that the great teams have. We go up big on someone and its like we don't know what to do with ourselves. When we're down we'll scrap and claw like you wouldn't believe, but we haven't taken the step needed to become an alpha.

"I regret nothing. The end." - Ron Swanson

That goes for BOTH gridiron & the court.

Waho's suck
Uva swallows

We saw them driven, but didn't press for the lamentations of their women.

Thank you for that. In the running for comment of the year for me.

The Cup is going nowhere Mikey! They did it somehow!

Killer instinct is a broad term with no definite meaning.

And you changed what you said. You went from "this team has no killer instinct" to "lack of killer instinct at times."

I agree with that. I disagree that they lack it absolutely. If we had the mentality last night that we had against UVA/Duke, we win. If we had last night's mentality against Duke/UVA, we lose those games.

Not sure if this was directed to me or to Alum07.

If to me, I said "at times" because to be honest I have not watched every single VT basketball game so I am not going to speak in absolutes.

That being said, I think if they had better killer instincts the UVA game would not have gone to OT (where honestly we won because UVA then choked), we would have beaten Louisville, and we would have beaten Miami.

Also if this team had better killer instincts the BC game never would have gone to OT.

I think our team has a lot of fight and heart. The big wins (UVA & Duke ones particularly) show that. They're comfortable fighting and scrapping to the end. However, they do not seem comfortable holding a lead and most concerning they do not seem to have ideas/plans on how to get out of a slump. Last night with ND we just needed a bucket, any bucket. And instead we had bad shot after bad shot (with a few exceptions on drives where a foul should have been called but wasn't.) I do think Buzz needs to have some go-to plays for good looks that settle the team down.

To me killer instinct is where a team is winning and on the cusp of making the other team give up and/or putting the game away for good. Our wins against Duke and UVA were not due to "killer instinct."

I have no qualms with agreeing that we could have better "killer instincts." I don't think there are any aspects of our game that we couldn't improve.

And this whole conversations is one of subjective semantics. It seems like you define "killer instinct" as finishing off a team that you are beating. For me, it means coming up big in the clutch, i.e. UVA/Duke. You could ask 5 different people and get 5 different meaning, it's just an ambiguous term.

I agree that we do not seem comfortable with a lead and have difficulty maintaining.

I agree that it is subjective semantics and you explained my definition better than I did, thank you.

I guess I just thought my definition was the widely accepted version haha.

And I definitely agree every aspect can always be improved. I think folks are harping on "killer instinct" because blowing a huge lead is so devastating to fans in the moment (I do not remember the last time I was that upset about a basketball game as last night).

I'd say "killer instinct' is driving the dagger home. I think the person above said it best...when we fight from behind, the killer instinct is start getting points and closing that gap and keep it going until you win.

When we build up a lead, the killer instinct would say, build up a bigger lead and crush them, but that doesn't seem to happen. How many games have we watched this year where we've had good leads dwindle and we either lose, or barely win? Too many. Killer instinct says that shouldn't happen ever.

Epic collapse, truly pathetic. Last night's game makes me angry and disappointed all in one.

Not feeling good about this teams chances in the NCAA's given their inability to close a game. Gonna need a good matchup to get through day 1.

Really hope we don't run into one of your namesakes the 1st weekend of the Tourney

Go Hokies

Yeah really the only positive I can think of is that anytime this year we suffered through adversity, we've responded in a big way. I actually feel bad for whoever we play round one. This team will be pissed.

I still think we had a great season. We made more comeback wins then lost. Enjoyed beating UVA, Duke, and UNC.

Time to reset and get rested. The only games that matter start next week.

Season isn't over yet!

For tonight only, Duke is the cool one. I hope they beat ND by 30!

I don't know what a Hokie is, but God is one of them!

As much as I hate Grayson Allen, I hope he trips every one of dem sumbitches.

"How the ass pocket will be used, I do not know. Alls I know is, the ass pocket will be used."
- The BoD

Break a leg, Farrell.

And not in the acting sense of the expression.

Didn't get a chance to watch the game by man. This is about all I can say for the team right now .....

If you don't want to recruit clowns, don't run a clown show.

"I want to punch people from UVA right in the neck." - Colin Cowherd

Somebody call the Waambulace. The Hokies blow a big lead and its conspiracy theory time? Give me a break. If the Hokies could make a shot in the last 15 minutes, then they win. They had zero points in over 6 minutes of action. That includes misses from FG and FT. It was terrible.

I know its crazy but teams do blow big leads. For example, Ole Miss says hi!

I'm more mad that NAW didn't take over at any point in the second half. If he's really one and done 2nd round NBA draft material, then he's got to play like the best player on the court at some time, right?

NAW looks like he has lead in his shoes when he drives to the basket. If he's not making threes, he's useless on offense.

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Blown games:
Saint Louis
Notre Dame
That puts us at 25-7 and a 4-6 seed in my opinion


We were never in control of the SL or Cuse games. They both handled us for 40 minutes.

"For those who have passed, for those to come, reach for excellence."

Syracuse game was basically a blowout, and we never play well in the AC dome.

Blown games by the other team:
Ole Miss

Would have put us 18-14 (8-10) with a 3 seed in the NIT

You win some you lose some.

Yeah I would have thrown in the lousiville game over the syracuse game